Best Kajal Brands in India 2021

Perfectly kohled eyes are definitely the go to for any occasion and honestly, a true attention-getter. When your eyes are well defined you don’t need anything else to boost your look. But when it comes to kajal brands, there are various aspects that need to be considered to have the right one to define your eyes and stick to it. We have researched on the best kajal brands in India and curated them here for you to choose from. 

Top Kajal Brands In India 2020

While investing in buying a kajal we expect to stick to the brand that will keep your eyelids safe and give your bold and definitive eyes.

Lakme eyeconic is the best kajal brand in India and also the most popular brand in India which works great while wearing as an eyeliner. The stick comes as a roll-on which means there’s no trouble using it and allows easy application. This kajal costs Rs. 299 and is available everywhere in India.

Best Kajal brands Known for Link
L’Oreal Black MagiquePitch black strokesLink
Maybelline New YorkAffordableLink
Lakme eyeconicBest kajal for sensitive eyesLink
Plum NaturStudioBest kajal for watery eyesLink
Lakme eyeconicCan be used as an eyeliner Link

Lakme eyeconic kajal brand in India 

Best kajal in India

Lakme has never failed to deliver when it comes to beauty products and this kajal is one of the most used in India. 

  • It has pitch black strokes and can be used as an eyeliner too. 
  • This kajal is waterproof and smudge proof and can stay put for about 22 hours without any disruption. 
  • Most importantly, this is tester for being safe by dermatologists and can be used for women with sensitive eyes. 
  • The easy twist up formula makes it easier to use and makes it very easy to use. 


Since this can be used on the upper lid and has a very smooth finish, you can make a thicker stroke and finish it off with a wing for a dramatic look. 

Pros Cons 
Can be used on the upper lid. Cannot be used for thin strokes, 

Maybelline New York Kajal

Top kajal brands in India

Maybelline is another brand that is the most purchased when it comes to beauty products in India, The Colossal kajal is known for its affordability and the attractive exterior it comes as. 

  • The Colossal kajal comes with aloe vera as part of the kajal stick bringing coolness to the eyes. So you don’t have to worry about your eyes getting watery. 
  • This is smudge proof and is proved to last for a full 24 hour span without getting smudged. 
  • Unlike other kajal brands in India, the Colossal kajal looks into nourishing the eyes while also defining it. 
  • Another highlighting feature of the kajal is that it stays pitch black for as long as its on your eyes


This can be used on the upper lid as well but works the best on the waterline. Doubling up on the strokes can make it look pitch dark and dramatic. 

Pros Cons 
Affordable. Need more than one stroke to appear pitch black. 

L’Oreal Black Magique kajal 

kajal for bold eyes

L’Oreal Paris has only given the best when it comes to beauty products and its kajal has not disappointed at all. 

  • As the name suggests, the L’Oreal black magique bold is best used for bold and powerful strokes which can be made dramatic or thick enough to make a statement based on how you line it. 
  • Mineral pigments are used in the making of this kajal to enrich the color and make it darker. 
  • Since the lid of the kajal is perfect to apply on the upper lid as well, you can make the eyeliner as thick as you’d like and give the dramatic effect. 
  • This Kajal is best suited for sensitive eyes so you don’t have to worry about the safety factor. 
Pros Cons
Good for sensitive eyes. Expensive. 

Plum NaturStudio Kajal 

kajal for indian skin

This one from Plum is a gel based kajal which can be used as a kajal and an eyeliner. 

  • It comes with a sharpener so that you can use it according to your usage patterns. 
  • The purpose of this can be dual and you can use it on the upper lid as well. 
  • Another aspect of this is that it can be wiped off easily at the end of the day and is not prone to black marks or the remains of the kajal in the eyes. We all know how tedious it is to get rid of those. 
  • It contains Vitamin E which means more nourishment for your eyes and no other effects in any way. 
Pros Cons
Is very safe for all skin types. May not be as dark as other brands, 

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Faces Magnet eyes kajal 

Best kajal for sensitive eyes

Faces is one of the most renowned brands worldwide and gives really trustworthy beauty products. 

  • The Kajal from faces is a true lifesaver if you are looking at applying kajal every day. 
  • Not only is this safe, this can also exude the definition of the eyes and allow you to create strokes with precision. 
  • The faces kajal is smudge-proof and can be cleaned without much effort or without leaving behind marks or residue. 
  • This comes as a pencil type so it’s easy to draw strokes and make a well-defined layer. 
  • The kajal is dermatologically tested so it’s perfect for all skin types and favors those with sensitive eyes. 
Pros Cons 
Affordable. Since it is a pencil it can be hard to make thick strokes. 

Elle 18 dramatic bold kajal

best quality kajal brands in India

Elle 18 is also a popular brand among Indians when it comes to beauty products that are affordable and easily accessible. 

  • The kajal from Elle 18 can be used for a subtle definition of the eyes and can be made to be attractive for a very distorted look. 
  • It is waterproof and can stay on the eyelids without being smudged for about 12 hours. 
  • Dermatologists have proved that this is safe enough to use for women with sensitive and watery eyes. 
Pros Cons 
Safe for the eyes. Might not be dark enough for well defined eyes. 

Lotus ecostay kajal 

natural kajal in India

Lotus is a brand that swears by its organic means to only provide safe and trustworthy beauty products. 

  • Ecostay kajal makes up for only the best kajal brands in India with each kajal stick working towards nourishing and bringing healthy and shining eyes. 
  • This is a pencil kajal and can be used on the upper lid as well. 
  • Along the waterline you cannot stress on the pigmentation but is great when it comes to subtle makeup. 
Pros Cons 
Great for subtle makeup. Not dark enough 

Color bar just smoky kajal 

smokey kajal

We love this one from Colorbar as it allows you to flaunt your eyes in any you’d like. 

