Best Hair Brushes In India 2021

A good hairbrush is indeed like a pleasant massage – it leaves you with a calm, relaxed, yet invigorated feeling. A bad hairbrush can end up ruining the day, cos, what’s the fun in stepping out with bad hair?

We’re here to enlighten you by taking you through the best hair brushes in India with everything else that you need to know about using one. 

Top Hair Brushes In India

It might look like a simple task – choosing the best hairbrush, but your hair is your crowning glory and if you know that a good hairstyle can make or break an outfit, you know the importance of using the best hairbrush. Different types of brushes are designed to serve different purposes. Read on to go through the different types of hairbrush and see what purpose it serves. 

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Types Of Hairbrushes 

Detangling brush India

This is specifically designed for detangling those painful knots at the end of a windy day or after a hair wash. These have bristles that are of different sizes and positioned in such a way that they do not damage or pull out the hair.

Paddle Brush India

Women living in humid places in India know that they have to deal with the worst ever – Frizz! Having sleek, smooth hair is a dream for many of us and the paddle brush helps achieve that with its densely packed bristles.

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Oval Brush India

Works like the paddle brush to a large extent but this is great for styling hair into a braid or ponytail because of its shape. 

Vented brush India

As the name explains it, this is a brush with vents, designed to allow air to reach between thick hair to facilitate quicker blowdrying of the hair. 

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Teaser brush India

This is a brush used extensively by professional hairdressers as the size and shape help, well, tease the hair into sections of our choice. 

Round brush India

This is again a favourite of many hairdressers as it helps achieve curls and volume easily. Very handy to have one of these at home as well!

Hair type Best hairbrush brand Link
Curly hairRoots ceramic hair brushLink
Straight hairAGARO delight hair brushLink
Wavy hairRoots hairbrushLink
Thick hairVega paddle brushLink
Fine hair Denman hair brushLink

Best Hair Brush Brands For Men and Women 

Hair Brushes are sold by a zillion brands at various prices but it’s crucial to choose one that is of good quality and has bristles that are firm yet soft, otherwise, it could end up doing more harm to the scalp than good. Read on to find out the best hair brushes in India 2020. 

#1–Roots Color Glam Hair Brush

Best hair brushes in india

Roots is a brand that’s been around for many decades. This brand has established itself for its trademark quality and durability. The Colour Glam paddle brush is exactly what we need for those dull mornings.

  • The color on this can instantly up our worst mood and set the tone for the day! Quality-wise, this brush is one of the best money can buy. –
  • This is lightweight and wide enough for detangling and smoothening the hair. The build of the brush makes it super easy to clean this regularly. 


The gentle feel of the brush makes it safer for thin hair.


Hard use of the brush can damage the bristles. We wouldn’t recommend this product for people with thick hair.

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#2–Denman D-200 hair brush

Best hair brushes in india 2020

Denman is a premium international brand used by professionals.

  • This vent hairbrush is designed to allow air from a hairdryer to reach the roots and scalp. This works well for people with thick hair, making the drying process quicker and easier.
  • The curved shape helps navigate through the hair to the hard to reach places. The plastic bristles are covered with softballs to keep it from bruising the scalp or damaging the hair.
  • The widely placed bristles also help in detangling the hair and spreading the product to a large extent.
  • The build of the brush is strong and is sure to last long. The vents and the widely placed bristles make it easy to clean this brush regularly. 


The durability is long and can withstand coarse hair tangles. So if you have thick and coarse hair this will come as a solution.


Using this hair brush on thin hair will not help as it will only cause more strands to fall off because of its sturdy build.

#3–Vega Paddle Hair Brush

Best hair brushes for men

Vega is a popular Indian brand selling high quality, yet affordable beauty products to Indian men and women. They are most famous for their hair brushes and as much as we wanted to put most of them on this list, we’ve filtered and placed the best here.

  • This paddle brush is strong, like other Vega products. The cushioning in the brush and the bristles covered with soft bobbles help protect the hair and scalp even if given a lot of pressure while brushing.
  • The handle is designed to fit in the palm comfortably.
  • It helps remove frizz and add shine to the hair.


This works with people with curly and thick hair as it is well built as well as gentle.


The hair brush is too big for short hair and won’t be feasible.

#4–Solimo Paddle Hair Brush

Best hair brushes for women

This paddle brush by Amazon is quickly becoming a favorite with users everywhere because of the build.

  • Like all good quality brushes, this one is also cushioned to ensure that the scalp does not get injured.
  • The soft bristles are gentle yet firm and help avoid snags in the hair.
  • This works well for both straight as well as curly hair because of the width of the base.
  • The handle is ergonomically shaped and covered with rubber making it comfortable to hold while using it.
  • Weighing only around 120 grams, this brush is light and easy to handle.


