11 Best Bedsheet Brands In India 2021

Your bedsheet not only livens up your bedroom but also gives you the comfort that’s required for a good night’s sleep. You could say this is as important as the comfort of your pillows or your blanket.

We know that there are so many popular and not so popular brands in the market manufacturing and selling bedsheets from different parts of the country.

Take a look at some of the best bed sheet brands in India that you can find today:

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After having reviewed 100 bedsheet brands in India based on various factors like fabric, design, style, quality, price, and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 11 Bedsheet Brands that really stood out. bedsheets from these 11 were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

Divine Casa bedsheet is the best quality bedsheet brand in India which comes in a wide range of colors and designs that can complement the decor of your bedroom. The thread count is 144 which is pretty thin and is smooth and soft. The prices are not very expensive and are quite affordable.

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Top Bedsheet Brands In India

Bombay Dyeing bedsheet brand 

bombay dyeing bedsheet

Well, this one goes without saying. You simply cannot have reviews of the best bed sheet brands in India without Bombay Dyeing featured on it. It’s hands down the best bedsheet brand India.

  • From the best 100% soft cotton bedsheets in standard colours and patterns that we could recognise in anybody’s home, this brand has evolved over the years to suit Indian tastes in funky patterns and vibrant colours. 
  • It’s also important to note that the cotton itself is of supreme quality. This is the primary reason why all the bedsheets are extremely comfortable. Additionally, the artistic designs are also pleasing to the eye. Most importantly, these bedsheets can last a long time if you care for it.
  • All you really need to note is that Bombay Dyeing Bedsheets need to be either hand-washed or machine- washed at 40 degree Celsius. You should also only use mild detergent and never brush it or brush it up against hard object like a washing stone.
  • Whatever the size of your bed, you are sure to find plenty of choices. You now get Bombay Dyeing sheets in mixed fabrics as well, including high-quality Polycotton, Polyester and Microfibre. 
  • These are valued for money sheets as they don’t fade so easily, don’t tear for years together and they are so easy to wash in the washing machine.

 Also, they fit in any budget. Regardless of whether you are willing to spend only about INR 400 for a set of sheets or you are willing to spare no expense on some really good sheets, you are sure to find something that you will love. 

Pros Cons
Cheap and good quality. Does not come in a lot of sizes.

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Portico New York bedsheet brand 

portico bedhseet

From traditional patterns to the really modern and contemporary designs, Portico New York caters to everybody. 

  • The popular “Happiness is” range is super popular with the youngsters while the new “Hashtag” range is becoming a hit with those bitten by the insta bug. 
  • These are an excellent choice if you are considering gifting something special for your close friends and family. If you love flowery patterns, check out the Shubhmangalam range of pretty cotton sheets. 
  • This brand was one of the first that broke the tradition of sticking to Bombay Dyeing sheets and looking at other options. Portico bedsheets while comfortable are more on the stiffer side. So, we recommend you tumble dry this one. Additionally, you also need to make peace with the fact that these bedsheets would be smooth or soft. However, they are extremely breathable and comfortable enough to lie on.
  • The biggest advantage is that these bedsheets are true value for money. You get really good quality sheets that are above average for a decent price.

These sheets are made from superior quality cotton as well as some high-end fabrics like linen and satin. They are definitely priced higher than Bombay Dyeing sheets but you are sure to find something that fits your pocket and appeals to your quirky taste. 

Pros Cons
Affordable. Plain bedsheets are not easily available. 

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Raymond bedsheet brand 

bedsheets in India

Another familiar brand to us Indians is Raymond. This famous brand that has made a mark for itself in the textile industry also makes some fantastic quality bed sheets. 

  • Priced as a premium range, they cost way more than Bombay Dyeing’s cotton bedsheets, but you are paying for luxury here. While the price is rather high the sheer quality makes this brand one of the best bed sheet brands in India.
  • These sheets are made of 100% pure cotton and are easy to wash and use. You are guaranteed to be sleeping on sheets that won’t fade easily, are soft and comfortable on your skin, definitely are breathable and keep you cool during the hottest of summers.
  • Although the thread count of Raymond Bedsheets are on the lower side averaging between 140 and 200, the quality of the thread itself is high. So, not only is it breathable but it is also comfortable and soft. And since it’s woven tightly, the bedsheets is on the smoother side.

