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Sometimes there are some aches for which medicines and pain balms work, but your doctor might advise you to also use a good heating pad to aid in the relief.  It is comforting and most of the time relief to existing pain. The best part about having to use a heating pad is that the consequences are safe unless it is burning hot. Most of us have busy lives which may in turn cause body aches and that is why we all deserve heating pads. So here are some of the best heating pads in India.

Heating pad brands in India 

#1 – Vissco heating pad 

Best heating pads for pain

The heating pads by Vissco are a good option for orthopaedic aches and pains as they are made in a size convenient to be placed on the back. 

  • It works on electricity and maintains the heat as long as it is plugged in. 
  • There is a control switch that can be handed over to the user to turn off or on when needed. 
  • They also have three settings where heat can be adjusted. 
  • This is again useful for the back as sometimes bigger muscles need more heat than the smaller parts of the body. 
  • The quality of this belt is very good and very durable. 
  • The price is quite affordable and can be purchased for an even lower cost online. 


Good quality. 

Good for bigger muscle pain. 


Can get a little too hot. 

Click here to purchase the product – Rs. 480

#2 – Flamingo heating pad 

Best heating pads

The heating pad by Flamingo is the next one on our list. This is also an electric orthopaedic heating pad with three temperature settings that can be easily controlled through a switch. 

  • This can be accessed by the person using it.
  •  This pad is flexible and can be used on any part of the body, not just restricted to the back. 
  • This has a durable heating coil which can last long even when used regularly. 
  • The insulation around the corners ensures that the heat is retained and does not escape through the sides. 
  • This is a great heating pad for menstrual cramps. 
  • We love the fact that this comes in three different sizes, priced accordingly, and you can choose depending on what you feel would help you best. 


Comes in different sizes. 



Click here to purchase the product – Rs. 799

#3 – Thermocare heating pads 

Best heating pads 2020

The heating pads by Thermocare are small in size and perfect for localised attention,

  • These pads are filled with gel and work when connected to electricity. The gel helps in distributing the heat evenly and also retains the temperature for enough time. 
  • This is a basic heating pad that works on only one temperature setting. Since this is small in size and light in weight, it can be carried with you easily when you’re travelling. 
  • It is shaped like the traditional hot water bags but takes away the pain of having to heat up water and pour it in.
  •  It comes in multiple attractive designs and colours.
  •  The price is quite cheap and affordable. 


  • Good heating pad for back pain. 
  • Portable. 



Click here to purchase the product – Rs. 420

#4 – Clothsfab heating pads 

Best cordless heating pads

The heating pads by Clothsfab are rechargeable and extremely handy. 

  • These can be connected to an electric power supply and left to charge for a while. Depending on how long the bag is charged, it will retain heat.
  •  Once the bag is charged, the bag automatically shuts off and it can be removed to be used to offer warmth on the area of the body. 
  • It is filled with gel which ensures that the heat is evenly distributed and prevents burning the skin. 
  • These are available in several lovely prints. 
  • These are small and portable. 
  • Available for very cheap, these are heating pads that are super affordable. 




Can be hard to handle. 

Click here to purchase the product – Rs. 389

#5 – Asbob heating pads 

Best heating pads for menstrual cramps

The next one on our list is the Asbob heating pad that is rechargeable. These work similarly to the previous two on our list, the Clothsfab and Thermocare. 

  • These easily replace your hot water bags and take away the hassle of preparation. 
  • Simply place it on charge before you need to use it. 
  • This charges pretty quickly, almost in about 20 minutes and is quite instant. 
  • The supply is automatically shut off once it’s fully charged. 
  • These heating pads retain heat for quite a few hours once they are charged. 
  • These small-sized heating pads are very light in weight and portable as well. 
  • They can be easily handled by very old people without any issues. 


Easy to handle. 



Click here to purchase the product – Rs.349

#6 – Ledzz heating pads 

Heating pads for periods

Ledzz heating pads are made keeping in mind utility and convenience. 

  • These hot water bags are small in size, light in weight and can be used when you travel. We love the external cover on these heating pads.
  •  The soft, fluffy fur like the cover is indeed a pleasure to hold and heightens the comfort. 
  • These are rechargeable pads and need only a short time of around 30 mins to charge completely. 
  • Filled with gel, these retain the heat for at least 3 hours after that. 
  • An additional and useful feature is the facility to slip your hand in, sort of like a pocket. 
  • This helps you place the pad on thinner or smaller parts of your body like your arms. 
  • These are economically priced and can be said they are truly valued for money. 




