Best Smart Doorbell Cameras In India 2021

If you’re rating the most important thing for a human being, it’s safety. You’ll agree that that’s the most basic, raw need of a living being, everything else is a necessity only after a person feels secure. 

Best Doorbell Cameras 2020

As our family grows and we build our houses, we start worrying about the safety of our homes. One way of ensuring the safety of our home and family is by fitting in a good security system, one that is efficient and never fails on us. What better way to start nurturing our home than by incorporating a smart doorbell camera to be alert at all times. If you’re fairly new to this system, fret not. We have covered the best smart doorbell cameras in India to make your search easier. 

Features of doorbell cameras

There are different features in the doorbell cameras manufactured these days.

-Wifi or wired connected doorbell cameras  

– phone or tablet connected doorbell cameras

–  Interactive doorbell cameras( you can speak to the person on the other side of the door.) 

This article will review the best smart doorbell cameras available in the Indian market so that you can make the right choice for your home.  

Best Brands Of Smart Doorbells India

#1–Panasonic Smart Doorbell Cameras

doorbell camera in india

Panasonic is a well-known name in the world of electronics, something that you can trust and rely on to give you efficient products. 

  • The smart doorbell camera system from Panasonic comes with a 5.2 inch LCD screen that can be fitted inside the house plus a wireless handset that also has a screen that is 2 inches wide that can be carried around to different parts of the house. 
  • This feature can be very convenient to monitor visitors when you’re busy in a different part of the house. 
  • Panasonic also comes with a high-resolution night-vision camera and the provision to store up to 400 images.
  •  These doorbell cameras are sold at a premium but they are worth the money.  


  • Wireless handset that can be carried around the house
  • High-resolution night vision camera. 



#2–Godrej Solus Smart Doorbell Cameras

doorbell cameras in India

Godrej is a brand that has established a name for itself in providing reliable security solutions for people in India through the years. 

  • The doorbells by this familiar brand operate at 220-240 volts and are equipped with a 4.3 inch colored indoor monitor. 
  • There is an intercom that is 2-way for interactive audio communication with the visitor on the other side of the door.
  •  The outdoor unit is weatherproof and “vandal-resistant”, which means it is strong. – There is an LED that makes viewing at night clearer. 
  • Additionally, there is a Do Not Disturb function in this system. This system supports two door stations for complete security.
  •  Godrej does free installations even when you buy this system online. 


  • Comes with a Do Not Disturb function in the system. 
  • You get free installations from Godrej. 


Not portable. 

#3–August Smart Doorbell Cameras

Best doorbell camera brands in India

One of the most technically advanced systems available in the Indian market, the smart doorbell cameras by August are designed to also look sleek and modern.

  •  These are equipped with very efficient motion sensors that detect even the tiniest bit of movement and floodlights that light up to provide good night vision. 
  • They use wifi to connect and can be fully controlled with an android or iOS device. 
  • The app gives you a real-time update on whatever is going on at your home. 
  • These are easy to install. 
  • The quality of images and voice is top-notch. 
  • It is to be noted that these devices are quite expensive but offer the quality and durability for the money we pay. 


  • Good quality 
  • App gives real-time updates
  • Suitable for Android and iOS
  • Floodlights for night vision. 



#4–CP Plus Smart Doorbell Camera

doorbells for home in India

CP plus doorbell camera systems are wired devices that come with a 7 inch colored LCD display. 

  • The system is simple to install and can be done without an expert. 
  • The outer device is small and slim and will not take away the beauty of your exterior wall. 
  • It’s also weatherproof and vandal-resistant. 
  • The camera is quite sharp and the images shot during the day are of high quality. 
  • The night vision is also relatively good and clear. 
  • The bell function works efficiently and is quite loud. 
  • These systems are priced moderately but we suggest that you look online for good discounts. 


  • Good camera quality
  • Weather-proof


Not portable 

#5–AViS Smart Doorbell Cameras

doorbell prices in India

AViS smart doorbell camera systems are to be connected and can be operated through your mobile phone. 

  • You can monitor, unlock and communicate through your iOS or Android enabled device. 
  • Since they are connected through wi-fi and can be accessed via a mobile device, you can keep an eye on your home even while you’re away. 
  • You can click pictures or record videos of your visitors and these can be stored on your mobile device. 
  • The outdoor unit has a rain protective cover that ensures that it is weatherproof. 
  • The night vision is quite clear as well. 
  • These systems come with a one year warranty.


  • Can be accessed on a mobile phone. 
  • Protected from rain. 



#6–MOUNTDOG Smart Doorbell Cameras

Best doorbell camera with audio

The excellent smart doorbell camera systems by Mountdog are wifi enabled and can be connected to your mobile phone or tablet through an app.

  •  This makes it super convenient for you to monitor your home and visitors no matter where you are. 
  • You can also access the 2-way communication system through your phone to speak to your visitor and let them know you’re away. 
  • It comes with a 16 GB storage card and free storage on the cloud for 7 days. 
  • You’re also given two rechargeable batteries for the system. 
  • The lens is wide-angled for an all-rounded coverage. 
  • The night vision is clear and it comes with an LED that turns on automatically.  


  • Can be easily accessed. 
  • Great storage space. 



#6–Takefuns Smart Doorbell Cameras

smart doorbells in india

Takefuns smart doorbell cameras are fitted with microphones and a noise cancellation system that enables you to talk to the visitor on the other side. 

