15 Best Running Shoes For Women In India 2021


As simple as that!

The benefits of good shoes for running are never to be underestimated, in fact, they must be a priority that tops every runner’s list regardless of whether she is a novice or a pro. So, are running shoes a “one-type fits all” kind of situation?

 Definitely not. 

That’s why there are so many specialised brands designing and manufacturing so many types of running shoes for women. Don’t forget how fantastic looking these sports shoes are as well! 

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After having reviewed the best running shoes in India for women based on various factors like design, structure, comfort, materials, features, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 15 shoe brands that really stood out. Shoes from these 15 brands were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best running shoes for women in India are Nike Women’s W Zoom Pegasus 35 Turbo Running Shoes. These Nike running shoes are perfect for beginner and intermediate runners. They can easily fit medium-wide or slim feet. Additionally, the cushioning is extremely soft and comfortable. Most importantly, the groves on the sole are pronounced and help with traction.

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Best Running Shoes For Women 2021

There are different mental boxes you have to tick off to finally get your hands on the perfect pair of running shoes. We’re sure you’d rather spend your valuable time actually running in comfortable shoes than breaking your head over picking the right ones, so we’ve done the job of curating this list for only the best running shoes for women in India!

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Best Sports Shoes Brands for Women in India

Nike Women’s W Zoom Pegasus 35 Turbo Running Shoes

Best sports shoes for women in india

One of the world’s leading brands, Nike, has a huge market in India for its range of sportswear in the premium segment. The Zoom Pegasus is their mid-range solution for novice runners. It’s one of the Best Running Shoes For Women In India.

  • Excellent for women with medium-wide or slim feet, these are very light and great to wear for a jog or run.
  • The grooves on the soles offer good traction for regular streets and are set wide apart so they are easy to clean.

These shoes may not be suitable for seasoned runners and the cushioning might be a bit too soft for them. 

New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam Beacon Running Shoes

Best sneakers for ladies in india

Another leading brand based out of America, New Balance is one of the world’s most popular choice for athletic shoes for women without a doubt.

  • Weighing as low as 200 gm, these shoes feel like feathers on our feet! A unique feature is the Fresh Foam midsole that’s a trademark of New Balance.

They fall in the lower price range in stores online and these are recommended for beginner runners. Available in three colours, Cashmere is our favourite!

ALTRA Women’s Paradigm Max Cushion Running Shoes

best shoes under 1500

Ranked in the top 10 running shoe brands for women, Altra is the pioneer with its innovative technology in running shoes.

  • They pride themselves on the cushioning they use, and rightly so! The cushioning is springy and is very comfortable for long runs. The Paradigm Max weighs a little over 200 gm and offers good stability to the runner.

We like the fact that this shoe has a wide toe box which prevents chafing due to long hours of activity. These shoes come in two colours, sulphur and white with pink. 

ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 19N Running Shoes

Top running sneakers for women in India,

ASICS needs no introduction, they are easily one of the best-known brands for trainers. The Gel-Nimbus 19 is a pair of great-looking shoes. It’s one of the Best Running Shoes For Women In India.

  • It has made it to our list owing to its fantastic midsole that’s springy and bouncy – a dream for the professional runner!
  • Priced in the higher range, the upper mesh is designed to expand or contract depending on the swell of the feet, giving it a snug fit.

A drawback is that the shoe is made to fit people with narrow and slim feet and might be painful if you have wide feet. 

Under Armour Threadborne Fortis 3 Running Shoes

Best running shoes for women under 50 ,

Under Armour is a brand that specifically targets young professional athletes, manufacturing gear that is not only functional but also looks fantastic, so we simply had to try out these shoes.

  • The cushioning is quite good for long runs but the inside of the shoe is a bit rough, which can be fixed by wearing a good pair of socks.

These running shoes look so good that we can easily wear them on a day out. The sole feels durable and offers good traction on rough streets. Do keep in mind that these shoes are made for narrow feet so buy one size up. 

