Best Indian Tea Brands 2021

A hot cup of tea is something we Indians just cannot resist!

It has become a signature lifestyle for us to bond over tea and relish its flavours. 

Flavours are what makes up for a tasty steaming hot cup of tea and that does not apply for all brands. India has an enormous market in tea, being the 2nd largest producer in the world, some brands have become very popular with beverage lovers. 

We have taken this hunt very seriously and brought together some of the Best Indian tea brands for you to abide by.

Top Indian tea brands 2021 

We know how it can be to determine what the most popular tea brand in India can be given the enormous market. So we decided to dig deeper and find out which the best brand was based on reviews.

Tata tea brand is one of the best tea brands in India as it is the most bought brand and has gained a huge following. It has an excellent blend of different flavours which add to the aroma and the ethnic taste of the tea. The tea packet costs about Rs. 200 and is easily available.

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#1 – Tata tea gold 

best tea brands in India

Tata is one of the most renowned brands in India and for them to come up with a beverage brand and ace it, is something we look forward to. 

  • During a cold day, if you are looking for a blend of flavours in a steaming cup, Tata’stea brand will do it for you. It consists of hand picked long leaves which makes up for the aroma and taste of this tea.
  • Once you put these tea leaves in boiling water, the aroma instantly fills up the room and keeps you wanting for more. The blend of flavours in the tea powder is exactly what we love about Tata tea gold. 
  • The packaging is pretty secure in spite of the small quantity of 500 grams. 
  • It is priced at Rs. 220 for 500 grams which is pretty decent. 
Pros Cons 
Blends in well to bring out a strong aroma Not easily available. 

#2 – Lipton Honey lemon tea brand 

white tea in India

Lipton is a well known brand among health experts and gym enthisiasts as this brand focuses on toning the body down. 

  • Since this is a green tea brand it can be mixed with boiling water and drunk as it is for the perfect shape. 
  • As you know, a green tea is capable of boosting your immunity and give you a slim and healthy body. It cleanses the body of the toxins and gives you a glowing skin. 
  • The green tea is capavle of keeping your body hydrated and gives you smooth skin. 
  • If your worried about the taste of green tea, which is a common concern, this is non bitter but it stills comes in 4 flavours. 
Pros Cons 
Comes in 4 flavours. Not for regular tea drinkers. 

#3 – Tetley long leaf green tea 

long leaf tea brands in India

Here’s another green tea for you health conscious peeps! 

  • The fine leaves from this brand is a sweet-smelling and a tea brand that goes without milk. 
  • You might have sweeten this drink with honey since the leaves are pretty raw and can come off a little bitter. 
  • The taste of this tea is very gentle and does not make you dread the whole experience of feeling the extreme bitterness.
  • Since it has antioxidants it works really well in flushing out the toxins in your body and gives you a glowing skin. 
Pros Cons 
Keeps you healthy and in shape. Might be hard to get. 

#4 – Taj Mahal tea 

taj mahal tea brands in India

The Taj Mahal tea is a premium quality product which has been in India for quite some time. 

  • The perfect blend of the strong and aroma is what you need on a stressful day. The right strength of aroma and taste brings only the best flavour. 
  • The Taj Mahal tea is affordable and easily accessible to everyone which is one of our favorite things about this tea brand. 
  • If you are part of a big family then, we suggest you get this brand as it comes in all quantities and allows you to be a part of its flavour. 
Pros Cons 
Affordable and easily accessible. None. 

#5 – Red Label Natural tea brand 

natural Indian tea brands

As an Indian, this brand is the first name that comes to mind when it concerns tea. That is how much it has influenced the Indian clientele. 

  • This has the perfect blend of the right kind of herbs to give you a good and healthy life. 
  • Tulsi, Ashwagandha and methi when mixed together work into the immunity and gives the body a fresh feeling. 
  • Whoever said drinking tea often is bad for health will be proved wrong with the benefits this brand offers to the body! It works against illness and is a comfort when you are having a cold or down with fever. 
  • This works for a black tea or a tasty cup of milk tea according to your mood. 
  • Finally, this comes at a reasonable price and allows everyone to taste the goodness of this tea. 
Pros Cons 
Comes in a decent quantity.None. 

#6 – Wagh Bakri tea 

white tea Indian brands

Wagh Bakhri goes onto to satisfy the cultural needs of the Indian customers by focusing on each state’s tea needs. 

  • It promises a strong tea taste and aroma and gives you the best tea experience. 
  • Each drink with this tea brand leaves you feeling energized and refreshed and keeps you wanting for more. 
  • The speciality of this tea is that you can drink it as a black tea or mix it with milk and it will still taste as strong and aromatic as ever. 
  • Since this offers a special taste, it comes at a higher price when compared the others on our list costing about Rs. 440. 
Pros Cons
Comes in different flavours. Expensive.

#7 – Organic India tulsi tea 

black Indian tea brands

As the name suggests, you can be sure of the authenticity of this tea powder as it includes the true flavours of India. 

  • Being considered one of the best Indian tea brands, Organic India works into delivering the best of flavours and aroma. 
  • It has ginger and lemon and works really well with addition of tulsi and increases immunity and boosts your health. 
  • This tea powder has the capability of calming your senses down after a long day. 
Pros Cons 
True flavours included in this brand. Not easily available. 

#8 – Typhoo pure natural green tea 

green Indian tea brand

Typhoo is a brand that is a testimony to giving the best of true and natural ingredients in its tea powder to give its clientele an unforgettable experience.

  •  I love a refreshing cup of tea to begin and end my day and Typhoo is exactly what you need for this experience. 
  • Typhoo is a brand that does not include artificial preservatives and in fact works into building a stronger flavor for the tea. 
  • Add the tea leaves in boiling water and in 3 minutes your steaming hot tea will be ready. 
  • We love the addition of honey as part of the tea which tones down the bitterness. 
Pros Cons 
Does not include artificial flavours. Expensive. 

#9 – Vedaka gold tea 

Indian milk tea brands

The tea leaves are derived from Assam and Darjeleeng which are the best places for organic tea. 

  • These consist of long tea leaves which means it has more aroma and can be made stronger according to the quantity you put in. 
  • There are so many flavours that are available from this brand like ginger and masala. The taste of this tea is what makes this Indian tea brand memorable. 
  • We love the way the Sulaimani tastes with this tea powder since it is subtle while also exuding the goodness of all the flavours included. 
Pros Cons 
Great for a calm day. None. 

#10 – Society tea 

society tea brands in India

If your a milk tea lover then this is the brand that you need to go for. 

  • This is a flavoured packaged tea brand in India that has all the possible ingredients and flavours to give you a wonderful experience. 
  • The antioxidants present in the tea leaves will leave your body feeling refreshed and healthy for a long time. 
  • A pinch of lemon with a black tea made with these tea leaves can tastes really refreshening.
Pros Cons 
Tastes refreshing. None. 

Types of tea 

There are different types of tea when they are classified based on their tastes and the ingredients involved. 

Green tea 

Green tea is a well known beverage for health conscious people as it tones down bodyweight and flushes down toxins. They are the least processed and can be purchased from anywhere. 

Black tea

Black tea is usually with the absence of milk and can be made delicious with the addition of herbs and flavours. 

Oolong tea 

This is a popular home remedy for cholesterol and works well on keeping check of the body fluids. 

White tea 

This is known as a form of a cure cancer. White tea has the mildest flavours and sits in well with the taste palette for those who are not used to the strong tea flavour. 

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