Best Organic Honey in India 2021

Honey is one of those ingredients that can not only add sweetness to a dish but also bring you a whole lot of health benefits. Honey in its purest form is often considered to be a medicine and is taken to heal sore throats, ease digestion, build immunity, and to also improve the health of your skin and hair. Having said that, not all the honey sold in the market is pure and natural. Here is a list of the best organic honey in India:

Best Organic Honey in India 2021


honey in India

Indigenous Honey stays true to its name by bringing us a bottle of raw and pure, organic honey, fresh from the farm. 

The honey sourced is unfiltered, unprocessed and unpasteurized, full of the nutrients without any additives. 

The manufacturers have their own bee farms with artificially constructed bee hives designed to mimic the real ones. 

They are also well trained to extract the honey without harming the bees

So you’re assured that there is no contamination or adulteration, and what you get is the natural organic honey, containing bee pollen, enzymes, all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Indigenous Honey is priced high but it’s worth every penny as you’re consuming it for good health.  

24 Mantra Organic Wild Honey

top honey brands in India

24 Mantra Organic has been taking the Indian health food market by storm with a wide range of organic products that are priced quite affordably, especially when you consider the quality. 

The Wild Honey extracted and packaged by 24 Mantra Organic is sourced from the flowers found in the Himalayan ranges.

 As you probably know, the taste of honey varies depending on where it is sourced from and this honey is slightly sweeter than that sold by many other brands. 

You can use it to sweeten your dishes or in your baking. It is also slightly thinner in consistency.

One downside, however, is the bottle it is packed in. The glass doesn’t seem to be very strong, so you might have to handle it with care. 

Organic India Wild Forest Honey

organic honey in India

Organic India has also been making waves in India with many falling in love with this brand for its delicious organic teas, supplements and superfoods.

 The products are also priced quite reasonably considering the fact that these are high quality ingredients. 

The Organic India Wild Forest Honey is sourced from the flowers growing in the Himalayan ranges and tends to be sweeter in flavour.

 It is a great addition to your herbal teas, as a topping on your dessert, or to simply add to a glass of warm water to begin your day. 

This smooth and fragrant honey is certified organic and contains no preservatives, sugar or artificial colour. 

DADEV Unprocessed Raw Honey

raw honey in India

DADEV Unprocessed Raw Honey is purely organic.

 It is sourced from the beehives found in the wildest depths of the country’s forests, where there are no human beings causing pollution. 

The honey is extracted and packaged, so you get natural and raw honey, straight from the source. Since this honey has no additives or preservatives, it sometimes crystallizes the way it should naturally. 

The texture is quite thick, it has a lovely aroma and it tastes amazing. It is sweet enough to make your food and beverages tastier.

 It is also loaded with antioxidants, flavonoids, vitamins and minerals essential to maintain your health and build your immunity.

 DADEV Unprocessed Raw Honey is priced on par with the other organic honey manufacturers in India. 

First Bud Organics Pahadi Honey

organic honey brands in India

First Bud Organics Pahadi Honey comes from the nectar of the flowers growing in the Himalayan mountain villages, made by the honeybees that are unique to the Uttarakhand region.

 This honey is extracted and packed in small batches to ensure that there is as minimal contamination due to human touch as possible. 

The honey is fresh, unadulterated and free of antibiotics, chemicals, additives like sugars and artificial colours.

 The consistency is thin and is a good addition to your diet. However, the honey is not in the raw form.

 It is processed to get rid of dust and other particles. 

Wnature Organic Wild Raw Honey

nature honey brands in India

Wnature Organic Wild Raw Honey is extracted from the apiaries in the Western Ghats. These apiaries are maintained in pristine conditions and the honey extracted is then packaged under very strict quality benchmarks to ensure that there is no pollution or contamination.

 The honey is unheated, unprocessed, unfiltered, unpasteurized and in its rawest form, packing a whole lot of nutritional benefits in every spoonful that you consume. 

