13 Best Safe Lockers For Home In India 2021

If you’re appalled at all the robberies we’ve been recently coming across in the news, and you’re wondering which safe locker to buy, you’ve landed in the right place. Check out our list of the Best Safe Lockers For Home In India.

The Indian market is flooded with various brands and types of safety lockers, making big promises, that frankly make it difficult to choose the right one. And you MUST choose the right one because this is a matter of safeguarding important documents and other valuables.

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After having reviewed 100 safe lockers for home in India based on various factors like, design, effectiveness, materials, price and much more; my team and I found 13 that really stood out. These 13 were put through a series of stress tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best safe locker for home in India is Godrej Security Solutions Forte Pro Safe Lockers. Godrej Lockers are the gold standard when it comes to home security. These safe lockers are made from strong steel and can be bolted into any space. Most importantly, these safe lockers need a secure 4-6 digit password and will freeze after 4 wrong attempts.

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Best Safe Lockers For Home

A good safe locker should be made of the durable, rust-free exterior, which is a given. It should be fire-proof and water-resistant to protect against natural calamities. Having one that can be hidden or bolted down gives it better security as a burglar cannot run away with it.

With advanced technology, we have safe lockers that are password and biometric-enabled which heighten the security. Overall, it should give you peace of mind and a good night’s sleep!

Like you, we were also overwhelmed with options. We started with researching what makes a good safe locker, the different sizes available, their durability, the technology used and what could possibly fail in them. We then tested out some of the best safe lockers for homes in India and listed them down for you. 

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Safe lockers for home in India FeaturesLink
Godrej Solutions Long-lasting steelLink
Amazon Basics Can be mounted on a wallLink
Godrej security solutions In solid colors Link
Savya home securityLightweight and portable Link
Godrej E laptopSoft fabric Link
Armour Sturdy and long lasting Link
Amazon Basics Biometric StylishLink
Godrej Access SEEC9060Enhanced battery life Link

Top Safe Locker Brands In India 2021

Godrej Security Solutions Forte Pro Safe Lockers

Best safe lockers for home in India

One of the oldest and most trusted brands in India for safe lockers, almirahs, locks and everything else related to safety and security, Godrej has established itself as the gold standard. It’s one of the Best Safe Lockers For Home In India.

  • The Forte Pro is the first one we’ve chosen to review for our list. A very classy looking safe locker, this one is electronic and requires a 4-6 digit password. It freezes after 4 wrong attempts which makes it very secure. 
  • The locking mechanism is motorised. It indicates when the battery is low but the memory holds on to the password even when there is no charge. 
  • Made of heavy and long-lasting steel, this can be bolted into or bolted down in a space of your choice.

Its password mechanism makes it even safer. 

It comes with a low-battery reminder which gives you time to recharge before the locker dies down. 


The price of this safe locker is a bit higher compared to the other lockers that come under Godrej. 

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Godrej Security Solutions Taurus Electronic Safe locker

Best safe lockers for houses in india

The second one on our list is again one from Godrej, the Taurus. 

  • Another password protected system with a motorised locking mechanism, this safe also has a non-volatile memory that protects it even when there is no charge left. 
  • Manufactured from sturdy steel, this ivory-coloured safe locker looks neat and can be bolted down inside a cupboard.
  •  It comes with a back-up physical key to override the password if required. The manual it comes with makes it very easy to set up and use. 


 The physical key comes as a relief if you ever forget your password. 

It is sturdy and strongly built with steel. 

Protection is secure even if there is no charge.

Can be an attachment to another physical entity in your household.  


The price of the safe locker is slightly high. 

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AmazonBasics Home Safe Lockers

Best safe locker for home 2020

A huge safe with a capacity of 50 litres, this is sold for almost the same price as much smaller Godrej safe lockers in the market. Amazon has been making waves with its recent range of Amazon Basics products which are focussed on providing value for money, and their safe lockers are no exception. 

  • This one is made from strong carbon steel and fitted with a password protected lock plus live door bolts that can’t be pried open easily. 
  • The safe has a shelf installed for convenience and lined with carpet for safeguarding items from scratches. 
  • This safe locker weighs 18kg and can be mounted on a wall or bolted down to a table or shelf. 


The capacity this safe locker can hold is massive which gives you the option of storing as many valuables as you need. 

It stays safe from external harm. 


Since it is heavy it cannot be shifted from one place to another for your convenience. 

