Best Printer under 5000 in India in 2021

Printers are probably the most necessary gadget in every home and office. Whatever you need, be it images and files for your kids projects, printing some important documents, those really interesting recipes or those fun and memorable photos from your recent vacation, a printer can do that for you at any time. HP and Canon are the two prominent brands in India that sell printers of different types, specifications and price points. 

Check out below for the Best Printers under 5000 in India:

Top Printers in India under 5000

Best Printers under 5000 in IndiaPages per minuteLink

Canon PIXMA MG2577s
8 B/W
4 C
HP DeskJet 2331

7.5 B/W
5.5 C
HP DeskJet 1212 

7.5 B/W
5.5 C
HP DeskJet 2332

7.5 B/W
5.5 C

Canon Pixma TS207

7.7 B/W
4 C
Canon MG2570S
8 B/W
4 C
HP DeskJet 1112
120 B/W

Canon PIXMA MG2577s

best printers in india

Canon is one of the “go-to” brands when it comes to printers. Canon printers are of high quality, producing very sharp prints and images and are durable as well.

The Pixma MG2577 is a very handy Inkjet printer that can scan, print and copy, all in one.

It is also very light in weight and quite compact, ideal to be moved around or placed in today’s compact, modern homes.

It connects with the help of a USB and is compatible with most Windows OS and Mac OS.

The speed of the printer is good, printing 8 black and white pages per minute and 4 coloured pages per minute.

Since it has an automatic on and off setting, it turns on when there is a print command, saving you time and energy.

Canon gives you a one year warranty on the product and advises you to use only ink supplied by the company to help extend the life and quality of the printer. 

There are a few downsides to this printer as well. For one, there is no ink tank, instead, the printer works with cartridges.

These cartridges have to be replaced which adds to the cost depending on how often and how much you use the printer. Secondly, while this printer does an excellent job printing on matte or regular paper, the quality on photo or glossy paper is not up to the mark.

Having said that, considering the price this printer is sold at, I would recommend buying this if you need a printer for basic and occasional printing. 

Here are some of the best type C cables in India that work really well and perform the best.

HP DeskJet 2331

best printer in india

HP is a name most are familiar with when it comes to office gadgets and HP printers are used widely across many offices and companies in India.

HP also has plenty of printers across various price points, but the Deskjet 2331 fits in our budget of under INR 5000.

I would suggest this printer as a good low budget option for home use. It is lightweight and can be moved around the house easily. The DeskJet 2331 is an all in one device as it can scan, print and copy.

You can connect it using the high speed 2.0 USB connector and then set it up very quickly using the HP Smart App on your computer.

This colour printer works with cartridges and as always, make sure that you use original HP ink cartridges for the best images.

These cartridges yield about 120 printed pages each if you’re printing in Black and white, and about 100 colour pages.

The printer works at a speed of 7.5 pages per minute for B&W prints and 5.5 pages per minute if you’re printing in colour.

HP offers a 1 year warranty on the product. 

HP DeskJet 1212 

cheap printers in india

If all you need from a printer is to print, and don’t need extra functions like scanning and copying, go for the HP DeskJet 1212. This low cost model does a good job when it comes to printing both colour as well as black and white, and is a great addition to your home, and absolutely value for money.

Definitely handy for those odd documents or notes you like having hardcopies of.

It is also quite small and compact in size weighing less than 3 kgs. You can move it around in your home to a place of convenience to work with it.

Like the higher end HP printer models, the DeskJet 1212 also comes with a high speed 2.0 USB connector to connect with your PC. You can do the setup using the HP Smart App.

If you’re using this printer with an HP laptop, connection becomes even more easier as you don’t really have to install anything.

It uses the same HP 805 ink cartridges and produces the same quality images as the more expensive printers on this list.

It also prints at the same speed and yields the same number of pages.

HP offers a one year long warranty on the product.

HP DeskJet 2332

top printers in India

The HP DeskJet 2332 is slightly on the higher end of the under 5000 budget and is helpful when you have children and always have loads of school projects to be done.

This is an all in one device as it can scan, print as well as make copies.

Like all HP printers, the DeskJet 2332 is durable, highly efficient and prints high quality images.

What sets this printer apart from many other HP printers is the scan quality.

This printer has excellent scan quality, so this is something you could consider if scanning is your top priority.

The setup is seamless, with a high speed 2.0 USB connector and using the HP Smart App. Once you’re connected, you can start printing at a speed of 7.5 pages per minute for black and white and 5.5 pages per minute for colour.

The printer uses cartridges and not an ink tank. If you use original HP 805 cartridges, you can get about 120 black and white printed pages and 100 coloured printed pages from them.

Though this printer is slightly heavier than the HP DeskJet 1212, it is still quite compact and weighs just over 4 kgs, making it fairly portable around the house.

As always, you get a 1 year warranty on this printer from HP. 

Canon Pixma TS207

best printers in india under 5000

The Canon Pixma TS207 is a fantastic, low budget printer. This does just the work of printing and does not have any additional functions.

This printer is something you must consider buying if you print occasionally, say around 30 to 40 pages a month.

The printer is compatible with most Windows OS and MAC OS, and connects using a USB.

It has an automatic power on and off system.

It prints at the speed of 7.7 pages per minute for black and white and 4 pages per minute for colour prints with a resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi.

It supports pages of A4 size and can print borderless printing to a size of 4” x 6”.

However, it does not support duplex printing.

The printer looks very sleek, with a textured surface that makes it scratch resistant.

It is also light and weighs only about 2.5 kgs, so you can easily move it around the house.

Make sure you use original Canon cartridges for the best quality prints and to maintain the life of the printer.  

Canon MG2570S

canon printer in India

If you run a small business from home and need regular high quality images to be printed, say for posters or flyers, the Canon MG2570S is a good printer to own.

This is a multifunction machine, combining the functions of a copier, scanner and a printer.

It is also more expensive than the other Canon printers, closer to the INR 5000 mark.

The printer is compatible with most Windows OS and MAC OS and can connect with a USB connector, hassle free.

You can set it up using the installation CD with instructions in the manual.

It has an automatic ON feature, where it detects the minute there is a print command and gets working without having you physically switch it on and wait for it to warm up.

The printer prints with a resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi. The print speed is good, with the MG2570S printing at 8 ppm for monochrome and 4 ppm for colour.

It can handle paper upto A4 sizes as well as envelopes. It looks very sleek, neat and compact.

It is however, heavier than the single function Canon printers and weighs about 3.5 kgs. 

HP DeskJet 1112

affordable printers in india

There are plenty of cheaper options for single function printers in the market under 5000.

The HP DeskJet 1112 is priced on the higher side for a single function printer but the quality of the prints and the efficiency of the printer makes it well worth it.

While most other printers in this price range print about 120 black and white pages, the HP DeskJet 1112 can yield about 190 pages in Black and White with the same quantity of ink.

This printer has a resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi and can print sizes including A4, envelope, B5 and A6.

The duplex print feature is manual on this printer.

This is a heavy duty printer and can churn out up to 1000 pages a month without a problem.

The set up is incredibly easy, almost as simple as plug and play. The device is lightweight and can be moved around.

It is also compact and fits in small spaces. HP gives you a 1 year warranty on the DeskJet 1112, as expected. 

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