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Dumbbells in India Review

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When it comes to easy, simple to use and multi-purpose workout equipment, dumbbells top the list. It’s amazing how many exercises one can do using a set of (or single) dumbbells. 

Best Dumbbells Brands 

Not everybody has the time to hit the gym but we want that toned, muscular bod for sure. Experts have time and again assured that lifting dumbbells can do wonders for your body. 

  • It can increase your metabolism rate. 
  • It can reduce inflammation and any chronic diseases that you have.
  • It gives you better sleep and a good posture. 
  • It makes you super strong!

 While these are desirable qualities, it may be confusing to find the right dumbbells that have qualities of their own. It is possible that you are conflicted by which one exactly you need to get your hands on. 

Make that simpler by reading what we have for you on the best dumbbells in India.

Whether these will be your very first set of dumbbells or you’re looking to add to your already existing collection, you’ve landed on the right page. The expertly collated list below with unique features of each brand will help you decide among the best dumbbells available in India. 

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Best Dumbbell Brands In India 2020

#1–SportSoul Vinyl Dumbbell 

best dumbbells in india

Sportsoul is a brand that sells good quality products of other brands around the world. 

  • These dumbbells are made out of high quality cast iron with a smooth vinyl coating. Vinyl coated dumbbells usually look good and these are no exception to the rule.
  •  Available in lighter weights, the SportSoul dumbbells are ideal for beginners and those who like a light workout. 
  • The vinyl coating ensures that these are anti-slip and doesn’t bruise the palms. 
  • The coating also softens the edges of the dumbbells and avoids damage to the floor. These are sturdy and sure to last long even with rough use. 


  • The quality is extraordinary. 
  • Ensures safety with its protected surface. 
  • Sure to last long in spite of regular usage. 


  • Might be of little value to those who are acclimated to lifting dumbbells. 

Click here to check out this product – Rs. 590

#2–KORE DM-HEXA-COMBO16 Dumbbells

best dumbbells in india 2020

One of the popular brands in the Indian market manufacturing superior-quality training equipment is Kore. The range of products they sell is commendable.

  •  The DM-HEXA-COMBO range is, as the name indicates, hexagonally shaped which ensures that they don’t roll off when placed on the ground. 
  • This might seem to be of minor importance but ask any frequent trainer and they’ll tell you how annoying it is when weights aren’t in the place they’re left at! 
  • These are priced nominally and the finishing is not great but they are worth the money. 


  • Stays in one place because of the structure. 
  • Nominally priced. 


  • Finishing is not satisfactory. 

Click here to check out this product – Rs. 4,319

#3–Aurion Set of 2 Chrome Dumbbell

best dumbbells brands in india

More expensive than the rubber-coated dumbbells, the Aurion Chrome dumbbells are made of steel plated with Chrome, which reduces the chance of rusting. Again, another popular brand with a wide range of products in the Indian market, Aurion makes equipment that is of high quality and accordingly priced. 

  • The chrome dumbbells have handles that are padded with a soft cushion that drastically reduce bruises and burns on the palm and fingers. 
  • This is a huge relief for those who lift heavyweights. 
  • The accuracy of the weights is near perfect. 


  • The quality is great. 
  • Manufactured to evade bruises and other injuries. 


  • Comparatively expensive. 

Click here to check out this product – Rs. 679

#4–Aurion Set PVC Dumbbells

best dumbbells for home

Another one from Aurion, these are probably the cheapest but good quality dumbbells with smooth finishing that you’ll find in the Indian market. Made from PVC, these are great if you worry about the metal dumbbells rusting.

  •  These are designed to offer enough grip. Available only in lighter weights, they are perfect for those who are starting out or enjoy lighter workouts. 
  • The downside is that these have to be handled with care as unlike metal, plastic can break if they are manhandled or thrown from great heights.  


  • It offers a firm grip which in turn makes it easier and handy. 
  • Perfect fit for those into light workouts. 


  • Has to be handled with extreme care as opposed to while handling metal. 

Click here to check out this product – Rs. 189

#5–RUBX Rubber Coated Professional Dumbbells

best dumbbells prices

The “Made in India ” weights boast of good quality virgin rubber and premium finish. RUBX falls in the category of premium brands, crafting accurately weighing equipment and not compromising on the quality of the materials used.

