14 Top Safety Shoes In India 2021

Is there anything more important than safety?

 I don’t think so! 

If you work in an environment that’s unsafe or hazardous, you definitely need a good pair of safety shoes. 

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Hillson Nucleus ISI Marked Safety Shoe Link
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Top Safety Shoes In India 2021

Consider factors like the kind of environment you work in and the material that’s around you. 

Do you have heavy objects or do you work with chemicals? 

Do you work with electrical instruments or volatile material? 

Are there sharp objects like glass and metal? 

Safety shoes don’t have to be bulky and purely functional! There are plenty of brands in the Indian market that keep your priority for aesthetics and comfort in mind and focus on making attractive looking shoes that are cushioned well to keep your feet pain-free at the end of a long day.

Safety shoes are something you certainly must not compromise on and we know that with a large number of safety shoe brands and types available in India, it can get a little confusing choosing the perfect ones for you. That is why we have taken the time out and listed the best safety shoes in India.

Best Brands of Safety Shoes in India

#1–Hillson Nucleus ISI Marked Safety Shoe

best safety shoes in india

A brand with one of the oldest marks of industrial standards in the country, the ISI, this is easily one of the best safety shoes you can find in India.

This particular pair can be called an “all-rounder”. It’s very comfortable for long hours of wear, stationary as well as on the move.

This is an excellent choice if you work in a place with heavy machinery and tools, as it has a steel reinforced toe section for protection.

There is a double density sole which keeps the feet cool in the heat and warm in the cold. An essential benefit is the protection from acid and oil spills. 

Pros Cons
Great for intense workers who need protection. Not easily available.

#2–Bata Industrials BS 2013

safety shoes in india

When a brand internationally reputed for making safe and comfortable footwear makes industrial-grade safety shoes, we have to check them out! These stay true to the belief we have in Bata.

These amazing looking shoes are made of good quality material that’s abrasion-resistant. This is important for a long life as we don’t want scratches on the outer material that might result in tears.

The shoe also has comfortable support for the arch which is required for long hours of wear.

These shoes are safe for wearing in areas that might have chemical and oil spills. An added benefit is the anti-skid sole and the steel toe insert. 

Pros Cons
Lasts longExpensive

#3–Allen Cooper 1156

safety shoes for men

Priced in the same range as Bata and Hillson, Allen Cooper is well-known among the safety shoe brands in India.

Features offered are similar to the ones offered by the other two but these shoes look so good that they can pass off as casual wear shoes!

The breathable fabric lining keeps the feet comfortable in any temperature. The toe is steel lined to protect from injuries caused by heavy stuff falling.

The shoes are chemical and oil resistant plus anti-slip, which makes them the perfect choice for any kind of workplace. These are also ISI marked. 

Pros Cons
Resistant to oil and dustNone.

#4–ACME Ketone Leather Safety Shoes 

safety shoe prices in india

ACME ketone shoes are lighter than other safety shoes in the Indian market. Made from good quality buffalo leather, these not only look very good but are also known to be durable and last a long time.

These are electric shock resistant, which is crucial if you work with explosives or volatile material.

They also come with a wide steel toe cap to prevent injuries from heavy objects falling on the feet. CE and ISI certified, and made with double density PU sole, these are light and comfortable for long hours of wear. 

Pros Cons
Prevents foot from serious injuries.Expensive.

#5–Tiger Men’s Low Ankle Lorex Steel Toe

best quality safety shoe brands in india

Tiger has nailed it with the Lorex: A pair of boots that are light-weight, water-resistant and have an oil proof, anti-slip and puncture-proof sole, resistant against electric shock plus look really good! This isn’t all.

The boots are also fitted with steel toe caps for extra protection.

Priced very economically offering all the features they do, these boots are a good choice for anybody working in unsafe environments.

Tiger is a brand by Mallcom which is an established Indian manufacturer of personal protective equipment.  

Pros Cons
Great choice for everybody. Might not be durable

#6–Timberwood Steel Toe 

top brands for safety shoes in india

Light-weight shoes that are equipped with steel toe protection and designed to look like top quality boots, these shoes are a blend of style and safety.

Available in two shades – brown and tan, these are priced quite nominally as well. They are made of durable material and an anti-skid sole.

The inner portion of the shoe is lined with fabric that keeps the feet cool by allowing good air circulation.

Pros Cons
AffordableQuality might not last long

#7–Udenchi UD2709 Industrial Safety Shoes

top safety shoe brands in india

Designed to look like a pair of casual shoes that can be worn with jeans and a tee, these shoes are an instant hit with people of all ages! But, don’t let the appearance fool you!

These shoes are very effective in protecting you from heavy and sharp objects with the steel toe caps and the puncture-proof sole.

The added benefit is the comfortable insole that’s fantastic for long hours of walking or climbing on rough terrains as well.

Available in three colours and priced competitively, this emerging brand is a good choice for those who like some style.

Pros Cons
Works gently on the feet for long hours. Not easily available

#8–Karam Leather Safety Shoes 

latest safety shoe brands and prices

Made with anti-abrasion material, these shoes are meant to last long as they do resist tear from scratches.

These are durable inside and out with the high-quality leather exterior and the fabric-lined interior.

Priced on the higher side, these shoes are well-equipped to protect you from electric shocks, oil and chemical spills.

Like all other premium safety shoe manufacturers, these are also fitted with a steel toe cap for protection.

Made with single density PU sole, these are light and comfortable to be worn for long durations. Designed to look sleek and neat, these go well with regular workwear. 

