9 Best Drones To Buy In India | July 2021 Update

Looking for a drone to help you click aerial photos? Check out our list of the Best Drones To Buy In India!

Drones are cool hi-tech products that trigger our fancies and imaginations. Quadcopter technology has come a long way and the market is today flooded with a baffling variety of drones. Perspiring a bit, even the common man can realize the dream of owning this incredible flying machine today. Today’s modern drones have made flying and capturing pictures easy, and they make videos more manageable. 

While quadcopters might flash in our minds as toys, they are nevertheless a significant investment considering the high price tags they carry. Therefore, you need to do thorough research to choose the right one that can help you best achieve the purpose of buying them.

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While they all share the common name ‘drone’, each product is different from the others. Some of the differences between drones happen in terms of their battery life, fly time, altitude they can reach and the equipment enabled in them. Here we discuss the list of Best Drones To Buy In India covering their features and specifications.

After having reviewed the best drones to buy in India based on various factors like design, performance, features, functions, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 9 that really stood out. These 9 were put through a series of stress tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best drone to Buy in India is DJI Mavic Pro. It is one of the best professional drones in its price segment. Not only is it made from extremely high-quality materials but it is also easy to assemble and control. The DJI Mavic Pro also stands out as being one of the best in terms of technical specs. With image stabilization and OcuSync technology, it makes live streaming hassle-free.

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Best Drones To Buy In India

Super toy 360p Camera Drone

In the Super toy 360p camera drone, the manufacturer has achieved a remote-controlled quadcopter that has an excellent hold on the altitude and featuring one key return. Weighing 0.310 Kgs, it can reach a height of 40-45 meters. It’s one of the Best Drones To Buy In India.

This drone has a flight time between 10 and 12 minutes and a full charge requires 40 minutes. Made of a durable plastic body, the product weighs 699 grams.

Product specifications

  • This drone’s altitude function is defined as a 2.4GHz 6-axis gyro that enables the flying machine with better control and stability in the air. 
  • Fitted with a 360p camera, this equipment is Wi-Fi compatible that can send real-time videos and images of the best quality.
  • The drone’s LED lights, take-off and landing with a single button makes operating it easy even in darkness.
  • The different functions of the drone-like sideward flight, turn back, left, right, up and down make operating it an easy experience.

Why buy this product?

  • The Wi-Fi enabled technology makes it possible to control the drone with your smartphone.
  • The decent build quality makes it the best value buy.
  • The product is exciting due to features like 3D flip, headless mode and high speed and low speed mode. 

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Amitasha Remote Control Quadcopter

A Wi-Fi enabled flying machine, the Amitasha Quadcopter is fitted with a camera remote control. Made to work on charging, the device has different camera modes.

The weight is only 0.310 kgs and the product dimensions are 11 x 9 x 4 cm. This drone will best suit children of 14 years and above.

Product Specifications

  • This drone has a camera mode and a selfie mode. By switching the device on to flight mode using your smartphone, you can also record videos and gesture photography
  • The device works on auto-return, headless and auto pressure set modes. The admirable features of the drone are 2.4 GHz RC, 6 axis gyro and 360-degree flight.
  • The flying time of the drone with a single charge is 10 to 15 minutes and the machine can reach up to 35 meters. 

Why buy this product?

  • You will find three-speed modes including 30%, 60%, and 100%.
  • You can operate the phone with the transmitter or your cellphone depending on whichever you find convenient.
  • The various controls you will find in the drone include camera inversion, emergency stop, one key takeoff and one key landing, throttle control, master mode switching, rotation control, headless mode, forward control, backward control and VR split-screen mode.
  • This drone features and foldable drone camera and this product is best suited for beginners. The lights of the drone help spot it in darkness too. 

Chawla Agency Pioneer Foldable Drone

This product is a dual-camera drone featuring dual lights and a robust motor function. This easy to fly device is rich in interesting features like a wide-angle lens and dual lights.

The two flying modes of this drone are master mode and headless mode. Its app control system and emergency stop facility make operating it very easy. The user can also control the switch and speed between the cameras.   

Product Specifications

  • The flying time of the machine is between 8 and 10 minutes. This drone is fitted with a wide angle high definition lens.
  • The device can reach up to 50 meters in height.  The product has a dual-camera system with a 7MP main camera and a 2MP secondary camera. It also has a single switch take-off and landing.

Why buy this product?

  • You will find it easy to switch between the cameras.
  • The device can support hand gestures and is ideal for taking selfies.
  • The auto-return feature makes it possible to command the device to return to the original position after flying.
  • The product highlights include a compact design, stable operation and excellent camera quality.  

