11 Best Face Wash for Combination Skin in India 2021

The T zone is a tricky part of the face and may need more than just mediocre face products. The oil accumulated there can look underwhelming and we are here to vouch that having combination skin is not easy. Check out our list of the Best Face Wash for Combination Skin in India for all the details.

It may be hard to rectify them using makeup given they are scattered and uneven. What you can do is wash your face with the right product to even out the oil secretion in your face. So we have got only the best face wash for combination skin in India listed out for you. 

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After having reviewed all the face washes for combination skin in India based on various factors like effectiveness, ingredients, features, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 12 that really stood out. These 12 face washes were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best face wash for combination skin in India is Neutrogena as it has enough hydrating elements and other ingredients to keep the skin levels moderate at all times. Since combination skin comes with scattered skin texture on the face, this Neutrogena face wash for combination skin has all the necessary cleansing agents to deep clean the uneven and varied pores.

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Top facewashes for combination skin in India

Biotique Bio Honey facewash 

natural facewash for combination skin

Bitoique is known for the organic and safe ingredients they use to nurture and give the skin all the necessary elements. 

  • This contains honey and aloe vera which helps in the balance that combination skin requires to keep up the balance the complexion and tone of the skin. 
  • Besides helping the tone of the skin, it also works its way into unclogging the pores and giving a shine to the skin in the best way. 
  • For people with combination skin, cleansing is an important part of the skincare routine and this strikes that off with ease. This face wash suits all skin types and gives out only a healthy look in the skin. 
  • Although it’s effective on all skin types, it’s works wonders for combination skins. In fact, after going through pretty much all facewashes we can state with complete confidence, that this is the best. Other than honey and other natural ingredients like Arjun, chhoti duddhi, banhaldi, and much more; it comes with vitamins B1, B2, C, B6, B5 and B3 that have amazing effects on the skin.

Additionally, it has healing sugars and minerals that are perfect for uneven skins. It can not only smoothen it over time but also make it extremely supple. Most importantly, we’ve noticed that it can even purify and heal the skin, making it brighter. All you have to do to achieve the best results are later and apply on a wet face twice a day.

Pros Cons 
Gives great texture for the skin. None. 

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Clinique liquid facial face wash for combination skin 

face wash for combination skin

Clinique facewash is known for its gentle texture and how amazing it can be on your skin without too many chemicals in it. It was conceived by a celebrated dermatologist and is known for being highly effective.

  • This is one of the best face wash for combination skin recommended by dermatologists and nondrying. Since it contains hydrating elements, it works out well for keeping your skin levelled and has the T zone dry and supple. 
  • The facewash is great for skin types that have trouble containing texture which treats sensitive skin just right. One of the most amazing this about this liquid face soap is that it’s paraben-free and is great for people who are susceptible to skin allergies. It doesn’t even have any fragrance, just to be on the safer side.

This face wash should be applied to the face as a lather. One of the amazing things about this face wash is that it creates a soft lather that is easy on the skin. It loosens the uneven dead flakes of skin and helps remove all the dirt from the pores. Additionally, it helps maintain the skins natural pH and moisture balance. Most importantly, using this soap doesn’t result in any dry skin or breakouts.

Pros Cons 
Has a drying formula which is great for the T zone. Expensive. 

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St. Botanica Sunrise facewash 

combination skin

The brightening facewash is chemical-free and gives a deep dive into the skin to take out blackheads, acne and finally tones combination skin. 

  • The hydrating extracts work into keeping the dry skin moisturised and the oily skin healthy enough not to look too dry. 
  • The ingredients in this facewash work into giving the skin restoration and reduces fine wrinkles and lines that make your skin look weary. 
  • If there are oil build-ups in your combination skin, it will be hard to make your skin look healthy or refreshed. This facewash works its way into removing moulds and giving it a refreshed look. 

This face wash contains green tea and cucumber extract that not only regulates the oils on the skin but it also provides a rejuvenating experience. As facial skin is more sensitive, it’s better to such facewashes that don’t dry or clog the pores. It should be ideally used in tandem with warm water.

Pros Cons 
Natural ingredients used in the facewash. Not for sensitive skin. 

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Aroma magic facewash for combination skin 

face wash brands in India for combination skin

Aroma magic provides the best products containing only natural elements and ingredients which work on all skin types. 

  • Besides working amazing on combination skin by cleansing and moisturizing different parts of the face, it works its way into removing blackheads and reducing acne. 
  • If you have combination skin, then its common to have drier cheeks than the rest of your face. This facewash moisturizes the dried up skin as it has mild ingredients capable of the same. 

Since this is free of chemicals and parabens, it works well on sensitive skin giving it an extraordinary glow to the skin. 

Pros Cons 
Chemical and paraben-free. None. 

Neutrogena oil free facewash for combination skin 

oil free face wash for combination skin

Neutrogena’s oil-free facewash works well with extremely dry skin and gives the necessary hydrants and moisture. 

  • The alcohol-free formula allows the skin to bounce back to the healthy and supple way of existing with the right elements in the facewash. 

The presence of salicylic acid gives the skin tone a more even and complete texture without making it look flaky. Besides this, it also reduces acne marks and pimples which may occur due to oil buildups. 

