Best Kids Clothing Brands in India 2021

Whether your kids are fussy about how they dress or not, we know that you are. And why not? There are loads of kids’ clothing brands in India that make some real good looking clothes, so you should have your pick and choose what appeals to you! Now, if you’re wondering what brand to go browsing through, don’t worry, you’re on the right page. Read on to check out the best kids’ clothing brands in India:

Top Kids Clothing brands in India 

Best kids clothing brand  Best for Link on Amazon 
Lilliput kidsNew born babies Link on Amazon 
Little Kangaroos kids 6 months – 2 years Link on Amazon 
Nauti Nati kids3-6 years of age Link on Amazon 
KideoPremium quality Link on Amazon 
Kuchipoo kidsAffordable quality Link on Amazon 
Gini and JonyBest for girls Link on Amazon 
Best for boysLink on Amazon 

#1- Gini and Jony kids clothing brands 

best kids clothing brands
clothing for kids

You knew Gini and Jony was going to top the list, didn’t you? This brand has been around forever, even when you were a child, as “THE” chosen brand for kids, especially for the fashion conscious parents. One of India’s top brands, you can find clothes for every occasion. 

  • Having won accolades and awards for many consecutive years, you can find clothes that are very stylish and fashionable. 
  • Check out the crop tops for girls and pair them with some cute denim skirts, while the boys can dress up in colourfully printed beachy shirts and faded jeans.
  •  Every season Gini and Jony release new fashion. 
  • The autumn season is the time for light jackets and sleeveless sweaters while you have a wide choice of pastel shorts paired with pinafores and strappy dresses for the bright summers. 
  • The options for babies are also quite a lot ranging from jeans to frocks. 
  • Gini and Jony might have been a pricey brand back then but now the clothes are quite affordable to the middle class. 

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#2- Lilliput kids clothing brands 

top quality kids brands for clothing
clothing for children

For very cute and colourful children’s wear, check out Lilliput. A well-known brand spread across India and South East Asia, you get the trendiest clothing from Lilliput. This brand has been way ahead of its times in terms of marketing, giving Gini and Jony stiff competition. 

  • With a wide online presence with not only their own website but also on a lot of e-commerce sites, shopping, payment and delivery is quick and easy.
  •  The boys can find a huge range of leggings, khakis and shorts in plain colours, checks and stripes to be paired with graphic tees and casual shirts. 
  • Girls have a huge choice no matter what they want to wear, be it lovely embroidered skirts or stretch jeans to match floral tees and blouses. 
  • Lilliput is priced on par with Gini and Jony, not too expensive, but not cheap either. 

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#3- Little Kangaroos kids clothing brands 

kids clothing
brands in India for kids clothing

Little Kangaroos’ USP is the “designer” element in the clothes they create. Even the hoodies are not just “normal” stuff. 

  • They are fashionable, with unique cuts. One of our favourites is the cold shoulder hoodie in which we are sure little girls will look uber cool. 
  • The cotton A-line dresses are accompanied by a short jacket to “up” the style quotient. 
  • You can also get some skinny jeans and tees for daily wear. 
  • The boys are not left behind either. 
  • The shirts are dressy, yet with a casual look with ties attached to shirts and denim shorts with some funky prints or embroidery. 
  • The tees have pretty cool graphics and prints on them while the jeans are perfect for a weekend evening out. 
  • These clothes are sold literally in every major country in the world including the Middle East, Australia and South Africa, so you get the best fashion from across the world. 
  • They are priced reasonably, similar to the above two brands on our list. 

#4- Cucumber clothing brands in India

brands for new born babies of India
brands for kids

While a lot of brands make clothes for your toddler and older children, the little babies often get ignored. 

  • The same old boring onesies and passed down clothes are quite comfortable but once in a while (or maybe more often), you want your baby dressed up in something bright and new. 
  • Cucumber has a good collection of clothes for babies and they are not just limited to easy to put on onesies. 
  • For your newborn, you have open front tees, open buttoned frocks, and sleeveless vests for the summer, while your 6-month-old can wear some pretty little frocks and shorts. 
  • There are more options for older babies too.
  •  These clothes are slightly on the higher side but most of them are sold in packs of 3 and made out of super-soft cotton, so they are valued for money. 

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#5- Hopscotch

best brands of clothing in India
leggings for kids in India

If Hopscotch isn’t already your favourite brand, we suggest you take a look at what they have to offer and we bet it will soon become your go-to brand. 

