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News is an integral part of our lives. Whether you are the kind who cannot begin your day without reading the news or the kind who reads simply to stay on top of things, there’s something for everybody these days with technology. There are several news applications for Android and IOS which give you the current updates with just the touch of a finger. Easy to read even while you’re on the move, these trump the actual newspapers any day. Read on for the reviews of the Best News Apps in India:

My mornings are always a rush with absolutely no time to go into detail about news so a detailed summary of the current affairs digitally is a must. That’s when we found one app for literally every kind of news. 

Inshorts is made for workaholics who need to keep tabs on the latest development in India while also tending to their busy schedule. This app is available with pictures and short and concise text for easy readability and quicker access to information. 

Best News App in India 2020

    Top News App in India 2020


    trustworthy news in India

    I, for one, love Inshorts. Giving us just the summary or gist of whatever is happening around the world to the point, along with a title and pictures to accompany, Inshorts surely is for the busy workaholics of today.

     With a swipe of my finger, I can move on to the next topic, and if it is not interesting or relevant to me, I can continue swiping. 

    This is one of those apps that are perfect for those who find newspapers really boring because they go into too much detail. 

    The only thing you need to keep in mind is, these topics are hand picked by editors, so you get only about 50 most important or interesting happenings from around the world. 

    Pros Cons 
    Relevant topics available with easy access and readability. Not too many articles to read. 


    dailyhunt news app

    Dailyhunt brings you news in English as well as a lot of regional languages like Tamil, Oriya, Punjabi, Kannada, Malayalam and Bangla.

     These, like Inshorts, are curated to bring the best of what’s happening with catchy titles. It is also quite easy to navigate and you can choose the topic you want to read about. Apart from hard hitting news, Dailyhunt also covers news on automobiles, technology, entertainment and Bollywood. 

    The only problem that most readers face with this app is that it features too many ads that you need to watch since it is free. 

    Pros Cons 
    Available in regional languages as well. Too many ads.


     times of india app

    TOI is the mobile app of Times of India, one of the most read newspapers in the country. Times of India has always had mixed reviews due to the fact that the paper reports a lot of lighter news stories and entertainment. 

    The same holds for the TOI app as well. While you will definitely get to read the main news from around the world, you will also read a lot of gossip. 

    TOI is enjoyed by those who are used to the original paper and want convenience on their mobile phone while they are on the go.

     TOI has a free as well as a premium version with some articles locked for the former. 

    Pros Cons 
    Relevant for all kinds of news readers. Premium version has better reads. 


    jio news app

    Jionews is the brainchild of Reliance Jio. Just like the popular Jio connection that took the world by storm to offer “everything” for a budget, Jionews strives to be a one-stop platform that gives you important news from around the world, gossip, entertainment, podcasts, videos and everything else, and in many different languages. 

    The smart app is also tuned to be user friendly, so it is easy to navigate and choose a piece of news in the language you want. 

    The app analyses the pattern of your search and reading and offers suggestions of pieces that might interest you. 

    I especially like the notifications I get when there is an important piece of news, so I have the update as and when it happens. 

    Pros Cons  
    User friendly. Layout could be a little more minimal. 


    top news app in India

    This is one of my hands-down favourite News App in India. Knappily has been listed by Google as one of those apps you “must have”.

     It stands for “knowledge application daily”, indicating that this is all the knowledge you should have, every single day. I find myself addicted to this app for a lot of reasons, but the first one is the layout. It is so easy to select the topic of my choice. 

    Secondly, there are topics like “burning issues”, “society” and “legal” that are very interesting to me. 

    Third, the journalism in this app feels real and honest, even unbiased, keeping away from gossip and feeding us only the information we require.

     And here’s the fourth reason: Since this app focuses on giving us knowledge, every story has “what, where, when, why, who” questions answered. 

    This makes it easy to read and understand, like a teacher who breaks down information for me.

    Pros Cons 
    Reviewed to be real and honest journalism. None. 

    One News

    latest news app in India

    If you are like me, you hate having to toggle between several different news apps to get the whole picture. 

    One News is a platform that brings all the news apps together, so you can delete all the other apps and free some space on your mobile phone. 

