Best Lipsticks Brand in India for Dry Lips 2021

Your smile is the first thing someone notices about you. And when that smile is framed by soft, pretty lips, you make quite the first impression! 

Nobody wants dry and chapped lips. Even the best shades look bad when applied to those. If you struggle from dry lips, you need a good lipstick that can moisturise throughout the day. From experience, we know that not all lipsticks that promise to keep your lips moisturised, deliver. So, before you bust your cash on fake promises, read our reviews on the best lipstick brands in India for dry lips.

Best Lipstick Brands in India 2020

#1 – Max Factor Lipfinity Lipstick for dry lips

lipstick brands for dry lips

The first one to feature on our list is the Max Factor Lipfinity Lipstick. We love this for the fact that this has a separate moisturising balm. 

  • This is supposed to work like a topcoat. We suggest you apply the moisturising balm as a base coat as well if you have very dry lips, leave it on for a few minutes before applying the shade, and then top it up with the clear coat again. 
  • This ensures that your lips don’t go dry for a long time. 
  • The clear balm also helps retain the colour throughout the day. 
  • Though Max Factor claims that this lasts for 24 hours, we found that it stays a good 6 hours and then slowly fades. 
  • The price is quite affordable and the quantity of gloss lasts a long time as you don’t have to keep reapplying it through the day.  




Fades quickly. 

#2 – e.l.f. Cosmetics Lipstick for dry lips 

best lipstick for dry lips

E.l.f Cosmetics is an affordable American brand that has been around for ages, making it feasible for the average woman to own great quality makeup products. 

  • The moisturising lipstick by this brand has a blend of Shea butter and vitamin E to nourish your lips and keep it from chapping throughout the day.
  •  It also has Vitamins C and A to take good care of your lips and safeguard them from extreme weather conditions. 
  • The shades are beautiful and suit dusky skin tones very well. It is not too glossy but has a creamy finish. 
  • The colour, however, fades after a few hours so you might need to re-apply during your workday, after your coffee or lunch. 


Has great colours for dusky skin tones. 


Colour fades soon. 

#3 – Lakme Absolute Argan Oil Lipstick for dry lips 

lipstick for dry lips in 2020

Lakme is the pride of India. Our very own Desi brand has time and again made us proud with the innovative shades to suit the Indian skin tone and the innumerable high-quality products to deal with specific issues that Indian women face, like dry lips. 

  • The Lakme Absolute has a range of Argan Oil infused lip colours that are superb in moisturising the driest of lips and keeping them soft and supple throughout the day. 
  • The colours are beautiful and rich. Argan oil nourishes the skin of the lips and therefore reduces the damage done by using lipsticks every day. 
  • This lipstick is quite greasy so it works well if you have dry lips.
  •  However, if you have normal skin, you might find it too oily and might bleed a bit. 
  • This is slightly pricey but it is worth the money, so do check it out. 


Beautiful range of colours. 


Could be a little too oily. 

#4 – Maybelline New York Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick for dry lips 

best lipstick brands in India

A budget brand with good quality makeup and skincare products, Maybelline is the favourite of many women in India. Launched by L’oreal Paris, they entered the Indian market several years ago and became one of the most successful cosmetic brands. 

  • They have colours to suit every skin tone in our country and we love this brand for that. Try The Creamy Mattes range for lipsticks that will moisturise your dry lips without making it too oily or looking too glossy.
  •  It is difficult to find a matte lipstick that does not dry out your lips but Maybelline has managed to nail it.
  •  This is quite creamy, so it keeps your lips from drying out.
  •  Available at affordable prices, these lipsticks can be bought in stores across the country.  




Hard to find matte lipstick. 

#5 – M.A.C Satin Lipstick for dry lips 

mac lipstick for dry lips

M.A.C needs no introduction. Once upon a time, a brand that could only be accessed by those who travelled abroad or those celebrities who boasted about them in their interviews, MAC is now available to all of us in malls as well as stores online. MAC is known for their premium quality ingredients, rich textures and long staying shades. 

  • The Satin Lipstick range is creamy, velvety and moisturises well.
  •  Using this on dry lips is like putting on a healing balm with a beautiful shade. 
  • Though the red is the most popular, you should check out their other gorgeous shades as well and pick up a few to suit your mood every day. 
  •  Do be careful when you buy this online as there are a lot of fakes around. 


Moisturiser dry lips well. 


A lot of fakes around. 

#6 – Lotus Makeup Ecostay Nourishing Lip Gloss for dry lips 

affordable lipstick brands in india

Lotus is another Indian that is a favourite with most of us because they use a lot of natural ingredients and avoid chemicals in their range of cosmetics and skincare.

  •  They use the principles of Ayurveda innovatively and we know we are in safe hands here. 
  • Try their Ecostay Nourishing lip gloss if you are the kind who likes a fun gloss instead of a lipstick. 
  • They have a lot of lovely shades that highlight wheatish and dusky tones beautifully. 
  • This gloss might need reapplication a few times as it tends to fade when you eat or drink. But we do find it nourishing and it helps dry lips.
  •  Like a lot of other lipgloss, this one is also a bit sticky. 


