Best Hair oil for hair growth and thickness in India | Get lustrous & voluminous hair!

Long, thick tresses are the pride of many and the envy of others. 

Hair thickness is contributed not only by efficient hair growth but also by ensuring that your hair is strong, by avoiding dandruff, breakage, damage and hair fall. Be that person who has gorgeous thick hair that’s the object of admiration by trying out some of the best hair oils in India for hair growth and thickness.

Best Hair Oils for Growth & Thickness

Feature Hair Oil Brand
Best Hair Oil for baldness Biotique hair oil
Best Hair oil for growth Onion Hair Oil
Best hair oil for thickness Urban Botanics
Affordable & Cheap Parachute Hair Oil
Non Greasy hair oil WOW Hair Oil

Best Brands of Hair Oils for Growth & Thickness

#1 – WOW Skin Science Onion Black Seed Hair Oil 

hair oil brands in india

The first one on our list is the Onion black seed oil by WOW Science. This brand has been slowly becoming popular with all their beauty products created from naturally sourced ingredients, which are very effective and produce good results. 

  • This particular product has a base of onion seed oil but is also a blend of five other premium oils proven to encourage hair growth and protect the hair and scalp. 
  • These are cold-pressed, thus retaining their nutrients. 
  • We find this oil to be light and not too greasy, and can, therefore, be used even if you have an oily scalp. 


Light and non-greasy 



Click here to purchase the product  – Rs. 399

#2 – UrbanBotanics Hair Oil for growth and thickness 

best hair oils in india

Castor oil has been the go-to oil traditionally in our country. However, getting good quality, pure castor oil that is free from impurities has always been a challenge. 

  • The castor oil by UrbanBotanics takes away this worry by providing cold-pressed castor oil without the addition of chemicals. 
  • Like natural castor oil should be, this is quite thick and a bit sticky. 
  • We would recommend using this once or twice a week as part of your hair treatment.
  •  Leave it in for an hour or so and wash it off with some good quality shampoo for best results. 


Presence of castor oil can boost growth. 


Thick and greasy. 

Click here to purchase the product – Rs. 699

#3 – Rey Naturals Hair Oil for growth and thickness 

hair oils for growth and thickness

The next one on our list is the cold-pressed castor oil by Rey Naturals. This is pure and organically sourced. 

  • Though priced on the higher side, this can be bought for cheaper on online websites. 
  • This oil is quite thick and might require a carrier oil like coconut oil to help spread it better for your massage. 
  • The quality of the oil is good and can safely be used for not only your hair but also your skin. 


Pure and organic. 



Click here to purchase the product  – Rs. 199

#4 – The Balance Mantra hair oil for growth and thickness 

best hair oils for thickness

Here we have another premium quality castor oil that is pure, unrefined and cold-pressed, by The Balance Mantra. 

  • This oil is extracted without Hexane, making it free of chemicals and therefore, very safe to be used on your skin. 
  • This is quite thick as natural castor oil is supposed to be, so do mix it with a carrier oil like coconut oil or almond oil to make it a bit runnier. 
  • This effectively moisturises hair and helps keep split ends at bay. 


Free of chemicals. 



Click here to purchase the product – Rs. 209

#5 – Luxura Sciences Oil for hair growth and thickness 

hair oil for baldness

The hair oil by Luxura Sciences is a blend of 14 oils that each has its own benefit. You could say this is the whole package! 

  • These include everything from almond oil to jojoba to onion seed to even tea tree oil and cedarwood oil. 
  • These take care of your hair and scalp, keeping them healthy and nourished, well moisturised and most importantly, dandruff free.
  •  Regular massages with this oil can help stimulate hair growth as well, making sure your hair is always thick and strong. 
  • This oil doesn’t come cheap but we do find that you can get very good deals online. 


Inclusive all essential oils. 



Click here to purchase the product  – Rs. 389

#6 – Indulekha Bhringa Hair Oil for growth and thickness

best brands of hair oils in india

Indulekha Bhringa Hair oil needs no introduction owing to the multiple and regular advertisements on TV. We decided to check out this popular oil and we must admit, it did impress us. This brand has thought about everything that can make our life easier. 

  • The self applicator attached to the bottle helps us use just the right quantity of oil necessary for our hair. 
  • The applicator is shaped like a comb which detangles the hair and spreads the oil throughout the scalp evenly.
  •  This is pure ayurvedic oil and the scent is quite strong. 


Self applicable. 


Strong odour. 

Click here to purchase the product  -Rs. 432

#7 – Parachute Advanced Aloe Vera Enriched Coconut Hair Oil for baldness 

best hair oil for longer hair

Parachute is India’s favourite and most popular brand of hair oil. In most homes, it has been passed down through the generations, trusted by our parents and grandparents. 

  • This brand has continuously evolved itself, moving away from just coconut oil to suit the trends and preferences of the current generation, right from making its oil grease-free to enriching it with other ingredients. 
  • This coconut oil, enriched with aloe vera helps nourish the hair, cool the scalp, heal dryness and split ends, overall taking care of your scalp to give you healthy, thick hair.   


