Best Hair Dryer Brands In India 2021

Waking up every morning wondering if you must wash your hair? ‘cause washing means frizzy hair for the rest of the day until it settles? 

Hairdryers take that burden off!

Do you wish you just owned a hairdryer that gave you those swishy salon curls but doesn’t know how to pick one out yet?

Going online to buy a hairdryer can be quite a daunting task with all the specs listed…but what do they mean? Do you need a basic hairdryer or do you need one with all the high tech details?

We’ve taken on the job of simplifying the best hair dryers in India and their features.

Best hair dryer brands Best suited for Type of hairdryer Link
Remington D 500 hair dryer Frizzy hair Ionic Link
Syska HD hairdryer Rough hairCeramic Link
Havells HD Thinning hair Ionic Link
Philips HP hair dryer Thick and long hair Ceramic Link
Waldorf hairdryer Thick and curly hairTourmalineLink
AGARO hair dryer Brittle and sensitive hairCeramic Link

Top Hair dryer brands in India 2020

All you need to know is this:

Hairdryers that function at around 1000W are good for daily use. Though these are low powered, they can be used to style thin hair. These hairdryers are usually light and portable. 

Hairdryers that are powered at around 1500W function well for mid-length and slightly thick hair. 

The hair dryers that operate at anywhere over 1800W are excellent for thick and curly hair in India, and if used right, can give you salon type results. 

Additionally, the hairdryers have features like “cool-shot” that blows cold air. The hair cuticles open up when hair is wet or exposed to heat. The cold air seals these cuticles to protect the hair as well as help the blow-dry last longer.

Easy peasy, right?

 Now read further for a list of the best hair dryers in India and choose the one that’s perfect for you!    

The function of hair dryers can differ for men and women given the volume of hair.

Women are more likely to use stronger hairdryers than men to maintain their lustrous hair. We have taken the time out to list our top picks for women based on the varied hair types.

Read on!

Remington D 5000 Hairdryer 

 hair dryers in india

Remington hair styling products are well known across the world. They come in different price ranges here in India, but this one is our pick because not only is it affordable but it’s also sturdily built and convenient.

At 1875 W, this hairdryer is powerful and perfect for those with thick and curly hair. It has the ionic conditioning feature that helps remove frizz and smoothen out hair.

There are 3 temperature settings, out of which one is the “cool shot” and 2-speed settings.

A unique feature is the “eco” setting that helps conserve energy.

Syska HD 1610 Hairdryer 

best hair dryers

Syska is an Indian brand that has been making waves in the tech market for over half a decade. This hairdryer is our pick in the range of products they offer as it boasts of features similar to Vega, and at a similar price point as well.

This hair dryer may be light (a little over 400 gm), but there is no compromise on the build quality. It is durable, foldable and has both hot and cold settings along with two-speed settings.

It also has essential overheat protection which ensures that the dryer cuts off immediately if it gets overheated. It has a long cord which is very practical indeed!

Havells HD3201 1500W Hairdryer 

best hair dryers in india

One of the oldest electrical equipment companies in India, Havells offers a range of hair dryers. The HD3201 is our favorite in this price range because it gives us the ionic feature advantage

. The 1500 W motor is excellent for drying and styling thick hair with its three settings – two hot and one cool shot. This foldable dryer comes in two lovely colors – blue and purple. One point we noticed is that though it claims to be silent, it is not.  

Philips HP 8120/00 Hairdryer

best hair dryers 2020

No list is complete without mentioning at least one in the range of hair dryers by Philips. Our vote is for the HP8120/00 for its efficiency and compact build in this range of power output. At 1200 W, one of the three settings on this dryer blows enough heat to dry thick and long hair.

The other two settings are lower temperatures. The disappointment is that this model does not have a “cool shot” feature.

However, this dryer is definitely light, foldable and easy to carry with a focussed nozzle for styling. 

Waldorf  Hairdryer

best hair dryer brands in india

A low-cost hairdryer in the professional series, the Wazdorf gets our recommendation for its performance. It features a detachable diffuser as well as a styling nozzle.

The output power ensures quick drying and styling of thick and curly hair. The hot and cold settings are efficient in protecting the hair and keeping it frizz-free.

The build quality is good and light, making it effortless to handle.

AGARO HD-1150 Hairdryer

top hair dryer brands 2020

Agaro HD-1150 is easily one of the best hair dryers in the Indian market in terms of performance and price. It features a styling nozzle and a diffuser nozzle, which at 2200W gives us that sleek look that only a salon blow-dry can give.

It comes with two temperature settings and a cool shot button like most other dryers in this range.

A mentionable attribute is an extra-long cord at 2m, which makes it super handy to move between the power supply and the mirror!

Chaoba Hairdryer

hair dryers for men

One more in the list of high powered professional but super affordable hair dryers in India is the Chaoba. Operating at 2000W, this popular hair dryer comes with a long cable measuring 2m.

With 3 temperature settings and 2 -speed settings, this also gives the much desired ionic conditioning for sleek hair.

The two nozzles that accompany this are excellent for styling long, thick and curly hair. This one ticks all the boxes as it also includes the cool shot feature. 

Panasonic EH – ND12 – P62B Hairdryer 

hair dryers for women

Out of all the hairdryers we have from Panasonic, the EH – ND12 – P62B is a good, basic hair dryer for everyday use.

The power output might be low at 1000W but it features a turbo dry mode that focuses all the power in the blow. It has three temperature settings that include a cool shot.

