Best Running Shoes In India 2021

Winter’s gone and summer’s here. It’s time to get some exercise in, get fit and get ready to show off in your new summer clothes! 

Running is an effective and easy way to lose some weight and tone up quickly. If you’ve tried running but find it difficult or painful, there is a good possibility that you’re using the wrong running shoes. 

Running Shoes in India 2021

If you’re contemplating on why running shoes are vital for that jog or that tenuous workout you do 5 times a week, it is because you don’t want your feet to go through painful consequences afterwards. To choose the perfect running shoe to consider your routine and how much you really need it. There are so many brands that cater to different thresholds of running and you will be sure to find the right one for you. 

There are many companies that design running shoes but not all of these rank the best. Go through our list for the best running shoes in India. 

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#1 – Nike RN Flyknit 2017 Running Shoes

running shoes

Nike is one of the leading brands across the world, needing no introduction, for its range of sports and athletic gear.

  •  It is reputed especially for its shoes that are advanced in terms of catering to different kinds of runners and on different terrains. 
  • Though a lot of Nike shoes are meant for running, we tested out and listed the best two here.
  •  The first one on our list is the Flyknit. Even though it was first introduced a couple of years ago, it still ranks on top of the list as it is the favourite of most seasoned runners. 
  • The Flyknit model is so lightweight that the runner forgets he’s wearing shoes. It grips the ankle beautifully and it feels secure without causing an impression or friction, allowing free and natural movement. 
  • This shoe is flexible and super breathable, making it one of the best running shoes in India. 


Flexible and spacious. 



#2 – Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33 Running Shoes

running shoes in India

The second running shoe on our list is also one from Nike. This one is the Zoom Pegasus 33 which is again a favourite with most beginner runners.

  •  This is one of the best fitting and most comfortable shoes in India for running. 
  • The outer layer is like a mesh, which makes these shoes breathable for those sweaty runs, keeping your feet cool. 
  • They are very light in weight and the sole is well padded, making it great for novice runners.
  •  One thing to keep in mind is that the toe box is narrow, which might be a little uncomfortable if you have wide feet.


Lightweight and breathable. 


Not suitable for those with wide feet. 

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#3 – Puma Men’s 18877215 Running Shoes

Best running shoes in India

Shoes by Puma are popular because they are not as expensive as Nike but are designed quite well. 

  • We love these running shoes specifically designed for men, for the comfort they offer when we slip our feet in. 
  • We also love the fact that this shoe is well cushioned and pushes back gently when we run. 
  • This gives the runner optimum protection from injuries of the sole. The upper layers of the shoes are made of durable synthetic material and can be washed and maintained easily. 
  • The fit of the shoe is snug, so if you have narrow feet, you might want to size up. 
  • Though these shoes are priced moderately, do check online for better prices and good discounts.


Easy to maintain 

Moderately priced. 


Not suitable for those with narrow feet.  

#4 – Puma Unisex Running Shoes

running shoe brands in India

We have another one on the list for you from Puma, but this one is Unisex. In a combination of subtle and bright neon colours, this one is surely attractive. 

  • Like most Puma running shoes, these are also made of good quality synthetic that can be washed quickly and easily. 
  • These shoes have insoles that are well padded. We recommend these for moderate runners as these are low-ankle shoes with not much ankle support. 
  • These are also snug fitting so buy a size bigger if you have broad feet. 
  • The price is moderate and the shoes are good value for money. 


Good quality. 


Not suitable for those with narrow feet. 

#5 – Reebok Sweep Running Shoes

best shoes for running

A great pair of running shoes for mid-range runners is the Sweep runner by Reebok. Another famous brand, Reebok is known for making shoes that are comfortable, fit well and are super durable. 

  • The traction these shoes provide is amazing. 
  • The treads are designed to keep you stable on any terrain. 
  • They are also sensibly placed, making it easy to clean the sole of these shoes. The outer layer is a synthetic mesh, keeping the shoes breathable and your feet cool in the hottest of weathers. 
  • These shoes come in two colours for you to choose from. 


Sensibly priced. 


Not many colours. 

#6 – new balance Men’s Fresh Foam Arishiv2  Running Shoes

running shoe brands 2020

Utility meets style in the Fresh Foam Arishiv2 by New Balance. A name synonymous with quality and comfort, New Balance shoes are perfect for light or novice runners.

  •  This is a premium brand that focuses on giving the wearers optimum comfort, blended with style. 
  • The shoes are padded moderately, offering enough bounce and shock absorption for jogs. The fresh foam is bouncy and helps push back. 
  • The shoes have a breathable upper mesh to keep the feet from being too sweaty. 
  • They are available in several interesting colour combinations to choose from, our favourite is the Agave green. 
  • These shoes may not be a great option for professional or seasoned runners. 




