Best Headphones For Kids In India 2021

Children’s ears are a lot more sensitive and delicate than adults and therefore they need headphones that will recognize their sensitivity.

 In fact, I’m sure that most of us as children were not allowed to use headphones or earphones because our parents were worried that our ears would get damaged. There was always the caution of it affecting our hearing abilities.

However, these days, first of all, it is not possible for children to be out and about without headphones. And with the advancement in technology and more and more importance given to health and well-being, there are lots of headphones for both adults as well as children being created with more emphasis on safety. The best headphones for kids in India are listed right here!

You are allowed to ponder on the whole spectrum of the type of headphone for your kid. These are some you definitely consider,

  • It is true that very high volumes or sharp sounds can damage the eardrums and cause hearing loss in children. That is why it’s important to choose earphones for children that have a provision for volume limiting, preventing them from listening to music at very high volumes.
  • Most of the good brands do come with this feature along with other features like active noise cancellation and wireless or bluetooth enabled, just like in the ones for adults.
  • Also keeping in mind that these are for kids, many companies make headphones that handle a bit of spill of water and rough handling

We are sure that if you are a parent or a concerned adult looking for good quality and safe headphones for the child in your life, you want one place on the internet that can give you a list of headphones that are good for him or her.

You are in the right place here as we have researched a lot of headphones, checked out their quality of audio output, safety, fit, aesthetics and price without too much jargon to confuse you. If you choose the right headphones, you know it’s the best way to keep your child occupied, productively, and you can have peace of mind as well, knowing they are safe. 

Best Headphones for Kids in India 2020

#1–AmazonBasics Headphones for kids

The first one on our list of best headphones for kids sold in India is AmazonBasics, no doubt. 

  • They have proved with their wide range of products that these are durable, efficient and cost-effective, and their children’s headphones are no exception.
  •  For kids, AmazonBasics has moved away from their standard neutral colors of black and white to the more fun blue and green. 
  • Going only up to a maximum of 85 decibels of volume for safe listening, these on-ear headphones are light in weight and comfortable for children to use for long hours. 
  • The sound quality is excellent and Amazon offers a one year warranty on these headphones. 


Excellent and safe sound quality. 

Available in fun colors. 



#2–JBL JR300 Headphones for kids

kids headphones

JBL is one of the leading manufacturers of audio accessories for adults, reputed for their exceptional sound quality, lightweight products, durability and priced in the affordable range. 

  • The JR300 on-ear headphones for kids are light in weight, weighing less than 110 grams and are volume limited to 85 decibels to prevent damage to the ears. 
  • These are sold in a cool powder blue with an adjustable headband that has markings that will appeal to children. 
  • The good thing about these headphones is that they are foldable, making it easy to stow away in a bag and carry it on when you’re traveling or on the move. 


Affordable price. 




#3–MEE Audio Kidjamz 3 Headphones for kids

headphones kids in India

MEE is definitely a premium brand and the look and finish of their headphones is evidence of that.

  •  Made in a lovely combination of colors, these headphones seem tough and resistant to impact and damage. 
  • They are also very flexible, making these perfect for young hands. 
  • The cables are smooth and designed to be tangle-free and break-resistant. 
  • The earmuffs are padded well and are made with anti-allergenic materials to ensure additional safety apart from the volume limiting feature. 
  • Though these are priced to be quite expensive, they can be bought online for a much cheaper price when there are deals going on. 


Variety of fun colors. 

Made of anti-allergenic materials. 



#4–Philips SHK1031 Headphones for kids

philips headphones for kids

Another popular brand that needs no introduction in the world of music and audio accessories is Philips. 

  • It is quite well known that their products for adults are of top-notch quality and super durable. 
  • Their headphones for children are sold in a pretty pink and purple combination, softly padded to ensure maximum comfort for those long hours of listening. 
  • The stainless steel headband is adjustable and is thin, so can be worn all day long without any discomfort.
  •  Like all good brands manufacturing headphones for kids, these are also volume limited to 85 decibels. 
  • Priced nominally, these are good value for money.


Priced nominally. 


The thin band can be comparatively less handy. 

#5–Mpow Headphones for kids

headphones for kids under 10 years

Mpow is another premium brand on our list, selling special headphones for children that are in very appealing colors and designs. 

  • We especially love the panda image on these headphones. 
  • The unique feature of these headphones is the “share interface” where one headphone can be connected to another headphone without the need for a splitter, making these perfect when children are listening to music or watching videos together.
  •  It is to be noted that even whilst sharing, there is no compromise on the audio quality delivered by these headphones. 
  • Made from food-grade material, these are very safe for children to use. 
  • It goes without saying that these headphones are strong and flexible, making them long-lasting.  


