Most Selling Biscuit Brands in India 2021

We Indians need something to munch with a hot cup of coffee and there is just no compromise on that! 

The brands of biscuits that we as Indians have consumed and witnessed is immense and truly, a huge big variety. But there are still a handful of favorites that you just cannot keep your hands from. We have taken the liberty of breaking some of them based on flavor and crunchiness so that you pick your favorites. 

Here are the most selling biscuit brands in India.

Best selling biscuit brands Flavors Link 

Good Day
Cashew, Butter, Chocolate
Parle G
Multi grain
Sunfeast Mom’s magic biscuits
Cashew and Almond, Butter, Choco chip, Fruit and milk
Unibic biscuits

Fruit and nut, Chocolate, Butter, Choco nut
Cremica biscuits
Butter, fruit and nut, strawberry
Dark fantasy
Coffee, Chocolate
Hide and Seek
Choco chip, dark chocolate, coffee
Nutri choice
Multi grain, Oats
Chocolate, Vanila

Best Selling Biscuit Brands In India

Good Day 

good day biscuits in India

Britannia is a brand that has some of the best confectionaries and we believe that you would be surprised to see how many we have from this brand. 

This is the original biscuit from Good day which has the best essence in it. We love cashew cookies and works well with the crunchiness and buttery flavor that is in it. 

This packet weighs 100 gms and is enough for about 4 people. 

We consider this as the perfect snack for travel or even for breakfast. 

Another good news that we have for you is this is the perfect add on for a cup of chai and coffee. 

This is great for those who crave something subtle yet buttery and does not need too many flavors in it. 

Parle G 

best biscuits in india

Parle G is one of the oldest and most reputable biscuit brands available in the country. With how long it has been in the market it is very memorable and the Parle Girl is very recognizable. 

Besides the crunchy taste that comes with it, it is considered to be very healthy and nutritious with multi grains dominating the taste. 

Even though Parle G does not really need our hype to stay on top but we owe it to them to express how well they are baked in goodness. 

Sunfeast Mom’s magic biscuits 

sunfeast biscuits

Mom’s magic from Sunfeast is like the name suggests, is baked with cashews, almonds, and all the nutrients that will fill your tummy in the most fulfilling way. 

The theme of this biscuit is that these biscuits fill your hearts like they fill your stomach. 

Every bite with these biscuits is so refreshing. Mom’s magic biscuits are baked with love and the best ingredients to satisfy your cravings. 

Unibic biscuits 

top biscuits in India

Unibic is our favorite because of how many flavors it displays and lays out for us to choose from. 

Unibic cookies are handmade and filled with the right flavors for everybody who has a distinct taste in biscuits. 

These come in choco-chip, cashew badam, fruit and nut, and oatmeal. See we told you they had variety! 

It works really well for breakfast and will make sure you have a full stomach. 

Cremica biscuits 

top cookies in India

Cremica has also been in the Indian market for a long time and has been recognized for its unique flavors. 

The highlight of this brand is that it is yummy and healthy at the same time with a range of flavors catering to various taste buds in India. 

All the gym-goers here is presenting to you the perfect snack after a tedious workout. Eating these biscuits will satisfy your cravings while also help you keep fit. 

The almond and pista in the biscuit is in the right proportion to make them full and satisfying biscuits. 

Dark fantasy 

dark fantasy biscuit

Dark fantasy is a choco cream-filled biscuit which has become a huge favorite among teens and youngsters. 

The dark chocolate cream filling is so exquisite and it blends in well with the slender cookies. 

Even though these are available everywhere in different packet sizes, these are slightly more expensive than the rest on our list for the rich chocolate flavor.

Hide and Seek 

chocolate biscuit in India

Hide and seek has always been on top because of how well the chocolate flavors collaborate and give a rich texture and flavor. 

The choco chips are in abundance and work well with the mild chocolate flavor of the dough itself. 

The chocolate mold is something that has attracted the Indian clientele and kept them hooked to the brand by always delivering the best. 

Brittania Nutri choice biscuits 

biscuits in India

Nutri choice from Brittania and works well with those people who are health-conscious and works really well keeping you fit and balanced. 

The multi-grains keep this baked and well balanced for those who are starving and just need a quick snack. The presence of oats keeps the cookies thick and keeps you coming for more. 

What we love is you can have this for breakfast without fearing that it would not suffice. 

Another combination is when you dip this baked goodness into a cup of tea is more than enough. 

Bournvita biscuits 

cookies in India

We know what you’re thinking! Bournvita is that yummy add on that makes your milk taste so much better. 

Well, we have biscuits now! 

The Bournvita biscuits work their way in to give us strength for everyday chores and routines without tiring away. This is the exact same motto the milk powder follows with giving children so much strength and energy to get through the day. 

These cookies are best with a glass of milk. 

Milk Bikis 

milk bikis

We told you we were going to have more from Brittania. 

The Milk Bikis series is something that has enchanted children with the pure form of milk taste with the vanilla flavor just dominating the whole biscuit brand. 

It has a thin layer of cream between vanilla dough cookies which is perfectly sandwiched with the milk cream. 

The biscuits are sized in a way that is medium so you can have so many and still come back for more because of how delicious these are. 


bourbon cookies

Bourbon is choco filled goody that has always been India’s favorite. 

These are selling so well because of how rich the flavor is baked in. The sugar is sprinkled with the cookie dough and worked so well for being a dessert and not just for a snack. 

You can dip with this a cup of tea or even a glass of plain milk and it will still be yummy. 

This might not be a great choice for those who don’t like too much sweetness because it tends to be a little too much sugar. 


top biscuits in India

We were keeping the best selling for last. 

Oreo is a great snack for both children and adults. The vanilla and chocolate combination is a way of satisfying your every craving. These work really well for those with a sweet tooth since it works well satisfying you in every way. 

Oreos are considered a great way of reaching your taste buds and give you both chocolate and vanilla in perfect proportion. 

These are easily available because of how much it is loved and the flavors are JUST right. 

Biscuits are a way of bringing you all the necessary flavors and allowing you to be a part of something magical with the presence of so many flavors. By presenting to you the best selling biscuit brands we hope we have given you an insight into the most revered and loved flavors. 

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Oreo is one of the most popular biscuits in India which caters to both adults and children

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