The best part of this hair brush is that it works with straight as well as curly hair.


Although it is meant for curly hair, it is mildly built, so the user has to be careful while brushing.

#5–Roots Hair Brushes Ceramic Barrel 

Best hair brushes 2020

Another awesome hair styling product from Roots is the Ceramic Barrel brush. These types of brushes are widely used in salons across the world and are definitely helpful to have one at home.

  • This brush must preferably be used with a hairdryer as it is ceramic coated which distributes the heat evenly across the hair, reducing chances of hair damage.
  • Weighing less than 150 grams, this brush has a rubberized handle to make it convenient to hold.
  • This brush is available in various sizes, so you can pick the one most suitable for you. Despite the closely placed bristles, this brush works efficiently for curly or tangled hair. 


It is lightweight and can easily be carried places. It also has a variety of sizes so you can choose according to the hair type.

#6–Woolsy Natural Boar Bristles Hair Brush

Best hair brushes for different hair types

Natural Boar Bristle Brushes from Woolsy are moderately priced and offer fantastic quality.

  • This brush has nylon and plastic bristles along with some natural bristles. These help detangle the hair and prevent static. The build is quite robust and feels like this brush can be used for a really long time.
  • The large number of bristles and the way they are placed make it a bit difficult to clean this brush but it’s not impossible.
  • This brush definitely helps tame flyaways, leaving you with smooth and sleek looking hair. The massage it gives the scalp is certainly worth a mention.

The durability is assurable and it has a sturdy built which makes it great for people with thick hair.


Cleaning this brush can be a task as the bristles are clustered together and are numerous.

#7–The Body Shop Bamboo Pin Hair Brush

Top hair brush brands in India

The Body Shop brand needs no introduction. Reputed for making beauty and wellness products from natural and eco-friendly material, it’s no surprise that the hairbrush from this premium brand has made it to our list.

  • Brushes made from bamboo or wood distribute the oils in the scalp evenly which results in shinier and healthier hair.
  • This brush by The Body Shop has rounded tips that gently massage the scalp, remove knots and avoid breakage. The bristles are positioned to work well for any type or thickness of hair. This is, however, priced much higher than the other brushes in the market. 


Thr bristles are placed in a way that helps thick and thin hair. Its also safe to use as it has rounded tips.


The price is a little higher while compared to other brands.

#8–AGARO Delight Hair Brush

best hairbrush for curly hair

The oval-shaped hairbrushes from Agaro are truly a delight in the four lovely colours they are sold in.

  • Weighing less than 100 grams, these brushes are easy to carry around in a handbag. They are well cushioned to make brushing stress free.
  • The bristles have anti-static tips to reduce snags in the hair and avoid scraping the scalp. These also give the scalp a gentle massage while brushing the hair.
  • The handle is built with anti-slip texture, making it easy to hold and use. This brush is priced nominally and easily available online for purchase.


It is a feel-good brush with gentle strokes. It is perfect for those who are sensitive. It also has a fair price.


The hair brush is not well built so it has to be handled with extreme care.

#9–Vega Round Hair Brush

best hairbrush for thin hair

The Vega Round brush is nominally priced and works effectively for curling or styling the hair.

  • Since this is narrower than other brushes, this is great for people with thinner hair or for smaller sections of hair but may not work very well for thick hair.
  • As seen with other Vega brushes, this also lasts long despite regular use.
  • The bristles are flexible and gentle on the scalp, stimulating blood circulation.
  • Weighing hardly 70 grams, this is great to be carried during travel. The design makes it simple to evenly distribute products while styling. It is convenient to clean and dry.


It is great for curling and styling and is best suited for people with silky hair.


It will be a hassle for people with thick and coarse hair as it can be hard to brush the tangles off.

#10–GUBB USA Hair Brush

best hairbrush for men and women

Another round brush on our list is the one by GUBB USA. Priced nominally, this brush is built for functionality and comfort.

  • This can be used with or without a hairdryer depending on whether you want to style your hair or simply give it a good brush.
  • The bristles are soft-tipped and work well to strengthen the hair by giving the scalp a good massage.
  • The build is exceptionally sturdy and sure to last long. The handle has a rubber finish to provide proper grip while brushing the hair. It’s a pleasure using this brush every day.


It is soft and is gentle on the scalp. The rubber handle gives a firm grip while using the hair brush.


People with curly and coarse hair should look out for the way it is handled.

#11 – Tangle Teezer hair brush 

tangle teezer hair brush

This tangle teezer is sure to fit right into your handbag and you can carry it along all day without noticing it’s even there! 

