12 Top Cricket Bats In India | July 2021 Update

People assume that Virat Kohli can bat with any bat. But that isn’t true.

The best creator needs the best tools. If you are looking to up your cricket game, then check out the best cricket bats in India. Your cricket bat should be an extension of your mind and hand. 

The perfect cricket bat must be light in your hand but powerful enough to strike the ball. This is where the material the bat is made from comes into the picture. India has some of the best manufacturers of cricket bats, making them from the best of materials, both locally sourced as well as imported. 

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The handle must have a good grip so that it does not slide or slip. It should also not hurt your palm and fingers after long hours of playing. The bat must be shaped so that the ball that touches it bounces far with the least of your effort.

It’s also important to ensure that the height of the bat is convenient for your height so that your back and legs don’t get tired and ache. Check out our list of the Top Cricket Bats In India for all the details.

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Best cricket Bats in India Link
New willow Kashmir Willow cricket batLink
SG phoenix willow batLink
DSC scorer willow batLink
SG willow batLink
New balance DC series Link
SS custom willow cricket batLink
GM sting cricket batLink
Spartan cricket batLink
SS MagnumLink

 India is probably the only country in the world that has produced the most number of internationally popular cricketers, who have in turn inspired and influenced the entire nation of children, teens, and youngsters to take up the sport, either as leisure or as a profession. To truly enjoy the sport, it should become a part of your body and not feel like something extra that you’re holding that you need to work with. 

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After having reviewed 100 Cricket Bats in India based on various factors like material, weight, aerodynamics, grip, price and much more; my team and zeroed in on 13 that really stood out. These 13 were further put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best Cricket bat in India is the New balance TC (360) Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned professionals, this 1.2 kg bat is designed to cut through the air with ease. The combination of the weight and the semi-oval grip gives the player considerable control, making the New balance TC (360) Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat one of the best in its price segment.

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Top Cricket Bats in India

When Cricket is no longer a sport but a religion in India, it’s only natural that the country sells the best equipment to worship it! It can frankly be quite puzzling when there are a plethora of brands, types, and sizes of cricket bats available in the market. So we decided to get in there, feed our passion, try out every cricket bat in the Indian market and list out the best ones for you!

New balance TC (360) Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

This Kashmir Willow cricket bat from New Balance is one of the most aggressive bats in the series. The new balance has resorted to its traditional color of white and red that gives a very nice look to the bat.

  • The bat sticker is of premium quality which certainly caught our eye! It has a regular semi-oval handle made up of Singapore cane which is slightly thicker in the lower end which gives a nice grip to your hands. The bat has a long forgiving sweet spot which packs a lot of power for those powerful shots.
  • The bat weighs about 1200 gms and has a slightly rounded toe towards the end. It is a wonderful bat to own at the price point and definitely value for money.
  • After having used this bat for almost 3 years, I can state with complete confidence that it’s one of the best in terms of manoeuvrability. While you can control the swing mid-air, it doesn’t tend to deteriorate faster than an English Willow.
  • However, the most beneficial aspect of this Cricket bat is the grip and the rubber toe guard that allows you to play in the rain.

Pro tip: Go for a Kashmir willow bat if you’re a beginner or you’re playing with a softball. Kashmir willow is heavier but easier to maintain compared to the English willow. The latter is more expensive, has higher grain density and springier, but harder to maintain. It’s perfect for professionals as it helps deliver their best. 

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SG Phoenix Extreme Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

Sanspareils Greenlands, the popular cricket equipment manufacturer has never disappointed us with their cricketing bats. This 1100 – 1300 gms weighing Kashmir Willow bats with thick edges and curved blades provide durable performance and stability.

  • These bats come with Sarawak cane handles which provide great control and superior power for those huge shots played. Most importantly, this bat is structured comes with special 3-way insertion of rubber in between splits unlike the majority of the other bats on this list.
  • This insertion enhances the flexibility, allowing you to take more comfortable shots and manoeuvre with ease when swinging. Moreover, the rubber between the splits can absorb shock, which helps you take those bold shots. However, it’s not the best bat for moisture-laden terrain as the toe of the bat tends to get away from you.

