Best Wireless Earbuds in India 2021

As we keep improving technology, the trend is to go as minimalist as possible. And that certainly applies to the way we listen to music or answer calls on the go. From those bulky headphones attached by a cable to the walkman decades ago, to the sleeker earbuds of today connected to your phone via the invisible bluetooth, we’ve come a long way. Check out below for the reviews of the Best Wireless Earbuds in India:


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Top Wireless Earbuds in India 2021

Best wireless earbuds in IndiaPrice Link 

Apple AirPods
Rs. 19,900
Sennheiser MomentumRs. 12,990
Samsung Galaxy SM-R170NZKAINU Bluetooth Ear Buds
boAt Airdopes 171
Rs. 1,290

Sony WF-1000XM3
Rs. 14,990
Redmi Earbuds S
Rs. 1,499

pTron Bassbuds
Rs. 799

WeCool Moonwalk M1
Rs. 799 Link

Rs. 2,999


Apple AirPods

airpods in India

Apple is the master of innovation, with all other brands scrambling to keep up. The brand certainly took the world by storm when it introduced the “Airpods”, that you could fit in your ears and go on with your day, with no obtrusive wires in sight. 

Apple Airpods will always top the list of the Best Wireless Earbuds in India, without doubt. Powered by the H1 headphone chip by Apple, you get super-fast wireless connectivity. 

The device holds charge for upto 5 hours, but if you use the charging case, you can extend it to about 24 hours. 

The sensitive and sleek earbuds only require a double tap to play your favourite music or to skip forward to the next track. 

Pros Cons 
Great sound qualityCan be quite expensive. 

Sennheiser Momentum

Experience the best of beats with the Sennheiser Momentum wireless earbuds. Designed to be a comfortable fit in your ears, these earbuds can be used to upto 4 hours without requiring a charge. 

The charging case allows you to charge twice completely, extending this to 12 hours. These high quality earbuds are water and sweat resistant, and very durable, so wear them on your runs without worry. 

The buds are fingertip sensitive, allowing you to manage calls and play your music with just a touch. 

The transparent hearing technology lets you enjoy your music while also being aware of your surroundings, keeping you safe while you are out walking or driving on the streets.

 The intelligent earbuds pause the music once you remove one of them and continue when you plant it in your ear again. 

Use the Smart Control App to customise your audio to hear it just the way you like it. 

Pros Cons 
The smart technology is really easy to handle. None. 

Samsung Galaxy SM-R170NZKAINU Bluetooth Ear Buds

top earbuds in India

Samsung can be considered the Apple equivalent of Android, causing a stir every time a new product is introduced in the market. 

Staying on top of technology and innovation has always been Samsung’s Forte and that is proven yet again with the Samsung Galaxy SM-R170NZKAINU Bluetooth Ear Buds. Powered by a 58 mAh Lithium-ion battery, these earbuds can hold charge for upto 6 hours, extendable to 7 hours in the case. 

The soft lightweight earbuds are designed to fit in the ear canal without causing fatigue or discomfort even when worn for long hours. 

The sound is by AKG, giving us crispness, a well defined bass and treble.  

Pros Cons 
Battery stays for a long time. Might not fit the ear right at times. 

boAt Airdopes 171

boats earbuds

If there is ever a list of the best music accessories, boAt is sure to be on the list. This leading brand brings us Airdopes 171, the most powerful earbuds that are compatible with both Android as well as iOS. It connects with Bluetooth 5.0 and offers a range of about 10 metres. As expected, the sound quality is outstanding, and the light weight earbuds are designed to sit comfortably in the ear channel causing absolutely no discomfort or fatigue. 

They are also water and sweat resistant, making these your best partners for your training sessions in the gym. 

These earbuds, however, have a poorer battery life when compared to other brands, lasting only about 3 to 4 hours when in use, and upto 10 hours when in the case. 

Pros Cons 
Outstanding sound quality. Battery does not last long

Sony WF-1000XM3

sony wireless earbuds

Sony is the God of music and sound, and it no doubt is one of the best manufacturers of any accessories related to music. 

The WF-1000XM3 wireless earbuds come with soft silicone tips that fit comfortably in your ears and don’t cause any discomfort even if used for hours together. 

The hold charge for about 5 hours, which can be extended to 24 hours with the charging case. Like most Sony accessories, these earbuds have amazing noise cancellation features, giving you the best sound quality ever. 

It also has an adaptive sound control mode which lets you be aware of your surroundings by blending your music with the noise around you, perfect for when you are walking on the streets. The earbuds are touch sensitive, letting you answer calls or play the track you want with just a touch. 