  • It has a two teeth designed system which is perfect for styling the hair. 
  • The tangles in your hair can be removed without you feeling a thing because of how soft it feels against your scalp. 
  • This can also be used to add volume to the hair as it does not disrupt your hair’s natural texture. You can style your hair effectively with this hair brush. 
  • This hair brush can be great on kids as well as it is so gentle. 


Protects your hair from frizz and keeps it shiny. 


Cannot be used on thick and coarse hair. 

#12 – The wet hair brush 

wet brush

This one from Wet Brush is a well known pick because of its design. 

  • It has a zig zag feature which allows the brush to go through the strands of the hair gentle, without damaging the hair and letting the hair fall out in any way. 
  • You can use it to brush your hair when your hair has a mask on or even when it is conditioned. 
  • The best part about this hair brush is that it does not let you feel the pain of the knots unraveling. 
  • It is also portable and carried along the go at all times. 


Beautifully designed to remove knots and tangles. 



#13 – Tangle Teezer Aqua splash hair brush 

Tangle teezer’s aqua splash is meant for using on wet hair. 

  • You can use this hair brush when you have just conditioned your hair or when you’ve shampooed your hair. This makes it easier to remove the tangles and knots. 
  • The build is very gentle and can be used on kids as well as it is gentle. 
  • This hairbrush comes in a variety of exciting and beautiful colours. 
  • The design of the bristles allows the sebum in your hair to be distributed and circulates the blood in your scalp. 


Improves blood circulation in the scalp. 


Can be hard to get rid of extreme knots. 

#14 – Boar bristle hairbrush 

boar bristled hair brush

Made from 100 per cent bamboo this hairbrush has a sturdy build and will keep your hair tangle free no matter what your hair type is. 

  • The hair brush can be glided through the thickest part of your hair strands without damaging it. 
  • No matter how often you use it, your hair will remain intact and will not be prone to wear and tear. 
  • It can be used well on dry as well as wet hair. 


Strong and sturdy



#15 – Kingdom cares hairbrush 

hairbrush brands in India

This is one of the most premium hair brushes on our list. This can straighten your hair whilst brushing it. 

  • It has ceramic teeth which glides through the hair strands freeing your hair of the knots and tangles. 
  • It does not break or damage your hair strands in any way making it silky smooth all day. 
  • This can also be used a massager giving your scalp more blood and sebum flow. 


Has instant results on knotty hair. 



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What kind of hair brush to use for hair types? 

With all this being said, you’re probably wondering which one would actually behave well with your hair, because hello, we don’t have the same kind of hair. Each hair type has a perfect hair brush out there and you just found yours! Read below to find the best hair brush for your hair type. 

Hair brushes for curly hair 

Wet Brush-Pro Detangle Professional Hair Brush.
Vega Wooden Paddle Brush
PureGlo Natural Green Sandalwood Hair Brush

Hair brushes for thin hair 

Vega Round Hair Brush 
GUBB USA Hair Brush 
AGARO Delight  Hair Brush 

Hair Brushes for Thick Hair 

Roots Hair Brushes Ceramic Barrel Hair Brush
Solimo Paddle Hair Brush 
Vega Paddle Hair Brush 
Denman D-200 Hair Brush 

We hope this list of the best hairbrushes in India has helped you pick out the most appropriate one for your hair type. It is crucial to decide on a perfect hairbrush and we hope this article helped you do just that!

Buyer’s Guide

Although it might seem like it’s a fairly simple task to buy a hairbrush. There quite a few factors you need to consider. Hair, after all, varies with texture, volume, and much more. So, using the wrong hairbrush can cause considerable damage. So, check out this Buyer’s Guide for all the details.


  • The type of hairbrush is definitely the most fundamental factor you need to consider before buying a hairbrush. There are various types of brushes meant for different purposes.
  • For example, a detangling hair brush specializes in freeing your hair from those dreadful knots. Using a regular teasing brush to free your knots would be a bad idea as it can potentially lead to hair fall and damage to the roots.
  • Similarly, you cannot expect to style your hair with a detangling brush. This is why you need to buy your hair brush based on your needs. If you want to know more about the types of brushes, you can refer to our list of the Best Hair Brushes In India for all the details.


  • In addition to the type, the material of the hair brush is one of the most important factors you need to consider. For example, brushes with bristles made from cheap plastic might develop jagged tips after repeated use which may cause your hair to become rough.
  • Ideally, you should invest in a brush that’s made from wood or really high-quality PP plastic. Of course, the bristles must also be made from premium materials like boar hair or nylon so that it doesn’t damage hair.


  • While the size of the brush may seem irrelevant, it is important as it helps make your life much easier. For example, styling long hair with a small hair brush is extremely time consuming.
  • Of course, a smaller brush has its pros as well. You can carry it around in your handbag when your travelling. So, investing in the right size can save you a lot of energy. Check out our list of the Best Hair Brushes In India for all the details.

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