  •  The exceptional quality ensures durability and the ability to withstand heavy-duty workout. These hexagonal dumbbells are safe on the floor and prevent damage. 
  • The handlebar is well designed and anti-slip. As these are available right from 1kg, these can be bought for home or commercial use. 


  • Durable in spite of constant use. 
  • Available in various sizes. 


  • The dumbbell is slightly pricey. 

Click here to check out this product – Rs. 4,300

#6–Protoner 10kg Adjustable Dumbbells 

best dumbbells in india 2020

These are for men and women who like being able to do a range of exercises with different weights at home.

  •  The Protoner Adjustable dumbbells come with four plates, each weighing 2.5 kgs, making it convenient to add on or reduce the weight using just one pair of handlebars. 
  • These save a lot of space and money, plus add to the convenience. 
  • A widely selling brand in India, Protoner makes equipment that is moderately priced and of decent quality. 


  • Suitable for men and women as it is adjustable. 
  • Moderately priced.


  • The quality is decent. However, it may be less effective for regular use. 

Click here to check out this product – Rs. 749

#7–Kore PVC-DM COMBO16 Home Gym Dumbbells

top dumbbell brands in india

Another contender in the adjustable dumbbells category is the Kore PVC-DM Combo16. 

  • These are perfect for serious and heavyweight trainers as these are sold in adjustable weight combinations up to 26 kg.
  •  Like their other equipment, these are also well-made and provide safety with the extra nuts to prevent the weights from slipping out during an intense workout. 
  • These are made from PVC which helps keep the cost low. 
  • But this also means that the dumbbells have to be handled with care. 


  • Lots of protective features are available. 
  • Affordable. 


  • They are sensitive which limits too much effort on the dumbbells. 

Click here to check out this product – Rs. 840

#8–Bodygrip Dumbbell Set Combo Dumbbells

top brands of dumbbells in india

The BodyGrip dumbbell set combo is recommended for home workouts as the weights can be adjusted to a maximum of 12 kgs. 

  • Nuts are provided to hold the weights in place. 
  • The handlebars are reinforced with anti-slip material. Since the plates are made from PVC, they need to be handled with care. 
  • This set looks premium and is a delight to work with because of the excellent finish. 


  • It is perfect for home workouts and is safe to handle in such an environment. 


  • This too should be handled with care and will not withstand too much exertion.

Click here to check out this product – Rs. 749

#9–Kakss Cast Iron Vinyl Coated Dumbbells 

best brands of dumbbells in india 2020

Kakss Vinyl coated dumbbells are probably the best looking lightweight dumbbells you will find in the Indian market.

  • Available in several attractive colors, these are a great motivation for daily training. Ideal for home use, these beautiful weights are of high quality and super durable.
  • They are crafted to offer a good grip and not bruise the hand.
  • The coating ensures they are low maintenance and don’t damage the flooring of your house.
  • These are premium weights priced higher than the other brands in the market.


Available in a variety of colours.



Click here to check out this product – Rs. 3,600

#10–Skera Pair of Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbell

top dumbbells in india 2020

Skera is a popular brand that makes fitness equipment in all ranges. The hexagonal dumbbells are available in all weights and of good quality. 

  • Made from iron and coated with chrome, these prevent rusting to a large extent.
  •  The handle is shaped ergonomically to provide excellent grip, but the core material is iron and can bruise the hand so we suggest you wear gloves when you handle these. 
  • These are priced higher than other brands but the excellent quality rubber coating justifies the price. 


  • It evades rusting which in turn lasts longer. 
  • It provides an excellent grip. 


  • Slightly expensive because of the rubber coating. 

Click here to check out this product – Rs. 799

#11–Cockatoo Dumbbells

dumbbell brands in india

Cockatoo is a preferred brand among gym enthusiasts as they manufacture visibly high quality, durable training equipment that doesn’t break the bank. This brand is well known for its level of accuracy in the weights they sell. 

  • These dumbbells are available in weights right from 1 kg for the beginner who is trying to build strength to over 30 kgs for the pro who is focussed on building a muscular body.
  •  The handlebar is shaped to give the palms a good grip. This is important especially with heavier weights. 


  • It provides a good grip for the palms. 
  • It has a wide range of options based on your experience. 


  • It might be a little expensive. 

Click here to check out the product – Rs. 1,572

#12–Aurion Dumbbells 

safe dumbbells in india

Another set of dumbbells from the Aurion line are these uniquely shaped home weights. 