DJI Tello Drone with 5MP HD Camera

One of the champions in the drone making arena, DJI is constantly innovating newer technologies to fly its machines. The company has to its credit a long list of offerings including a variety of accessories, gimbal cameras, video transmission devices, flight controllers, camera stabilizers and drones.

DJI Tello drone can capture precise HD images and can also perform several stunts while capturing images. It is possible to learn basic programming with DJI Tello drone’s help for entertainment purposes.

The downward-facing model accounts for the precise hovering. You can fly the drone efficiently with the help of the DJI app.

Product specifications

  • The drone is powered by rechargeable lithium polymer batteries. It has a flight time of the drone is 13 minutes. 
  • The camera is 5MP that can capture precise HD pictures and videos. This product comes with Intel Processor.
  • The device can reach up to a height of 50 meters. The MI developed coding system can teach you basic programming.

Why buy this product?

  • This product is the perfect one for beginners due to its ease of operation.
  • The drone has a stable hovering and you can make it take off and land with a single tap.
  • It is weightless and easy to handle.

DJI Spark Fly More Combo Selfie Drone

DJI’s innovative range of products are able to meet the challenging needs of customers worldwide. Some of their leading product categories include enterprise components, drones for professional use, and consumer drones.

They are one of the champions in drone making. Fitted with a gimbal camera, the selfie drone DJI can shoot videos and photographs of great quality.

This drone is designed on the principle of aerodynamic construction and it is light in weight. This device suits clicking images at high speed and stabilized pictures.

Product specifications

  • This drone can capture professional-quality videos and pictures. The product comes with a GPS navigation feature.
  • The special mechanical gimbal stabilization enables shooting shake-free pictures. Its lithium-ion batteries provided are long-lasting.
  • The control range of this device is 1.2 miles and the flying machine can fly up to 16 minutes. It has a 12MP built-in camera helps to capture videos and photos perfectly. The unique sport mode makes it possible to capture images with great speed. 

Why buy this product?

  • The device features gimbal camera stabilized for 2-axis to ensure a great quality video.
  • The innovative design makes for its light weight. 
  • You can take pictures even in motion when the device is set in sports mode.
  • The drone has an excellent build making it a durable and easy to fly product.

DJI Mavic Pro with Fly More Combo

DJI makes different classes of drones including consumer, enterprise and professional. The innovative design attempted by the drone maker in each of its products accounts for the firm’s success in the drone arena. It is hands down one the Best Drones To Buy In India.

Packed with excellent technical features, the DJI Fly More Combo drone is a great pick for professional purposes. The product is easy to assemble and dismantle.

The innovative fly feature accounts for an improved battery time. The DJI fly mode combo drone can be highly depended on for stabilized footage and angle photography.

Product specifications

  • The OcuSync technology of the drone makes hassle-free live streaming possible. The remote is very powerful and very useful to control the drone efficiently.
  • The drone features a very compact and durable design. The product is highly durable and the battery is great to assure a comfortable flying time. Even children can easily assemble or dismantle the product by reading the user manual.

Why buy this product?

  • The product comes with an intelligent flight battery that can facilitate an efficient fly time. 
  • The build and performance of the drone are of the best quality.
  • This drone has a DIY option for assembling and dismantling the product on the move. 
  • This product is highly durable and performs well.

Syma Z1 R/C Foldable Selfie Drone FPV WiFi Camera Altitude Hold Mode App Control Quadcopter, Black

Syma’s drone offerings range into foldable drones, GPS drones, boats, smart drones, and helicopters. With its long presence, the firm has been able to accumulate vast experience which it infuses in each of its offerings.

The innovative design of their drones makes using them great fun. Beginners will find Syma foldable selfie drone an ideal product while learning how to fly drones for the first time. The drone and its camera can be controlled via smartphone.

By customizing the route mode, you can let the equipment follow the path. The OneKey features enable easy takeoff and landing. 

Product specifications

  • The drone weighs only 0.074 kg and can reach up to a height of 199 feet.
  • The product comes with a protection frame, extra propeller and an in-built camera. 
  • The low battery protection, optical flow positioning, hover function, gravity sensor mode, waypoint control and live video stream features make this product an interesting one. 

Why buy this product?

  • Capturing photos and videos with this drone is an easy and enjoyable experience.
  • Especially beginners learning to use drones for video and photoshoots will find this an excellent choice.
  • The one key takeoff and landing enables easy operation.