  • You can connect through wifi to your mobile gadget and access it from anywhere. 
  • It supports both Android as well as iOS operating systems. 
  • There is a motion sensor built into this device that alerts you by sending a notification as soon as it detects some movement in the vicinity or when someone touches the button to request access.
  •  The wide-angle lens is great for viewing around to a greater degree. 


  • Motion detector present. 
  • Wide-angle lens. 



#7–IFITech Smart Doorbell Cameras

best doorbell camera in India

IFITech smart doorbell cameras are powered by batteries and consume very low power. – –   The cameras are high definition, have a wide-angle lens and offer exceptional quality of images. 

  • You can connect this to multiple mobile devices for easy access by everyone in your family. 
  • This system supports a storage card up to 32 GB. 
  • The systems record when it is active and stops when it is dormant. 
  • The doorbell sound is quite loud. 
  • Communication can be held two-way here. 
  • The downside to this system is that it is not waterproof, hence it should be installed in a place that is covered and shielded from the rain. 


  • Two-way communication 
  • Accessible on multiple devices. 


Not waterproof. 

#8–BEESCLOVER Smart Doorbell Cameras

video camera doorbells in india

The smart doorbell cameras by Beesclover are wireless and easy to install.

  •  They provide images of high clarity and a two-way audio communication system that is connected using wifi.
  •  This is powered by a battery and does not consume much power. 
  • You can connect this to the mobile phone or tablet you use every day and carry with you everywhere to monitor your home and control it using the app. 
  • The system allows you to store your data on the cloud for 7 days free of cost.
  •  The motion detectors work excellently, waking up to even the slightest of movement. 


-High clarity camera quality. 

Sensitive to even the slightest movement. 



#9–Auxtron Smart Doorbell Cameras

doorbell camera for home

Operated by batteries and very easy to install, Auxtron smart doorbell cameras are a good choice for your home. 

  • They are equipped with a 3.5 inch LCD display to view the person on the other side of the door.
  •  The lens is wide-angle to 120 degrees and the IR night vision cameras work well. 
  • There is a DND function that gives you silence and privacy when you want it. It clicks pictures automatically when someone rings the doorbell and stores the data up to 32 GB. 
  • The doorbell comes with 32 pleasant ringtones for you to take your pick. 


  • Comes with 32 different ringtones, 


  • Expensive.

Smart Doorbell Cameras In India 2020

Smart doorbell cameras are a good start to being aware of the person on the other side of the door. To explain it in simple words, these are doorbells which have a camera attached. You can view the feed on the other side or on your mobile phone or tablet using internet connectivity. Considering these factors here are the prime reasons why you should have a smart doorbell camera. 

  • Safety

The mere fact that you need to stay in your own home in peace. This way you not only have control within the house but you’re constantly alert on potential visitors. 

  • Better than normal doorbells

Regular doorbells are old news. You have to open the door to know who it is! 

With smart doorbell cameras, it keeps you posted of ongoings outdoors. It is perfect to steer clear from burglars and suspicious visitors. 

  • Communication 

Not only does it give you a preview of the visitor but it also allows you to communicate from within your confines to the person outside your door. 

  • Move away from home in peace

With wireless smart doorbell cameras, leaving home is no longer nerve-wracking. You can travel the world and still know your home is safe! 

Types Of Doorbell Cameras In India

Smart doorbells with cameras do not come cheap. They can, in fact, be considered an important investment. But, with proper research, you can choose one that will last a long time, has suitable features, works well and make sure you get the value for the money you spend on it. 

Can a doorbell camera actually make you safer?

Yes. Knowing that nobody is going to enter your house unannounced is definitely a relief. But feeling completely safe depends on a lot of other factors like the features of the doorbell camera. 

If your doorbell camera has recording, this means that you have accountability and everything that happens at your house is a source of proof which you can use at a given point of time. 

Can doorbell cameras be hacked?

Like other devices that are vulnerable of being hacked, the ring doorbell cameras has exposed itself to several instances of getting hacked. So if you are installing a doorbell camera at your house make sure it is protected by a professional in terms of security. 

Are doorbell cameras worth it?

It is a good investment is you are living in an unsafe environment. It is completely normal to feel paranoid in situations where you know you are in danger’s way. Having a doorbell camera is a great investment to make just to keep the paranoia away and settled. 

Are cheap video doorbells any good?

Depends on the quality of the smart doorbell camera. There are tons of doorbell cameras that are cheap both in quality and in price and that’s no good! Make sure your investment is on par with the quality of your smart doorbell. According to us, if you are investing in a doorbell camera, we suggest you go for the best and make use of it accordingly. 

Do doorbell cameras record all the time?

Not all doorbell cameras record time. You need to choose them according to the features listed above. Some of the doorbell cameras have the option to record real-time and can even provide you with footages which can serve as proof. 

Our recommendation:

Choose a system that will allow you to keep an eye on your home even while you’re away.

Doorbell systems that allow you to record clips and store them on the cloud that can be played back will come in extremely handy in case there’s an emergency. 

The system must be easy to install and should preferably be compatible with the existing electronic devices you use so that you don’t have to get new ones, adding to the cost and hassle. 

It’s also a good idea to get one that works on motion sensors so that they increase the security of your home. 

Features like efficient night vision and a wide-angle camera are good add-ons as well. 

Of course, at the end of the day, your budget plays an important role here. 

Whatever your preferences may be, we strongly suggest that you do opt for a doorbell camera as these days, these are a must-have for a peaceful night’s rest.

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