Best Nail Polish Brands In India 2021

Now is the perfect time to sit back and paint your nails in a colour that makes you feel good! 

But how do you choose when there are SO many options of brands and shades? It can be overwhelming when you are bombarded with an array of brands. So we have come to your rescue to bring to you some of the best nail polish brands in India for you to pick easily from. 

Top nail polish brands in India 

Nail polish brand in India Known for Product link 
China glaze Long lasting Link
Lakme Wide range of colorsLink
OPIGreat quality Link
Colorbar nail polish 
Different shades Link
Revlon nail polish Resistance to chippingLink
Faces nail polish brand 
Dark colours. Link
Inglot nail polishExotic colours Link

#1 – Colorbar nail polish 

Best nail polish brands

Colorbar is not a stranger when it comes to nail polishes, lipsticks and other cosmetics. 

  • Colorbar has a range of nail polis shades that are subtle and bold. If you want a wild collection, here’s where you can get it from. 
  • We love the neon shades they have as unlike other brands they are affordable and yet have a great variety. 
  • The soft and subtle colours also have a variety but unlike the neon shades, these are limited. 
  • If you want a great collection of nail polishes, Colorbar should be your go to brand as it is affordable and still has a great variety
Pros Cons
Affordable. Light colours can be more of variety. 

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#2 – Lakme nail polish 

Top nail polish brands in India

Lakme has always had a great range of nail polishes when it comes to shades or even kinds of polishes. 

  • This color crush series from Lakme contains a color lock which means the color does not wear off your nails for a long time. It keeps the colours intact which avoids a chippy look for your nails. 
  • It contains a nail enamel which strengthens the nails keeping it strong and avoids it from breaking off. 
  • The colour crush series has come up with a new glitter series which you definitely check out if you are into something bold and different. 
  • The colours and shades Lakme has provided over the years has become a favourite among buyers. 
Pros Cons
Great range of coloursLess neon colours 

#3 – Revlon nail polish 

Best nail polish shades in India

Revlon has produced only the best with all of its cosmetic products. Their nail polishes also do not disappoint. 

  • This nail polish has a resistance to chipping of the nail polish. So be prepared to have flawlessly smooth polish for about 9 days. 
  • It contains vitamins that enable protection to the nails and enrich the nails with all the nutrients to keep it strong. 
  • The nail polish has a gel-like shine and gives the nails a very glamorous and neat look for a long time. 
Pros Cons
Affordable. Not a wide range of shades. 

#4 – Faces nail polish brand 

Best nail polish colours

Faces is a premium and top quality making a great reputation in the beauty industry. 

  • Faces has a great variety of shades which are different. What we love about its collection is unlike other brands, these have very mild and dark colours. 
  • Faces is a very safe brand and the nail polish has a very hard texture that keeps them chip-free for a long time. 
Pros Cons 
Top quality. Comparatively expensive. 

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#5 – Elle 18 nail polish brands 

Cheap and best nail polish brands in India

Elle 18 is a great and cheap brand when it comes to nail polishes. 

  • These are available literally everywhere and can be bought at amazing rates. 
  • Even though the bottle is a little small and does not last for as long, the price justifies that. 
  • They have a wide range of colours on their hand and you can get it in every shade. 
  • Their recently added colours are beige, sea green and pink, make sure to get your hands on them soon! 
Pros Cons
Affordable. Questionable quality. 

#6 – OPI nail polish brands 

best quality nail polish in India

OPI is a premium quality brand which can be super expensive but the quality and colour shades will change your mind. 

  • They have an exotic collection of colours which ranges from every shade. Subtle and neon colours work beautifully in this collection. 
  • There is no compromise when it comes to quality and has a beautiful texture to the polish. 
  • The coat has a matte finish and lasts for a very long time. 
  • Even though the price is on the higher side, this comes as an investment for a long time so we would say it’s totally worth it. 
Pros Cons 
Great quality. Expensive. 

#7 – China glaze nail polish brand in India 

nail polish brands in India

China glaze is another premium nail polish brand in India which can be a product worth the investment. 