It can be shared with others while listening to music or watching videos together. 

Strong and flexible. 



#6–LilGadgets Connect+ Pro Headphones for kids

top headphones for kids in India

These are some of the best headphones available in the market for children in India, very progressive in their design and advanced. 

  • They also come with a “share port”, enabling two kids listening to music without the need for a splitter. 
  • These come with a 52-inch long detachable cable, making it easy for children to connect to devices when required. 
  • They are foldable and super flexible to carry while travelling. 
  • There is a microfiber carrying pouch that is quite a nice addition. These don’t come for cheap though. 
  • These headphones are quite expensive but they are worth the money. 


It can be shared. 

Excellent quality which in turn is durable. 



#7–iClever Kids Headphones

best quality headphones for kids

iClever headphones are perfect for children as they are super sturdy and very flexible.

  •  We tested them out and seem like they can withstand quite a bit of rough manhandling like twisting them or tugging on the cable. 
  • They are priced on the higher end, but as we discovered, you can get them for a good discount when purchased online. 
  • The headbands are padded, making them comfortable for those soft heads to use them every day and for long hours.
  •  They have a volume limiting feature to 85 dB for safety. 
  • The audio clarity is very good and they weigh around 200 grams, making them quite lightweight. 


The headband padding is comfortable. 



#8–iClever 2019 Upgrade Boost care Headphones for kids

headphones for kids in India

While the other headphones by iClever on our list are in a nice black and blue combination, these ones seem to be designed specifically for girly girls in a posh pink color and fitted with cat ears!

  •  Also priced on the higher end, these offer the same features as the other iClever headphones for kids. 
  • These are also strong and flexible and can handle children using them roughly. 
  • The earmuffs are padded well to offer comfort for little ears and so is the adjustable headband. 
  • There is a built-in microphone as well, additionally. 
  • Offering a one-year-long warranty, these headphones are also equipped with a volume limiting facility. 


It has a built-in microphone. 



May not be preferred for boys. 

#9–iBall Headphone for Kids

At the lower end of the price, the spectrum is iBall, which is known for making budget gadgets that are efficient and durable. 

  • The headphones for kids by iBall are just like their line of products, offering all the features necessary without building on to the price. 
  • Available in several funky colors that are sure to appeal to kids, these headphones are equipped with soft faux leather muffs that are well padded to avoid hurting the little ears. 
  • There is a mic that is built-in, as an additional feature. 
  • The volume control is easy to be used by children. 
  • The jack can be connected to any type of electronic devices like a phone or tablet or laptop. 
  • These headphones come with a one year warranty period.   


Available in funky colors to attract children. 

Presence of a microphone. 



#10–Mumba Headphones for Kids

These kids’ headphones by Mumba are priced nominally and are made with food-grade plastic to ensure that children are safe. 

  • The volume limiting feature on these headphones restricts volume beyond 85 dB. The headband is well padded and is adjustable to fit comfortably depending on the child’s head size. 
  • The headband is also very flexible, perfect for those restless fingers and can be twisted in any direction without damage. 
  • There is also a microphone that is built for the child to speak over the phone or tablet when required. 
  • Weighing only about 180 grams, these are light and great for carrying during travel to keep your child busy.


Lightweight and easily portable. 



#11 – Qushar headphones for kids in India 

The best part about this headphone from Qushar is that it is tangle free. 

  • This is something that needs to be taken under consideration, since tangling of headphones can be a hassle when kids are using it.
  •  Not only is it super fun to look at, the volume is under safe levels. 
  • The ear cups are perfect for kids and are the perfect size. 
  • The headphone is made up of premium quality and is sure to last a long time. 


Made of a very good quality. 


No warranty. 

#12 – Festnight headphones for kids in India 

This bright pink coloured headphones are not just fun looking and attractive to the eye but it has options that everybody would want for their child. 

  • Besides the fact that they are safe when it comes to volume levels they have controls to increase and decrease the volume. 
  • These headphones have strong wires and are durable. 
  • It has padded cushions for the ear which makes sure your child is not irritated or bothered with the hardness. 
  • It has an adjustable headband which makes sure it can fit different sizes. 


Super comfy. 



Best Headphones for Kids Under Rs.1000

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Nu Republic Starboy Headphones for Kids

Best Headphones For Kids Under Rs. 2000

Philips Super Bass headphones for kids
Cosmic Byte Kotion Headphones for Kids
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Headphones wireless for children below 10 

KRH Unicorn headphones 
Motorola plus headphones
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Zebronics headphones for kids 
iBall kids headphones for kids 

These headphones for kids have been researched to give your child the best and safe hearing experience. We hope you have benefitted from this article on the best headphones for kids in India.

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