Best Powerbanks in India 2021

Plunk Plunk… the dreaded sound of every millennial’s life – the “battery low” indicator!

But, fret not, we’re here to save you the nightmare of having to research the gazillion power banks in India. We’ve tested out a LOT and narrowed down the best power banks in India, here for you based on how quickly these power banks charge, how quickly they REcharge (we understand that’s really important in today’s quick-paced world), how heavy they are and of course, the aesthetics!

We cover the best power banks for Android and best power banks for iPhone. Read on!

With everyday commute, I have been in need of a power bank that will sustain my phone’s battery so that I don’t have to worry about running on a low battery. After thorough research here is what I found. 

Anker powercore power bank is the most efficient phone accessories in India that can sustain your battery life. It weighs about 136 grams which means it is lightweight and easy to carry around. It comes in a cylindrical shape which is sleek and good looking. It has a power consumption of 5000 mAh and can be connected to both android and ios. 

Powerbank brand in India BatteryiOS/ Android Amazon Link
Zinq powerbank 20000 mAhBothLink
Anker powercore 5000 mAhBothLink
iBall 10000 mAh Android Link
Morui AchchaGo10000 mAhBothLink
Realme 4000 mAhAndroid Link
Duracell10050 mAhBothLink
Samsung 10000 mAhAndroid Link
Stuffcool 10000 mAhBothLink

Top Powerbanks in India 2020

What should you ideally look for in a power bank??

  • Charging speed
  • Capacity + recharge speed
  • Weight & size (might not seem important, but it matters when you’re carrying it with you all the time)

What’s “mAh” and do you need to understand it?? 

Not an engineer? Doesn’t matter. We’ve broken it down for you below:

“mAh” stands for “milliAmpere hour”

To put it very simply, the higher the “mAh”, the quicker and higher number of gadgets you can charge. So if you require to charge only the one phone you use every day while you’re on public transport or when there’s that rare power cut, get a battery pack with a lower mAh. But if you’re the kind who travels a lot and charges multiple devices, go for a higher one. Also remember, the lower “mAh” power banks are smaller, lighter and sleeker while they get heavier as the capacity increases.

Best Powerbanks in India 
Mi Powerbank
Samsung Powerbank
Syska Powerbank
Sony Powerbank 
Best powerbank on Flipkart
Intex Powerbank 

#1–Zinq Technologies Z5KP 5000mAh Power bank

Power bank online india

If you want a pocket-sized, super light (weighing hardly 100 gm) power bank, pick this one! Compact and capable of charging your phone once or twice completely, this is perfect for your daily commute. What’s more – this dual output pack has an anti-skid surface to prevent it from slipping! The slightly negative aspect is that it only has a micro USB input so it might mean using different cables for your devices instead of a common one. 

#2–Anker PowerCore A1109G11 5000mAH Power bank

Best power bank india for android phone

We love the shape of this one. Designed to look like a battery, this power bank is cylindrical, very light (136 gm) and compact! It has only one input and one output but is efficient for daily quick usage. This brand is slightly more expensive than the others out there in the market but is well worth it for the durability. 

#3 — iBall 10000mAh Power bank

power banks in india 2020

This “Made in India” power bank makes us proud with its quick charging features. Equipped with both a micro USB as well as type C for input, and provision for two outputs, it lets you say “good riddance” to carrying multiple cables. This Lithium-polymer power bank can be charged to its maximum in 6-7 hours. Weighing just 270 gm and priced nominally, this slim battery pack is a good choice. It’s available in four gorgeous colours, our favourite being the champagne

#4–Morui AchhaGo MO10 10000mAh Power bank

power banks under 1000 in india

Don’t let the pretty looks fool you – this power bank does pack quite a punch! At 230 gm, it’s compact and has an anti-skid shell that prevents it from slipping. This battery pack is perfect for quick charging one gadget at a time. It does, however, come with two inputs, so charge it with your type C or iPhone charger. Available in two unique colours – powder blue and pastel pink, you’re also given a convenient and matching carry-on pouch to keep it safe

#5–Realme 10000mAH Power bank

top power banks under 1000

There’s a debate out there about the aesthetics of the Realme 10000 mAh but we say, forget the looks and focus on the amazing features! At just 230 gm, this battery pack can charge two gadgets simultaneously without compromising much on speed. Offering an 18W two-way quick charging type C port for input as well as output, it can charge some of the newer laptops that are equipped with type C inputs. It also has a power-saving mode for low powered gadgets as an add-on!