Skechers Performance Women’s Go Run 600-15060 Running Shoe

Best running shoes for women

A brand popular for its attractive looking, durable shoes, the Skechers Performance Go Run 600 is excellent for daily runs for women.

  • Their trademark midsole cushioning has a long life and is great for the seasoned runner. Priced in the mid-range bracket, these light-weight shoes are valued for money. 

These shoes fit women with slimmer feet snugly as these come with a narrow toe box. The upper mesh is breathable making these comfortable for hot weather.

Adidas Performance Women’s Alphabounce Running Shoes

Best running shoes for women india

Adidas needs no introduction to the Indian market. Manufacturers of premium range of sportswear, specifically shoes that are designed for athletes, Adidas is well known for its expertise.

  • The fabric used inside the shoe and the high-quality mesh upper layer keep the feet cool and comfortable for extended usage. Adidas’ trademarked midsole cushioning called “Bounce” is true to its name.
  • It is indeed bouncy for those long and strenuous runs. The bottom sole has widely spaced grooves that offer decent traction on different terrains. It’s one of the Best Running Shoes For Women In India.

They are also easy to be cleaned as they are constructed in such a way that tiny stones cannot get stuck in them.

ASICS Torrance Women’s Running Shoes 

Best running shoes for women in India 2020

Another one from the ASICS line of women’s running shoes is the moderately priced Torrance. Weighing hardly 250 gm, these shoes are too good looking to be running shoes. Yet, they perform well for walkers or light joggers.

  • The toe area has a thick cloth covering which helps in proper air circulation and keeps the feet sweat-free.

The arch support is good and these are meant for women with wide feet. They seem to be quite durable despite the cloth upper layer. However, these lack heavy padding and may not be the best choice for professional runners. 

Merrell Women’s Pace Glove 3 Trail Running Shoes

Best running shoe brand for women

If there was a competition for the lightest running shoes on the planet, the Merrell Pace Glove 3 is sure to bag the trophy! Weighing hardly 150 gm, this does fit like a glove!

  • The outsole is made of rubber and offers a lot of traction, while the midsole is made of EVA cushioning to absorb some amount of shock.
  • The running shoe is lined with breathable material that keeps the feet dry even when used for hours at a stretch.

With great support from the upper mesh, this running shoe is a great buy for those who are light walkers or novice joggers but the insole cushioning may not be sufficient for regular fast runners. Even though its super light, the Vibram outsole ensures that it’s durable and long-lasting. 

Saucony Women’s Grid Cohesion 10 Ankle-High Running Shoes

Top running shoes for women in india

The extensive range of high-performance athletic shoes for women by Saucony made it difficult to narrow down on just one for the list, but we did it! One of the oldest brands in the market, Saucony nails it every single time. It’s one of the Best Running Shoes For Women In India.

  • The Grid Cohesion 10 is perfection with its high arch support and snug fit. Very durable and well-cushioned, these are meant for regular training.

The toe box is wide and roomy and can be worn by women with wide feet without the worry of chafing. There is good ankle support as well. In short, if there are shoes that make you look forward to running, these are the ones!

Adidas NEO Women’s Lite Racer Running Shoes

Top running shoe brands in india for women

NEO is our next pick, again from the trustworthy Adidas brand of running shoes for women. At just about 250 gm these light shoes are fitted with a waffle patterned rubber sole that gives good traction for safe runs on various terrains.

  • The upper and inner fabrics are breathable to allow air to circulate inside the shoe.

The TPU heel clip gives added support and the arch support makes this a good pick for daily runs. This fits women with mid-sized feet. There is slight ankle support as well. The shoe seems durable and easy to wash. 

ZONKIM Women’s Running Shoes

Best brands for running shoes in india

The Zonkim shoes for women are super flexible, very light and have an extended mesh to support the ankles from injuries due to sudden jerks. It’s one of the Best Running Shoes For Women In India.