Wide range of colours. 


Fades quickly. 

#7 – REVLON Colorburst Lip Butter for dry lips 

best lipstick brands

A traditionally popular brand, Revlon is trusted by many. This brand has reinvented itself and tried keeping up with the times with their lovely shades and cosmetics. The Colorburst lip butter doesn’t come cheap. 

  • It is quite expensive but it is also one of the best moisturising lipsticks we have come across so far. 
  • Even when the colour fades, your lips still feel moisturised and not dry or chapped.
  •  The shades are a bit light and are perfect if you like subtle colours on your lips, but if you want a darker colour you will have to go over a few times. 
  • They stay for a few hours but you might have to re-apply if you want it on the whole day. 


A beautiful blend of shades. 



#8 – Nyx soft matte lip cream for dry lips 

safe lipstick brands in india

A lip gloss that looks like a lipstick, the Lip Cream by Nyx is genius! It’s something that appeals to everyone, no matter your age. 

  • The range of shades are rich and named after the best cities in the world, they make wearing this, glamorous. 
  • Even though this has a matte finish, it doesn’t dry out the lips. It starts off feeling creamy and glides well over the lips. 
  • The colours are bright and don’t require many applications. 
  • They stay for quite long, at least for around 6 hours.
  •  It also feels quite light, unlike most lip glosses that feel a little heavy and sticky. 
  • The lip creams by Nyx are sold at premium prices but as you require to use just a little bit every day, we think they are valued for money.  


Affordable prices. 


Heavy on the lips. 

#9 – Maybelline super stay lipstick 

crayon lipstick for dry lips

Maybelline is a well-established beauty brand in India which caters to a variety of good quality products that stay within the high expectation of makeup lovers. 

  • This is a crayon lipstick from Maybelline which is a moisturizing lipstick in India that works wonders in keeping the lips supple and soft. 
  • Even though they are highly pigmented and meant for the bold lining of the lips, it can also be used for subtle makeup if you use it right. 
  • It can also stay long for at least 24 hours without being smudged. 


Bold colour. 


Not good for subtle makeup 

#10 – Chambar lipstick for dry lips 

matte lipstick for dry lips

Chambar is a brand that is still making its way into the Indian beauty market but so far gaining the trust of many customers. 

  • This lipstick for dry lips has a velvety and creamy finish which serves as a lip balm for dry lips while also giving your lips a cream finish. 
  • The main aspect of using this lipstick is that the shades provide shade for every skin tone. 
  • The only drawback of this lipstick according to us is that it does not last long. 


Good finish and amazing collection of shades. 


Not long lasting. 

#11 – Colorbar true lip gloss 

colorbar lipsticks

Colorbar is a varied beauty product brand that always has a great choice of products at hand. 

  • The shades from Colorbar are interesting and varied giving you shade for every skin tone and type. 
  • This one is a matte liquid lipstick that keeps your dry lips supple and moisturized at all times.
  • Colorbar offers around 10 shades which vary beautifully from one another giving you a great choice. 


Great choice of shades. 



Lipstick Brands for dry lips 2020

Now that you have a well-researched list, keep those lips nicely moisturised and luscious with some of the best lipstick brands in India for dry lips. Though lipsticks are fun to wear and can really brighten up your outfit and face, it is not good to wear them every day. Lips have the most sensitive skin and it is easy to get bruised or hurt. Most lipsticks contain chemicals that may eventually darken your lips if you do not take proper pre and post-care. 

How to use lipstick safely?

  • Exfoliate your lips gently once a week with a soft toothbrush or a gentle scrub
  • Moisturise your lips with good quality chapstick at least 10 minutes before you apply your lipstick
  • Take off your lipstick with a moisturiser or baby oil at the end of the day. Never go to bed with your lipstick on
  • Go lipstick free at least two days in a week to help your lips breathe and rejuvenate. If you have dry lips, you could apply a good lip butter or balm to nourish them.

A few other tips:

  • Never store your lipsticks in the fridge. Do store them inside a pouch or bag and keep them in a cool, dry place, away from the sun or direct heat
  • As far as possible do not share lipsticks
  • Do not use a lipstick for more than a year from the time you open it. Even if the lipstick does seem to be good, it does start breaking down after a year
  • Do be careful when you buy lipsticks online. Most of the good brands have duplicates floating around and you might end up with one. Fakes may give you the same shade but the quality of the ingredients will be compromised. Research the seller well before you place an order
  • Go for good quality brands as far as possible. They do use premium ingredients that have lower chances of harming your skin. You can choose from the list we’ve put together, which has the best lipstick brands in India, particularly for dry lips.

What happens when we use lipstick daily?

Women who have incorporated wearing lipstick into their daily routine have to follow a certain skincare routine to make sure it does not have negative impacts on your lips.

Lipsticks are made of chemicals and colouring which can lead to damaging and chapping of lips.

Especially when you have lipstick on for a long time. It is extremely important to remove your lipstick before you go to bed to avoid unhealthy lips.

Choosing the right kind of lipstick which will suit your lips is another important aspect of lip care. 

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