#6–Duracell PB10050 5002732 10050mAH Power bank

Remember the popular pink bunny ad that was our favourite, growing up? The pioneer in battery manufacturing is back with the trademark black and gold dual-tone, but this time in power banks. There are 3 variants: 3350 mAh, 6700 mAh and 10500 mAh (our recommendation if you want to charge two devices) for different needs and these are compatible with all your electronic devices. They support fast charging in dual ports. This is a practical, light-weight and compact device. There is one downside, though – these don’t have a type C port. 

#7–Samsung EB-P1100BSNGIN 10000mAH Power bank

Best power banks in India,

Probably the lightest in the market for the capacity it offers, weighing only 222 gm, this fast charging device by Samsung comes with OCP functionality and prevents overcharging. This comes with a dual-port which lets you charge two devices at almost wall-charger speeds. This also has a power-saving mode option that can be turned on for charging your wearables. It’s light, slim, easy to handle and comes in two colour options. Notably, this also charges very quickly, to the maximum in about 220 minutes.

#8–Stuffcool Type C 18W 10000 mAh Power bank

30,000 mah powerbank price in india

The popular Indian mobile accessories brand, Stuffcool’s lithium-polymer based power bank looks and feels premium with its matte finish body. The added rubber finish plastic grip on the side makes it easy to hold the power bank. This compact device weighs 236 gms with two output ports and can be charged by both micro USB and USB-type C. The power bank can be charged in about 3 hours, which is very quick in this range and can also charge your electronics really fast. It’s more expensive than the other power banks in this category, but we say it might be worth the price!

#9–Anker PowerCore 10400mAh Power bank

Best power bank India for iphone ,

Anker lives up to its reputation of making products of the sturdy and reliable build. This one comes with a soft pouch to keep it safe. Providing dual output, it makes it very convenient to charge two gadgets simultaneously. This power bank, however, supports only one input – the micro USB. The downside is the lack of type C port which might speed up the charging of the power bank.  

#10–Czar Matrix Slim Pocket size 10000 MAh 

Best powerbank india 20,000 mah

The lightest power bank in this category, the Czar Matrix is slim (15 mm), sleek and is indeed very easy to carry around in your pocket. The rubber-coated exterior is soft and anti-slip, very helpful for those of you with butter fingers! The LED displays the amount of charge left is certainly useful. This has dual output but a single micro USB input only. 

#11–Lenovo 10400mAH

Best power bank india for iphone

The world’s largest PC vendor has given us this powerful battery pack to juice up our devices. Weighing 240 gm, this lightweight power bank has two outputs. However, for improved speed, we recommend the 13000 mAH capacity. There is one minor (but negligible) downside to this pack – the alignment of the output ports, one on top of the other might prove to be inconvenient if the cables are a little bulky. This design also makes it look a little bigger compared to other packs in the same range.  

#12–Philips 11000 mAh 

30000 mah powerbank price in India

This beautiful Philips power bank is designed to look like its got a leather finish. It has an impressive build quality but is slightly heavier than the other power banks in the same range. The speciality of this lithium-ion power bank is that it has 3 USB output ports to connect to devices. It is charged via a micro USB port. A slight disappointment is the lack of a quick charging input port.

#13–Syska Power Port100 10000mAH

2020 best power bank brands

Priced to be unbeatable, this sturdy power bank comes with triple output charging, perfect if you constantly have multiple gadgets around you! The outputs are at different capacities so you can choose the output depending on the device. It also comes with auto cut off feature where the power gets cut off when its on full charge. The disadvantage of this is that it’s heavy.  

