12 Best Type-C Cables In India | July 2021 Update

Looking for durable Typ-C cables? Check out our list of the Best Type-C Cables In India for all the details.

When the world is going at a super quick pace, we do not have the time to waste by slowly transferring our files or slow charging our phones.

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Type C is definitely the “future” until something else faster and more progressive is invented. If you have a phone, it is vital to familiarise yourself with the Best Type-C Cables In India.

After having reviewed all the best type-c cables in India based on various factors like design, material, performance, longevity, features, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 12 that really stood out. These 12 were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The best Type-C cable in India is Xmate Type-C Cable. Not only is it lightweight but this cable is quite durable. Especially the cable around connectors. Additionally, it is designed with a braided and non-destructive wired body, making it really tough. Most importantly, the cable is 5 feet in length which makes it extremely convenient.

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Best Type-C Cables In India

Even though type C cables have been around for a pretty long time, they really got popular in the past year or so. As you know, Type C cables are another type of USB cable but enabled to be much quicker than their predecessors. Every newly introduced device these days, be it phones or laptops or tablets or audio output devices like speakers are now enabled with a Type C port. So, if you are looking for a change in your device, it is a good idea to upgrade to something that comes with this port. 

In less than a year or even in a few months, we are sure that the world will be divided into those who use Type C and those who do not.

Ok, maybe we are exaggerating just a little bit there but hey, isn’t the world divided into android and iOS users? Well, no matter what you say or think, there’s no doubt that everybody wants Type C and all the other types of pins and cables are slowly becoming obsolete. 

We have done our homework and checked out a lot of cables and brands sold in the Indian market. In this article, we have narrowed down only the best for you in terms of efficiency, durability and price. So go ahead, read on to find out the best Type C cables in India. 

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Best Quality Type C Cables

Xmate Type-C Cable

Best type c cables in India

This is probably one of the most efficient and practical Type C cables you will find in India. It’s one of the Best Type-C Cables In India.

  •  Though priced to be slightly expensive, this can be bought for a pretty sweet deal at almost 50% off most of the time in online stores, placing this in the budget range. 
  • The cable is 5 feet long and perfect for those who need to move around a lot with their gadgets or if you’re working in an office across desks. But when you don’t need such a long cable, there is a tie that can be used to wind the cable and secure it. 
  • This cable has a braided, non-destructive nylon wired body to ensure it is as tough as it looks. 
  • Weighing under 32 grams, this is great to carry around with you, without adding weight.


Lightweight and easy to handle. 



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Belkin Type C Cables

Best c type cables in India

A popular brand, known across the world for their long-lasting and efficient routers and other products, Belkin makes strong and efficient type C cables that live up to its reputation. 

  • Priced in the premium range, this cable, though it can be got at a discount in online stores, is still pricier than other brands out there.
  •  Do note that Belkin does boast of good customer service after purchase so you may actually be paying for peace of mind. 
  • This is also one of the quickest transferring cables available out there. 
  • This cable is very light at 9 grams, so it won’t feel like you’re carrying it at all.


Good quality.  

Customer service is assured.


 Slightly more expensive than the other brands. 

AmazonBasics Type-C Charging Cables In

Best type c cables

There is no doubt that almost all AmazonBasics products are trustworthy and they make it to all our lists, and why not? 

  • They are sold for the common man, very affordable and they do their job with no frills attached.
  •  They, of course, look very neat and sleek in two basic colours, white and black, giving a premium look so we aren’t embarrassed carrying these around. 
  • These cables are available in different lengths varying from .9 metres to 2.7 metres, depending on your needs and convenience and the prices vary accordingly. 
  • Offering up to 480 Mbps transfer speed, this works as well as the cables that are given with your phone



It comes in a variety of colors and models. 


Prices may vary according to the needs of the customer. 

boAt A400 Type-C Cables

Best type c cables for phones

boAT is another popular brand that needs no introduction. They also happen to be one of the Best Type-C Cables In India.

  •  Popular across the world for their high-quality audio accessories, boAT’s type C cables are also tough and long-lasting with their premium nylon braiding. 
  • They are 2 metres long and can transfer data to the speed of 48 Mbps. 
  • This reputed brand also provides a warranty for two years, which is a good perk. 
  • We did test it on charging and though it does not charge as quickly as the ones accompanying a phone, it does do a pretty good job.
  •  Available for good deals online, this cable is a good buy.  


