11 Best Cash Counting Machines in India | August 2021 Update

Own a business? You know the struggles of receiving cash payments, then. You not only have to manually count large amounts of cash but also try and weed out all the fake currency some people might try to slip in. So, check out our list of the Best Cash Counting Machines in India. It’s the perfect solution.

Life is definitely going to get easier if you get yourself a cash counting machine. And if the machine can detect fake currency, even better!

If you have been considering a currency counting machine for your shop or business, we strongly suggest you go through our article to understand the different brands and types of machines out there in the Indian market. This will help you make an informed choice.  So allow us to present to you the best cash counting machines in India.

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After having reviewed all the cash counting machines in India based on various factors like design, function, usage, performance, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 11 that really stood out. These 10 cash counting machines were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best cash counting machines in India is the Godrej Crusader Lite cash counting machine. This Godrej cash counting machine offers amazing accuracy and efficiency. Not only does this cash counting machine do the basic job of tracking the denominations but it also detects fake notes with the use of UV -technology, magnetic imaging and Infrared detection. Most importantly, it detects if the notes are torn.

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Top cash counting machines in India 

Godrej Crusader Lite cash counting machine

Best note counting machines

Godrej is one of India’s leading manufacturers of security products, some of their most popular being almirahs and locks. It’s one of the Best Cash Counting Machines in India.

  • They are known for their durability, efficiency and accuracy and the same goes for the currency counting machine, named Crusader Lite. 
  • These have the additional feature of detecting fake notes. It uses ultraviolet scanning along with magnetic and infrared detection to detect these notes. 
  • It also automatically detects if certain notes are torn or if only half the notes are present. It can also automatically start, stop and clear. Most importantly, it can even detect double notes.
  • The display is large and makes it convenient to view the number of notes being counted. 
  • The build of the machine is tough and is sure to last a long time.    

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Dinshi Note Counting Machine

The Dinshi Note Counting Machine is one of the best cash counting machines in India. Not only does it count close to 1000 notes per minute but it is also equipped with magnetic and UV mechanism to detect defective notes, chained notes and fake notes. Most importantly, the software of the Dinishi Note Counting Machine can be updated through it’s RS-232 port.

  • This feature makes this money counting machine an amazing investment as it can adapt to future changes. Most importantly, this beauty supports foreign currencies. Additionally, it comes with an Automatic Start and Stop function that boosts its overall efficiency.
  • Unlike majority of the cash counting machines out there, this one is also equipped with an IR detection technology that detects double notes. The UX is fairly decent. For example, it has an LCD display that can be viewed from all angles. So, it’s convenient for mom and pop stores that primarily deal in cash.
  • However, there are some limitations. For example, it can only count up to 4 digits and the stack capacity is 200 notes. But fortunately you do get functions like batch counting and adds function that make your life a little bit easier.

After having used it for close to 3 months and having put it through a considerable amount of test, I can state that performance and durability are expectational. And when you consider the decent price, it’s a must buy.

LCD display can be viewed from all angles
Comes with IR detection,magnetic and UV mechanism to detect defective notes, chained notes and fake notes

Kross cash counting machines in India 

cash counting machines

The currency counting machines from Kross are updated and have intelligent features that make them very efficient. 

  • They count loose notes quickly and display the numbers on the screen. Apart from counting, you can also choose options for the machine to conduct a scan using ultraviolet rays or go into the magnetic mode to check for fake notes.
  •  These can also detect notes stuck together or torn notes easily. 
  • There are separate buttons for automatic and manual functions, so you can choose whatever you are comfortable with. 
  • These come with an additional dust bag that we love, to keep the machine protected from external elements when it is not in use. 
Comes with a lot of options.Expensive. 

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Maxsell Mx50 cash counting machines 

cash counting machines india

The third one on our list is the Mx50 currency counting machine by Maxsell. It is hands down one of the Best Cash Counting Machines in India.

  • These are efficient machines that do the job well. 
  • They count loose notes quickly (around 1000 notes a minute) and give an accurate count.
  •  Like other premium machines, these also employ latest technologies of magnetic and UV scanning to make sure that no fake note slips through undetected. 
  • These have a good LED display that is large enough for the customer to view. 
  • These have some additional features like self-examination and an in built dust collector, batching and adding. 
  • This is an upgraded model that can count the newly printed Rs 200 notes as well. 
  • These are usually expensive but you can look into stores online for a good discount. 
Good LED displayExpensive. 

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GOLDSTANDARD cash counting machines 

best cash counting machines

These cash counting machines by the company Goldstandard are true to their name.