  • The sole is very impressive as it’s anti-slip for fast runs on slippery stretches. The insole is made of memory foam that springs back and absorbs shock, protecting the feet and knees.
  • Arch support is quite alright but could be better. These running shoes for women are sold in various colours, the light pink is our pick.

 Keep in mind that these are designed for women with wide feet, so they might run a bit loose if you have narrow feet. 

Brooks Women’s Cascadia 13

Best brands for running shoes for women

Trust a brand that exclusively makes shoes for running! The Brooks Cascadia 13 are fabulous looking, and with excellent traction, these are outstanding for those uneven stretches of land that seem to be the most interesting to run on!

  • A bit heavier than the other brands on this list, the Cascadia 13 for women makes up for the weight with its superb cushioning and snug fit, without compromising on breathability and comfort.

Very stable and durable, this is our recommended choice for professional and experienced runners.

Li-Ning running shoes for women

running shoes

The Chinese brand Li- Ning is sure making its way through the Indian clientele.

  • These running shoes come in a range of exciting colors that makes it easy for women to choose from.

These running shoes for women have safeguards that protect the toes from hurt. This brand has a line of very comfortable and flexible shoes which are made up of delicate yet lasting material.

Lotto running shoes

shoes for women

Lotto is one brand that focuses on style and comfort both equally which is the perfect choice for those who want to put on sporty shoes on weekend catchup as well. It’s one of the Best Running Shoes For Women In India.

  • The running shoes do not have a heel and is flat for those who have a problem with heels in their everyday routine.

These pair of shoes are lightweight and does not exert pressure on your foot.

Running Shoes for women in India 2021

Women require a good pair of running shoes and we have given you our top pick above. But that is not all. There are other factors that go with buying the right pair of shoes and we have them all answered for you.

The Benefits Of Wearing Running Shoes

Other than the obvious benefit of shielding your feet from the environment, running shoes are designed to go the extra mile and make your runs comfortable. Not only do they provide benefits that are helpful to your feet but they also help with overall health. Here are some of the benefits of wearing running shoes:

Improves Performance

  • Running shoes are designed to be as comfortable as possible when running. So, not only are the soles designed to match your feet but all the elevations and ridges are designed to help improve traction and overall performance.
  • So, you can go for long runs comfortably and you won’t have to be worried about unwarranted stress of your feet and knees. Just using running shoes can help push you.
  • Majority of the running shoes by brands like Nike come with both a comfortable insole and an air pressure system that can improve your speed, in addition, to your performance.


  • Unlike regular shoes, running shoes are perfect for rough terrains as it comes with a sturdier outsole. This outsole and its careful designed ridges can prevent sharp objects from penetrating the shoe and puncturing your feet. Of course, the quality of the rubber sole is better than regular trainers. Check out our list of the Best Running Shoes For Women In India for all the details.

 How do we choose the best running shoes? 

Choose your runners based on how often you run, the terrain you run on, the intensity of your training and your gait. The best shoes must be light, flexible, well-cushioned for impact and absorb shock, and should feel like they’re an extension of your feet. 

In a nutshell, the running shoes you buy should make you want to run day after day, every day! 

Sometimes the age factor plays an important role as well. The older you get, the stronger and more reliable pair of shoes you want to get. But don’t worry, because we have broken that for you as well. Go through the table below.   

 (Pro tip: Try on shoes in the evening or after an intense run as feet tend to swell after long hours of work. Or buy them half size bigger as a thumb rule)

Best Running Shoes For Women under 3000

Puma Women’s progression duo running shoes
Puma Women’s pacer running shoes
Adidas Women’s Hellion running shoes
Bourge running shoes for women

Best Running Shoes For Women Under 1500

Campus Women’s alexa running shoes
Fila women’s running shoes
Adidas Yking running shoes
Irso running shoes for women

Types of running shoes for women in India

Running shoes can be further divided into various types which cater to different functions. Once you are familiar with the types, you will be able to make your pick. 