Pros Cons 
Reduced scars on the face. Cannot be carried around. 

Garnier pure exfoliating face wash 

best facewash in India for combination skin

Garnier is a premium skincare product in India that works wonders on different skin types. This one is a true savior for those with combination skin. 

  • This is a gel-based facewash that is gentle on the skin and works perfectly for those with sensitive combination skin that has the capability to remove unnecessary deposits on the pores and unclogs them. 

Besides this, it also purifies the skin and gives it the shine and glow that it deserves. The face wash is so gentle that it treats the skin just right and gives you only the best of results after one wash. 

Pros Cons 
Clears the combination skin and gives it even skin tone. Contains harsh elements. 

Iraya wild lime face wash 

natural face wash for combination skin

Iraya is an up and coming brand in India that has gained trust among customers with its extraordinary ingredients and formula. 

  • The prominence of lime in the face wash helps reduce the oil secretion in the face and gives you only the best face tone. 
  • If you have oily skin then this face wash works wonders on your T zone giving you a clean and dry face. 

The natural oils present in this face wash nourishes the skin from deep within and gives you an external glow in the face. The mild formula in the facewash will help increase your complexion and will give you an even tone. 

Pros Cons 
The presence of natural oils will enrich the skin tone. Not for extremely sensitive skin. 

Nivea purifying face wash 

nivea face wash for combination skin

Nivea has a way of working its way into different skin types and gives you all the necessary elements your face lacks. 

  • This is a face wash that is clinically tested and is safe to use in spite of the skin types. The presence of ocean algae makes a huge difference in evening out the skin in every way. 

Customers have stressed how well it balances the pH levels of the skin. This face wash has a wonderful and subtle fragrance which is one of the most important of this face wash. 

Pros Cons 
Great smell. Not for sensitive skin. 

Philosophy purity face wash 

pure face wash for combination skin

This is a premium product that works well in one use and can be great for acne-prone skin as it is claimed very effectively. 

  • It has a hydrating quality that makes your dry skin supple and easy to apply on all skin types. 

It works well on combination skin by evening out the texture on the T zone and the cheeks. It has a non-greasy texture and can be used at any time of the day without the thought of looking too oily. 

Pros Cons 
Non greasy texture.Expensive and small packaging. 

Cetaphil skin cleanser face wash 

skin cleanser for combination skin

If we have a cleanser on this list it is noteworthy for how it works on combination skin. 

  • The gentle formula on the face wash works well on combination skin and evens it out and levels the pH balance in the skin. 

Besides working on the skin balance it also moisturizes the skin by giving it hydrating elements and embedding them into the skin. The face wash avoids the skin from drying up and works well into the skin. 

Pros Cons 
Moisturises and evens out the skin. Contains alcohol. 

Plum face wash 

top face wash for combination skin

Plum is an effective brand that caters to combination skin and nourishes the different parts of the face. 

  • If you have excess oil on the nose area and the forehead, then this face wash is meant for you. It avoids existing acne and reduces acne marks on the face by stimulating the ingredients across the face. 

The packaging of the face wash is travel friendly and comes in neat packaging. The fragrance of this face wash is noteworthy and is a point that a lot of the customer reviews have mentioned. 

\Pros Cons 
Has a wonderful fragrance. Expensive. 

Things To Consider When Buying A Face Wash For Combination Skin – Buyers Guide

Having combination skin means giving special care to a certain part of your face and rectifying and absorbing oil from the T zone. So there are a few aspects to consider when choosing a face wash if you have combination skin. 


  • This goes without saying any product but when it comes to combination skin needs to be mild and not too harsh on the skin. 
  • Given half of your face is oily and the other half is dry, you need to find the balance in the ingredients your facewash provides. As combination skin generally has an oily T-zone and dry cheeks. you need to get a face wash with a formula that’s easy and effective on the skin.
  • While it does sound paradoxical, you actually do get mild formulas that hydrate and moisturize the skin. These face washes also help regulate the pH and excess oil. So, you don’t need to be worried about breakouts and ashy skin.
  • Of course, the ingredients should be able to have such an effect at the least. The better brands like Biotique, Clinique and St. Botanica, not only do the above but also rejuvenate the skin, making it brighter and more supple.
  • So, what are the specific ingredients that you need to look out for? Ingredients like salicylic acid are a must to prevent whiteheads, blackheads and debris formation in the pores. It should also contain a decent amount of hyaluronic acid to help retain the pH balance and moisture of the skin. Of course, other than these two chemicals, your face wash should also contain Vitamins. Specifically, Vitamin E for rejuvenating and nourishing the skin.
  • If it comes with Aloe Vera and other natural products that prevent skin flaking and irritation, that’s a good sign. Additionally, you also need to make sure that your face wash doesn’t come with ingredients like Parabens and Alcohol as they dry your skin and cause breakouts. If your skin is on the more sensitive side, you also need to make sure the face wash doesn’t have fragrances and any synthetic chemicals.

How quickly your skin is prone to changing

  • While some skin types are quick to change, others need more work done being dedicated to the combination skin. So make sure you need to pay attention to how your skin is changing. 

These are the best face washes to use for combination skin types without the fear of having to affect your skin negatively.

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