  •  Like other premium machines in the market, these also use a UV scanning to check if the note passing through is real or fake. 
  • There is an alarm that sounds if the note is nor original. 
  • This machine can not only check the old and new Indian notes but can also count notes from foreign countries. 
  • The LCD display is quite large and easy to read on. 
  • This machine can count at a speed of 1000 notes per minute.
  •  An additional feature of metal thread scanning to detect counterfeit currency notes is present in this machine. 
  • This machine comes with a one year warranty from the company. 
Scanning feature available. Costly

SToK (ST-MC01) cash counting machines in India

top machines for cash counting

The next one on our list is the cash counting machine by SToK.

  •  This is a good option for those looking at buying an affordably priced machine. These machines are very efficient and can count notes at the speed of 1000 per minute. 
  • Like all good machines, these can count any denomination and can also detect counterfeit notes. 
  • The hopper is adjustable to the size of the bundle you want to count. 
  • They have the feature of automatic start and finish. They have an “add” mode where they can add the value of the notes and give you the final number. These are plug and play devices, easy to use. Which is why it’s one of the top 10 currency counting machine in India 2021.
  • They come with a dust protector cover and a handle, which makes it super convenient if you want to move these from one place to another. 
  • The company offers a one year warranty on these devices. 
Dust protectors and handle are available. Expensive. 

Ooze cash counting machines in India 

cash counting machines 2020

Ooze currency counting machines are quite popular in the market as they are not very expensive but do the job efficiently. 

  • These basic machines are, therefore, good value for money. These count the notes very quickly and have an adjustable hopper depending on the size of your bundle. 
  • Their stack capacity is quite large at 999 notes. 
  • It has an LED display that is quite clear and easy to read. 
  • The machine gives out error codes when something needs to be paid attention to. The UV sensors and magnetic scanning work very well in detecting notes that are fake. 
  • This machine also has a watermark sensor to ensure that only the original notes are taken. 
  • These machines come with a one year warranty. 
Effective UV sensors. One year warranty 

GOBBLER 8888-E cash counting machine 

cash counting machine prices in India

The cash counting machines by Gobbler are advanced and reputed for their high quality and durability. 

  • The build is very strong and can last a long time. 
  • These are upgraded and can count the newer printed notes in India as well. These machines have the facility to detect counterfeit using magnetic, MT, IR and UV scanning. 
  • The LCD display changes colours to indicate the result. 
  • The adding feature can give you the total value of the notes counted and this is quite accurate even when you put in mixed notes. 
  • These machines are premium and quite expensive but we suggest you look for them online as there is a chance that you may get a good discount on these. 
LCD indicator shows results. Expensive. 

Artek V30 cash counting machines in India 

affordable cash counting machines

This is a basic currency counting machine that is portable and small in size. 

  • This mini counting device can count up to 600 notes per minute which is quite good. This has all the features you could need, like the addition of the notes and a batch function.
  •  As we said, this basic machine is only for counting and cannot be used to detect fake currency notes that are passed through. 
  • This is a good option if you have a travelling shop or you move around a lot and need something light and portable to carry along with you.
  •  These machines are efficient and the build is strong and durable.
Portable. Does not detect fake currency.

Zektra cash counting machines in India 

Best bundle counting machines

The cash counting machines by Zektra are super durable and can run efficiently for long hours at a time.

  •  These machines are accurate when it comes to currency of any denomination, both the new as well as old Indian notes. 
  • They can detect counterfeit using advanced technology such as UV scanning, MT, magnetic and IR radiations. 
  • These additionally have the batch feature and the “Add” feature to help you save time and energy. 
  • The motor is indeed quite strong and this has been tested and confirmed. 
  • These are priced a little higher, but like the other machines on our list, you can find these for reduced prices in stores online. 
Has a lot of additional features. Expensive. 

ZEXA cash counting machines in India 

Best cash counting machines in India

The last one on our list of the best cash counting machines available in India is the one by the brand Zexa. These are basic, efficient, “value for money” type of machines that do the job of counting well. 

  • They also can detect if a note is fake or original. What they cannot do are the other additional features offered by high-end machines like adding the values of the notes or batching them.
  •  However, if you want a good machine that can effectively count your notes of any denomination, this is the one for you.
  •  They use UV, IR, MT and MG features to identify fake notes. 
  • These machines are updated and can work with both old as well the newly printed Indian currency notes. 
Can identify fake notesNone. 