They come in a wide range of flowery patterns in different bright and pastel shades to appeal to everybody. They come in most traditional sizes like single, double and king to fit any regular Indian bed. 

Pros Cons
Great range of designs and variety. More expensive than Bombay Dyeing 

Solimo bedsheet brand 

top sheets in India

This new kid on the block is definitely becoming popular quickly, going by the huge number of user reviews. With vibrant floral and striped patterns in brilliant colours, these sheets certainly liven up any bedroom. Most importantly, it an original brand from Amazon and it happens to be one of the best bedsheet brand India.

  •  It is no secret that Amazon strives to deliver the best quality, no matter what the product is. Going by that, these sheets are made out of 100% cotton and a 144 thread count. 
  • This gives you good quality sheets that are soft on your body and are breathable for the hot weather. The sheets wick away moisture and keep it cool, allowing you to sleep without sweating. 

The fabric is strong and requires very little maintenance. You can just chuck it in the washing machine for a quick wash and hang them out to dry. They are priced in the same range as Bombay Dyeing, so you don’t have to bust too much money on these either. 

Pros Cons
Cheap. May not be soft. 

SheetKart bedsheet brand 

best brands of bedsheets in India

These 144 thread count cotton bed sheets are sold in so many vibrant colours and desi designs that make you want to hang them up like a painting. They truly adorn your bed and brighten up the room. 

  • With a wide range of designs brought to you straight from the handlooms of Rajasthan, these are an ideal option for those who love traditional Indian designs to style their place. 
  • These are pure cotton bed sheets and naturally, shrink a little bit. They are also much heavier than the lightweight ones sold by Portico New York or Spaces. 

This is something you might want to keep in mind before you buy these sheets. Speaking of the price, these bed sheets are light on the pocket. You can get yourself a double bed sheet from SheetKart for the price of a single bedsheet sold by the expensive brands. 

Pros Cons
Affordable. Hard to get plain bed sheets

Swayam bed sheet brand

ethnic bedsheets in India

If you are someone who loves Desi patterns, check out the huge range from Swayam. With very deep colours reflecting the beauty of our Indian heritage, these are sheets that you would want to preserve and might hesitate to use. Over time it’s become one of the top 10 bedsheet companies in India.

  • Priced competitively with Portico New York, these sheets are selling like hotcakes and are adorning many homes across the country. If traditional designs are not your cup of tea, Swayam has other ranges that you can check out. 
  • There is a range of contemporary geometric patterns, that is modern and comes in some rich and deep shades. These sheets are made from 144 thread count cotton and polycotton fabrics that are soft on your skin and give you the best sleep possible. 

There are also sheets in denim and satin that are quite different from the usual sheets you find in the market. 

Great and unique variety available.   Expensive. 

Spaces bedsheets 

comfortable bedsheets in India

Spaces bed sheets are pure luxury. At a thread count of 180 and made out of pure cotton, these sheets make you feel like royalty.

  •  Of course, Spaces also has bed sheets made out of polycotton, satin and denim for variety, so take your pick depending on what appeals to you and the weather in the place you live in. 
  • With some truly unique and beautiful designs that are a fusion of tradition and modernity, these are a super hit amongst many in India. 
  • These designs and colours are super stylish, not just pretty and beautiful, apt for young homes that pride themselves on ambience.

Spaces are also modern in the fact that they cater to sizes beyond the usual single, double and king. This is definitely a premium brand and the sheets are priced way higher than the other bed sheet brands in India. 

Pros Cons
Aesthetic designs that go with home decor. Expensive. 

[email protected] bedsheets 

affordable bedsheets india

[email protected] makes uber-cute designed sheets for your bedroom. While many brands make geometric shaped designs, [email protected] takes it a whole new level with never seen before combinations and patterns. 

  • The sheets are printed using an advanced Rotary screen printing machine with high-quality ink that is safe on your skin. 
  • They are also fast and don’t fade away with frequent washes. The sheets are also priced lower than most brands, making this a budget efficient option. The one downside to these sheets is the lower thread count. 