Very good prices. 



Speed may be a little lower than other cables. 

PTron Solero Type C Cables

Best type c cables for charging phone

PTron Solero is a budget brand offering type C cables that are super efficient. 

  • Sold in three colours, these cables can transfer at a speed of 480 Mbps, which we tested and confirmed. 
  • The cables are 1.2 metres long, which are a perfect length and they feel durable enough to last a lifetime. 
  • This company offers a 12 month warranty period which is quite good for the price they are sold at. 
  • It has a reversible USB design for quick and hassle-free plugging in and we found that to be quite progressive and impressive! 


Available in different colours. 




Tarkan Type c cable

Best c type cables for phones in India

Tarkan cables are 1.5 metres long and come in a design that they say is tangle-free. We just had to test out these cables and they did impress us. 

  • The design of the cable is indeed very strong and flexible.
  •  This type C does charge very quickly and is very quick when it comes to transferring data from one device to another. 
  • The best and notable part is the pouch that is given as an accessory along with the cable. 
  • It might sound like a small thing, but it is very handy if you want to find the cable in a bag with lots of things, apart from keeping the cable safe!


Charging and transferring speed is fast. 




Regor Type-C Cables

Best charging c type cable
  • These dual colored cables are priced at a premium but sold at affordable prices online. 
  • They are 5 feet long and very strong and flexible. 
  • The cables are covered with tough braided nylon that also gives these a smooth and sleek look. 
  • They are efficient when it comes to data transfers and charging. 
  • The company offers a 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects. 
  • Weighing a little over 63 grams, these are heavier than other premium brands but that is not really a deal-breaker when we consider the efficiency and good looks of these cables. 


Good looking and efficient. 


The cable is slightly heavier than other brands.

Amkette Type-C Cables

Type c charging cable

Amkette boasts that this is one of the most durable and flexible cables in the market, capable of handling more than 10000 bends, and we did find it true. 

  • This braided cable available in black and red colours, is quite tough and looks like it can take quite a beating!
  •  As for the efficiency of charging and data transfer, these are really fast and that’s why they’ve made it to our list. 
  • These cables are slightly heavier than other cables, weighing over 80 grams and measuring around 1.5 metres long, but they come with a velcro attached cable organizer to wrap up the unwanted bit. 
  • These come with a 2-year warranty. 


Comes with a 2-year warranty. 


Material is rough. 

Ausmo Type-C Cables

C type charging cable for phone

Another premium brand, Ausmo offers super-efficient cables that are 3 feet long and look super cool and neat with their stone grey exterior. 

  • The nylon braiding makes it tangle-free, smooth and gives this a clean finish. 
  • We tested these cables out and were happy with how fast they charged. The data transfers are quick too. 
  • They offer very good customer service and a one year warranty that puts our minds to rest.
  •  Weighing just about 27 grams, these are great for throwing into a bag and carrying around. 
  • Buy these Type C cables online for good deals, sometimes more than 50% off on the original price


Quick charging and transferring is possible.


The cable maybe a little too long to handle. 

GoFree Type-C Cables In India

C type charging cable

Among the more affordable or cheaper brands is GoFree, offering a 1.2-metre long cable that is solid and does the job.

  •  Sold in many colours and an option to buy a two-pack of cables of two different lengths, this is a great deal for those who are looking at not spending much on a type C cable. 
  • Though they are not as flexible as other more expensive cables, if handled carefully, these are sure to last a long time. 
  • Weighing around 40 grams, these are light and easy to carry around. 


Available in a variety of colors and a good deal. 


The quality of the cable can be sensitive. 

Tarkan Type c cable 

c type cable for phones

This cable is 1.5 mts long and is easily one of the most preferred type cables in India because of its availability. 

  • This supports 5 Gbps transfers which means the capacity is undoubtedly good with a great material also. 
  • It is compatible with all kinds of phones and also different kinds of laptops so you don’t even have to double check on that. 
  • Fast charging and transfer is equally fast and efficient as this is a 2 in 1 type C cable. 
  • It comes with a long period of warranty and can be changed if you think its not worth it. 
  • The capacity of the cable is pretty strong and can withstand rough handling. 