Pros Cons
Very fashionableNot all sizes available

#9–Allen Cooper 1008 Hi-Ankle safety shoes

what are safety shoes

Another one in the Allen Cooper range of safety shoes, the 1008 Hi-Ankle is an excellent pick if you walk a lot on rugged areas and require extra support for the ankles.

The brand is slightly more expensive but well worth the price for the premium look. Like the other shoes offered by the brand, these are also oil and acid resistant and are fitted with steel toe caps for protection.

These are lined with high-quality fabric that’s breathable and keeps the feet cool. They weigh a little more than other shoes but they are well cushioned for hours of extended wear.  

Pros Cons
Very comfortable.Expensive

#10–Hillson Beston safety shoes

top safety shoes in india

Hillson brings us another top-notch product in its range of safety shoes.

The Beston is budget-friendly with all the features vital for protection in unsafe work environments.

Lined with fabric that keeps the feet cool, these shoes are fantastic for daily rough wear.

They are quite light with steel toe protection and are oil and water-resistant. These anti-skid shoes are durable and proven to last long, which is amazing for the price they are sold at! 

#11–Keen Utility Men’s Detroit safety shoes

safety shoes india 2020

A premium brand and priced accordingly, these shoes are the best if you want comfort and style. Made out of waterproof leather, these are perfect for any kind of work terrain.

These high-ankle shoes are well cushioned to offer your ankles good support for long hours of movement in uneven places.

They are also fitted with dual density EVA foam for shock absorption from running or sudden jerks. These oil-resistant shoes offer great traction and are long-lasting, so don’t need a replacement for years together. This brand makes shoes that are slightly wider for added comfort. 

Pros Cons
Very good quality. None.

#12–Eego Italy Genuine Leather Light Weight Men’s Steel Toe

safety shoe brands in india

Another premium brand, Eego Italy makes attractive-looking shoes out of high-quality leather and lines them with good quality breathable fabric for extended hours of usage.

The sole is made with rubber and is anti-skid. The steel toe protection is an essential and useful feature.

A setback for this shoe is that it is not waterproof and may be unsuitable to be worn in the rain or if you work in a wet place. 

Pros Cons
Waterproof shoe None

#13–MANSLAM Black Leather Steel Toe

why you need a safety shoe

Made from top quality leather and stitched well, these very nice-looking and long-lasting safety shoes are a good option for those who like soft and flexible, yet protective footwear.

They do feel slightly bulky but that’s not a deal-breaker because of the comfort they provide. These are excellent for daily rough wear. Fitted with steel toe insert to shield the feet, these are also anti-skid and perfect for any kind of ground. 

Pros Cons
Great for every day use. Can be a little bulky

#14–Aktion Safety Genuine Leather Shoes

latest brands of safety shoes in india

The flexible leather and cambrelle lining make these safety shoes a superb option for everyday wear in warm and humid places.

They boast of using material that is antifungal, anti-bacterial and anti-odour! Priced slightly lower than other premium safety shoe brands, these offer value for money with the steel toe protection, oil and chemical resistant exterior.

The foam used for the sole gives good cushioning, reducing the ache from walking in shoes all day long.

They also look good and are stamped with the ISI mark for the guarantee of safety. 

Great protection for toes and feetNone

Types of safety shoes

Safety shoes are a huge part of of maintaining security in dangerous environments. But that it does have a classification under it that helps out people with different needs. Here are the types of safety shoes. 

  • Toed safety shoes 

This is as simple as the name itself. The safety shoe covers your toes allowing nothing to damage the edge of your feet. 

  • Steel insole safety shoes 

These shoes are for the riders and truck drivers who have slight movements of their feet. Since the insole is strong, it does not allow strain on your feet in any way. 

  • Metal instep shoes 

The instel shoes protects your upper leg and reduces strain. If you are someone who does manual work, this is for you. 

  • Electric hazard shoes 

Like the name suggests, this is for those who work in power supplies. It can protect you from electrical shocks. 

Can safety shoes damage your feet?

Although it is true that wearing a safety shoe for too long can cause issues for your feet, it depends on the quality of your safety shoe as well. It also depends on the size of the shoes. Make sure that your toes are not held against your shoe too much. 

Change your safety shoes once in a while and experiment with the quality of shoes until you find the one. 

Do you need a Safety Shoe? 

The need is very subjective to how you endure using your feet all day. And even if you get away with it, how do you do it in style? Read ahead and discover if you have to reconsider your shoe choices or turn to a safety shoe brand. 

#1– Exposure to harmful environment

It is a statistical fact that people face accidents in their workplace due to lack of safety footwear. Choosing a safety shoe is an investment which is gratitude for your feet. 

If you work in an exposed environment with glass pieces, sharp objects and other harmful obstacles just laying there, you need to get yourself a pair of safety shoes. 

#2– Easy to move around

Safety shoes are a must-have for people who walk a long way on a daily basis and need to save their shoes the burden of wearing off. In this case, buying a safety shoe tackles your hassle of buying a new pair of shoes every other month as safety shoes are durable. 


Going places means your choice of shoes have to be precise, otherwise your exploring will go stunt. Safety shoes allow you to be the perfect traveller with absolutely nothing to worry about. Hiking will be a piece of cake! 

If you want to do some hardcore hiking we would suggest some top quality running shoes.

So there!

Here’s everything you need to know about safety shoes, which ones to get and why you need them. We hope you gained some insight on the safety shoes in India!

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