How much does Youtube pay in India? | The Latest 2021 Update

Did you know approximately 30 million users log on to Youtube every day to browse through 38 million channels? These stats are mind-blowing right. But it’s all facts. We, as in the 30 million people watch a billion hours of content in one day. So How much does Youtube pay in India? Find out!

It is not surprising when you break it down. For example, I love the art of vlogging and vloggers. I spend a couple of hours or more on YouTube every day. I have a list of channels I religiously follow and my day is sometimes incomplete without watching their videos.

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I go back to a few of my favourite videos if my favourite vloggers don’t post on a particular day or I go follow a few others. I am kinda addicted you can say. And if you always wondered, “How much does Youtube pay in India?”  You are at the right place. Read on.

After reviewing all the information from Youtube’s official documents and from credible sources; my team and I found that:

YouTube by itself does not pay its users anything. However, it does offer a YouTube Partnership program that helps Youtubers can apply once they have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. This program essentially helps Youtubers earn money through ad revenue from companies. The Ad revenue is earned from either cost per click or cost per million.

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How much does Youtube pay in India?

I have done some in-depth research on the subject, I told you I’m a full-blown addict of Youtube. I will be taking you through all the aspects of Youtube and how you can make money in this article. 

To be very precise I will be tackling topics such as:

  • Key Youtube Statistics
  • How you can make money with a Youtube channel?
  • How much can you earn for 1000 views in India?
  • How do Indian Youtubers fare when compared to the world?
  • Richest Indian Youtubers and how much to they make?

Let’s get cracking, shall we?

Key YouTube Statistics

I have already given you a gist of the hours of YouTube content we consume every day, now let’s understand a little bit more, shall we?

The year 2020 was one of the best years for YouTube, we all know why. I really hope the world heals soon.

In 2020, about 2 billion users logged in to Youtube every month and watched 5 million videos a day. 

So if you ever want to argue that YouTube is not a great brand to market, you will lose miserably. It is in fact the #1 streaming content platform in the world per se. 

  • Approximately 70 percent of the viewership on Youtube happens on mobile apps. I’m sure you didn’t know this. (YouTube Press)
  • An algorithm decides 70 percent of the content you watch on YouTube. (HootSuite)
  • Only 9 percent of small and mid-size businesses have a channel on YouTube (Brandwatch)
  • About 500 hours of content is uploaded on YouTube every minute. (Statista)
  • YouTube is the second most-watched platform in the world by millennials after Netflix (HootSuite)
  • People who watch 30 seconds of a YouTube Ad are 23 times likely to visit or subscribe to a brand’s channel. (Think with Google)

There so many more facts and statistics that I can share, I shall save them for another day. Watch this space for an interesting article on only facts and stats. 

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How you can make money with a Youtube channel?

I cannot tell you everything about YouTube in one article or blog but I can surely share with you the ways you can earn money with a channel of your own. This is another important aspect to understand how much does YouTube pays in India.

I will try and cover the basic ways that you can practice to make money on Youtube.

  • Thorough advertising revenue: You can make a lot of money from ad revenue. You can choose to have display, video, or overlay ads. Whichever suits your channel the most.
  • Membership: Once you are popular on YouTube, you can charge a monthly membership fee for your channel. You may choose to share exclusive content with paid members.
  • Merchandise: Another major revenue-making option is merchandising. You can create a brand of your own and advertise that on your channel. A lot of viewers and subscribers would surely buy such merchandise. I own a few myself.
  • Stickers and super chat: A lot of fans pay for their chats to be highlighted when you live stream on YouTube. You can even have your own custom-made stickers that followers can buy. 
  • Revenue from YouTube Premium: When you are popular and your videos get a lot of views. YouTube shares a part of the subscription fee of YouTube premium with you.

All these features in making revenue through YouTube have legal as well as a general eligibility criterion which I will explain to you in this next segment. 