  • This kajal from Colorbar has a matte finish and can be used to spread across your eyelids in any way that you want. This suits any occasion and you can use this to adjust your look. 
  • It comes with a slim brush at the back of the stick which can be used to spread it across the upper lids. 
  • The pigmentation is spot on and can be pitch black with only one stroke. 
  • The lid is gel-based and can be used very smoothly across the eyelid. 
Very smooth appliance. Since the lid is soft, it can tend to break off while applying it. 

Chambor extreme black eyes kajal

Kajal brand prices in India

Chambor is an up and coming brand that focuses on the best quality products and gives very good quality. 

  • The kajal stick comes in a soft and creamy formula which makes it easy for appliances. 
  • The twist of the stick is easy and can be very easy to apply on the waterline and the upper lid. 
  • It is both smudge-proof and waterproof and gives a very intense look based on how you choose to apply it. 
Pros Cons
Smudge Proof Expensive. 

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Blue Heaven kajal brand in India 

darkest kajal in India

Blue heaven is another brand which is only rising among beauty product lovers. This Kajal is a good boost to the company’s rep in India. 

  • It has an intense black colour and can be used on the upper lids and on the lower lids. The pigmentation of this is safe and can be used on people with various skin types. 
  • It comes with a sharpener so you can use it accordingly. 
  • The fine tip of the kajal can be used for subtle as well as smoky eyes based on the number of strokes. 
  • We have noticed that the winged eye can be nailed with this particular brand. 
Pros Cons 
Can be used for a dramatic look. Smoky eyes can be hard to attain. 

Sugar kajal brand 

affordable kajal brands

Sugar cosmetics are the most accessible beauty products there are and based on the reviews these can do wonders for your beauty game. 

  • The kajal from Sugar can be used to make your smoky eyes on fleek since it comes with a thick lid which can be used as a brush as well. 
  • This is one of the very few kajal brands in India which allows both functions of keeping it both subtle and dramatic based on how you use the brush. 
  • The creamy consistency of the kajal can be used for any kind of definition. 
Pros Cons 
Great eyeliner and kajal. Expensive. 

Nykaa kajal 

nykaa kajal

Nykaa is a brand that is renowned and has great beauty products that are safe on the skin and hair. 

  • The pitch-black pigment is what we love the most about this Kajal is that one stroke suffices for a fancy look. 
  • The kajal is waterproof and can withstand other hindrances without smudging. 
  • The kajal stick has a great grip and is easy for appliances so you can wear it anywhere and at any time. 
  • You can use this kajal as an eyeliner as well and it looks dark eye and bold eyes. 
Pros Cons 
Can be used as an eyeliner as well. Not easily available. 

Biotique nourishing kajal 

biotique kajal

Biotique is an organic brand which has always awed us with its natural ingredients and super safe methods of making. 

  • Made of ayurvedic elements the biotique kajal is not only definitive to the eyes and makes a bold outline, it also nourishes the eyes and adds a sparkle. 
  • Since you are applying it on the lower lid, the ayurvedic goodness elevates eyelash growth which will make your eyes sharp. 
  • The shape of the kajal is such that it allows easy appliance and gives a smooth texture. 
  • The only downside is that it can smudge quickly if not applied within the lid. 
Pros Cons 
Safe for the eyes. Smudges quickly 

Faces pro intense kajal 

faces kajal

We are aware that Faces is making another appearance on our list because this one is another one of our recommendations. 

  • The creamy texture of the kajal does not exert pressure on the eyelids and stays put for a long time. 
  • This comes in pencil form and a sharpener is included in the package. 
  • A smudger comes with the package as well which allows you to create smokey eyes with precision. 
  • Although it is on the pricier side costing Rs. 357, we think its worth the budget given that it lasts longer than the rest on our list.  
Pros Cons
Has a creamy and gentle texture. Pricey

Inglot kohl pencil 

safe kajal brands in India 2020

Inglot is synonymous with unmatchable quality in India and has never failed to hit the nail for every beauty product. 

  • The texture of the pencil has a very silky and creamy texture which is gentle on the application and has the ability to sit well on the eyelid. 
  • The kajal is smudge-proof and water-resistant and is not hindered by external factors. 
  • The pigment of this kajal is pitch dark and has the ability to define the eyes so precisely. 
  • Good news is that it is paraben-free and comes with the goodness of essential oils.
  • This can be quite expensive when compared to the others on the list as it costs Rs 1,125. 
Pros Cons 
Water and smudge resistant Expensive.

Kajal Vs Eyeliner

A kajal is used on the lower lid of the eye whereas the eyeliner is used on the upper lid for strokes. While this is true, a kajal can be used to make bold and thick strokes. There are so many kajal eyeliners in the market that will come in handy when you have to get a dramatic flick or perfectly on the feel cat-eye. 

Which is better kajal Lakme or Maybelline? 

Our pick is Lakme Eyeconic since it is widely used in India and it has a pitch-black texture which is firm yet creamy in the base and gives a long-lasting and durable look to the eye. Another main reason why we stand by the Eyeconic kajal is that it can be used on the lower lid as well as the upper lid. So it is an eyeliner and a kajal on its own. 

Does Kajal expire?

Eye products have a very limited shelf life and stay around only for about 6- 8 months. Make sure you glance through the date before you make the purchase since expired kajals can be extremely harmful on the eyes especially if you have sensitive eyes. 

We hope these brands help define your eyes and give you the best results for any day with your eyes looking top-notch. 

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