In two pleasant colors and with a detachable nozzle, this is an excellent choice from a reliable brand at this price. The non-foldable build is something to be noted if you’re choosing this for your travel.

Braun satin HD 130 Hairdryer

hair dryers under 1000

This German brand known for innovation has a range of hair styling products that are salon-grade, out there in the Indian market.

A special feature of this is the multi-voltage, so carry it around on your travels and it works equally well in North America as it does in India! Light-weight, foldable and a detachable nozzle are its other features.

The two temperature settings and the infra-red technology enable quick drying. The downside is that this has no cool shot function. 

Nova NHP 8100 Hairdryer

hair dryer brands under 1000 in 2020

Nova gives us the most affordable hairdryer available in the Indian market. Don’t be fooled by the price, though. This does come with all the necessary features.

A lightweight, foldable, travel hairdryer, this 1200 W powered dryer is good enough for a fairly quick dry for people with thin hair.

It also includes a hot and cold setting which is fantastic for the price it’s sold at! The lengthy cord and over-heat protection features are worth a mention as well. 

Morphy Richards HD-031 Hairdryer

best hair dryer brands under 1000

Even though Morphy Richards’ hairdryers are not very popular in the Indian market because the brand focuses on other electronic equipment, it made it to our list because of its durability and efficiency.

Slightly more expensive than the other brands offering the same wattage, this hair dryer has an anti-skid body that prevents it from slipping out of your fingers. This is also perfect for travel across the world as it’s not only light-weight and foldable but also has the multi-voltage option.

Good for daily use, this features two-speed settings and a concentrator for styling. 

Hesley Aria Hairdryer

affordable hair dryer brands in india

At 2200 W output, the Hesley Aria is a good salon-style hairdryer for all types, lengths, and thicknesses of hair! It’s also one of our preferred brands because of the way it’s priced.

It’s possibly one of the best-looking dryers in its black and gold finish. The build is sturdy but not too heavy.

With two speeds, three temperature settings plus a cool shot addition, this dryer has it all! The detachable nozzle is quite narrow, making it effective for styling hair quickly. 

Carrera 531 Hairdryer

hair dryers for men and women

At the more expensive end of the spectrum, we have the Carrera 531 which is truly salon efficient.

With 3 temperature settings, 2-speed settings, a cool shot button, a diffuser plus a styling nozzle, you can skip all those appointments at the salon and do the job yourself! A distinctive feature is the argan oil and keratin infused air that blows from the dryer.

This nourishes the hair while making it sleeker and smoother. This dryer gets a brownie point for not being too loud despite its powerful motor. Also, it’s surprisingly not that heavy with all the additional features at less than 600 gm!

We have also sorted the best hair dryers in India for both men and women in 2020 based on the price ranges.

Read below to find the best affordable hairdryers in India :

Best Hairdryers in India below Rs. 3,000

Remington Hairdryer
Vega pro touch Hair dryer
Wahl 5439-024 Hair dryer

Best Hairdryers in India under Rs. 2,000

Havells HD3201 1500W Ionic Hairdryer
AGARO HD-1150 2200-Watt Professional Hair Dryer
Morphy Richards HD-031 Hair dryer

Best Hairdryers under Rs 1,000

Vega galaxy VHDH 06 Hairdryer
SYSKA Hair Dryer HD1610 Hairdryer
Nova NHP 8100  Hairdryer

Philips HP 8120/00 Hairdryer
Chaoba Hairdryer

Wazdorf  Hairdryer
Hesley Aria Hairdryer
Panasonic EH – ND12 – P62B Hairdryer

Does hairdryer quality matter? 

It does matter when you are using it often on your hair. Most people use it after a shower, which means it is pretty frequent. The quality of the hairdryer directly impacts your hair strands and how much it can withstand heat. The above list is safe for your hair. All you have to do is consider the prices and the features and buy accordingly. 

Is drying your hair bad? 

This depends on the frequency of your use and the quality of your hairdryer. At the end of the day, everything that happens to your hair is based on the external factors that you let impact your hair strands. 

Make sure you hold the hairdryer at a distance while you’re applying the heat to your hair. Also, we suggest you purchase one of the premium versions from the above list for safety and best results. 

Should we use a hairdryer daily? 


Applying heat to your hair on a daily basis can cause serious damage to your hair strands. With the chemical products you use on your hair often, the heat will only make it worse so we suggest you don’t use it on a daily basis. Make sure you use safe products on your hair to avoid hairfall.

Hair dryer types 

Hairdryers are classified into many categories based on the material they are made up of. Each of them has a great set of impacts on the health of the hair while drying it. 

Ionic hairdryer 

This is one of the most preferred hairdryers which uses water to dry the hair. Yes, that’s right. The ions in the hairdryer gently work on the strands of hair giving you dry and flawless hair strands.  The negative ions react with the water molecules to dry the hair in a gentle way. 

These type hair dryers are the best suited for sensitive and brittle hair strands. 

Ceramic hair dryer 

The plates of these hair dryers are made up of ceramic porcelain. This is considered on the most safest hair dryers which is capable of distributing heat evenly. 

Ceramic hair dryers are suitable for all hair types. 

Tourmaline hair dryer

Tourmaline when turned on generates an electric charge which works well on rough hair which cannot be tamed easily. They are quicker to heat up and more effective than ceramic or ionic hair dryers. 

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