Though a 120 thread count isn’t exactly bad and the sheets aren’t very thin, considering that most brands in the market make sheets with a higher count, we feel this is a disadvantage.  

Pros Cons
Affordable and great quality. Too thick. 

Haus & Kinder

decorative bedsheets india

Haus & Kinder bed sheets are posh, with vintage chic designs in lovely pastels. An apt range of patterns for those who have an eye for beauty and like to dress up their homes in quality. 

  • You get a wide range of unique designs inspired by the Victorian era, the French Riviera and the various seasons, to name a few.
  •  These sheets are made out of 100% pure cotton and with a super high thread count of 188. You can be totally sure of sleeping on some fine, soft sheets that feel like a cloud. 

It’s no surprise that these are some of the best selling and most popular bed sheets in the market today. These bedsheets are priced on par with the other brands, making this a fantastic buy. 

Pros Cons
Good thread count. Not easy to access. 

Divine Casa bedsheet brand 

casa bedsheet in India

When you walk in, you want something that reminds you of the Spring and brings life to your bedroom. Divine Casa does make your Casa a divine place to live in with brilliant shades that liven it up. 

  • Be it geometric or floral, Divine Casa’s USP is making the best out of the mix and match colours. Combining shades, prints and colours that interestingly go together so well, these 100% cotton sheets are a delight. 
  • The sheets come are made out of yarn that is thick and strong, so these are quite durable and are sure to last a while. 

They are made out of 144 thread count, so they are soft and super comfortable as well, which means your sleep is taken care of. These sheets are priced competitively with the budget efficient brands in the market, making this even more appealing. 

Pros Cons 
Very soft and comfy. None. 

Loretto Bedsheet

top quality bedsheet brands in India

Loretto is one of the best and leading brands in India that offers good bedsheets that give you a good addition to your bedroom.

  • This cotton bed sheet is one of the most popular brands that have a certain comfort in terms of your skin coming in contact with the fabric. In instances like this, it is important to make sure you have a nice fabric.

It comes as a double bedsheet and a pair of pillow covers which come in a wide range of colours. This bedsheet can be washed in your machine as well as by hand as long as it is not wrung too hard lest the colours are washed away.

Pros Cons
Available easily in different colors. None.

The bedsheet you buy impacts your sleep in more ways that you know and we want to make sure you pick one of the top listed brands for a comfortable bed to keep you cozy always. 

How to Choose a Bed Sheet in India

Before you buy a bedsheet in India there a some factors you need to consider:


Size is extremely important when it comes to bedsheets. Majority of us make mistake of buying bedsheets that are either too big or two small. So, you absolutely must take into account the measurement of your mattress.

This is were the difference between flat and fitted sheets come into play. If you want perfect fitted sheets then your need to measure your mattress as you’ll be wasting money if you buy a bigger fitted sheet.

Thread count

Thread count is an important factor but it’s not the most essential when it comes to bedsheets. Bedsheets with higher thread count are definitely better in terms of comfort and quality. However, comfort is extremely subjective. A bedsheet with a high thread count of 1700 might be more comfortable in colder climates as it retains heat. It’s pretty much gonna be hell in the summer.

So, a thread count of 600 would be perfect for hot or humid weather as it can provide much needed breathability. If you want a bed sheet with a thread count that’s perfect for all seasons, then aim for a bed sheet with 600-800 thread count.


The weave is just as important as thread count as it can affect your comfort. For example, unusually weave can result in uncomfortable elevations that can affect your sleep. Unfortunately, the weave and the process of manufacturing will not be mentioned on the packaging.

So, it’s better if you can physically check the weave. Of course, certain brands like Bombay Dyeing tend to stick to a singular type of weave. So, it’s better to buy bedsheets from trusted brands. Percale and Sateen are the most common types of weaves in India. With sateen being more comfortable.

Percale is crisp and durable plain weave cotton. It’s the most common type of weave and it’s usually found in sheet with 180 thread count. Sateen is a satin weave which that usually results in a soft and luxurious bedsheet. And finally, there is the combed cotton weave that forms a combed weave that removes the short fibres and leaves the long ones, resulting in a stronger fabric.