Cash counting machines in India 

Let us all agree with the fact that buying a cash counting machine to manage your finances is not a meager job. It takes a lot of opinions and loads of assurance for it to work out. But knowing the best is not enough, you need to know how to handle it and keep it around for a long time. So we have curated answers for some very important questions customers generally have while purchasing a cash counting machine in India. 

How Do Cash Counting Machines Work?

To put it simply, cash counting machines have special sensors that help detect currency notes. There are specific identification factors based on which these detect the notes. Majority of the cash counting machines only detect one or two factors the more expensive and reliable ones will detect 4-5 factors. Additionally, these also tend to check for counterfit notes.

The only thing the user really need to do is place the notes on the designated area and plug the machine into an plug point. Once you switch it on, everything else will be take care off by the machine. Here’s are the various identifying.

Note dimensions.

  • The currency note dimensions are the most important factor when it comes to detecting legitimate money. Even a slight difference between the various notes can trigger the sensor. In fact, the accuracy is honestly quite brilliant. Of course, the dimensions are predetermined for all the currencies from around the world. So, all you need to do is set that up, if have the option.

The Special Ink

  • Other than the size, the machine also detects the special ink with a UV ray technology. It is one of the best ways to tell if your note is fake. The special ink reacts very differently to light. And the fake note reacts very differently.

Codes on the notes

  • Cash counting machines also read the currency codes. So, these sensors can easily distinguish between fake and real notes.

So How Does the Money Counting Machine technology Work?

Although money counting machines seem complicated in terms of technology, it’s actually rather simple. The majority of the cash counting machines out there are equipped with two layers of technology. Even the best note counting machine will have at least have these two layers. The first layer is where the actual counting takes place, while the second layer identifies the denomination of the bill.

Once a note is placed in the machine, it is automatically pulled in and passed through an initial scanner. This scanner is rather simple. It projects a light beam and it attached to a microprocessor. Once, the bill disrupts the light, then the machine counts the note. This is how it keeps track of the number of notes.

What’s absolutely brilliant is that these scanners can detect anywhere from 800 to 2000 bills per minutes. The most expectational machines can even clock more than 2000 bills per minute.

Even the best cash counting machine with a fake note detect will have this basic function. Albeit with a much more advanced scanner.

The second layer on the other hand is quite different. This layer is designed to recognize the pattern of the denomination number. So, it is pre-programmed to understand what the number 100 or 2000 will look like. This is then attached to a processor that can essentially add the denominates and give you the total valuation of a stack of money.

As mentioned earlier, the best money counting machines also come with a counterfeit note detection. These machines have a much more advanced scanner that can differentiate the patterns of fake and real money.

Now, the best of the best currency counting machines even use UV technology, magnetic sensors, in addition, to accurate watermark detection to differentiate between real and fake notes.

This is essentially the essence of how money counting machines work. Check out our guide on the Best Cash Counting Machines in India for specific details.

Best Cash Counting Machines in India – Buying Guide

Cash counting machines are quite expensive. However, it’s, fortunately, a one-time investment as long as you choose the right one. Ideally, you need to choose one for your business that would offer all the essential core features in addition to features that you might need later. Generally, you should look out for four primary factors features, warranty, price, and, of course, longevity.


  • Although features is a broad term. It encompasses pretty much all the options and technology the counting machine can offer. The features and overall functionality can help you choose a machine that can cater to your practical needs.
  • If you own a tiny store that primary deals in cash and in only one type of currency, then you really don’t need to go out of your way to buy a cash counting machine that’s meant for multiple currencies.


  • When it comes to cash counting machines, it’s extremely important to take note of the bill/Note capacity. Which is basically, the number of bills that the holder can accommodate and the number the machines can count per cycle.
  • We recommend anything 200 and above, as it can get seriously tedious to prep if any lower than that. The manufactures will almost always mention the hopper size and how much it can handle. The hopper is the space where you place the bills.
  • Then again, It depends. For example, if you run a cash-heavy business that can get really busy, then you might really benefit from a high capacity hopper. And, of course, a place that’s not extremely busy can opt for a money counting machine with a smaller hopper size.


  • The type of cash counting machine is also an extremely important factor. It also happens to be something that most people ignore which can cost them a lot of money. Cash counting machines can generally be classified into portable and eclectic machines based on size & functionality.
  • Portable money counting machines are the most common. The ones you see at your local grocery shop is a portable money counting machine. It is, as the name suggests, a portable device. Which makes it beneficial in a high movement environment. They also have an internal provision for a power source. It can either be a rechargeable battery or it can run on the common AA’s.
  • Electric machines are a lot more expensive and stationary as they need to plug into a power source. They are almost always massive and can handle a lot of bills. Most importantly, they come with loads of beneficial features. So, these are honestly, the best in terms of reliability. It’s also more suitable for business that deals with a lot of cash and generally have a stationary workstation.

