Best Eyebrow Tint In India | July 2021 Update

Looking to enhance your eyebrows? Check out our list of the Best Eyebrow Tint In India!

Many go for eyebrow tinting not without reasons. Even those with thick and dark eyebrows find eyebrow tinting help enhance their eyebrows and overall facial looks in many more ways than they can imagine. Sometimes subtle eyebrow enhancements can create a big difference. Check out our entire list of the Best Eyebrow Tint In India for all the details.

Eyebrow tinting can bring forth all the brow hairs that you never knew you had. Defining the arches, filling the tails of the brows and bestowing an overall fullness in the eyebrows which you have been craving for are some things you can achieve with eyebrow tinting.

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Eyebrow tinting can be explained as the process in which a semi-permanent dye is smoothed over the eyebrows to define the natural arches of the eyebrows in a better way. This treatment can benefit anyone looking forward to land on fuller and thicker eyebrows. Eyebrow tinting can pick up and define all those tiny hairs that are hard to see. 

Eyebrow tinting is an exclusive beauty treatment provided in salons. Nevertheless, if you learn it yourself, you can depend on some state of the art products in the market to do it yourself at home. Here’s our list of the Best Eyebrow Tint In India

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Best Eyebrow Tint In India

When you look for thick, dark and attractively rendered eyebrows, the first thing you must find is the best eyebrow tint in India. With a galaxy of eyebrow tint products sold in the market, choosing the best eyebrow tint India can be a challenge for you. Here I have done a thorough research with the leading eyebrow tint products to suggest you the best 10 eyebrow tint to consider.

Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Tint

Eyebrow tint lovers find this product meet their tinting needs in the best way and hence this is a popular pick for many. It’s one of the Best Eyebrow Tint In India.

When you are concerned with the grays peeking out of your eyebrows and would want to enhance the natural color of your eyebrows and eyelashes, think of using Godefroy to land on easy, quick and assuring results that can last the longest too.

Announced as an instant eyebrow tint kit by the maker, using it feels simpler than using dust or pencil. The kit comes with crème developer and color capsules. 

Product advantages:

  • Provides amazing results in less than 2 minutes of application
  • Delivers assuring results on every single use repeatedly
  • Seen covering the gray hair that are the most resistant
  • This is a ready to use complete kit suitable for beginners as well as seasoned users

This instant eyebrow tint kit is a permanent eyebrow color kit with the specifications written on the pack as medium brown – 1 kit. Reviews say the product is non-allergenic on most skin types and hence it is safe to use.

The price comes to your advantage when you want to invest in this product and you will find the results assuring right after the first use. Whether you wish to try this through a beauty therapist or try it for a DIY tinting project at home, you can surely depend on it for the best results.

Eyebrow tinting is a great decision provided you attempt using the best product to land on great results and avoid any side effects.

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Eylure Dylash Eyelash And Brow Dye 

For those that are interested in finding the longest lasting eyebrow tint dye, this is perhaps the right choice. As per the manufacturer’s specifications, Eylure Dylash dye can last up to a year. Hence you can depend on this product for just one application per year.

Users say this dye gives encouraging results by leaving your eyebrows thicker and prominent. Thepackage consists of a cream color and an activating solution.

You need to mix them both to achieve a consistent blend for application. To avoid any kind of mess, it is best to use the small palette that comes packed with the package. It’s one of the Best Eyebrow Tint In India.

Product advantages:

  • This all new product is imported from the UK. The shopping portals say the delivery can be done from 1 to 2 weeks following the order.
  • You just need to apply the Eylure pro-lash Dylash color and then apply the developer and so it is very easy to use.
  • Coming with a no mixing formula, this is the longest lasting silver nitrate dye meant for lashes. 
  • This is a new innovation by Eylure available in two shades namely black and brown.

The manufacturer has used the silver nitrate formulation in Eylure Pro-lash Dylash to provide the users with the new generation of colors exclusively developed for lashes. A number of reviews rate this as one of the best eyebrow tint options available in the market today.

The maker of this eyelash dye has incorporated an innovative formula to the give the users durable results for the longest possible duration. Your investment in this product helps avoid frequent eyebrow tinting.

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Roux Lash And Brow Tint

A great product to cover the grays in your eyebrows and achieve a fluffy appearance of your eyebrows. A lot of users have found encouraging results with the eyebrow tinting kit as it is seen delivering the best results and it is easy to use.

With this kit, eyebrow tinting is a two-step process. In the first step, you will need to cover the area to be dyed with finely divided silver which comes in a bottle as part of the kit. The second solution must be applied on top of the first application.

