10 Best Oats Brand For Babies in India | July 2021 Guide

Looking for nutritious oats for your baby? Check out our list of the Best Oats Brand For Babies in India!

If you have started giving your baby semi solid and solid foods, it’s time to introduce them to healthy grains like oats. Oatmeal contains a lot of vitamins and minerals like calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium along with a lot of gut-friendly fibre.

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While there are very few oats brands in India specifically catering to babies, we do have a lot of other premium quality brands that you can use. I have done plenty of research to bring you this list of the best oats brands for babies in India:

After having reviewed all the oats brands for babies based on various factors like health benefits, origin, nutritional value, safety, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 10 that really stood out. Oats from these 10 brands were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best oats brands for babies is Happa Organic Baby Food. Not only do these oats come in a useful single-serve package but they also have blended fruits which make it easier on the child. The bland taste of the oats is offset by the nutritious apple puree. Most importantly, Happa Organic Baby Food is complete organic with zero added sugars, flavours, and colours.

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Best Oats Brands For Babies in 2021

Little Moppet Foods Banana Oats Cereal Porridge Mix

baby oats in India

Another best selling brand of food for babies is the Little Moppet Food, made by a mother for her baby. 

  • There are quite a few variants including the ones with oats. Ready to use, the Banana Oats Cereal Porridge Mix has nothing but the best quality, organic oats mixed with organic Kerala banana powder for enhancing the flavour as well as the nutrition. 
  • This powder is quite fine and mixes well with water without lumps. You can then cook this as usual and serve it warm for a delicious and nutritious meal. 

Though on the pricier side, this mix is convenient for busy mothers looking for ways to introduce new tastes and food for their babies. It contains no added preservatives, colours or flavours, so make sure you store it in an airtight jar once you open it. 

Little Moppet Foods Oatmeal Porridge Mix

best oatmeal brands for babies in India

If your little one does not like sweet flavours or isn’t a huge fan of bananas, you can try the plain non-flavoured oatmeal porridge mix by Little Moppet Foods. 

  • Plain oats also allow you to customise the porridge with the flavours of your choice. It is free of added salt or sugar and is completely organic. The powder is finely ground and blends easily with any liquid, be it milk or water. 

Simply cook the oats and then mix it with fruit purees that your baby likes for a different flavour. You can also add formula to it once it is cooked to up the nutritional value. It is priced similar to the Banana Oats Cereal Porridge Mix by the same brand.

Happa Organic Baby Food

best oats for babies in India

A great way to introduce different types of grains to babies is by blending them with fruit. Happa makes this so much easier especially if you’re balancing work as well as home with the ready to serve baby food. It’s one of the Best Oats Brand For Babies in India.

  •  The packaging is also in single serve quantities, ideal when you’re traveling. 
  • The blend of oats powder with 100% pure apple puree is naturally sweet, rich and thick, keeping your baby full for a long time but easy to digest as well. 
  • You can serve this directly from the packaging as a cold meal or put the pack in hot water for a few minutes, pour it into a bowl, and then feed your baby some warm porridge. 

The oats and the apple used in making this puree are completely organic, contain no added sugars, flavours, colours and are safe.  

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Slurrp Farm Natural Oats Powder

safe oats for babies in India

The brand “Slurrp Farm” was created by two mothers to find ways to make feeding their babies and children safe and healthy food. The Natural Oats Powder sold by Slurrp Farm is processed from 100% pure and USDA certified organic oats grains with no additives, artificial flavours, preservatives or colours.

  • The powder is very fine and reduces the time you need to cook regular unpowdered rolled oats. Simply mix the quantity you need with water or milk and cook for a couple of minutes on a stovetop for your baby’s porridge. 
  • This is also a convenient form to carry when you’re traveling. It also happens to be one of the Best Oats Brand For Babies in India.

You can simply mix the powder in a cup of boiling hot water (carried in an insulated bottle or flask) and leave it covered for 5 minutes for an instant porridge. The oats in the form of powder are also easy to digest for your little one. 

Happa Organic Baby Food- Oatmeal + Banana Porridge Mix

oats for babies

Another creative oatmeal porridge from Happa Organic Baby Food if the Oatmeal Banana Porridge Mix. Similar to the Slurrp Farm oats powder, this is also in the form of powder but it has banana powder added to it for added nutrition and natural sweetness and flavour. 

  • You can prepare the oatmeal the same way as you do with regular rolled oats, but since it’s in the form of a powder, it gets cooked a lot faster. It’s also very convenient when you’re on the move and only has access to hot water but not to a stove.

Like other Happa products, the oats and the banana are sourced from organic farms and are processed hygienically. It has no unnecessarily added preservatives, flavours, colours, sugar or salt. 

TummyFriendly Foods

organic oats for babies

You want to feed your baby the most nutritious food possible and I’m sure you want it free of harmful pesticides and chemicals. 

  • While adults can stomach any kind of food, babies’ guts are not strong enough, so choosing organic food is one way of ensuring that their stomachs are taken care of.
  •  TummyFriendly Foods packages 100% India-organic certified and USDA certified organic oats without GMO. This healthy food is packaged in a hygienic environment and stays fresh right until the time you open it. 

After that, you can transfer it into an airtight container to retain its freshness. Like all oats, this is easy to prepare with water or milk. You can also process it in a blender to powder it and use it in your food prep for your baby. 

