14 Best Sulphate Free Shampoo in India 2021

That lovely lather from your fragrant shampoo – the one that gives you the squeaky clean feeling, is thanks to those horrid sulphates. Sulphates are basically detergents that help clean your hair, washing away the dirt, grime and pollution. There is one problem though. These sulphates also wash away the natural oil produced by your scalp that is essential for scalp and hair health. They make the hair dry and brittle, cause breakage and hair loss. Now that we’ve scared you enough, you are probably wondering how to find the best sulphate-free shampoos.

Well, we’ve made that easier for you by listing down in detail, the best sulphate free shampoos in India:

Top Suphate Free Shampoo in India

#1- WOW Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo

suphate free shampoo in India

WOW hair care products, especially the shampoos and conditioners are the best selling products online and that’s no surprise, really. 

  • With pure Himalayan apple cider vinegar to clean your hair, remove build-up and prep your hair and scalp for conditioning and hair masks, minus harmful sulphates that can dry and damage your hair, you know this has gotta be a good one. 
  • The shampoo acts as a detox for your scalp, getting rid of grime and keeping dandruff and scalp infections away. 
  • It also makes the hair bouncy and voluminous, while taming the frizz and nourishing the hair. 
Concentrated with natural apple cider vinegar.None.

#2- Tresemme Pro Protect

top sulphate free shampoo in India

The common misconception is that for a sulphate free shampoo, you gotta look for special brands. These days, keeping in tune with what the market demands, a lot of professional brands have their own line of sulphate free shampoos. 

  • The Tresemme pro protect is one such shampoo by the professionally used shampoo brand and is something that we liked instantly. 
  • With Moroccan Argan oil as its active ingredient, this gentle shampoo moisturises the hair and makes it soft, bouncy and silky. 
  • The strands are visibly healthier, glossier and it gets easier to detangle your hair. 
Retains moisture in coloured hair.None.

#3- L’Oreal Paris Xtenso Care

shampoos without suphate in India

Does a sulphate free shampoo have to actually burn a hole in your pocket while you protect your hair? Thankfully, no! Like we already discovered, there are plenty of mass producing brands that are now making sulphate free shampoos that are readily available in the market. While these are definitely more expensive than their sulphate filled counterparts, they are certainly cheaper than the other “specialist” or exotic brands in the market. 

  • L’Oreal Paris has quite a few sulphate free shampoos but our pick is the Xtenso Care. 
  • The reason is that this is specially meant for damaged hair and therefore contains absolutely no harsh ingredients. 
  • It is super gentle and very hydrating to help your hair recover. 
Works well on all hair types.Costly.

#4- Mamaearth Onion shampoo

organic shampoo in India

Think of the Mamaearth Onion Shampoo as the traditional shampoo your grandmother made for you to wash your hair as a child. 

  • With all pure and natural ingredients, where sulphates or other chemicals simply don’t have the chance to sneak in, this shampoo is like gentle care for your hair. 
  • Onions and onion oil are like a miraculous medicine for your hair and scalp. 
  • They boost circulation, improve hair strength, build elasticity, lessen hair loss and as a result, give you thicker hair. 
  • Along with it, this shampoo also has panthenol to add moisture, plant keratin to add strength and vitamin E for nourishment. 
Reduce hair fall.None.

#5- StBotanica Moroccan Argan shampoo

best suphate free shampoo

Before we talk about what is “in” the bottle, can we take a couple of moments to gush over how gorgeous the packaging looks! And, this posh-looking bottle does do justice to what’s inside. 

  • With a rich blend of argan oil, almond oil, sage, rosemary oil, jojoba oil, green tea and silk proteins, this is complete nourishment for your hair minus all the harmful sulphates and parabens. 
  • Wash your hair and enjoy the lovely fragrance along with the softness and silky texture. 
Restores hair shine.Lite fragrance.

#6- WishCare Coconut Crème Shampoo

top sulphate free shampoo brands

Coconut oil and coconut creme have the much desired properties of repairing the skin and hair and helping cells regenerate. This is why they are widely used in many hair care products that aim at reviving damaged hair. 

  • WishCare Coconut Crème Shampoo contains this along with Biotin to effectively nourish your hair, replenish its hydration, prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth. 
  • It also has shea butter and aloe vera to cool down the scalp and keep inflammation away. 
  • The shampoo has no sulphates which might actually work the opposite, make your hair dry, brittle and slow down progress. 
  • What you get is thicker, bouncier hair that’s gorgeously shiny and lustrous.
Soften the skin.Expensive.

#7- Biotique Bio Soya Protein

chemically free shampoos in India

You don’t have to have any doubts in your mind about the purity of Biotique products’ ingredients. 

  • Made out of ayurvedic ingredients only, these skin and hair care products don’t have a speck of sulphates or parabens in them. 
  • Try the Soya Protein shampoo for replenishing your hair with the moisture it lost due to chemical treatments. 
  • The proteins build back the layer of your hair, add plenty of moisture to keep it from becoming dry and brittle and make your hair shiny and lustrous. 
  • The shampoo is naturally gentle and is of medium thick consistency that makes it easy to massage through your scalp. 
Protects a perm.Suitable for dry hair only.