Godrej Security Solutions Goldilocks safe locker

best safe lockers in india 2020

Godrej is a sleek, smart-looking safe locker designed to be moved around.

  •  Sold in some lovely colors, these are an accessory in an office or your home or in your car when you’re traveling.
  •  The unique feature of the safe locker is the alarm that goes off when someone tries to walk off with it or tamper the lock. 
  • Even though the safe locker is compact and portable, there is no compromise on the material used and the security system. 
  • This operates with a smart touch illuminated keypad, requiring a password. It also has an additional wire lock facility, so it can be locked down to a place if you want.
  •  Weighing around 5 kg, this is one of the most convenient lockers we’ve seen in the market. 


Convenient in all sense and is portable. 


The price is a bit higher given its extraordinary features. 

Savya Home Security safe lockers

Best safe locker for home ,

Another brand that is slowly but surely establishing itself in the Indian market with its low-price home security products is Savya. 

  • They have a range of safety lockers right from the basic physical key and a password operated one to the ones that are biometric operated, and the price varies accordingly. 
  • These safe lockers can be either wall-mounted or bolted down. 
  • The password is allowed to be incorrectly entered thrice after which it automatically freezes.
  •  This is a small-sized compact safe and it’s lined with fabric to safeguard delicate valuables. 


 It has a wide range of varieties which helps you choose from. 

It is portable 


Since it is lightweight and portable, heavy valuables like metal and jewelry cannot be stored 

Godrej Security Solutions E-Laptop Pro Electronic Safe locker

Safety locker for jewellery ,

The next one on our list is the E-Laptop Pro, which is made from steel and operates with a digital locking mechanism. 

  • We think this is called E-Laptop because it’s spacious enough to fit a large laptop! 
  • This is a highly advanced safe that requires a 3-6 digit passcode to open. 
  • It has an auto freeze mechanism where the safe won’t open if the wrong password is entered a few times (Can be unfrozen by using a master password). Though it works on battery, it has a non-volatile memory that prevents the password from getting erased when there is no charge. 
  • The inside is fitted with a soft fabric to prevent abrasion of items placed. This can be bolted into a cupboard or on a bench. With a low battery indicator and a USB data retrieval, this is probably one of the safest lockers for a home in India. 


The soft fabric inside the safe locker allows delicate valuables to be placed. 

It is spacious. 


Since it runs on battery it can run out of power soon. 

Armour Mechanical Safe Top Open safe loc

Money locker for home ,

Armour electronics has been in the market for several years manufacturing high-quality safe lockers for both homes as well as commercial use, in different sizes and specifications. 

  • The one we tested is a basic, mechanical safe that can be opened using a high precision physical key. 
  • Priced on the higher side, this safe locker is made out of long-lasting steel with a premium finish.
  •  It’s large enough to fit documents and other valuables and can be nailed to a wall or fixed into a cupboard. It has a two-lock pry-safe mechanism. 


 It is made out of steel which makes it sturdy and long-lasting. 


 The presence of a physical key and lack of digital security. 

It is a pricey compared to other safe lockers 

AmazonBasics Biometric Fingerprint safe locker

Best brands of safe locker for home,

Another top-notch product from the Amazon Basics range is the safe locker that uses Biometric fingerprint recognition to gain access into. 

  • Priced higher than the safes that use a password, this is worth the price for the added security. 
  • Made out of sleek black tough carbon steel, this has a premium finish and is fitted with a shelf inside for convenience. 
  • Can store up to 50 fingerprints which make this great to be used in a house or office. There is a back-up key given in case of biometric failure or lock-out. Like the other safes in the Amazon range, this can be bolted down or wall mounted as well


It is made in a sturdy fashion and allows heavy valuables to be stored. 

The feature allowing 50 fingerprints makes it easier to be accessed at home among family members. 


Price is higher. 

Godrej Security Solutions Access SEEC9060 safe locker

Best brands of safe locker for home 2020,

Like all other Godrej products we’ve tested, the Access SEEC9060 also has a smooth finish and made out of durable quality steel.

  • With a small capacity of 8 litres and weighing only around 5 kg, this is a compact safe locker that can be hidden inside a wardrobe or an almirah.
  • This functions with a 3-6 digit password and auto-locks if the wrong digits are entered consecutively 4 times, which assures us that it is very secure.
  • There is a master password and key to retrieve the same when that happens.
  • With enhanced battery life and non-volatile memory in case of battery shut down, motorised locks and an inner carpet lining, this lives up to the same standards as the other lockers in Godrej’s range.  