This top-grade Kashmir willow bat has good grains quality as well. The 40 mm edge profile gives the much needed extra power on the shots.

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DSC Scorer Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

Newbies to cricket will love this lightweight high-quality DSC Kashmir willow bat which not only offers great flexibility to play their shots but also improves accuracy.

  • The bat has a lower sweet spot which offers maximum control and power. This bat comes with a pre-fitted toe guard protecting the bottom of the bat from chipping off.
  • Interestingly, the grip is made more for comfort than grip. So, you can easily play the game without gloves with this bat without the fear of chafing.
  • The handle of the bat is made of high-quality material and is treble sprung which prevents injury arising from impact. This is a well-balanced bat that offers great shot play and is a definite value for money.

But what you’re really paying for is the exceptional balance and pick up. Not a lot of bats actually support the pickup motion of the batsman. This can be achieved with this bat not just due to the quality of wood but mostly due to the pronounced bow-shaped structure of the bat.

SG RSD Spark Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

This Budget bat from SG is made of Kashmir willow and offers good stability and control for playing all-rounder shots.

  • The bat is a bit on the heavier side but offers more power to those lofted shots. The zig-zag grip is fantastic for the gloves and doesn’t slip easily. The thick edges enhance powerful stroke plays and the sweet spot of the bat is located at the bottom.

This bat is best suited for beginners and intermediate players. The traditional shape and build of the bat make it perfect for players who want to grow with a bat and elevate their skills along the way. This bat is also quite versatile and is great for all-round batsmen.

SS Custom English Willow Cricket Bat

Best cricket bat prices 2020

If you’re looking for a balanced yet powerful cricket bat, the SS Custom will be a name hard to miss. The bat is made up of premium quality English willow and equipped with a 9 piece Sarawak cane handle.

  • The round short handle offers an amazing grip and absorbs the shock created by the impact. This lightweight bat weighs only 1100 gms and the sweet spot in the middle helps to play both aggressive and defensive shots. 

The lightweight nature of this bat can be attributed to the fact that this is an Air Dried Willow bat. Due to this, it can tend to chip off easily.

GM Sting Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat

Gunn & Moore or more commonly called GM have been manufacturing high range sports equipment since 1885. True to their reputation, the GM sting is made up of premium Kashmir willow which is ideal for both practices and tournaments.

  • The bat offers great stability and power and is a grade 1 type. It weighs about 1100 gms which allows more control of the shots played. This is a beautiful piece made of top-notch material offering more manoeuvrability and power to play natural shots.

This is another traditional bat like the SG RSD Spark Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat. However, Instead of all-round support, this bat is perfect for explosive movements. The structure and overall aerodynamics help the player take really bold shots with ease.

Spartan MS Dhoni King

Best cricket bat under 1000

MS Dhoni’s signature edition bat by Spartan is great for both new and experienced players. This bat is beautifully crafted to enhance maneuverability and stroke playing. The bat weighs 1150 – 1250 gm and is suitable for all types of players. It’s easy to handle and feels very durable. The crosswave tape on the edges gives added protection for the bat. 

SS Magnum English Willow Cricket Bat

Best cricket bat 2020

If you are looking to up your game and want something more luxurious to own, the SS Magnum is the one to buy. This superbly crafted grade 2 English willow bat helps add that extra touch needed for your shots. The bat is light, weighing 1180 – 1250 gms and the handle is made up of a 12 piece imported cane offering maximum protection against vibration and impact.

The concave edges of the bat improve power and control on the shots. Another special feature of this cricket bat is the hydrophilic and breathable coating which removes any condensation in the garment

Cricket bat brands india 2020

This lightweight short handle tennis ball only bat is designed for players in the age group of 8-15 years. Named after the country’s favorite icon, the MRF bat is nicely designed and the durable build enables one to use the bat for both practice and real games. This bat is a great value for money and is perfect for beginners. 