Syma X8PRO RC Drone 2.4G WiFi HD Camera FPV GPS One Key Return RC Quadcopter

With over a decade of experience in the drones arena, Syma is today one of the leaders in drone technology. They have been delivering the best quality drones of diverse specifications to meet the challenging needs of the digital and AI age buyers.

The product category of the company in the drone segment range over boats, helicopters, smart drones, folding drones and GPS smart drones. Their innovative design makes flying their drones great fun.

If you are tired of having to provide your drone with the return path, you will find the GPS based Syma X8Pro a great option for you. OneKey pushing can let you take off or land the drone easily. The drone follows GPs to return to you. It is possible to pair live videos with your mobile application. 

Product Specifications

  • Syma has fitted this drone with some interesting and highly useful accessories like a WiFi camera, landing gear, battery, remote controller, propeller, charger, phone holder, guard ring, screwdriver, card reader, and wrench.
  • The full charging time for the battery is 150 minutes and the device can fly upto 9 minutes in one charge.
  • This drone is pre-programmed to return automatically when the battery gets low or when the connection is lost.
  • The OneKey takeoff and landing function makes flying it an easy and hassle-free experience.
  • By setting the product in altitude mode, you can get stable aerial photography.

Why buy this product?

  • You can depend on this drone model to capture good quality pictures and video. 
  • It is possible to pair the live video captured with your mobile phone.
  • The product is easy to assemble and so the best choice for beginners. 

SUPER TOY WiFi Camera Drone Professional Quadcopter with 2.4G Rc Helicopter Toy

The manufacturer of this drone model is Super Toy, a well-known player in the field of high-quality toys. Their professional quality drones have been bagging the best user ratings. They are making easy to use and durable products for fun and professional use.

The Quadcopter WiFi camera drone can fly for not less than 8 to 10 minutes. The product is also fitted with a 2 MP camera used for photo capture. The product falls under the mini pocket drone category in terms of its portability and size.

Product specifications

  • The drone comes with an in-built camera and can reach up to a height of 30 meters. 
  • The 360 MAH battery must be charged for 30 minutes for every flight. 
  • The 360 degrees flip action makes this drone an interesting product.

Why buy this product?

  • The camera quality is excellent.
  • Made from durable plastic, the drone can be depended on for rough use. 
  • The innovative design makes controlling it an easy experience. 

Types of Drones

The three main classes of drones can be explained by their acronyms. RTF, expanded as a Ready To Fly Drone is a completely rendered flying machine. You will not need any accessories to fly it.

While an ARF drone also features a similar configuration to an RTF, it will need minimum assembling. BNF or Bind And Fly machine will require attaching a receiver or transmitter with it. The other way of classifying drones is based on their flying features. 

Aerial platform based classification

  • Based on their aerial platform characteristics, drones can be classified as single rotor, multi-rotor and fixed-wing drones. Looking like helicopters, single rotor drones have a big rotor and a small rotor near the tail.
  • Flying on gas power, they can reach more heights and are more efficient. Multi-rotor drones are fitted with several rotors and they can stand in a single position for a long time. The sub-types available under this category are Tricopter, Quadricopter, Hexacopter, and Octocopter.

Size based classification

  • Based on their size, drones can be classified as mini, small, medium and large. With the increase in their size, their flying height and weight lifting capacity can increase.  

Range-based classification

  • The range cased classification of drones defines how far the flying machine can fry from the user. You can control a close-range drone from 50 km. While a short-range drone can be controlled from 150 km, medium-range drones can be controlled from 650 km. 

Equipment based classification

  • The equipment based classification defines them in terms of the devices they carry including camera, GPS, stabilizer or FPV. Check out our list of the Best Drones To Buy In India!

How to choose the best drones?

To choose the best drone, you need to consider its following characteristics.

Camera: while buying a drone with a camera option, ensure that it features a good quality camera so that the photo quality is good and the video shooting resolution is high with a good frame rate. 

Range: Drones communicate through WiFi signals. If the WiFi signal is lost, the drone will lose communication. Some drones work on GPS technology in case the WiFi signal is lost. 

Speed: It is good to choose the drone which matches the speed at which you can fly them. Like learning to ride a bike, you need to learn how to fly a drone. It is good to start with a low speed and move on to high speed.  

Battery: The battery life decides the drone’s flight time. Bigger batteries can fly drones for a long time but they eventually increase the drone’s weight as well as its cost.  

Return button: return button refers to a press button that orders the drone to fly back to you avoiding the obstacles on the way. These drones are expensive but can simplify their flying. Check out our list of the Best Drones To Buy In India!

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DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro is one of the Best Drones To Buy In India!

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