Battery life and Power Consumption

  • Although this issue generally affects electric money counting machines, you need to keep a track of the power consumption as it can suck an unpredictable amount of money. I’ve see a random Rs. 500 added to my electricity bill every now and then. So, it really is important to check the wattage and Voltage. This way there won’t be any unforeseen expenses.
  • As mentioned earlier, you must see this issue with the heavy-duty electric cash counting machines. However, you also need to pay attention to the portable type. Especially, if have more than one.

Counterfeit detection

  • Counterfeit detection is just another feature. It’s actually one of the core functions of a cash counting machine. So, if a device doesn’t feature this basic function, there’s really no point in getting it. It’s extremely beneficial. Especially, since fraudulent bills these days are a lot more complicated and can are made with superior technology and technique. So, you need a counterfeit detection function to help keep you in the green.
  • These detectors usually have a variety of technologies. But you should look out for magnetic imaging technology, Ultraviolet Rays, Infrared, and specialized Watermark detection.


  • The durability of such a product should be ensured and it is one of the primary factors you need to consider. We recommend you go through the Amazon Review section of the cash counting machine and check if there are buyers complaining about it breaking down before you shell out a few thousand Rupees.
  • The durability of the product can be compromised as this a device that does the same repetitive task. So, the internal structure is bound to get worn out. This is why the higher the quality of the materials and manufacturers the better. Additionally, it is also better if you invest in a cash counting machine from an older reliable brand like Godrej.


  • Price is one of the primary factors this you need obviously consider. And why you can buy the most expensive or even the cheapest. You need to ensure that the cash counting machine should be practical. In that, it should be capable of completing all of the required tasks without any hitches. That’s the only way you can expect a decent ROI.
  • We also recommend you compare a few and choose the best in terms of the value it provides.

What are the best cash counting machines? 

Cash counting machinesCapacityFake note detector Warranty 
Godrej Crusader Lite cash counting machine150Yes 1 year
Maxsell Mx50 cash counting machines 
1000Yes 1 year 
GOLDSTANDARD cash counting machines 
1000Yes 1 year
ZEXA cash counting machines200Yes 1 year 

How to choose cash counting machines?

As you can see from our list, currency counting machines are available in different ranges and prices. Here are some features explained to help you make a decision regarding the counting machine you want to buy:

  • UV scanning and magnetic detection: Original currency notes are programmed to pass through UV light and pass the magnetic tests. A fake note will be caught by these sensors and not allowed to go through
  • Mixed bill “add” feature: While most machines give you the final count of the notes alone, there are some machines that can even evaluate the value of each note, do the math and give you the final value of the notes passed through
  • Batch feature: This is a feature that some machines have to group a particular number of notes together for you to tie up with a rubber band and deposit in your bank. These are very helpful if you run a business where you get huge amounts of cash

How do you use a cash counting machine?

All you have to do is place the currencies in their respective slots and the machine will automatically detect the denomination and do the calculation for you. Another additional feature of a cash counting machine that some of the top machines have is the fake note detector, which automatically alerts you when there is a fake note among your stack. 

Can money counting machines be wrong? 

While considering that money counting machines are an alternative to manual cash counting which can be flawed, yes, cash counting machines are accurate. They come with an error system which detects when there is an error in the kind of currency that is passed through. 

Another hindrance that the cash counting machine has is that your notes need to be legit. This is when the notes are intact without incurring damage or wear and tear. 

Can money counting machines detect fake money? 

Yes. Cash counting machines can detect fake money – one of the reasons a lot of firms use it for, in fact.

Magnetic detection is one of the ways you can detect if a currency note is fake or not. The Indian currency has magnetic ink which is how the notes are being made. When this goes through the machine, it detects if a currency is counterfeit by searching for traces of the magnetic. 

How accurate are money counting machines? 

The best cash counting machines have an accuracy rate of 99.9% which is perfect for those running big businesses. Given the fact that cash counting machines detect coins too, it is only an added advantage. 

Apart from these unique features, any good cash counting machine should be able to identify torn notes or half notes and notes that are stuck together. It’s always advisable to put notes through the machine twice to ensure accuracy. Check out our entire guide on the Best Cash Counting Machines in India for all the details.

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