Colour and design

While the colour and design don’t seem like it’s too important, it can significantly impact the longevity of the bedsheet. For example, if you buy a colorful bedsheet with multiple yet cheap dyes, it can blend and it is can eventually look terrible. This is why we would recommend single or at the most a two tone bedsheet.

You also need to be comfortable with the design. So, try not to go for anything too jarring to the eyes. Most importantly, you should really think twice before you buy white bedsheets as maintaining them can get quite difficult.

You need to wash them regularly and more often than other colours as it can become quite dull. It is also more prone to staining. However, the biggest issue is that it needs to be washed separately as it is more susceptible to acquiring unwanted colours from your other clothes.

Fiber Material

The fibre material affects the level of comfort level as well. For example, 100% cotton is always the best as it’s soft, breathable, and affordable. If you’re looking for more comfort, there are Egyptian or Pima that are extremely soft. Of course, these are quite expensive. Then again there are polyester/cotton blends that are easier to maintain. Additionally, they don’t wrinkle.

You should choose the fibre material based on your region’s climate. Because certain fabrics are suitable only for extreme climates. So, if you get the wrong one, your sleep can get extremely uncomfortable. For example, cotton is best for not only hot climates but also for humid regions that get you perpetually sweaty and sticky. Microfiber on the other hand is perfect for colder regions. Read on to find out more details.

Then there are also hybrid’s like polycotton that work in both slightly warm or slight cool climates. However the texture of these hybrid materials might not be the most comfortable on your skin.

Microfiber vs. Cotton

Microfiber sheets are basically sheets that are made of extremely fine polyester fibres. While these sheets are affordable, soft and easy to maintain, they are not as comfortable or breathable as cotton sheets.

Microfiber sheets are definitely more useful in the winter or in colder climates as it retains heat. However, cotton sheets are the best for the hot Indian climate. Of course, cotton sheets are also better for those with sensitive skin.


How to Wash and Care For Your Bed Sheets?

Bedsheets can get really expensive. Especially, the really comfortable fancy ones. But what’s really irritating is that these expensive bedsheets aren’t only expensive in the beginning. It’s also quite pricy to maintain. Especially, if you’re constantly changing it like me. I personally spend almost 10,000 on proffessional laundry services. And this is just the cost of the Bedsheets.

Now, while it can be pretty easy on you to give the bedsheet to a laundry service. There is always the possibility of them messing it up. For example, bleaching it or washing it along with your jeans. You really don’t want to seen the expensive fabric coming out after you’ve spent a ton of money on it. So, I transitioned to hand washing it. Yes, it’s going to be exhausting. But it’s definitely worth it.

The following guide will take you through how to effectively clean your bedsheet and avoid common mistakes. Most importantly, these steps will also help you get rid of stains without damaging the fabric.

But before we start, it’s important to note that you should look for a specific care tag on the sheet. if it requires a specific type of maintenance method. Then you should absolutely follow that. However, if you don’t find a tag, then follow this guide:

  • Start by filling the washer with warm water. Warm water can help shrink the fabric and make it easier to clean.
  • Now, add two tablespoons of detergent. That is only if it doesn’t come with a recommended amount. If it does then you should definitely follow it. Whether you choose a mild detergent or a strong detergent is completely up to you. It matters if you have sensitive skin. However, we recommend you use mild detergent either way.
  • You should also make sure to not overload the washer as it can ruin the bedsheet. Worst of all a full washer can leave residues of detergent on the bedsheet.
  • Now for a special Hack. Add a quarter cup of white vinegar to remove soap buildup and terrible odours.
  • The vinegar will also help extend the lifespan and improve the quality of the bedsheet. Most importantly, you need to let os soak in the washer for 15 minutes before you start the next cycle. Also, make sure to remove the water and add fresh hot water for the next cycle.
  • We recommend 3 cycles as a minimum. You can extend it depending on the stains. The final rinse should always be a cold rinse cycle and end it with a spin-dry to remove excess moisture.

How often should you wash your bedsheets?

The ideal time to leave a bedsheet is 2 weeks but if you are someone who sweats profusely at night then we would say 1 week would be good.

Is 500 thread count good for a bedsheet?

The thread count which is the perfect count for a good bedsheet is between 200-500. This way your bedsheet will not be too thin that it will tear during wash nor will it be too thick giving your back a rash.

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