Most Selling Ice Cream Brands in India 2021

There is no doubt that a bowl of ice cream can cheer anyone up irrespective of their age!

With the flavors and the different add ons, it makes sense how irresistible it appears. But now ice creams are being differentiated with the brands that are now flourishing in India. The popularity of ice creams is suddenly increasing and each brand is striving to produce the best out of their banner. We have gone ahead and reviewed some of the most craved for ice creams and curated them for you. So here are some of the most selling ice cream brands in India.

Our team has reviewed some of the most popular ice cream brands in the country and found one with the biggest range of flavors and has maintained a constant texture and consistency. Here’s what we found

The best ice cream brand in India is Amul. It provides a wide range of flavors including Vanilla, Chocolate, Butterscotch, and Pistachio that have a creamy texture. They come in the form of tubs, cups, sticks, and cones. The prices of the ice creams range from Rs. 20 – Rs. 250. 

Ice cream brand Signature flavorsSite
AmulPista badam, Cookie Crunch delight, Roasted almond, Fruit FantasyBuy Here
Baskin and Robbins 
Verry Berry Strawberry, Rocky Road, Choco Chip Dough, Mint Choco ChipBuy here
Kwality Walls Paddle Pop, Orea Ice Cream, Cola BlastBuy here
Mother Dairy Fruit and nut, Choco chip, Pista kulfi, cream bell vanillaBuy here
Cream bellSaffron Pine nut, Kesar Multi, KulfiBuy here
American nuts, Badam Carnival, ButterscotchBuy here
Natural ice creams Sitaphal,Tender coconut, BlueberryBuy here
Haagen – Dazs
Ruby Cacao, Peanut butter, Chocolate caramelBuy here

Best Ice Cream Brands in India 2020


best ice cream flavors

Amul is without a doubt becoming the face of ice cream in India by being around the Indian audience for a long time and building trust with its buyers. 

  • One thing we can give to Amul is the extraordinary flavour and the authenticity of the brand. It’s not often that you see ice creams giving you real flavor along with a reasonable price. 
  • Amul ice creams are made out of fresh milk and have used that as a marketing strategy throughout the years and we’ve got to admit that it has helped them sweep over the Indian market. 
  • Amul gives ice creams in cones, cups, and sticks along with their unique flavors. 
  • They are priced moderately according to each flavor and the form of the ice cream. 
Pros Cons 
Freshly prepared and very healthy. Lack of exotic flavors. 

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Baskin and Robbins 

top ice cream flavors in india

Baskin and Robbins is a brand that is a favorite among many mainly for its exotic and signature flavors that the other brands lack. 

  • They have a total of 31 flavors that serve as signature flavors around the world. 
  • Assuring their clientele that their ice creams are made of fresh cow’s milk they experiment with a lot of flavors that stick to the hygiene factor of the brand. 
  • They have a lot of fruity flavors that have an exotic taste to it. Some of our flavors are Black walnut, Cherry macaron, and Very Berry. 
Pros Cons 
Great range of exotic flavors. Slightly expensive. 

Kwality Walls 

ice cream brands in India

Kwality Walls is another one of the most popular brands that are easily available and cater to everyone’s price range. 

  • Kwality Walls has been around for a long time now and their signature flavors have been recognized by ice cream lovers. 
  • The ice creams from Kwality Walls have a creamy texture that can melt in the mouth and have a rich flavor that lingers in your tastebuds. 
  • Our favorite is the Caramel Creme which comes in a tub with a thick texture and a strong caramel flavor which makes your experience worthy. 
  • Some of the most popular forms from this brand are Cassata, cornetto and Sandwich which are loved by the Indian clientele.
Pros Cons 
Easy availability. Comparatively fewer fruit flavors. 

Mother Diary 

mother dairy ice cream

Mother Dairy is not just a brand catering to ice cream but has grown to produce grocery and other food products as well. 