#8- Morpheme Remedies Jamaican Black Castor Oil

chemically free shampoos in India

Castor Oil can work wonders on your hair. The fatty acids moisturise your hair while it also encourages blood circulation and hair growth. 

  • Morpheme Remedies Jamaican Black Castor Oil makes use of these impressive properties of the ingredient minus the sulphates to bring us a gentle, yet very effective shampoo. And that’s not all. It combines the goodness of amla oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, extra virgin olive oil, neem extract, bringaraj, wheat germ oil, peppermint and vitamin E. 
  • If you aren’t impressed yet, then check this out – all these oils are cold pressed to offer you the best benefits!
Rehydrates dry hair.None.

#9- UrbanGabru red onion shampoo

best shampoos in India

You already know the benefits of red onion for the hair, the strength it offers and how it can make your hair thicker. 

  • Urbangabru Red Onion uses it as the active ingredient as the name suggests to help cleanse the hair and add nourishment as well. 
  • Marketed as an anti-hair fall shampoo, this product stays away from parabens and sulphates, the ingredients that can dry your hair and lead to more hair fall. 
  • It contains curry leaves, alkanet root and caffeine to add moisture, get rid of dandruff and keep the hair healthy.
Repairs and strengthens your hair naturally.None.

#10- Indulekha Bringha Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

natural organic shampoo

You need no introduction to this shampoo owing to the innumerable ads you come across on your TV, radio and newspapers. 

  • This hugely marketed item is also a best seller, owing to the fact that it actually works in restoring your hair’s strength and encouraging hair growth. 
  • The fact that this shampoo has no sulphates contributes to this success. 
  • The only thing you need to be aware of before you use this shampoo is that due to the purity of the ingredients, some people might be allergic to this shampoo. 
  • Always do a patch test before you use this shampoo. 
Reduce hair fall.None.

#11- Kerastase Discipline

Kerastase is a brand under the L’oreal umbrella and used professionally by hairdressers. It is more expensive than L’oreal because these are imported from the USA. 

  • Kerastase Discipline is a lightly textured shampoo that is free of sulphates and an amazing product for chemically treated, coloured and permed hair. 
  • It is also a good choice if you have curly or frizzy hair and want to tame it. 
  • This shampoo is gentle on your hair and scalp and moisturises intensely to keep your hair free of tangles, without leaving it feeling greasy or oily. 
Good for frizzy hair.Costly.

#12- OGX shampoo

safe shampoo without sulphate

After certain hair treatments like keratin or straightening, the sulphates in the shampoo can break down the coating and destroy the treatment. 

  • OGX shampoos are popularly preferred and recommended by many professional hairstylists as they don’t contain sulphates and they are easily available for purchase. 
  • These shampoos come with many different ingredients to appeal to your senses as well as for various purposes. 
  • Some of the most shopped for ones are the Argan oil shampoo that helps moisturise and repair damaged hair, and the Biotin & Collagen shampoo to strengthen the hair. 
  • OGX is a premium brand stocked by many mid range salons and they are priced higher than regular store brands. 
Makes the hair more stronger.None.

#13- Khadi Natural Ayurvedic Amla and Bhringraj Hair Cleanser

suphate free shampoo brand

You can go completely desi and choose our very own Khadi’s Amla and Bringaraj shampoo. 

  • Bringaraj is a widely used herb to stimulate hair growth while amla nourishes the hair and scalp. 
  • If you miss the lather of sulphate shampoos, try this out for it does lather even without it. 
  • The reetha it contains is a natural cleanser, used traditionally in the shikakai powder that your grandmother always had ready for your shower. 
  • Reetha also lathers beautifully, giving you that clean feeling when you’re done. 
Suitable for all hair types.Works better with Khadi herbal hair oil.

#14- SheaMoisture Moisture Retention Shampoo 

moisturising shampoo india 2020

SheaMoisture is a premium product that is priced quite high as it uses a lot of natural and difficult to source ingredients. 

  • Using Shea Butter as its primary ingredient, this shampoo ensures that your hair and scalp get every benefit of this magic butter to moisturise, lock in the moisture and keep your hair hydrated, while also making it stronger and more elastic. 
  • The sea kelp in it nourishes the hair with plenty of vitamins, iron and magnesium. 
  • This shampoo is free of sulphates and is excellent if you are trying to revive your damaged or chemically treated hair. 
Keeps the hair hydrated. Costly.

With the above-listed products we hope you can nurture your hair and keep it healthy and choose wisely based on the ingredients used in shampoos.

What is sulphate free shampoo?

Sulphates are elements that do not have the ability to rip the properties of the hair and keeps it shiny and long always. The shampoos that we have listed out above are our top picks that work right for those who have delicate hair strands.

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