DSC Condor Flite

Best cricket bat prices

This exquisitely handcrafted grade 1 natural English willow bat makes those powerful mammoth shots look super easy! The bat is equipped with a treble spring handle which absorbs the maximum impact, thereby protecting the batsman from those wrist injuries.

The curved shape and massive edges give the power to convert stroke plays into elegant boundaries. The bat weighs between 1120 – 1200 gms and is definitely a bat to be in your kit to up your game.

LYCAN Stunner Bigger Edge

Unlike the other bats in the list which are either made up of English willow or Kashmir willow, this bat is made out of Hard plastic for those tennis and rubber ball cricket playing enthusiasts.

  • This bat is made up of eco-friendly hard plastic (no need to worry about the environment!) and weighs only 800gms. This bat is a definite requirement for gully cricket players who believe in maximum hitting and less defensive stroke plays.

The craziest thing is that it actually provides more power than a wooden bat. Almost 25% in fact. However, the most amazing thing about this bat is manoeuvrability. You can expect some serious control with this PVC bat.

Wolfer Juniors

The Wolfer brand is making waves in the Indian market with its range of sports equipment, especially Cricket. The Wolfer juniors cricket bat is on the more expensive end of the spectrum as it’s made with good quality English willow.

  • Available in various sizes, this is lightweight, yet stable and perfect for enthusiastic children irrespective of whether they’re just starting out or playing league matches.
  • The sweet spot is well distributed from mid to low and this has a strong toe. With a little bit of knocking, this bat is good to go!

Although it’s a relatively new brand. From our tests, we’ve concluded it’s a bat of the highest quality. So, much so that it’s made per ICC regulations. So, it’s perfect for a budding cricketer who’s serious about the game.

Choose a cricket bat depending on whether you’re a beginner to the sport or a pro, what type of ball you’re going to be playing with, and other personal preferences. Use your bat regularly to season it and make it a part of your mind…. so when that ball comes at you, you hit it perfectly to a six, without thinking twice!

What wood are cricket bats made of?

Cricket bats are made of Willow wood. This type of wood is derived from willow trees that are usually found in Kashmir. Of course, they are also found in the British Isles and many other places. However, when it comes to cricket bats, the majority of the English Willow Bats are made from the British Isles Willow wood. Of course, Almost all the Indian bats come from Kashmir.

Cricket rules state that the bat must be made of wood and not any other material as it can damage the ball. There are,, of course, size and weight restrictions as well. The wood is usually extremely heavy weighing 10 Kg but after being refined, it weighs about 1.2-1.3Kgs.

The bat is also pressed with a machine to strengthen the playing area of the bat. This compressed portion is what makes the ball bounce, instead of breaking the bat. The better brands even apply linseed oil to make it stronger. Check out our list of the Top Cricket Bats In India for all the details.

Things to keep in mind before buying a Cricket Bat

There are certain things you need to keep in Mind before you go ahead and purchase an expensive cricket bat. Buying a wrong bat can not only be detrimental to your play but it can also cause injuries to your arms and wrists. So, please do refer to the buying guide below for all the details.


  • There are two types of cricket bats: Kashmir Willow bat and English Willow Bat. And both types are extremely different. While these differences matter to professionals, those who are serious about the sport should also know which is the right type of bat for them.
  • Kashmir Willow bats are perfect for those who are learning the sport. However, it is also useful for those who play cricket as recreation or as part of a sports club. English Willow is ideal for professionals and it’s even useful for those who want to go pro. As the English Willow is heavier than the Kashmir Willow, it can help the batsman perfect their form.
  • Kashmir Willows also tend to be much cheaper than the English Willow. While English Willows are useful you’ll need to shell out quite a bit of money. However, it’s an absolute necessity if you want to go pro. Even those in the professional circuit rarely use Kashmir Willows.
  • You can easily distinguish between the two types by the colour of the wood and weight. Kashmir Willows are lighter and happen to be brown. English Willows are much heavier and are white in colour. Interestingly, Kashmir Willows tend to have more gran density than English Willows making them much harder to break. The English Willow wood is softer than Kashmir Willow. Check out our list of the Top Cricket Bats In India for all the details.