  • China glaze nail polishes are known for being a long-lasting product. This aspect is pretty important as nail polishes tend to wear off quickly. 
  • The shades they have are very rare and are not available in other nail polish brands. 
  • Have a look at this brand and you will see why they are priced on the higher side. 
Pros Cons
Uncompromisable quality and amazing shadesExpensive. 

#8 – Inglot nail polish brand 

top brands of nail polishes

Inglot is a brand that is still paving its way in India but already has a steady following. 

  • Being a premium brand this can be a little expensive but the shades and colours that are available are so exotic and rare. 
  • The algae blue that is shown in the image above is our favorite since these shades are not seen in other brands. 
  • The shades are really different and desirable that you won’t be able to keep your hands off it. 
Pros Cons 
Exotic colours Very Expensive. 

#9  – Chambor nail polish 

nail polish brand in India

Chambor is another brand trying to acquire an audience in India but its quality is impeccable with a great range of colours. 

  • Even though Chambor is a little hard to get, the quality is amazing and can be great to have for a long time. 
  • There is no compromise when it comes to the range of shades and colours it has. 
  • This is affordable and of good quality so you can go for it with confidence. 
Pros Cons
Good collection. None. 

#10 – NYX nail polish brand 

best brands of nail polishes

The NYX nail polish collection is up and coming now and has created quite an audience. 

  • This nail polish has a very velvety touch and can create a very smooth and even tone. 
  • The colors they have is very different from what we usually see from other brands. 
  • They have matte and gel finish from which you can choose based on the shade and colours. 
  • The price is on the higher side based on the limited shades they have. 
Pros Cons 
They have different finishes. Expensive. 

#11 – Lotus nail polish 

safe nail polishes in India

Lotus is a safe and trustworthy brand known for a great range of beauty products. 

  • The nail polish bottles from Lotus are big enough for it to last over 3 months. 
  • This is free from acetone and can enrich your nail with necessary vitamins. 
  • Their popular colours are gold and misty shine. The color shown in the image above is Indigo which is another favourite. 
  • Their nail polishes are quite cheap and come in a pretty big bottle. 
Pros Cons
Cheap. Quality can be better. 

#12 – Maybelline nail polish 

top brands of nail polishes in India

Of Course, Maybelline was going to be on our list! 

  • This nail polish bottle is of 6 ml and can suffice for over two months. 
  • Their colours are varied and have a subtlety and boldness. 
  • The image above is an exotic shade of pink and has other shades which are subtle and bold together. 
  • Their glitter series is our favorite and we love how they have variants of the same. 
Pros Cons
Pretty cheap. None. 

#13 – Street wear  nail polish

nail polish for indian skin tone

Streetwear is on our list for its beautiful palette of colours and shades. 

  • This nail polish has an even application and can last for a long time. 
  • The colours are highly pigmented and are very strong and make the nails look glamorous. 
  • The nail polish lasts for a long time with only two even coatings. 
  • The price is minimal and is very fair for the bottle size it comes in. 
Pros Cons
Cheap and affordable. Less neon colours. 

#14 – Avon nail polish 

avon nail polish in India

Avon is another premium brand when it comes to nail polishes with a wide range of colours. 

  • Avon has a huge range of colours which are bold, subtle and vibrant. 
  • These nail polishes have acrylic and allow even appliance and give a beautiful output. 
  • We love the coffee bean sade which is something you will rarely find. 
  • They are of great quality and have a considerable quality so you can spend on these with confidence. 
Pros Cons
Good quality. Slightly expensive. 

#15 – Oriflame nail polish brand in India 

oriflame nail polish

Oriflame is one of our favourites since it has maintained a very reputed stature for itself when it comes to beauty products. 

  • Oriflame always has new colours that are interesting and makes sure other brands don’t cover them. 
  • For a brand that provides such quality, they are minimally priced. 
  • All the colours they provide are fade-resistant and vibrant. 
  • The brush of the nail polish is wide which means it’s easy for appliances
Pros Cons
Affordable and great quality. None. 

So there, we have given you only the best nail polish brands in India for you to choose based on quality, shades and availability.

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