  • Available in lots of fun colors, these are very tempting to own.
  •  They are made in lighter weights and can be used by beginners who are trying out isolated lifting exercises. 
  • Made from cement and coated with vinyl, these remain rust-free, abrasion-free and don’t damage our floors. The grip is amazing because of the shape. 
  • Very stylish looking, these are moderately expensive. 


  • Available in fun colors and various sizes and shapes. 


  • This is suitable only for beginners. 

Click here to check out this product – Rs. 442

#13–SPORTO Dumbbells

safe and best dumbbell brands in india

Sporto Fitness dumbbells are super affordable in the adjustable weights category. 

  • We agree that the quality of these isn’t the best but these dumbbells are near accurate in their weight and come in removable plates up to 8 kg.  
  • The price they are sold for in online stores makes them ideal for anybody to own them and get healthier without busting a lot of cash in the gyms around. 


  • Cost friendly 
  • Includes removable plates. 


  • Quality is not assurable. 

Click here to check out this product – Rs.1,480

#14 – Amazon basics dumbbells in India 

AmazonBasics has extremely strong and dependable sports equipment that sports enthusiasts abide by. 

  • This pair of dumbbells look small and compact but have strength and can be durable for a long time. 
  • It is appropriate for long hours of training and is the best solution for professionals. 
  • It has an easy neoprene grip which is needed when you are doing heavy grip to keep you in the zone of working out. 
  • It has a warranty of 1 year in spite of its strong build. 
  • They are super affordable and can be bought without second thoughts. 


  • Strong build. 
  • Affordable. 


  • None. 

Click here to purchase the product – Rs. 240

#15 – BFit dumbbells in India 

Unlike other dumbbells that we have mentioned above, this one is well contained and is super comfortable to use and put back in place. 

  • This is a very safe way to use dumbbells as you can contain after using it. 
  • It is small and compact and can be used by both professionals and people who have just started out with workout sessions. 
  • It has also been used as  a therapeutic exercise as it is gentle as well. Works great for people with back pain as it does not strain. 


  • Very gentle. 


  • Expensive. 

Click here to purchase the product – Rs. 449

Types of dumbbells In India

If you’re a gym enthusiast, you probably already know that there are different types of dumbbells and a plethora of brands selling them in India. If you’re a newbie, you’ll be surprised at the variety out there and that can be overwhelming. Following are the few basic types of dumbbells manufactured:

Fixed weight dumbbells

These are the traditional ones we’ve known all along. They are fitted with equal weights on both ends and are available in different materials

Adjustable dumbbells

Very innovative, these were introduced in the recent few years much to the delight of hardcore workout enthusiasts. As the name suggests, these have adjustable weights on both ends which makes it easier to store or carry them. You can also use unequal weights on both ends to give you different results during your workout

Selectorized dumbbells

Similar to the adjustable ones, these have changeable weights as well except that this can be done while resting on a stand. The stands are inconvenient to be moved around but work best if you have a large space for your workout

These dumbbells are available in different materials and their prices vary accordingly.

Pro tip: Select dumbbells that offer you a good grip and don’t slip (that will end up putting extra unnecessary strain on your muscles and can injure your arms).

Buy dumbbells that you can surely lift. We know it’s good to aim for the stars, but what’s the point in buying something that you just cannot lift? Start with what’s comfortable and after building strength, you can always upgrade.

Top Brands of Dumbbells in India 

So chances are that you are in awe of dumbbell lifting and want to give it a try or that you already mastered it and want to purchase a dumbbell to practice. Buying one for the house or for seeking out for one for the gym can be a dilemma as well. We have listed the best for each of these requirements. 

What type of dumbbells should I buy?

While it depends on the interest and intent of each individual. There are certain features that hold true for all dumbbells, no matter what their purpose. Durability is something you need to keep in mind for strenuous workouts. If you have just started out and are a newbie to this whole extravaganza, we suggest you go for something affordable and basic. You can always switch to a good one once you are in the zone.

Best Dumbbells for beginners

Sunny Health and Fitness 33lb Dumbbells
Yes4All 50lb Adjustable Dumbbells
CAP Barbell Cast-Iron Hex Dumbbells
Marcy Neoprene Dumbbells

Best dumbbells for home 

Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells
York Fitness Cast Iron Dumbbell
Escape Fitness Classic Urethane Dumbbell
PowerBlock Sports 5.0 Dumbbells

So there’s everything you need to know about the best dumbbells in India. We hope reading this helps you find the perfect one!

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