Stability Running Shoes 

  • If you are someone who needs more arch support then these are the best type of shoes for you. They have an extra overlay that supports your feet and gives them great traction. These shoes are durable. 
  • These shoes are perfect for those who suffer from overpronation. So, if your foot arches excessively then these would be your best bet as they provide amazing arch support. Additionally, there are also made from denser foam with helps prevent callouses and it can even help reduce the stress of the body.
  • Most importantly, these come with heel support that reduces the amount of pronation. Which is a downright advantage when it comes to running.

Motion Control running shoes 

  • These kinds of shoes have stiffer heels and are made for those who have severe pronation. If you’re feet keep rolling back on running, then these kind of shoes are what you should go for. Interestingly enough older women have found much success with these. Especially, since it comes with a really dense foam around the heel lining.
  • So, it actually prevents the impact of running on the foot make it one of the best types of running shoes when it comes to support and balance.

Neutral running Shoes 

  • The neutral shoes are for people with moderate foot movement. It remains consistent in the midsoles. Now, these shoes are perfect for those with relatively perfect shaped feet or those who really want to give their feet an intense workout.
  • It can allow you to depend on your natural biomechanics and develop those over time. It has a consistent midsole. Which is honestly comfortable in its own way.

Cushioning running shoes

  • As the name suggests, these shoes give you a great deal of comfort and make sure it takes the pressure off any strenuous activity that you are doing. The main aim of these shoes is to prevent your feet from shock and can give you good movement. Check out our list of the Best Running Shoes For Women In India for all the details.

Running Shoes Vs. Sports Shoes

Running shoes are extremely different from sports shoes. While they sound interchangeable and seem like they a have a negligible difference, it can have a tremendous impact on your time and overall speed. Now, obviously, these benefits can be truly beneficial to runners who are training with purpose. If your looking for shoes to help on those morning jogs, then sports shoes can honestly do the trick.

Sports shoes are by their nature extremely versatile. So, you really can use them for all types of physical sporting activities. This is primarily because they can help you stabilize movements rather quickly and comfortably. So, you sprint, stop, jump and even change directions laterally with relative ease.

The primary advantage of sports shoes is the soles. These soles are extremely flexible, which make the shoes rather flexible in terms of movement. So, it actually made with multi-directional movement in mind.

Running shoes on the other hand are design to help you build up your momentum and help you during your runs. So, the soles have a specific design from heel to toe to help balance and give you that burst during your straightforward runs. So, it’s better to invest in them only if your considering taking running to the next level. For example, marathons.


After how long should I replace my shoe? 

This solely depends on your usage and how you are using them. If you do your strenuous runs on a regular basis your shoes are prone to wear out soon. But if you have a considerable amount in between usages and you use them in the right sense and take good care of them, they will last longer. 

Do shoes affect your running? 

Wearing a good pair of running shoes can make everything better. It makes your process a lot easier and gives you more comfort. Since it holds you feet upright and supports it during your runs, it can help you run faster and can save you pain. 

While choosing the right running shoe, make sure to pick out the right size so that it is not too small for you. 

Should you buy a size bigger for running shoes? 

The reason this statement holds true is that when you are running and doing other workouts, you have a higher blood flow which makes your feet expand. Once this happens your toes and ankles will start rubbing hard against the sides of the shoes causing you pain. Having enough breathing space is important when it comes to running shoes since the impact can affect your feet. 

Are running shoes and sports shoes different?

Running shoes are a type of sports shoe so that would make sports shoes the bigger category. Sports shoes are used for workouts and other strenuous activities while running shoes are more flexible in their features. They have a heel to toe movement since running requires this type of bending. So yes you could categorize running shoes under sports shoes. 

Coming down to running shoes in this age can save your regular visits to the clinic and keep you healthy and in shape. We hope this article helped you choose your pick of the best running shoes

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