Not for professionals. 

#7 – ASIAN Shoes Wonder-13

shoes for running

Shoes by the brand “Asian” are affordably, nominally priced. This is a great place to start for people who are considering the idea of running and don’t want to invest in the more expensive brands. 

  • These shoes offer basic comfort for light runners or joggers, with a cushioned sole that is soft. 
  • The outer layer is made of fabric that is breathable and will keep your feet comfortable. 
  • The sole has anti-skid grip, giving you enough confidence to run on slippery roads.
  •  The downside of these shoes is that they are not very flexible and might cause discomfort if you’re a heavy or aggressive runner, but it may not be a big issue if you just jog. 


Good for jogging. 


 May not be strong to withhold hardcore running.  

#-8 – Sparx Running Shoes

running shoe prices in India

Sparx running shoes are priced on the lower end but offer great value for money. They tick all the boxes assuring us that these are shoes that can be relied on for novice runners. 

  • We are impressed with the traction these shoes provide, which is quite important in instilling confidence in someone who is just exploring running on the streets. 
  • They come with a decent amount of cushioning. 
  • The outer layer is breathable and easily washable. They are quite durable and light in weight.  
  • These shoes look quite good and are a good buy in this price range. 




Not for professionals

#9 – Bourge Vega-1  Running Shoes

best shoes for running 2020

One of the brands trending in every online store is Bourge. 

  • Their range of Vega shoes is topping the lists everywhere for their design and utility. 
  • Designed to look like the flyknit shoes, these give great comfort to the wearer. 
  • They are super light in weight and hold the ankle well to give it a snug fit. 
  • Do keep in mind that these shoes can only be used for light jogs and not for heavy running as the cushioning they offer may not be sufficient. 
  • They are sold for pretty cheap and that is also one of the most attractive features of these shoes. 


Available for good prices. 


Not for heavy runners. 

# 10 –  Avant Running Shoes

top running shoe brands in 2020

We have another set of running shoes in the budget or low-price range and this one is by Avant. 

  • This is a running shoe you will easily fall in love with for the way it feels when you put it on. 
  • The sole is so comfortable and soft and the shoe is so light that this is enough motivation to get you up and out the door for your run. 
  • The construction of these shoes makes these surprisingly flexible as well. 
  • The top layers are made of breathable fabric that is fantastic if you are wearing this for long runs.  


Good for long runs. 



#11 – layasa Men’s Air Series Running Shoes

running shoes 2020

These running shoes by Layasa are a basic pair for light runners or joggers. 

  • Priced very cheap, these are good shoes to opt for if you run rarely. 
  • They are quite good looking and have quite a premium finish for the price they are sold at. 
  • They are sold in several colour combinations and most of them are attractive. 
  • These shoes have made it to our list because they offer good cushioning and a snug fit, great for a jog. 
  • They are also easy to maintain because of the upper layers that are made of synthetic. 
  • The toe box is narrow, so keep that in mind if you have wider feet. 


Comfortable because of synthetic material. 


Not for professional runners. 

So, that’s our tried and tested list of the best running shoes in India. We have given you lots of options along with a range of budgets to make it easy for you to choose the one that appeals to you the best. 

Shoes for running are important and hard to pick and we understand that. We have broken it down into all the factors that you are likely to consider. Have a look and pick the best running shoe.

How to choose a good running shoe? 

Here are a few expert pointers to keep in mind when you are looking for a pair of good running shoes:

  • Pronation: Different people run differently. It is a good idea to take a test to check how you pronate before choosing a pair of shoes
  • Get running shoes that have soles that are shock absorbant to avoid those sharp pains in your feet while running
  • If you are a serious and regular runner, getting a pair with ankle support is advisable
  • Pay attention to the width of the running shoe. If you have wide feet, narrower shoes will cause discomfort. 

Which is the best shoe for running? 

Although different brands can help you achieve your running goals, we have the verdict of the best brands for each requirement. Have a look!

Best Feature Best running shoes in 2020Price 
For professionals Reebok Sweep Runner
Rs. 2,299
For joggers Bourge Vega-1 

Rs. 599
Budget friendly  layasa Air Series
Rs. 474
Expensive/ Good qualityPuma Unisex Running Shoes

Rs. 959
Best running shoe for womenAvant running shoes 
Rs. 499
Best running shoe for men new balance Men’sFresh Foam Arishiv2 
Rs. 3,129
Easy maintenance Nike RN Flyknit 2017
Rs. 3,983

Though there are shoes in different budgets, the more expensive ones sold by reputed brands might last a long time and give you more comfort. This is because these companies invest in research to improve every new design of theirs. They can also withstand more wear and tear. However, at the end of the day, it bottles down to your budget and what you are comfortable spending.

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