When you know how to use this product carefully, you can overcome the Groucho Marx-like eyebrows which is inevitable with most dyes available in the market.

Product advantages:

  • Can be used for eyebrows as well as eyelashes with assured results
  • The maker has achieved this formulation through a thorough research and hence it is safe to use on most skin types
  • The two step process of eyebrow tinting makes the whole mission easy and helps avoid any human errors to a great extent when you wish to attempt a DIY eyebrow tinting mission yourself. 

Whether you wish to get your eyebrow tinting done through a professional or would you want to attempt a DIY project at home, this can be a great choice due to the user-friendly process invented by the manufacturer. Even novices trying his for the first time will find it easy to use landing on great results right after the first use. It’s one of the Best Eyebrow Tint In India.

Laura Geller Brow Tint

An offering by Laura Geller as part of their portfolio of beauty care and beauty therapy product line, this product comes with a gel eyebrow tamer. Users say this is a very useful eyebrow hair dye since it comes with tiny fibers that will make your eyebrows look fluffier and richer.

The manufacturer of this product has facilitated a wide range of color choices and hence this is suitable for all the different types of natural hair colors you can think of.

The manufacturer is a popular name in the beauty care industry with their long experience bringing the customers innovative and reliable range of beauty therapy offerings. 

Product advantages

  • The package includes two brow tints and two gel tamers. The powerful duo provides the best solution for eyebrows even when the eyebrows look sparse due to over tweezing.
  • The brow’s applicator end is featured to deposit color on the brows and the short nylon fibers help the eyebrows look fluffier and highly sculpted. 
  • The gel tamer manages the stray hairs and ensures that the brows are set for a longer lasting wear. 

Whether you wish to use it through a seasoned beautician or would like to attempt eye tinting at home yourself, this is a great product to use.

The innovative applicator makes it easy to apply in a focused way with fewer chances to go wrong while applying. Users say this eyebrow tinting kit gives quick and durable results at a highly competitive price tag. 

Refectocil Eyelash Eyebrow Tint

If fuller looking eyebrows with fluffy hairs and longer looking eyelashes are your expectations from an eyebrow tinting product, you must never have second thought in investing in this great product.

Refectocil is a renowned name in the beauty care industry with a wide range of product lines under every topic of the domain.

The manufacturer has provided a lavish range of colours in this eyebrow tinting kit ranging from graphite to chestnut and deep blue to red-blond. Hence it is possible to achieve the most precise results you want with the easy to use formulation. 

Product advantages:

  • Beauty care experts recommend this product for natural looking and beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • The package consists of refectocil tint, glass dish, eyebrow brush and 50ml 3% oxidant. 
  • Ideal product for use by beauticians, students and home users, this is a perfect all in one eyebrow tinting kit.
  • This pack comes with everything you will need for providing an eyelash tinting treatment. 

The natural looking colors of the tinting kit lends the eyebrows and eyelashes a very intense color depth. Especially suitable to those with natural brown hair and those who prefer a natural appearance.

You can depend on this product for enhancing your brown or black eyelashes and eyebrows or achieve an intermediate color shade of your choice. For landing on the perfect results, it is a must to use the product with ReflectoCil Oxidant 3% liquid which is given in the pack as it is a well-stabilized developer.

Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel

When you are tired of touching your eyebrows with a pencil, you will find switching to Anastasia of Beverly Hills’ Tinted Brown Gel a great move in the lines of achieving the perfect eyebrow tinting mission. The maker has delivered a subtle and lightweight gel in this product to tame the unruly strands of eyebrow hair.

The product is available in the colour range of blonde, brunette, espresso, caramel, auburn and granite. The innovative application design of the product aids in achieving an effortlessly beautiful finish with well-filled brows and natural-looking colour shade of your choice.

Product advantages:

  • The manufacturer has rendered a lightweight eyebrow gel that can set your brows with a highly flexible hold and a perfectly tinted finish.
  • The formulation of the gel is completely pigmented featuring light reflecting pearls that bestow a natural looking dimension to the finished eyebrows.
  • Upon application, the product soon dries down to leave a matte finish. 

Anastasia Beverley Hills is a great company with a portfolio of offerings in the beauty care line of products. The Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel is available in 7 popular shades that can mimic a wide range of natural eyebrow colors.

This gel is ideal to be used as an eyebrow topcoat to achieve a long-lasting eyebrow make-up with a wearable hold.

