How Does Google Pay Work in India | The 2021 Guide

So, How Does Google Pay Work in India? Let’s find out!

If we rewind to those days where you had to get to the bank to make a transfer! Google pay and other UPI platforms make it look ancient. Google pay sure did create quite the buzz in India with its smart money transfer allowing users to get the best and safe experience. 

The concept of wallet banking was slightly tenuous to have to transfer it back to a bank but with Google pay, it has made the whole thing worthwhile. 

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Google pay has served as the ultimate payment experience in India reaching far and wide with its services but how exactly does it work? Read on to know everything there is about how Google pay works in India. 

After having reviewed all the official documents from Google and referring to our credible sources; my team and I found that:

Google Pay works like any other digital wallet. The user simply needs to sync their bank account details and set a pin. Once, the initial set up process is done, the user can transfer money to another user or business in seconds. Google Pay can be downloaded as an app from the play store.

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How Does Google Pay Work in India

Like mentioned above, Google pay does not require you to make another transfer to the bank account from the digital wallet instead it has the bank account directly involved. 

Here is how the payment app works in a nutshell 

  • Install Google pay from Playstore or Apple store 
  • Set up the bank account on the app. 
  • Link the bank account with your Google pay app. 
  • Set up the UPI pin. 

It is as simple as that. The rest is just giving an edge towards easier money transfer. 

Even though the basic money transfer happens between users of the app, there are ways you can transfer money between bank accounts lacking the app as well. This can be done through the Google pay website. 

How do I pay with Google Pay? 

Here is the step by step process into paying with Google pay after it has been set up on your phone. Check out our guide on How Does Google Pay Work in India for all the details.

  • If there is a scanner, you can press the scanning option on the top right corner of your screen to scan the QR code. 
  • If you are entering the number, you will have to go to the search bar and enter the number which will automatically detect the user. 
  • Once you have the contact, you can just enter the amount that you wish to pay. 
  • Enter the UPI pin and pay. 
  • If your payment is successful you will be alerted. 

There are instances when the payment through Google pay takes longer than usual and might take a couple of hours to debit from your bank account. In instances like this you usually get the money back to your account. If you have not received the money and nor has the end receiver, you have to contact your bank for further details. 

How safe is Google pay? 

Google pay has proven to be an extremely safe app for money transfer which is one of the reasons why it has flourished so much among the Indians. 

The security of this is as tight as it needs to be. The recipient cannot see your account number as it will be hidden. 

The details of your card are not stored on the app nor is it shared with your contacts when you are receiving and debiting money from your bank account. 

It is without doubt one of the safest UPI platforms in India. 

Features of Google Pay 

There are a bunch of digital payment platforms that have come up in India with the way it is flourishing in India but what makes Google Pay the most popular one of them all with the whole country making transactions out of it counts for some unique features. 

  • The first and foremost feature that we have repeatedly praised is that the transfer of money can be made directly from one bank account to another. This avoids the tedious and rather confusing process of having to transfer it from the digital wallets.
  • Bank balance can be viewed with a click. Google pay gives you an overview of your bank account, the transfer that you make and finally the bank balance. This way you can always keep tabs on your bank activity. 
  • The Tez shield allows your bank account to be secured and kept at a protected level. This way you are away from the tricks of fraudsters and other malpractices. 
  • Money transfer however big or small can be done through the app without fear of being halted. 
  • Regional languages in the app makes the app accessible to people all over the country giving them the access to do money transfer in the easiest ways possible. 
  • Scratch cards allow you to try your luck at winning money and coupons to various brands. You earn a scratch card when you make a notable transfer which gives you the best offers. The cashbacks that you earn from these scratch cards are directly transferred to your bank account. Check out our guide on How Does Google Pay Work in India for all the details.

Is Google Pay better than Paytm? 

Google pay is the safest and efficient platform for money transfer but when compared to Paytm which has the wallet facility, Google pay goes a step down since it lacks that feature. 

Paytm also has other services which includes being able to shop for literally anything on their app. 

Paytm is also a faster app for money transfer and gives you an instant experience while transferring money. Google pay is comparatively slower. 

Google pay has definitely reached far and wide in India with its efficient services for money transfer. The whole process of buying and selling has been elevated and made easier with how it has catered to the Indians. I think it is safe to say that Google Pay is without doubt one of the easiest to navigate around and an extremely user friendly platform. Check out our guide on How Does Google Pay Work in India for all the details.

Can we transfer 50000 through Google pay? 

The limit of how much money can be sent solely depends on the bank and not the app itself. There are certain banks that have a daily limit of how much money can be transferred or received. 

But on the whole Google pay has a limit of sending 1L a day after which you will not be able to make further transfers. 

You also cannot make more than 10 transfers in a day after which your services will be stopped on Google pay. You can resume payments only the next day. 

What is Google Pay Business? 

The Google pay business app aims services directly at merchants who use this app merely for their day to day services. This way you can keep track of your earnings and separate them from your other expenses. 

Unlike the regular Google pay app, the Google pay business app has transaction limits which sets a bar for how much money can be received and sent between people involved in a business. However these limits change from day to day depending on how you are using it for the business. 

Business owners and the customers are capable of receiving some exciting and generous offers on Google pay business through scratch cards which go upto 1,00,000. 

Is Google Pay Business Safe? 

The shield that google pay business provides for merchants and their customers keeps fraudsters and other suspicious activities out of the workings of the app. 

What is the business model of Google pay? 

  • Google pay started out to give easy payment access to small businesses as much as it caters to high end business and regular people looking for an easier alternative to banks. With the easy set up process that the app has it is super easy to keep tabs of your earnings and expenditure with a click and that is exactly what intrigues people of various status quos. 
  • Secondly, Google pay is in partnership with the central bank for safe transactions that help in keeping your transactions hassle free and safe. 
  • It has also set up Digital Payment Abhiyan with the help of the government to bring awareness to rural areas about the benefits of digital and cashless payments. This is something that has helped the entire country with acclimating to the system of it. 

Can I receive money on Google Pay without a bank account? 

Google pay requires a bank account to set up an account and function for transfers and cannot function otherwise. 

Paytm on the other hand does not need a bank account and can be handled on the basis of Paytm wallet which allows you to receive and send money. 

Is Google pay free in India? 

Yes, google pay does not require any fee from the end user. Google pay business follows the same method and is available for free for those who want to set up their bank accounts for easy transactions. 

There has been no mention of it changing this course in the future as well. Check out our guide on How Does Google Pay Work in India for all the details.

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