Quaker Oats

quaker oats for babies in India

Quaker is a pioneer in the field of oats, one of the earliest brands that introduced instant oatmeal, making our breakfasts so much healthier and easier. Infact, the name Quaker is almost synonymous with “Oats”.

  •  While Quaker does not have a line of oatmeal specially formulated for children and babies, the regular rolled oats can be run through the blender to powder them. 
  • The oats packed by Quaker come in well-sealed packets and jars that retain the freshness and they have a pretty long shelf life if you continue to seal it well and store it in a cool, dry place. Take a sufficient quantity of oats and run them through a dry blender. 
  • Either make this in bulk and store in a jar for a few weeks or you can powder the quantity you need every day. Quaker comes in several different package sizes and weights giving you the convenience of buying the quantity that you need. And of course Quaker Oats is without a doubt one of the Best Oats Brand For Babies in India.

 You can also purchase Quaker oats in jars that have a tight lid for storage or in refill packets. Quaker does have flavoured oats as well, but my advice is to use those for adults and stick to the plain ones for your baby. 

Kellogg’s Oats 

kelloggs oats for babies in India

The king of breakfast cereals, Kellogg’s, also has a set of oats that are as popular as Quaker and Saffola in India. 

  • While Kellogg’s sugary breakfast cereals have gained a bad rep over the years, you can trust the oats sold by the company. Kellogg’s packs 100% pure wholegrain oats without any added colours, sugars or salt. 
  • Like Quaker oats, you can either cook Kellogg’s oats with water, cool it down to room temperature and feed your baby, or can powder it in a mixer or grinder before using it. 

You can add purees of other fruit like mangoes, bananas, apples or strawberries to sweeten it. This is also a good way to introduce savoury flavours to your baby by adding a bit of salt to it. Since oats naturally have high fibre content, the meal will keep your baby happily full for a long time. 

Saffola Oats

safe oats brands for babies in India

Saffola is very popular for the masala oats for adults with very interesting and delicious flavours. However, for your baby, choose the plain Saffola rolled oats or instant oats which are packed without any added flavours, salt or sugar. This healthy products is now one of the Best Oats Brand For Babies in India!

  • Saffola is also priced reasonably and is more affordable than the oats that are specially packed and marketed for babies. You also get a lot of discounts and deals online which makes it even cheaper and value for money. 
  • Saffola instant oats can be a go-to food to prep for your baby because it cooks in just 3 minutes and it doesn’t require any complicated preparation or a whole lot of ingredients. 

The packaging is good as the oats smell and taste fresh. After opening the packet, you will have to transfer the ingredients to another box. 


instant oats for babies in India

If you’re looking for the texture of old fashioned oats but cannot wait around for them to cook, try Nutriorg’s Instant Oats. 

  • These oats are kind of a mid-ground between old fashioned rolled oats and today’s instant oats with a medium-thick texture. 
  • These will still need to be ground before you cook them for your baby but the organically sourced grains pack all the nutrition without unwanted pesticides, insecticides and chemicals. The oats also come in a very convenient jar so you don’t have to find another form of storage for them. 

The oats sold by Nutriorg are definitely priced as a premium product and cost way higher than the other well-known brands like Quaker, Kellogg’s and Saffola. 

Oats Health Benefits

Although oats taste bland and can cause your mouth to contort when soggy, it is loaded with essential nutrients and is extremely beneficial to the body’s health. And feed oats to baby’s can also help their bodies develop in the right manner. Consuming oats in the morning is the best as it can help your child with their daily dose of nutrients. Here are some of the most common health benefits of oats.

Fills you up fast

  • One of the most important benefits of oats is that it fills you up fast. This is primarily due to it’s rich fiber content. Most importantly, while it will satiate your hunger and prevent you from overeating, it can also help provide you with enough energy to last a few hours. So, it’s the perfect breakfast for a baby who’s trying to walk.
  • Additionally, your baby won’t be suffering from hunger pangs and you won’t have to feed the child more often than required. So, really, it’s a win-win. You can also regulate weight and prevent obesity and fatigue.

Nutritional Benefits

  • As mentioned earlier oats are loaded with various nutrients. To be a lot more specific, it contains vitamins B1 and B2 long with varying levels of beneficial minerals. And of course, it has fibres that help improve gut health by creating an environment for goof bacteria and it also helps generate healthy stools.
  • Most importantly, vitamins and minerals help regulate blood sugar and insulin production in the body. Additionally, finely ground oatmeal can help with skin care and prevent issues like Eczema.


  • Oats are extremely rich in antioxidants and other plat compounds like polyphenols. You can also find a significant amount of antioxidants called aventhramides. Now these antioxidants can help lower blood pressure by generating a huge amount of nitric oxide (which helps dialate blood vessels, improving blood flow). It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-itching effects.
  • However, the most important benefit is that it helps combat free radical generation in your body which is a common side effect of metabolism. So, it’s going to be pretty constant in a child who’s growing up as their metabolism is going to be on the higher side.

Helps regulate Cholesterol

  • Oats can significantly help lower LDL or the bad type of cholesterol. Oats have a beta glucan fiver that is extremely effective in reducing overall and LDL cholesterol. This can prevent the child from developing heart issues. It also helps reduce the inflammation of arteries, preventing heart attacks and stokes. Check out our entire list of the Best Oats Brand For Babies in India for all the details.

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Happa Organic Baby Oats

Happa oats is safe and extremely careful in providing you with the best quality food for your baby. It's one of the Best Oats Brand For Babies in India!

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