  • With an impressive range of party wear, you can have a very well dressed kid at a bunch of parties, thanks to Hopscotch. 
  • Keeping in trend with current fashions, shop for flared bottom pants matched with cold shoulder tops for the girls and polka dotted suits complete with ties for the boys.
  •  If you little girl likes ruffles, pick between the soft skirts and frocks in pastels as well as bright colours. 
  • The non-party wear clothing are also top of the line with very neatly designed casual wear ranging from denim playsuits for the girls to neat tees and jeans for the boys. 
  • The section for babies is also worth a visit with pastel onesies and open front tees matched with soft cotton shorts.
  •  The clothes are priced from affordable to more expensive depending on the design, fabric and occasion you are shopping for. 

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#6- Nauti Nati kids clothing brand 

cute outfots for girls
outfits for boys

What you want for your child during the hot summer months is to be wearing 100% breathable cotton. 

  • Now, cotton does have the reputation of not looking very fancy especially when it comes to events and celebration outfits. Nauti Nati changes that with a range of clothing made from soft cotton for all occasions. 
  • The clothes for both boys and girls are a nice blend of Indian and Western. Girls have heaps of choices, right from jumpsuits to leggings , skirts and blouses to jeans and tops. 
  • Party wear comes in cotton bases with some ruffles to give them the soft, feminine look. 
  • Boys also have a lot of interesting choices with shirts and tees in bright colours as well as pastels. 
  • They can dress up in shorts, jeans and trousers, all in comfortable cotton. 
  • The clothes are very classy and elegant, even the brightly coloured ones. 
  • Nauti Nati is a premium brand, priced on the higher side but you can find frequent discounts and deals when you shop for these clothes online. 

#7- Kuchipoo kids clothing brand 

top kids clothing brands in India
party wear kids clothing

While there are some really well known and popular brands, don’t forget the lesser known clothing brands quietly but steadily selling some of the best clothes you can find in the country. 

  • We love Kuchipoo for everyday, casual wear for children. They are truly value for money as you get a pack or set of clothes for prices that are appealing. 
  • And these clothes are fun, made of good quality fabric and comfortable for your kid to be wearing to play with his friends, on his weekends away from school or even a casual evening out to the beach. 
  • A lot of the clothes are unisex as well which makes it convenient to shop for babies that you know are on the way. 
  • You can choose to shop for just a set of shorts if you want or just a pack of tees and then mix and match with other clothes you have at home. 
  • For the winter months, Kuchipoo stocks thermal wear sets for children to keep them nice and warm. 
  • This brand is priced affordably and something you must definitely check out. 

#8- Kiddeo

shorts for kids

While getting clothes for toddlers and kindergarteners is relatively easy, finding some fun and interesting clothes for babies is harder. 

  •  Kiddeo takes that stress away with a wide range of baby clothes, and we recommend this brand for daily wear, with their trademark phrases and graphics that will give you a break from boredom.
  •  We especially love the onesies for babies with fun phrases like “My mom thinks she’s in charge; that’s so cute”, and “I’m not crying, I’m ordering dinner”. 
  • There are more adorable clothes with patterns that you will like if you want to dress up your baby in something out of the ordinary.
  •  Kiddeo also has some fun tops and tees for older children in lovely colours and they have catchy phrases and graphics on them too. 
  • Most of their clothing is sold in packs of 3 or 5, and are priced quite nominally, so be sure to check them out. 

#9- T2F clothing brand for kids 

new born babies kids clothing brands
best clothing brands for new born babies

T2F is again one of the lesser known brands but something you can visit for sport and play time clothing for your little boys. 

  • With drawstring track pants, joggers, comfortable tee shirts and soft cotton shorts for those sweaty summer evenings playing cricket with friends or to keep cool at home, your child will love these. 
  • The clothes are mostly designed in basic solid colours with minimum print and are good to be washed and worn every day. 
  • You can throw them in the washing machine and not worry about handling them delicately. 
  • T2F seems to lean more towards boys’ clothing than girls, but you do have some clothing to choose from, like printed capri pants, shorts and tee shirts. Don’t expect anything dressy, though. 

#10 – Bold n Elegant

top kids clothing brands

Bold n Elegant is one of the best brands that works super well for kids of all ages.

  • What we absolutely love about this brand is how it can surprise you with how many styles it has. Both boys and girls have an exotic range of clothing styles that works wonders in making them look adorable!
  • The fabric of the clothing is so soft and adorable for all kinds of skin types especially those who have sensitive skin.
  • Girls have cute overalls and two pieces that go for all kinds of occassions.

Here are the best of brands that you choose from for your little one. Make sure to take into consideration all the given factors before you choose the right outfit for your baby boy or girl.

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