The product is known to deliver highly precise results over challenging tinting expectations and so has a huge following. This is a great pick to land on the best eyebrow tinting experience. 


New Kiss Tinted Brow Gel

If you look for an alternative to a conventional dye for your eyebrow tinting treatment, this is a great option to buy. New Kiss Tinted Brow Gel is an innovative formulation bringing you yet another tinted gel to choose from. The product also comes with a pencil.

With a light shimmer to it, the gel is sticky even after a heavy rubbing and sweating. This is a great eyebrow tinting product if you want to take back the full control of your eyebrows to tame in in the desired way.

For keeping your brows in place, this product is a clear winner. The biggest advantage of this product is its lightweight formula that sets the brow to last for all day long.

Product advantages

  • This is a strikingly different offering in the lines of an eyebrow tinting kit.
  • The clear gel works far more effectively when compared to pencils and creams when it comes to taming your brows. 
  • You just have to dip the spoolie brush into the tube and then brush the brow hairs gently to the style you will desire. Hence the innovative concept make it easy to use.

The tinted brow gel is highly dependable and easy to use for sculpting your eyebrows in to the desired shape when you find the brows untamable.

The hint of color helps fill in the patchy spots and the micro-fine brush helps coat even the smallest invisible hairs. Whether you want to bestow a fluffy, free, smooth or sleek look to your eyebrows, this is a great choice to achieve what you are aspiring for. 

Lip Ink Miracle Brow Tint

When you want to tame your eyebrows to the style you want to sport, this semi-permanent dye will help cover the gray hairs that are annoying and achieve a consistent, thick and fluffy look you want to achieve with your eyebrows.

The manufacturer specifications say this product can also be used on beards and mustaches. The maker has delivered this product to achieve six color shades namely grey, blond, taupe, brown, black and auburn.

All these colors are found to be long lasting. The tinting you achieve can stay on through your swims and showers and hence this is a highly dependable product. 

Product advantages:

  • This is a great product to cover gray hairs and darken your eyebrows with the desired color shade. 
  • You can choose to wear it on your hair or achieve a full coverage or just make a streak wherever you want.
  • A great product for men too to darken the beards and mustache hairs and this product can also go well with off foam to take the color off at the end of the day if you choose to. 

This is a great product choice to color your great looking eyebrows to achieve the desired tinting. The product comes with waterproof durability, cleanser and conditioner that are sold as a package or separately.

Since men’s facial hair colors can have more than one solid tone, it is advisable to use two shades of this product for men’s beards and mustaches. 

Tintocil Cream Dye Brow Tint

As an excellent product choice for eyebrow tinting, Tintocil cream dye brow tint comes with a creamy texture. The innovative making facilitates an easy application of the dye the way you choose. The tinting can last for very long. Studies show even the mild applications can last up to 5 weeks.

The color is resistant to any cosmetics and water and so durable results is never a big question with this product. The maker has delivered the possibilities of five shades with this product including black, blue-black, brown, light brown, auburn and blonde and so you can give vent to your imaginations in the way you fancy it. 

Product advantages

  • Among the beauticians, this brown cream is a very popular product for the easy to use technique it supports and the lasting results it delivers.
  • The product is known to tint the air with an intensive color of dark brown shade bestowing a great coverage resulting in a natural look. 
  • You can mix the dark and light brown colors to achieve different shades of brown.

Tintocil can be depended on for tinting your light or pale brows and turn them darker within minutes. These are superior creams that the beauticians use worldwide.

Since the formulation can penetrate well in the hair, the mild and long lasting color formula can result in a dramatic and durable coloration of your eyebrows. The light brown hue is a great choice by the manufacturer to bestow a natural and discreet look. 

Mommy Makeup Brow Tint

This product facilitates grooming and shaping your eyebrows in the desired way with the color shades you want. Alternatively, you can also use this product to add a hint of color to your eyebrows.

To achieve the kind of eyebrow tinting you wish, you just have to brush the tinted gel on to your brow hairs for enhancing their color and shape. The manufacturer has attempted a clump-free formula in this product that can help give the brow hairs depth and keep them in place.

Therefore, achieving a great definition for your eyebrows is never a big challenge with this product. 

Product advantages:

  • A great product to try when you want to achieve a bright and well-balanced eye.
  • Tinting your eyebrows with this kit is easy since you just have to lightly brush your brows with this wand closely following the natural direction or orientation of your eyebrow hairs. 
  • If you choose to remove the coloring, the non-greasy formula makes it easy to remove the coloring at night using a face cleanser or make-up remover.  

