Best Almonds in India 2021

If you have a hard time keeping up with your health and maintaining a good diet, there are so many ways to go about it. Health experts have time and again stressed the goodness of almonds when incorporated into your diet. It increases your memory, levels your metabolism, and gives you a strong body. Almonds have the ability to give you a good healthy balance in your diet.

But how are you going to find the right ones. The ones that have not been extracted of their goodness. 

We have the list for you. Here are the best almonds in India.

Best Almond Brand in India 2020

Solimo premium almonds 

Solimo premium almonds

Solimo is a brand that has the best quality dry fruits in India and has been catering to a wide range of audiences for a very long time. 

The Whole almonds from Solimo are well packed using vacuum and have a great balance of flavour and authenticity. 

Solimo makes a great deal out of hygiene and has their dry fruits packed in safe and clean manner. 

What we love about Solimo is that they do not compromise on quality and make sure what they are providing has only the best quality. 

Tulsi california almonds 

top almond brands in India

These California almonds are filled with Vitamins and Minerals and also loaded with antioxidants. 

The fiber in the almonds is rich and are extremely nourishing. This is especially good for pregnant women and growing children. It has the ability to strengthen the bones and give your body a toned and well-defined shape

Best of all is the crispy and crunchy feel you get from these almonds as they taste really good with the added tulsi flavor. 

One thing we can assure you is that this is the best proportion of taste and health. 

Happilo almonds 

natural almonds in India

Happilo is popular in India for the wide range of dry fruits and nuts it provides and how much reputation it has gained over the years because of its top quality. 

The standards of these almonds are top-notch as they are originated from the United States but is making a great deal in India. 

These almonds are high in fiber and protein. There is no sign of gluten in these almonds. 

Another important feature of these almonds is that it gives you nice and smooth skin by nourishing it from within. 

You can be confident while purchasing these almonds as they are 100 percent effective and real. 

Vedaka almonds 

almond brands in India

Looking for fresh almonds that are authentic? 

Vedaka has got you covered with their exotic range of almonds that are crunchy and tasty in every bit. 

If you want energetic mornings without spending too much time cooking a full breakfast, these almonds will have your energy and mood restored. 

The container these almonds come in is airtight and is safe without the air softening the almonds. 

Besides almonds, they have other exotic nuts and tasty raisins which are sure to gain your attention and love. 

Nutraj California almonds 

top brands of almonds in India

Filled with goodness in all the dry fruits and raisins that they pride themselves, their almonds are 100 per cent natural and delicious at the same time. 

Being in high in Vitamins and Magnesium, these almonds are highly nutritious and make sure to tend to your bones. 

These almonds tend to your weight loss journey by giving you a toned body structure and a healthy lifestyle. 

Miltop California almonds 

tasty almonds in India

These almonds from Miltop is filled with nutrients and goodness of fiber which is perfect for keeping your body and bones strong at all times. 

The most important of these almonds is to keep your brain active and alert at all times. Taking atleast 4 almonds in the morning will keep you healthy. 

Another feature of these almonds are they are super safe and hygienic and have a certain level of quality which they abide by. 

The size of these almonds are constant and have similar structures. 

Wonderland foods almonds 

safe almonds in India

These almonds are rich in fiber and the main feature of these almonds is to keep the brain cells active and alert. 

The best time to consume almonds is in the morning so that your mind is kept fresh to doing new things and allowing yourself to be active. 

The best part about these almonds is that they are so filling and don’t make you hungry for a long time. 

They are rich in fiber and have very less carbs to keep you in shape while also tending to your health. 

Another plus point with consuming these almonds is that it gives your skin a certain glow and allows you to be radiant always. 

Big Nuts California almonds ‘

best brands of almonds in India

 Big Nuts is a brand that provides top quality in the almonds they provide. Not only are they easily available but also has a crunchy and a pleasant taste. 

Your mornings will be filling and satisfying with all the goodness and nutrients embedded in your diet. 

You can have these with a glass of milk for the best results in your body and to enrich your appetite and give your bones strength. 

The main feature of this almonds is that it keeps your heart healthy and in a stable condition. 

Sattva life tulsi almonds 

tasty almonds in India

Sattva is a brand which tends to the health and keeps you in check with all your bodily needs. 

These almonds are rich in fiber and are mainly needed to enrich your body with all the necessary nutrients by allowing your bones and muscles to be strong. 

These almonds are gluten free and carb free which work well for you to reduce your extra fat and be in shape. 

These almonds are also rich in calcium and fiber which keep your body healthy. 

Carnival almonds 

indian brands of almonds

Carnival almonds are mainly focused on providing the best quality and is enriched with only fiber and proteins. 

These almonds are carb free and do not add up to your extra fat. 

You can have these for breakfast and still not be hungry for a long time. The vaccum packaging of this almond brand is such that it does not soften up but has a crunchy taste throughout and can have a higher shelf life. 

You can abide by consuming these almonds regularly and not have an issue with putting on weight. 

Which type of almond is the best for brain? 

Mamra almonds contain Vitamin B 12 which is necessary for the nourishment of the brain and plays an important role in keeping your memory strong and alive. It is considered to slow down your chances of getting Alzheimer’s and keep you alert. 

Valproate is another main ingredient in increasing your brain’s activity. 

How many soaked almonds can I eat per day? 

It is scientifically proven that eating 8 almonds on an average basis can nourish your body and can add up to your body’s ability to react to diseases. 

Since almonds are rich in Vitamin E this amount will suffice. 

Do Almonds increase breast size? 

Since nuts are rich in building up your body and giving you a fuller structure, yes Almonds are a great source of making your breasts bigger and fuller. Make sure you consume them on a regular basis for this happen effectively. 

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Almonds are a great source of protein and fiber which enriches the body and gives full strength.

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