Revenue Requirements
Ad revenueYou should be 18 years of age or have a guardian who is over 18. You should create content that meets Youtube’s content guidelines.
Channel MembershipYou should be18 years old. You should have more than 1k subscribers.
MerchandisingYou should be 18 years old and must have more than 10k subscribers
Super Chat & Super StickersShould be 18 years old and live in a country where super chat is allowed.
YouTube Premium revenueYour content should be watched by a premium subscriber.

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How much can you earn for 1000 views in India?

To understand this let’s first understand who pays you the money. Google who pays you don’t pay it out of their own pocket. They make money from advertisers. Google sells ad space and advertisers pay to advertise. 

The advertisers have 3 broad options. Cost per click (CPC), Cost per million or Cost per 1000 views (CPM), and lastly the CPA (Cost per action). 

The three of these have their own limitations and advantages. For example, the CPM model can have a lot of fake views which can exhaust the advertiser’s money. The CPC model pay’s you when someone clicks on the ad. 

So in the CPC model which makes sense to a lot of advertisers. To explain in brief, 1000 views will have a conversion of 0.40% which is equivalent to 4-5 clicks per thousand. So you will earn about $.80 or $ 1 depending on what the advertiser is paying per click. Here I have taken an example of $.25 per click.

The cost per click also depends on the type of content and the type of channel you have. Some keywords also decide on the cost of each click as the advertisers have to fight amongst themselves for ranking.

CPM is another popular model where you the advertiser pays the cost for every 1000 views. This ranges between $2-$6. And this is not the norm, it can lower or higher. The CPA model has not yet taken off in India and I will update you about the same as soon I get more information on the same.

How do Indian Youtubers fare when compared to the world?

The T-Series channel has the highest number of subscribers in India and as per reports, India is the second biggest market for YouTube after the USA.

But that doesn’t mean Indian Youtubers make the maximum revenue. Let’s make it simpler and take the example of Ajey Nagar or Carry Minati as he is popularly known. He is a popular gamer and comedian and has 29.9 million subscribers. 

His average income per video is 1lac on YouTube and his yearly earning are close to 2+ crores. Please note not all of it comes from YouTube. Even then, he lags far behind most of the YouTubers in other countries. 

In fact, YouTubers from other countries like England, the USA, Mexico, Chile, Brazil out rank Carry in terms of subscribers even though they don’t have the population India has.

It also depends on who the YouTuber is catering to, the language plays a major role. 

The most popular YouTuber, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, known online as PewDiePie, is a Swedish YouTuber and comedian who caters to more than 1.1 billion English speakers whereas CarryMinati is liked by approximately 615 million Hindi speaking audience. PweDiePie makes $160,000 per day. Now you do the math.

It is also not always about the language, a few YouTubers in Spanish-speaking countries make a lot more than CarryMinati. So what makes them click, you may ask. 

One main reason is Indian’s took to uploading videos on YouTube a little slower than the rest of the world. There were only two or three channels with more than a million subscribers here in India about 8 years ago. This along with the spending capacity of advertisers in India is a major factor in deciding how much an Indian YouTuber makes when compared to the rest of the World. 

Richest Indian Youtubers and how much do they make?

Here is the list of the richest YouTubers and the amount of money they make. 

Name of the YoutuberRevenue (Approximate) Per Month
Bhuvan Bam $120K
Vidya Iyer$90K – $180K
Nisha Madhulika$90K – $165.3K
Sanam Puri$80 – $175.7K
Gaurav Chaudhary$180K
Ranjit Kumar$15K – $32.3K
Sanjay Thumma$5K – $28.9K
Sahil Khattar$1.7K – $27.1K.
Shruti Arjun Anand$3K – $23.7
Abhishek Bhatnagar$ 2K – $16.6K

The list may vary depending on the brand endorsements and other factors. One thing we can all learn from them is and should know, they all started like you and me. By watching videos on YouTube. So if you work hard and hustle you can reach where they are too. 

I hope this article gave you an insight into How much does Youtube pay in India? If you liked it, please share it with friends who might be interested in know this. Until next time.

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