    Choose between topics like “trending news”, “local news”, “latest news” and “top news”. The app provides news in more than 10 languages, making it convenient for the multilingual nation. 

    The only problem with this app is the number of ads you need to go through, but I guess that’s the norm with most free apps. 

    Pros Cons 
    Multilingual news accessible. Too many ads. 

    NDTV India

    ndtv app in India

    NDTV India is one of the most popular news channels watched, with hard hitting journalism and unbiased news, especially on politics. 

    The News app by this brand does not disappoint with similar news, delivered in an easy to read fashion. 

    With an interface that is simple to navigate through, the app delivers breaking news and latest news with high quality images, slideshows and videos from around the world. 

    The feature that appeals to me the most is the “News Beeps” where you get just 3 pointers summarising the news. 

    There is also another feature called “Cube”, basically a space where NDTV keeps giving the latest updates. 

    There is a live video and live radio feature as well in the app. 

    The free version of the app contains ads, but you can pay a small fee to remove those and gain access to the premium version. 

    Pros Cons 
    Concise text which is easy to read. Too many ads 

    The Hindu

    hindu app in India

    Run by India’s number 1 newspaper, The Hindu news app keeps up the reputation of giving us solid, reliable news. 

    The app has a clear interface that makes it easy to choose between world news, politics, sports, environment, art, technology and many more. The editorial section of the physical newspaper has always been popular, and the app carries this too.

     We also get live updates and breaking news. What I like about this app is the “Read later” and the “Offline Mode” features, so I can come back to it when I’m free, and I don’t have to worry about having an internet connection. 

    The “read aloud” mode is also interesting, where the app reads to me. The Hindu app also provides news on entertainment and movie reviews, just like the newspaper. 

    Pros Cons 
    Read aloud functions available during tasks. None. 

     Zee News

    zee news app in India

    Zee News TV channel has been one of the most watched news channels in our country. Delivering news in one of the main languages in India, Hindi, this channel holds the interest of many. 

    The app by this TV news channel is equally famous, and it brings us news in about 9 languages, including English. Like a lot of news apps, Zee News app also struggles with bugs and glitches, and I hope they can fix these soon. 

    The app brings breaking news updates from around the country and the world, news on technology, sports, politics, entertainment, and a lot of gossip.

     The app is easy to use with a “Swipe” feature to toggle between news articles. It features high quality images and videos along with the written word. 

    Articles can be shared easily on social media as well as on whatsapp and facebook messenger. 

    Pros Pros 
    Can be shared on social media as well. Not very user friendly. 

    BBC News Hindi

    bbc news app in India

    BBC needs no introduction to know that it exists. Like The Hindu and TOI, BBC news app is quickly gaining popularity as it is built to appeal to Indian audiences.

     The Hindi version goes beyond publishing news related to sports, world politics and other important events, and dishes a lot of news related to Hindi movies and entertainment. 

    The app is convenient to use as topics are listed chronologically. 

    Headlines are easy to read and you can tap to go in and read in detail, if the topic is of interest to you. 

    BBC makes it easy to share the articles through social media and messengers. 

    The app is built for smaller screens at the moment, but I do hope that it is upgraded to be used on bigger screens as well. 

    Pros Cons 
    Wide range of news for all topics Not for those who don’t understand Hindi. 

    Business Insider

    business insider in India

    This is one of those apps that will be a super hit if the bugs and glitches are fixed. Leaving that aside, the app itself is informative and has an interface that is user friendly. As the name suggests, the app focuses on information on Business from around the world. 

    The articles are interesting with various analysis and insights. 

    The website has gained a lot of popularity over the years. The app has several useful features like marking articles to be read later, offline reading and breaking news updates. You can browse through the wide archives for old news as well. 

    There is a “prime” version that you can pay for, either monthly, quarterly or annually to unlock special articles and get rid of the annoying ads. 

    Pros Cons 
    Lot of analysis goes into each of the news provided. Prime version is quite expensive. 

    Keeping tabs on the important affairs of the country is extremely important as citizens of this country who are entrusted with the duty of development and total awareness. We hope these apps will give you the knowledge you deserve in an easy way.

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