Kashmir Willow Vs English Willow; Which One’s Better? 

Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat 

Even though testimonies state English willow as the better option, Kashmir willow has its solid pros to be a valid choice. So read further to match your preferences to Kashmir Willow bats; 


Kashmir willow highly favours aspiring players to practice their skill, given its compatible stature. If you are a recreational cricket player with dreams of mastering the sport, Kashmir Willow is for you! 


By fulfilling your core purpose of learning, it is fair to your budget too. Depending on your expectations, you can choose a budget-oriented bat type to steer clear of further expenses. 

English Willow Cricket Bat

English Willow is considered the best quality of wood for cricket bats. They have more grains which indicate the age of the willow i.e higher the grains older the willow.  If you are a more experienced cricket player who knows the sport in and out this is for you.


Experts swear by the English willow cricket bats as it is used to strike hard balls. The English willow bats have stronger stability as well as need the necessary maintenance given its usage. English willow bats are also softer in nature when compared to Kashmir willow bats. 


Like the Kashmir Willow bat, the English Willow also caters to its main target audience; professional cricket players. Being high in quality the prices are also along the same aspect. 

Parts of Cricket Bat

It’s important to understand the significance and functions of various parts of cricket as they can make or break your game. So, investing in a bat with suitable specifications is always better than buying a generic bat. Additionally, applying the function of various parts of the bat can easily elevate your game. Here are the various parts of a cricket bat.

Bat handle

  • This is the cylindrical portion of th bat that is covered with a rubber grip. It is the also the part of the bat that the batsman has to hold. The player needs to hold the bat handle with one hand above the other to seamlessly control the bat. Most importantly, the rubber grip prevents the bat from slipping out from your hands.
  • The handle is connected to the rest of the bat blade using a joint called a splice. This joint needs to be extremely sturdy and needs to fixed perfectly for you to be able to manouvre the bat with ease.
  • Bat handles also tend to come in various sizes, ranging from 33 to 35 inches. For example, it can either be a short length or a long variant, which is suitable for batsman over 6ft.

Bat Toe

  • The bat toe is basically the bottom blunt portion of the bat that touches the ground. The batsman places it on the ground and gets in form when waiting for the ball. The bat toe is also the most abbrasive portion of the bat due to it’s constant friction with the gound. Over time the damage gets worse. Esepcially, since th batsmans creases it during his runs. So, it’s better to get a toe gaurd to protect it.
  • However, it is important to train with the roe gaurd so that you get used to new center of gravity.

Bat Blade

  • The body of the bat is reffered to as the bat blade. It always has an outward curve on it’s rear and a flat front portion. The flat portion comes in contact with the ball. The rear is usually used to add weight and ridiity the bat. It also help manouvre it easily.
  • The grade of the bat can be usually determined by the blade. This portion is categorized into four parts: the face, the swell, the edge and the spine. You can also cover it with hard plastic to imporve longevity.

What bat does Virat Kohli Use? / What bat does Dhoni use?

Want to see what bats your favorite cricket icons play with? Read below to read Virat’s and Dhoni’s cricket bat specifications. 

Virat Kohli Bat ( MRF Genius Grand Edition)

Virat Kohli uses the MRF Genius Grand Edition which is a stylish grand one English willow cricket bat. It has a modern cut with a light pick up and balance. The bat has a standard weight between 1.18 kgs to 1.25 kgs. 

The handle of the MRF genius grand edition is designed with a 12 piece swark crane. In addition, it also has rubber lamination technology. 

The pricing of the bat is between 17k to 20k based on the number of grains on the bat. 

MS Dhoni Bat( Spartan MSD Limited Edition) 

MS Dhoni’s use of the Spartan MSD Limited Edition bat is so profound that the bat is named after the legendary cricketer!

The Spartan MSD limited edition is an English willow grade 1+.  It is designed in a way to withstand extreme mass and also has a good pick up. The grip of the bat has an ‘MS Dhoni Orange’ which is a clear dedication to him. 

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