Super affordable. 



Click here to purchase the product  – Rs. 109

#8 – Dabur Amla Hair Oil for growth and thickness 

how to get longer hair

Another brand that has always been popular among Indians is our very own Dabur. They have a range of hair oils, out of which we love the traditional Amla one. 

  • This oil has been the choice of millions who wanted a change from the coconut oil. 
  • The rich amounts of Vitamin C in Amla gives your hair volume, gloss and prevents hair fall. 
  • It also prevents dandruff and keeps the scalp nourished and healthy. 
  • The quality of the oil is premium and it is sold at a moderate price.  




Comes in a small package. 

Click here to purchase the product – Rs. 187

#9 – Dabur Almond Hair Oil For growth

how to get thicker hair

We have another hair oil on our list from the famous Dabur, this one being its Almond oil. Almonds are known to have Vitamin E which helps nourish hair and skin, keeping it plump and youthful. 

  • The concentrated oil from almonds with a bit of soy protein in this oil efficiently moisturises the hair and scalp, keeping it free from dandruff, making sure there are no chances for split ends to form, and encouraging hair growth. 
  • Almonds are quite expensive and so is this oil, but your hair is worth it. 


Keeps your hair dandruff- free. 



Click here to purchase the product – Rs. 252

#10 – Biotique Bio Bhringraj Hair Oil for growth and thickness

biotique hair oil

Biotique is a brand that assures us of its premium quality natural ingredients with no added chemicals, giving us the confidence that our skin and hair is in safe hands. 

  • The Bio Bringraj is almost a miracle oil with its amazing qualities of Bhringa oil that stimulates hair growth and prevents hair fall. 
  • This can be used as a massage oil once or twice a week before a hair wash for good results.
  •  This is priced affordably in stores and can be bought for even cheaper online. 





Click here to purchase the product – Rs. 265

#11 – POSITIVE Hair Oil for growth and thickness

hair oil for growth

Positive castor oil is cold-pressed, offering optimum benefits for those struggling to tackle the problem of hair fall. 

  • The castor oil is pure and thick, requiring a bit of thinning with a base oil, for better results. 
  • This is of good quality and effectively moisturises the hair and scalp, getting rid of split ends, dry hair and frizz.
  •  We do see immediate results right from the first application, proving that the product is premium. 


Good quality. 



Click here to purchase the product – Rs. 389

#12- Kesh King Hair Oil for growth and thickness

hair oil for growth and thickness

When all else fails, we turn to Ayurveda. Ayurveda has always proven time and again to be fruitful, especially when it comes to beauty and good health. Try the Kesh King hair oil which is a concoction of 21 herbs, all working to protect the health of your hair in and out. 

  • The self applicator designed like a comb helps apply the right amount and spread it evenly throughout. 
  • The oil does smell a bit owing to the blend of the medicinal herbs. 




Strong odour. 

Click here to purchase the product  – Rs. 256

Hair Oils for Hair Growth And Thickness

As much as we helped you pick out the right hair oil brands for your hair growth and thickness, there are so many other aspects that go into how much attention you should be giving in the maintenance of your hair. Knowing what suits your hair best is also very important. Here are some of the common queries you might have on maintaining hair.

Which are the best ingredients in India for thick hair?

As you can see from our list, some ingredients are included in almost all the oils. These have various properties and are effective in helping hair growth. 

  • Onion black seed: This oil is a natural anti-inflammatory which helps heal the scalp, especially due to dandruff. This also nourishes the hair and makes it silky and smooth
  • Castor oil: Castor oil is thick and has good quality fatty acids, making this one of the best moisturisers you can find, naturally. This also prevents fungus, is an anti-inflammatory, ensuring that your scalp is healed and healthy. It helps prevent hair fall and makes the hair thick and strong
  • Coconut oil: The Coconut oil is a favourite for its fragrance and texture. This thin, clear oil is an amazing carrier oil, a natural moisturiser and its anti-microbial properties maintain the health of the scalp and hair
  • Almond oil: Vitamin E has been the rage off-late as it preserves your youthful skin texture and plumpness. Almonds are full of natural Vitamin E and this oil can help retain the volume and thickness of your hair

Why choose cold-pressed oil?

Cold-pressed oils retain their nutrients and properties to a large extent compared to refined oils. Refining oils is done through a procedure where the heat they are subjected to removes a lot of the good properties, leaving you with clean looking oil, but this may not be very beneficial. So when you have a choice, choose cold-pressed. 

Can I be Allergic to these oils?

The straightforward answer is, Yes. Some of these oils could cause a reaction or maybe a cold, headache or fever. We suggest that you try out a small amount on the inside of your elbow first, leave it on for about a day to check if there is a reaction. 

Thick, lustrous hair is a result of both external as well as internal good health. It is important that you include good quality protein, lots of vegetables and gets sufficient sleep. Regular massages with the right oils followed by a warm towel wrap can condition the hair and scalp, keeping away dandruff and adding moisture and volume. The above list of the best hair oils in India can help you choose one best suited for you. 

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