Pros Cons 
Sensitive touch sensor on the earbuds. None. 

Redmi Earbuds

best wireless earbuds in india

Redmi, the subsidy brand of the popular Chinese brand, Xiaomi, is making headlines for going above and beyond what other brands even dream to achieve.

 Aiming to make technology accessible to every single normal person, Redmi devices are some of my favourites. 

The Earbuds S is affordably priced and packs quite a punch for the money you pay. Whether you want to wear it for your training or an intense gaming session with your buddies, these water and sweat resistant earbuds are just right. 

You can switch to the low latency gaming mode for the best experience during your gaming. Otherwise, the earbuds produce an amazing bass experience. 

These earbuds are compatible with all brands of phones and have a battery life that last about 4 hours. This can be extended to 12 with the charging case. 

They are light and sit comfortably in the ears, for hours together. 

They come with a DSP noise cancellation technology that blocks out environmental noise during phone calls. 

Pros Cons 
Blocks out external noise completely. Might not be sitting well on the ear. 

pTron Bassbuds

cheap earbuds in India

You don’t have to bust your wallet to pay for a pair of high performance earbuds. pTron Bassbuds are a powerful pair that are low priced, making these an instant favourite of many. These earbuds come with stereo sound and bass, connecting with the Bluetooth 5.0, extending to a range of 10 metres. 

The built in HD mic makes it possible to have conversations of high clarity. 

They last for upto 6 hours on full charge and this can be extended to upto 20 hours with the charging case. 

There are multi-function buttons on the earbuds that can be accessed to manage calls, choose the track of music you want and to activate your Google assistant. 

You get a one year manufacturer’s warranty on the product. 

Pros Cons 
Affordable and easily available. Sound clarity might not be very clear. 

WeCool Moonwalk M1

moonwalk earbuds

Another popular and top selling brand of earbuds in India is the WeCool Moonwalk M1. The features, performance and nominal price points are what makes this a best seller. 

These soft tipped earbuds have a battery life of 4 active hours, extendable to upto 12 hours with the charging case.

 There is also an LED display that shows the battery level. The HD sound quality of the earbuds is not the only feature that is impressive. 

These come with intelligent noise cancellation, enabling you to enjoy your music in the best way possible, and the fact that these are sweat and waterproof, make these a great choice for your trips to the gym. 

Pros Cons 
Great noise cancellation feature. None. 


earbuds in India

If you are the kind who loves a good beat to power your jog through the park, The Urban 2020 by Crossbeats is my recommendation. 

Employing micro sealed technology, these earbuds are water resistant, letting you sweat through your run or workout without worrying about spoiling them. 

These lightweight earbuds connect using Bluetooth 5.0, pairing almost as soon as you turn them on, and keeps you connected upto a pretty wide range of 33 feet.

 With a long battery life, these are perfect for a day out, and that can be extended with the charging case.

 You can also use these earbuds to connect with Siri, Google and other assistants with the powerful voice recognition feature. 

Pros Cons 
Easily connectable with apps. Not easily available.


jbl wireless earbuds

JBL has always been the sought after brand by music lovers who are conscious about the price they can afford to pay. The JBL C105TWS is a set of earbuds that can last you 5 hours when active, but upto 17 hours when in the charging case. The charging is very quick, requiring only just over an hour for full charge. 

Connecting with bluetooth version 5.0, this is perfect for those who enjoy pure bass sounds. When interrupted by a call, answer hands-free with clear audio.

 It has an automatic syncing feature, where you only need to pair the right ear bud and the left one automatically pairs

. You can also use just one ear bud if that’s what you prefer. You can also connect to Google, Alexa or Siri with just a tap. 

Pros Cons 
Quick charging with a long battery life. Slightly expensive. 

HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i

huawei earbuds in India

Great quality of sound combined with durable and long lasting devices at a price point that is appealing is a combination few have managed to achieve and Huawei is one of those. 

The teeny tiny FreeBuds 3i are soft tipped, narrow and sit comfortably in the ears producing powerful sound and music. 

The earbuds charge very quickly and can last upto 5 hours when active. 

There is an active noise cancellation feature which you can activate with a long tap, and choose the track of your choice with a double tap. 

The 3 mic feature cancels noise during calls, and makes them clearer. You get a 1 year manufacturer warranty on these wireless earbuds. 

Pros Cons 
The 3 mic feature allows answering calls and other features. Only one year warranty. 

Listening to music needs certain highlights for a perfect experience without regular distraction. We hope we have helped make your pick with the best earbuds that are wireless in India.

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