Best Intimate Wash in India 2021

Maintaining your intimate health is extremely important and crucial in leading a comfortable and hygienic life. Besides doing your part by cleansing yourself every time you use the washroom, there is a process you need to pay heed to and give close attention to. Intimate washes are solutions that are made for both men and women and can be used to treat the private area in such a way that the germs and impurities are cleansed while also treating the skin in a very gentle way. We think there are better products than the other when it comes to intimate washes since the ingredients used are sometimes stronger and can negatively affect the skin there. So here are the best intimate wash in India.

Top intimate wash in India 2020

VWash intimate wash 

vwash intimate wash for women

Vwash is the most popular among the array of brands in the country that cater to cleansing and keeping the private area hygienic. 

It is super reliable and can be used on a daily basis without having to worry if it will negatively impact the course of the skin. 

If you are suffering from irritation and rashes in your intimate area, then this wash will cleanse the skin and remove unnecessary itchiness and flakiness giving you flawless skin. 

This works great for redness, patchiness, flakiness, and itchiness. 

Suitable for: Women 

Skin element’s men’s intimate wash 

intimate wash brands in India

Skin elements is a brand that has catered widely to both men and women and has evolved according to needs. 

If you are looking for something that will last long and make you a willing customer, then the Skin element’s intimate wash is just what you need. 

Unlike the others, Skin elements is made up of natural ingredients and make sure that your skin is cared for and not destructed in any way. Given that the skin in your private area can be soft and sensitive, it is important to make sure that utmost care is given. 

The antifungal and bacterial functions of the wash are used for making sure you have comfort and ease always without itchiness or redness. 

Suitabe for: Men 

Imbue all-natural intimate wash 

intimate washes in India

Imbue is a gentle cleanser for your private area and maintains the pH level and gives your skin a soft and supple feeling. 

The main feature of this intimate wash is that it removes bacteria and fungi and gives your skin a flawless and comfortable feeling. 

Another major problem this intimate wash is odor. It is completely normal to have an unpleasant smell down there, this intimate wash solves that issue right out. 

It is a combination of aloe vera and tea tree oil which nourishes the skin and keeps you hygienic and clean.

The direction to use this is to apply an ample amount of this wash on your palm and rub it on your genital area. 

Suitable for: Women

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Makhai’s men intimate wash 

mens intimate wash in India

Here is another intimate wash for men to use without worry about it costing too much. 

This wash is foam-based and comes in a container which is easy to use and works perfectly well for quick and easy use. 

This intimate wash is free of sulfate and parabens and any such chemicals that may irritate the skin. 

Customers who have bought this product have claimed that the results are positive and makes the skin smooth. 

The smell from the intimate wash is mild and not overpowering. 

Suitable for: Men 

Sirona pH natural intimate wash

gentle intimate wash in India

Sirona is a natural intimate wash which is suitable for both men and women. The beauty of using this product is that it is soothing to the skin and allows you to cool off without causing irritation. 

This is extremely vital in maintaining the ph level of the skin and keeps your cleanest all times. 

The combination of natural oils and essential oils is a remedy for any harm caused and brought to the private area. 

The reason why this intimate wash is most sought after is because it is free of parabens and chemicals and has natural ingredients. 

Make sure to take only a considerable amount of this wash since the lather formed is a lot. 

Suitable for: Men and women

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Everteen feminine intimate wash 

everteen feminine wash

Everteen intimate wash is going to be a must-have for women and will complete your toiletries. 

The best part about using this intimate wash is that it works for girls and women of all ages and treats the skin according to your age. 

Another reason to be a fan of Everteen is that the ingredients used are completely natural and steers clear from parabens and chemicals. 

It instantly cures you from allergies and irritation and even redness. Your skin will have a smooth and cool feeling by every use of this intimate wash. 

Best for: Women 

Clean and dry daily intimate wash 

intimate wash brands in India

Clean and dry’s intimate wash works well for keeping you clean and hygienic. The container of this product is pretty big and can be used for long term usage and brought for comfort and hygiene. 

The results from this intimate wash are instant and bring comfort and allow you to be at ease. 

This is an easy and super comfortable pick for women and girls of all ages. This takes off the itching and rashes that you are prone to have. 

The presence of Aloevera gives you instant cooling and does not give you discomfort or itchiness. 

Best for: Women 

Bliss of earth intimate wash 

natural intimate wash in India

Bliss of earth is one of the most trusted brands in India for an exquisite collection of products for your bodily needs. 

This intimate wash has all the best ingredients that are natural and not too harsh chemicals. 

The main ingredient of the intimate wash is tea tree oil which works brilliantly in soothing the skin and giving you comfort. 

Women seem to be trusting this product because of how much they affirm the use of natural ingredients and steering clear of parabens and chemicals. 

Suitable for: Women 

Beardo intimate wash for men 

beardo intimate wash for men

Beardo has some of the best and top-notch products for men by studying the needs and catering perfectly to them. 

The Beardo intimate wash is safe for the skin and allows the pH levels of the skin and keeps sensitive skin safe. 

The main feature of the Beardo intimate wash is that it takes of odor and smell and keeps your body smelling great while also keeping the cleanliness feature in check! 

The bacteria and infection from the skin will be cleansed. 

Suitable for: Men 

Is it safe to use Vwash daily? 

Yes, Vwash is safe to use daily as the main function of the wash is that it keeps the pH levels of the skin a constant level. 

It removes bacterial and fungal infections and allows you to steer clear from vaginal issues and brings you extreme comfort. 

One thing you need to keep in mind is to dry yourself after you use the wash as there shouldn’t be remains on your genitals for a long time. 

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Intimate wash

Vwash is one of the most trusted brands for women when it comes to keeping up hygiene and cleanliness.

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