Best Cold Creams For Oily Skin In India 2021

Having dry skin is the worst part of enduring winters. It can wear your skin off not only for the time being but also for the long run. Your skin will be more prone to damage and will end up looking dull and lifeless. If you have oily skin, you might be hesitant to use cold creams as some of them can tend to make you look even more oily. But there are many cold creams that aim at keeping your skin protected from the cold while also not weighing too much on the skin. So here are some of the best cold cream for oily skin in India.

Top cold cream for oily skin in India 2021

#1- Garnier nourishing cold cream 

moisturising cream for oily skin

Garnier has a product for every skin type. This is a deep nourishing cold cream which is the perfect investment to make to prep for the winters. 

  • Since oily skin needs a product that does not make the skin look greasy even more, this works really well as it controls the cream appearing as oily and greasy. 
  • The prime ingredient of this cold cream is acacia honey which works really well on the skin and nourishes the skin from underneath and gives a special glow to the skin. 
  • The cold cream works for 24 hours which means it locks onto your skin and protects it from wearing off and getting dry. 
  • This product is expensive but completely worth it because of how well it reacts on the skin. You will be surprised at how well your skin is protected. 
Pros Cons
Intense nourishment and protection. Very expensive. 

#2 – VLCC intense nourishing cold cream 

cold cream in India

VLCC is known for its organic ingredients and how it favours different skin types and keeps it well hydrated. 

  • Having three primary ingredients namely honey, shea butter and argan oil, this is the perfect combination to keep your skin supple and moisturised at all times. 
  • While keeping the skin hydrated this works really well for skin brightening and giving a special glow to your skin. 
  • Even though shea butter and argan oil are present there are other elements that lighten the weight of the cold cream so as to weigh light on your oily skin. 
  • It also has the ability to lighten acne marks and other blemishes. 
Pros Cons 
Affordable. Cannot be used on extremely oily skin. 

#3 – MCaffeine cocoa butter cold cream for oily skin 

best cold cream in India

Mcaffeine is one of the blooming brands in India which bases itself with caffeine and proves that it can work wonders on the skin type. 

  • This has cocoa butter which enriches the skin which has a lot of shine and glow while also not making your skin look too greasy and oily. 
  • The scent of this cold cream is so ravishing and makes you smell so good all the time. 
  • There is a long period lock when it comes to scent as well as the moisture. 
  • If you have extremely oily skin this works perfectly well as it is the proportionate blend of the right kind of elements. 
  • Not only does it work on the skin but it increases the blow flow in the face and makes you glow once you massage it gently on the skin. 
Pros Cons
Smells really good. Costly. 

#4 – Himalaya cold creams for oily skin 

herbal cold cream for oily skin

Himalaya is a brand that ensures safety and results at the same time. This is one of the main reasons why it is on top for the best skin care brands in India. 

  • This skin care cream is the perfect solution for oily skin in India who need to protect their skin from the cold since the impact of that can be bad and harmful. 
  • It has jojoba and almond oil as the primary ingredients for the product which enriches the skin in every way. 
  • When used every day, the cold cream can have numerous impacts on the skin and can also bring out a certain glow to the skin. 
Pros Cons
Affordable. Not for too oily skin. 

#5 – Vaadi herbals cold cream 

cold cream for all skin types

Vaadi is a herbal brand that has proved itself with this premium skincare product for oily skin in India. 

  • Mixed with almonds and saffron this is a cold cream that can make sure you have bright skin. 
  • Saffron makes sure that your oily skin is kept in control and not too greasy and oily. 
  • The way it reacts to your skin is so subtle and nonabrasive that you don’t have to worry about the safety. 
  • Besides keeping your oily skin healthy, this product can also bring a lot of glow and shine to your face if used regularly. 
Pros Cons
Saffron acts really well on the skin Not easily accessible. 

#6 – Khadi cold cream for oily skin 

top creams for oily skin in India

This is a herbal cream from Khadi that ensures supple and moist skin all day long as it gives intense nourishment. 