The battery life is strong with non-volatile memory.


Though its compact it does not allow heavy metals.

Armour Mechanical Safe Wardro Series safe locker

Top safe locker brands for home in india ,

The Wardro safe locker is another well-made product by Armour. 

  • Opened with high precision, computerised key, this locker weighs around 18 kg. Armour promises to customise these safes if required. 
  • By default, they come with a removable shelf to make space. 
  • There are pre-drilled holes at the bottom for bolting down the safe or wall mounting it. The hinges are concealed
  •  Though it’s a basic looking safe, this has a premium finish and does the job of safe-keeping well. 


The removable shelf makes it more spacious. 


The price is slightly on the higher side. 

Iktu Jumbo XXL Book Style Safe Locker 

safe lockers in india

Iktu makes unique looking products for safekeeping. 

  • The Jumbo XXL Book Style Locker is, as the name indicates, designed to look like a book that can be placed in your bookshelf without attracting unnecessary attention. This is a metal safe placed inside a book cover. 
  • Priced nominally, this is apt for storing small items like a wallet, passport, small pieces of jewellery and other documents safely. 
  • This opens with a physical key.
  •  Since it’s light and portable, you can put it in your bag and carry it with you when you travel or place it in your car. 


 It camouflages the safe locker which makes it even safer. 

Nominally priced. 


It may not be as spacious. 

Fariox Hidden Secret Book Safe Vault 

best safe lockers india 2020

Another ingenious safe designed to not attract any attention is the book safe sold by Fariox. 

  • Designed with the cover of a dictionary, this perfectly fits into your bookshelf or can be placed on your table or inside a draw.
  •  This is small-sized and apt for those small items like your passport and some cash.
  •  The compact size and the book cover make this perfect to be put into your handbag and carried around. 
  • You can choose from different colours and this comes with two high precision keys. 


The creative exterior of the safe locker makes it hard for intruders to recognize. 


Being too compact, it can’t store more valuables. 

Plantex mini safe locker for home

safe locker brands in india for home

The high grade steel that this safe locker is made of is what makes us vouch for this particular safe locker.

  • It is made up of multiple coating that makes the surface not easy to destroy which means this will remain intact for a long time.
  • This safe locker can be used for various aspects like jewellery, money and other valuables.
  • This safe locker can be attached anywhere without destructing the wall or any other surface.


The safe locker is capable of storing any number of valuables in it.



Top Safe Locker Brands For Homes In India 

Best Safe Lockers To Keep Money 

Godrej Security Solutions Forte 40 Steel Safe locker
Godrej Security Solutions New Stilo Electronic Safe locker
Godrej E-Laptop Pro Electronic Safe locker
AmazonBasics Security safe locker

Best Safe Lockers To Keep Papers & Documents 

Godrej Superia Safe Lockers 
Stilo Safe Lockers 

Best Safe Lockers For Metal And Other jewellery 

AmazonBasics Fire resistant safe locker
Godrej Centiguard Safe locker 
Godrej security fort safe locker 

How To Choose The Best Safe Lockers for Home in India?

Safe Lockers have become a necessity. Especially with the rise in crime across India. However, choosing the right one is dependent on various factors. Just because a locker looks sturdy does not mean it can protect your valuables. These factors will help your make a better decision and choose the best safe locker for your needs.


  • The size of the safe locker is extremely important. Unless your planning on storing bricks of gold, you really won’t need a massive commercial safe locker. Even the small ones might not be perfect as they won’t be able to prevent people from just stealing the safe itself.
  • Ideally, you should invest in a small to medium-sized safe locker that can be bolted into the wall. This will not only ensure security but you will also have enough space for important documents and other valuable belongings.


  • When it comes to lockers for home, you can find not only various sizes but you also find manual key based lockers, dial lockers and even electronics safes. While each has it’s benefits, an electronic safe is perfect when it comes to securing valuables at home.
  • Other than being password operated, these electronic safes even connect to your mobile phones giving you much more control over your locker. It also freezes if the wrong code is punch in. It’s relatively much safer than a key-based home locker.

Is a home safe a good idea?

It depends on what you are trying to secure and keep safe. While some are invested in keeping valuables like money and other jewelry safe, there are others who keep it for documents and such. If you are investing in a safe locker make sure all your requirements have those respective features to support them and keep your home safe. The above list has every feature that makes up for a good safe locker that you can keep at home.  

These are the safest lockers that we have gathered for you. We hope you find solace by choosing the perfect one for you.

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