Eyebrow tinting is a great solution you can try when you want to accentuate your eye brows and eyelashes to achieve a contrasting color to your skin’s complexion. In the process of coloring, you intensify or change the eyebrow hair color.

The manufacturer has offered an innovative and easy to use eyebrow tinting kit to tame your eyebrows in a professional way. Ideal for beauty therapists as well as DIY beauty aspirers, this is highly recommended for landing on the precise results you want. 

How to do eyebrow tinting at home?

When you feel you are ready for eyebrow tinting at home after mastering the basics, here is how to do it yourself at home.

Decide on the dye or shade you want to go for.

Find the suitable product based on some good reviews and the product knowledge you have gathered. To decide which color will work best for you, test the hue on a paper towel by making it sit there for a few minutes. The ideal color for an eyebrow tint exercise must be a bit deeper and warmer than your natural brow hue. Do a patch test 48 hours before dying to make sure that your skin does not react to the dye you are using.

With a cotton swab, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly around your brows, but not on your brows, which will function like a buffer to make sure the color won’t run or bleed. Make sure that your brows are dry before starting the process.

Squeeze the color base and developer in equal measures and mix the two with the plastic end of the brush till a blend is achieved. 

Apply the dye quickly over your brow hairs using the brush and if you wish to cover the grey hairs, apply on those areas first.

Use a timer to mark five minutes. At the end of five minutes, rinse all of it off with a wash cloth and using a small amount of gentle shampoo to get all the dye off. Remember, rubbing will remove your hair. The trick is to blot softly. 

At least for another couple of weeks, you will have gorgeous eyebrows. If you want to condition the brows before the dyeing sessions, you can use castor oil application at night.  Check out our entire list of the Best Eyebrow Tint In India for all the details.

FAQs on eyebrow tinting

What does an eyebrow tint do?

Eyebrow tinting can change your eyebrow hair color semi-permanently giving your brow a stronger pigmentation and making them look fuller. If you want to land on a thicker, natural looking and a custom-shaped brow quickly, eyebrow tinting can help you.

How long will a typical eyebrow tinting treatment take?

In most cases, a typical eyebrow tinting treatment can take somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes before the beautician wipes away the dye and leaves you with prominent and better eyebrows. The beauticians take enough care to see that the dye does not stain the skin around your eye. In case any stains must happen, you need not panic as it will get washed away the very next day.

When must I consider eyebrow tinting?

Eyebrow tinting is a quick process that is affordable and easy too. When you look forward to enhance your eyebrow arches temporarily, eyebrow tinting is worth considering within a small budget. While the tinting you achieve with a single eyebrow pencil can get washed off easily, a professional eyebrow tinting can last for about a month giving you value for the spending. 

Who can go for eyebrow tinting?

Excepting those who are allergic to the hair dyes, anyone is a suitable candidate for eyebrow tinting. It is very common to see even blondes and readheads actively seeking to get their eyebrows tinted. Eyebrow tinting can add brows that you never knew you had and hence it is a wonderful long-lasting beauty enhancement option.  

For how long eyebrow tinting can last?

Eyebrow tinting can last for a few weeks. Usually, brow and lash tints last for about 2 to 3 weeks. While topping up once in a month is enough for most people, how long it will last depends on the candidate’s skincare routine, skin type, and the extent of exposure to sun. Eyebrow tinting will gently fade away day after day without even making you know it is happening with you.

Can eyebrow tinting damage the eyebrows?

When done correctly, eyebrow tinting will never damage the eyebrows. It is only a semi-permanent dye and it does not contain bleach. So, it works gently on your eyebrow hairs. Before booking your eyebrow tinting appointment, get all your doubts clarified with the beautician regarding the safety of the procedure. 

Is a patch test necessary before going for eyebrow tinting?

Yes, a patch test is always recommended 24 hours before you schedule your eyebrow tinting appointment. Due to the many horror stories we hear about it, it is always good to go for patch testing to ensure that the dye used will not harm you.

Is eyebrow tinting a DIY thing to do at home?

If you have never had an eyebrow tint so far, it is good to get it done through a professional. Try this at home only when you are confident of the results you can produce. Many home-hair dyes have ammonia, which can be super-dangerous.

For DIY eyebrow tinting at home, go for vegetable based dye exclusively formulated for brows. Importantly, test any product before using it. Check out our entire list of the Best Eyebrow Tint In India for all the details.

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Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Tint

Check out our entire list of the Best Eyebrow Tint In India for all the details.

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