  • All the ingredients that are used in this cold cream work well on oily skin as it can make it shiny and glowy and avoids excess oil. 
  • It is safe for everyone with special products to keep their oily skin protected during the winters. 
  • While keeping the oily skin is kept supple and glowy, you can also expect youthful and bright skin as the cold cream works wonders. 
Pros Cons
Brightens the skin and keeps it looking young.None.

#7 – Spawake cold cream 

best creams for oily skin

This cold cream is dermatologically tested and makes sure it works well for oily skin in India. 

  • It is a mixture of sea minerals and Vitamin E which makes sure your skin has all the aspects to keep your skin glowing and shiny at all times. 
  • The skin is able to absorb this cream easily as it is super lightweight and does not make your skin look greasy or oily. 
  • It has instant results as your face looks glowing and bright just after you have applied the cream. 
Pros Cons 
Non sticky and greasy. Can be hard to get. 

#8 – Lass naturals cold cream 

cream for dry skin

This is a paraben-free cold cream that is extremely safe to use on the skin and keeps it well-nourished. 

  • It has a bunch of oils that work well together and keep the oil balance in the skin just perfect to combat the winter. 
  • It is absorbed easily by the skin and avoids further oil to be brought into the skin by any means. 
  • Your skin will be kept healthy and glowing if used on a regular basis. 
Pros Cons 
Healthy and glowing skin. Inappropriate for extremely oily skin. 

#9 – Jolen moisturising cream for oily skin 

Jolen is India’s most trusted brand and has the right kind of ingredients to support the Indian skin tone. 

  • The rose glow aspect of this cold cream keeps the skin’s moisture to the perfect level so as to not make it look extremely oil. 
  • It retains moisture and makes your skin glowing and shining. 
  • This also works wonders on dryness and wearing off skin by repairing it and keeping it supple all day. 
  • It also works by protecting your skin from the harmful rays of the sun and gives your skin intense protection. 
Pros Cons 
Works well on all skin types. Questionable quality. 

#10 – Thalgo moisturising cold cream 

moisturising face cream in india for oily skin

This is one of the most premium brands on our list as it is considered very effective. 

  • The packaging is super stylish and very classy while it contains a gel like cream. 
  • Using only a minimal amount of this cream can create an instant repair to worn off skin and can take care of your skin for a whole day. 
  • The cold cream is made up of a certain algae which makes sure your skin is hydrated and works wonders. 
  • If you are investing in this cold cream one thing we can assure you that this is capable of transforming your skin while also protecting it from the cold weather in India. 
Pros Cons
Works wonders on the skin. Expensive. 

#11 – Dabur Gulabari Moisturising cold cream 

cold creams for oily skin in India

Dabur Gulabari cream is pretty well known in India mainly because of its affordability and the availability of this particular product across the country. 

  • This cold cream is lightweight and does not weigh heavy on the skin. This is good news for those with oily skin which means you can have this on your skin with ease and not worry about making the skin look even more oily. 
  • It has a perfect blend of rose water, Vitamin E, and glycerin which does total; justice to oily skin and nourishes the pores extremely well.
  • Your skin can also appear bright and flawless with each use of this product making it spotless and radiant. 
Pros Cons 
Cost effective and easily available. None. 

#12 – Fair and lovely cream 

cold creams for indian skin

Fair and lovely is another brand in India that has made a very dedicated customer base. 

  • The cold cream from fair and lovely promises hydration for a long time while also making sure your face has a vibrant and glowing complexion. 
  • If you have oily skin, this is the best solution for getting a compact and dewy look without having to try on too much makeup. 
  • It blends in with glycerin and multivitamins to nourish your oily skin from deep within and give you a flawless look always. 
Pros Cons 
Blends well with the skin to remove oil residue in the skin. Gives a makeup base even when you are going in for a subtle look. 

How to choose the best cold cream for oily skin?

Its normal if you have oily skin and you are steering clear from cold creams considering it can make it oilier.

But that shouldn’t stop you from moisturizing the skin during the winter.

Find a product that is not too heavy on your skin. We would suggest you choose something light and with a matte finish.

Protecting your skin from the cold is vital and can be done by incorporating one of these products into your skincare routine. Nourish your oily skin by investing in one of the best cold creams for oily skin in India.  

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