The honey has a lovely aroma when you open the bottle, and tastes a bit sweet. 

The honey is usually sold in glass bottles but if you place an order online, there is a good chance that you might get the ones packed in plastic bottles.

 The company does this to help transport the product safely. Wnature Organic Wild Raw Honey comes in several different quantities, making it convenient depending on your usage. 

The honey is priced quite nominally. 


top brands of honey in India

Different leading brands of organic honey have different sources for their honey, but the most important thing is to make sure that the honey extracted is not contaminated or polluted.

 The Honey Shop ensures this by sourcing their honey from the beehives found in the deeper forest areas where there are no human beings around. 

The bees are healthy with no antibiotics, and the flowers and plants grow free of sprays and chemicals, keeping their nutrients intact.

 This is as organic as it can get! The honey is collected by trained tribals in the area.

 The honey is then packaged as it is, raw, unprocessed, unpasteurized and unheated, without the addition of artificial flavours, colours, sugars or preservatives.  

Pro Nature 

pro nature honey in India

Pro Nature must be quite familiar to you as the brand has a wide range of grains, millets, pulses, masalas and other food products that are 100% organic, and priced fairly. 

The organic honey sold by Pro Nature is free of pesticide residues and other environmental pollutants. It is unprocessed, retaining the wholesome nutrition of the honey. 

The texture of the honey is smooth and it has a mild sweet taste.

 It also smells very good when you open the container. 

The honey is packaged in glass bottles and sealed very well, so you can store it in the same jar in a cool and dry place. 


bon organo honey in India

Bon Organo works with small scale bee farmers to ethically source honey from them. 

Best practices are followed to extract the honey and pack it in its purest and most natural form without the addition of sugar, colour or preservatives. 

It is raw and unprocessed, packing in a whole punch of antioxidants, vitamins and flavonoids, along with its natural antiseptic, antibacterial and healing properties. 

The honey is naturally sweet and can replace your other sweeteners in food and beverages. Bon Organo honey has a smooth texture and is quite thick.

 It has a lovely smell that reminds you of freshness and nature.

 It is packed well in a solid glass bottle with a good lid that retains its freshness when stored in a cool and dry place.

 Bon Organo honey comes in various flavours like litchi, jamun, ajwain, tulsi and sheesham. It also comes in different sizes and price varies accordingly. 

Farm Honey

farm honey in India

If you want to add honey to your diet to improve your health, you must make sure that the honey is clean, pure and free of any pollutants.

 Farm Honey guarantees this by sourcing their honey from the wild forests and high mountains where there is no human habitation. 

This honey is not polluted by dust or contaminated because of human beings. It is also free of chemicals and pesticides as these plants and flowers don’t require them.

 Once the honey is extracted, it is packed as it is, raw and without pasteurisation, processing or filtering it. It is also unheated and the nutrients are preserved. 

So what you get is 100% pure, natural and wild honey, perfect to be added to your food and beverages for a dash of sweetness and health.

 Farm Honey sells several varieties. 

While the plain one is called “Wild Honey”, you can also try other flavours like turmeric, cardamom and ginger. 

Farm Honey is priced as a premium brand but it is available in various sizes, and sold in glass bottles in which you can continue storing it. 

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wild honey in India

Honey cannot be extracted throughout the year. Also, the ethical way to do it is after bees are done with their share of honey.

 Satvyk The Health Restore follows the sustainable traditional practices and extracts honey from the beehives only after the honeybees have had their share of honey. 

This is a cruelty-free process and the honey can be consumed with peace of mind. 

Once the honey is extracted by the bee farmers, it is packed in its raw form, keeping it pure and free of pasteurization, filtration or any kind of processing. 

Since it is not heated, the honey retains all the nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and enzymes that help improve your health, bring down cholesterol levels and energise you.

 Satvyk honey is quite thick in consistency, has a murky appearance as it is raw, and adds a delicious flavour to food and beverages. 

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