Great quality and the material is strong and sturdy. 


One plus phones cannot be charged. 

POPIO type C cable 

best c type cable

This cable from POPIO supports Type C and Type A serving two functions which means this is an investment for sure. 

  • The cable is made of TPE material which means this can withstand any kind of rough handling and still stay intact. 
  • The list of the brands it supports is really large and stays within the range of the most bought products. 
  • This type C cable supports fast charging and can have your phone charged in no time. 


Great quality. 


The fit is not complete. 

Knowing the best Type c cable is one thing and narrowing it down to whether or not it suits your device is another! Here are some of the type c cables that are best suited for certain phones.

Type-C Features

Unlike its predecessors, the Type-C cable comes with a 24-pin USB connector that results in faster data transfer and faster charging speeds. It can even be connected from both sides unlike USB type A and B which can only be connected from one side. The Type-C cables are also extremely easy to identify due to their symmetrical shape.

Most importantly, they have better internal wiring as well which makes data transfer seamless and convenient.

How to know if you are buying a safe USB-C cable?

You can ensure the safety of the user and the device by buying a Type-C cable from a good brand. Next up you should also make sure that the cable is compatible with the device. Most cables are Type-A to Type-C. These are common used to charge the device. So, connect the Type-A end to an adapter and the Type-C end to the device.

We recommend buying from a good brand because the quality of the cable would be reliable. So, you can expect it to draw energy within permissible limits. This can prevent damage to the device and even prevent electric shocks to the user. Check out our list of the Best Type-C Cables In India for all the details.

Best Type C Cables For iPhone

Mort Present Type C Cable For iPhone
AmazonBasics Type C Cable For Apple
Portonics Connect Type C Cable For iPhone

Best Type C Cable For Samsung

AmazonBasics Type C Cable For Samsung
Samsung EP-DG930IBEGIN Type C USB Cable
USB Type-C Cable for Samsung Galaxy A70s USB Cable
Type C Charge & Sync Cable For Samsung Devices

Best Type C Cables For Laptops

AmazonBasics USB Type-C to USB Type-C 2.0 Cable
Pruthvik Thunderbolt to HDMI Cable for Unibody
Ausmo Fast Charge Type C 3.1 Gen 1 Cable
AmazonBasics Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter

Choosing an appropriate cable for your device is a step into sustaining it. It determines the working condition and the lifetime of the device. We hope listing the Type C cables in India has helped you pick out the right one.

Safe Type C Cables in India

The most important part to look out for is the integrity of the cable that you’re buying and that is not easy. There are no clear and obvious ways to find out if a cable is genuine or not so we have answered some queries that will be helpful for you to choose a safe type c cable.

 Are cheap cables safe to use?

Some cables are poorly made and can affect your expensive phones. Your phone is prone to undergo issues if you use low-quality cables. But make sure to follow some tips to choose the right quality cable for your phone, 

  • If a USB cable is poorly made, it shows. A good cable is made up of only one type of metal.. Cables that are poorly made consist of different types of metals. 
  • Checking if the cable you’re about to buy is certified by USB- IF is another easy way to determine the quality. Those that do have the certification are less likely to heat up quickly which will, in turn, affect your device. 
  • Keeping track of reputed brands is another way of not harming your device.          

Why is fast charging bad for your phone? 

When you are charging a phone, there is heat produced, hence fast charging causes more heat. Too much heat in less time is extremely bad for your device battery which can have a negative impact in the long run. If you own a phone which has turbocharging that means the battery is constructed in a way that will withstand the heat. However, if yours is a normal phone which is not capable of this, then you’ll have to make sure you are charging it right.   

 Why is Type C cable better? 

While choosing cables there are ways you can choose one from another based on various factors including power transfer, material and so on. The port of the Type C cable can be connected to the device in a more flexible manner when compared to other types. The power carriage of this cable is efficient and high. The data transfer of the type C cable is also pretty impressive. 

Are all Type C charging the same?

While the connection and the feasibility of Type C cables are the same, there can be slight differences in the cable when the quality changes. You need to be careful in deciding which cable works for each device which includes your latops and other gadgets as well. Check out our list of the Best Type-C Cables In India for all the details.

Although these are the prime features, we suggest you choose the brand carefully to get the best user experience. 

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