  • As the name suggests Mother Dairy only gives out milk products and freshly made ice creams which is one of the reasons why it is loved by its consumers. 
  • Their chocolate and vanilla ice cream are well recognized because of their creamy and soft texture. 
  • Another favorite of ours is the Butterscotch flavor which is the most popular in India. 
  • They come in the form of tubs and packets for you to enjoy a nice family get together. 
Pros Cons 
Fresh ice creams. Not easily available. 

Cream bell 

best flavours of ice cream brands

Cream Bell is a fun brand that takes you through varieties of ice creams that work its way into giving the customers whatever they’d want in an ideal yummy cup of ice cream. 

  • Their exotic range of flavors and creative forms of ice creams are what we love about this brand. They keep the choices open and available for the needs of every tastebud. 
  • Their main classifications include Fantasia, Royal Affair, Fun Twist, Sacchh Mucch, and Popular Affair under which there are some exciting flavors for everyone. 
  • The texture of these ice creams remains constant and they apply the creaminess to all the flavors which are our favorite feature of the brand. 
Pros Cons 
Wide range of flavors to choose from with a consistent texture. Not easily available. 


oldest ice cream brands in india

Vadilal is a brand that is known for how long it has been around in India after it was founded by Vadilal Gandhi. 

  • The ice creams from Vadilal are known for their traditional ways and how authentically they prepare ice creams. 
  • Our favorites are their fruit flavors which they have elaborated over the years and improvised according to the likes of the customers.  
  • Their creamy flavors keep us hooked and they have you coming back for more and experiment with their new fruit collaborated ice creams. 
Pros Cons 
Great range of fruit ice creams Not much chocolate flavors. 

Natural ice creams 

naturals in India

Natural is an unconventional brand catering to naturally made ice creams out of original fruits and other flavors. 

  • We prefer Naturals because of their authenticity and the range of original flavors which are recognized because of their involvement in preparing each of them. 
  • Their litchi and mango flavors are the best selling ones because they still have a hint of these fruits and customers love it when the brand affirms what they stand for. 
  • They have high standards of production and don’t budge even a little bit when it comes to the standard quality they are known for. 
Pros Cons 
Great range of fruity flavors. Expensive. 

Haagen – Dazs

top ice cream flavors 2020

Even though Haagen Dazs is not very popular in India, it deserves to be on top for those who crave a change in their ice cream flavors. 

  • All the flavors of this brand are customized with their creative team and made a signature flavor that can be found only here. 
  • The main aspect of this brand is the perfect blend of ice cream flavors with spirit which is fairly new to the Indian clientele. 
  • Each of their categories has an elaborate list of flavors under which they have a wide range of whole other flavors. We are not going to lie to you – it does get pretty perplexing to choose from these delicious flavors. 
Pros Cons 
Different range of flavors for adults and children. It may not easily available. 

Dinshaw’s ice cream 

best flavours of ice cream in India 2020

Dinshaw’s has a wide range of premium flavors that focus on rich flavors catering to all kinds of consumers. 

  • Dinshaw’s ice creams come on cones, tubs, and sticks in different flavors and work into giving your tastebuds a new taste. 
  • Their kulfi ice cream collection has a whole lot of flavors including pistachios, malai and a whole lot of ethnic flavors which is an excellent blend to their other chocolate and vanilla extravaganza.  
  • Their prices are reasonable and don’t empty your pockets even if you are opting for the family pack. 
Pros Cons 
A wide range of flavors and a great texture. None. 


best ice creams in india

Havmor can be the brand you go to when you’re absolutely confused as to what to get for yourself and this brand will fix that issue for you with its vast variety. 

  • Being available in cones, cups, tubs, and even sandwiches, Havmor has covered it all when it comes to ice cream. 
  • There is a whole range of 160 flavors that you can pick from which is quite a lot when compared to the other ice cream brands on our list. 
  • They have a delicious collection of ice cream cakes which serves as the perfect solution for all your birthday parties. 
Pros Cons 
So many varieties to choose from. This brand is not easily available. 

Everybody loves ice cream and everybody should have access to the best brands in the country. We believe that nobody should be an exception to that rule and we hope that the above list has helped you figure which one’s the best. 

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