#14–Mi 20000 mAH Power bank

Best power bank brand ,

This Chinese company has been the epitome for innovation and the power bank from its stable is no different. This pocket-friendly, sleek, scratch-resistant aluminium casing power bank comes in two versions: 10000 mAh and 20000 mAh. It has 2 ports to host devices and also has a low power mode to charge smaller wearables like smartwatches, thanks to the 2i gains support. The quick charging mechanism not only charges your electronics faster but also ensures that the power bank takes lesser time to recharge itself. We can say Mi definitely nailed this one !!

#15–Ambrane 15000 mAh Power bank

Best powerbank India 20,000 mah ,

This indigenous power bank is very impressive with its super-efficient performance! The rubberised premium-feel body certainly deserves a mention for its durability. The lithium-polymer battery enables quick charge and recharge despite having a dual output. Consider this to be an economically priced device to charge all your gadgets. The downside is the weight – it feels a little heavy.

 #16–Zebronics 20000 mAh Power bank

Type c power bank India ,

This 20000 mAh with informative digital display power bank by Zebronics leaves a good impression on us. Fast charging dual output port and both type C and Micro USB port inputs keep up with other brands in the market. Some of the other features like overload protection and short circuit protection ensure that the connected device doesn’t conk in the longer run. The flip side of this power bank is that it’s heavy, weighing over 400 gms and a bit pricer than the other brands in this series.

How to choose a good power bank? 

The age-old question of whether you have chosen the right power bank for the well- being of your phone is answered right here. 

#1 Battery Capacity 

If you won’t be able to charge your phone for days on end, you’ll need a power bank with a high capacity such as a 20,000 mAh or a 30,000 mAh. If you want one for everyday use, then 10,000 mAh would suffice. 

#2 Size and Weight of the Powerbank 

If you intend to carry your power bank daily, I would suggest something small and pretty weightless such as the Anker PowerCore A1109G11 5000mAH. This way you aren’t inclined on bearing the weight and it serves your purpose just right!

#3 Quick Charge Features 

The bigger the mAh of the power bank the longer you can charge your phone and thus, it is vital to consider the charge features while purchasing a power bank. 

#4 Wireless or not 

 With the dawn of wireless power banks in the markets, the feasibility of power banks has doubled. These have inbuilt wireless chargers for both Android and iPhones. 

#5 Number of Ports 

If you have more than a few devices that you carry on your person, I would recommend looking at power banks with multiple ports. 

 This way you can charge more than one device in a considerable amount of time. Check out Zebronics 20000 mAh for its dual-port and sleek exterior. 

Are power banks good for phones?

Power banks can be bad for phones if you buy the wrong ones. How?

#1 Bad Quality 

Bad quality power banks can have a direct influence on your phones, impacting the charging ports and battery life. I would stress on delving deeper into choosing the best quality power banks for the sake of your phone. 

#2 Overcharging 

Using your power bank to maintain your phone at 100% battery life can impact your phone’s ability to retain its charge. In instances like these, charging your phone only when needed can do both devices well. 
Here are some that you can have a look at: Philips 11000 mAh power bank, Syska Power Port100 10000mAH power bank and Lenovo 10400mAH power bank. 

How many times can 10,000 mAh charge a phone? 

The power bank charging capacity can differ from one device to another. This formula should be a cut to the chase : 

Power bank capacity * Conversion rate* Phone battery health rate/ Phone battery capacity = 10,000 mAh *80% *80% / 1810 mAh = 3.75 times. 

Although the formula caters to phones in general, it can vary among models. Here are a few, 

iPhone X – 3.7 Charges 

Samsung S8 – 3-4 Charges

iPad mini 3 – 1.0 Charge

One plus 7 Pro – 2 Charges 

As we come to the end of the hand-picked list of the best power banks in India 2020, we hope we’ve made it simpler for you to choose depending on your needs!

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