Cannot be used for extreme pain. 

Click here to purchase the product – Rs. 349

#7 – SandPuppy heating pads 

Heating pad for back pain

The heating pad by Sandpuppy is a revolutionary product that makes life a lot easier. 

  • This comes shaped like a belt and can be put on around your waist while you carry on with your regular activities. 
  • This is slim and can be worn under your work clothes without it being obvious. 
  • The belt is made of lycra material and secured using velcro, therefore, can be adjusted according to the size of your waist. 
  • The heat is produced in the belt using battery power and therefore has no bulky cables sticking out of it.
  •  It can be charged using a regular phone charger or even a power bank. 
  • This has adjustable levels of heat. 
  • This is slightly more expensive than the other regular heating pads but well worth it. 


It is a cordless heating pad. 



Click here to purchase the product – Rs. 1399

#8 – SandPuppy compression therapy heating pad 

Hottest heating pad

We have listed another type of heating pad by the same brand, SandPuppy. 

  • These are particularly made for the smaller joint sections of the body like the knees, ankles, elbows or the neck. 
  • This is sold as a pack of two that have a heating pad and a gel cooling strap.
  •  Like other SandPuppy pads, these are also battery operated and can be charged with your phone charger or a power bank, while on the move. 
  • The heating pads have three settings for you to choose the temperature. 
  • These are light, slim and easy to carry with you. 


Light and portable. 



Click here to purchase the product – Rs. 1399

#9 – Elove heating pads 

Heating pad for neck

The heating pads by Elove are specifically meant to provide heat to the orthopaedic zones of your body and alleviate pain. 

  • These are electric pads that are flexible and can, therefore, take on the shape of your back to offer you optimum warmth. 
  • The sides of the pads don’t let this heat escape. 
  • The three settings can be adjusted to give you the temperature you want and this can be changed using the control switch. 
  • These heating pads are available in four sizes to suit different people. 
  • This has an external cover that is made of cloth which offers comfort to the user. 
  • This can also be removed and washed to maintain hygiene.  





Click here to purchase the product – Rs. 625

#10 – Tynor heating pads 

heating bad for period pain

Tynor heating pads are a luxury to own, for a price that is nominal.

  •  These are efficient pads, working on electricity, that gives you the necessary heat and maintains the temperature evenly as long as it is plugged in. 
  • These have a soft velvety cover that feels good on the skin. 
  • This cover can be washed easily as well. These heating pads come with three settings of varying temperatures and a switch that can be pushed to select these conveniently. 
  • They come with an LED indicator to indicate the temperature. 
  • They are flexible and can be used on parts of the body other than the back as well. 


LED indicator present. 



Click here to purchase the product – Rs. 499

Best heating pads 2020

There are lots of brands selling heating pads in various sizes and prices. It can be quite confusing to choose the right one, especially through an internet search. We hope the above list has been helpful in identifying the best heating pads in India. You can now find some much-needed relief for severe aches and pains with some nice, warm heating pads. 

Why we love heating pads

  • They are light in weight and portable
  • You can target certain areas that require warmth and apply the heating pad there alone
  • The ones that are electric maintain their temperature until the power supply is cut off
  • They produce a kind of heat that can help improve circulation and give you the same effects as a massage can give you
  • They can help relieve the stiffness of the joints and muscles

How do heating pads help?

They focus the heat on one part of the body, making sure that it does not escape. Concentrated heat works to dilate the blood vessels in that region. This helps manage the pain in that area and offer some relief.

How is a heating pad different from a hot water bottle?

Well, heating pads are the modern versions of hot water bottles. While hot water bottles require you to heat the water, fill it up, make sure it’s closed tight enough to prevent spills, heating pads don’t need any extra prep. Secondly, hot water bottles last only until the water retains the temperature. Heating pads which are electric, on the other hand, can maintain their temperature as long as you want. 

Heating pads can not only be used for relieving aches. They can also be used inside blankets and quilts during the winters to offer warmth, especially for older people who can’t handle the cold. Do keep in mind, heating pads are not always good for all kinds of pain. Some aches might require cold therapy for relief. Do contact your doctor before you decide to use a heating pad.

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