10 Most Selling Lays Flavour in India 2021

Lays are without a doubt the most popular snack in India. Whether you’re on the road and want a quick bite for on the way or lazing around at home watching your favorite series, Lays is the go-to chips.

Besides availability, it also gives you a wide range of choices with some delicious ethnic flavors so that you don’t miss out. We are not kidding when we say that you will be surprised at our reviews on all the flavors of Lays. So here are the most selling lays flavour in India.

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Best Lays Flavors RatingsLink 
Magic Masala 8/10Link
Onion and cream 8/10Link 
Tangy tomato 7/10Link 
Hot n Sweet 9/10Link 
Classic Salted 7/10Link 
Sizzling Barbeque 8/10Link 
Max chili8/10Link 
Pepper and Jalapeno 9/10Link 

We all have a hard time choosing a flavor when it comes to Lays. Like you, we have also wondered and went on to research the most popular flavor. See what we found. 

The most selling lays flavor in India is the Sour and cream onion Lays flavor which comes in the green packet. Unlike the others, this has a subtle flavor that gently protrudes the cream flavor with a hint of the onion. The 167 gm packet costs Rs. 46 which is enough for at least 3 people. 

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Top Lays Flavours in India 2021

Magic Masala Lays 

blue lays

I think we can all agree we all liked this flavor at some point in time. Magic Masala is one of the most popular flavors Lays has offered so far. It is hands down the Most Selling Lays Flavour in India.

  • With a blend of Indian spices, the potato chips are baked with such a flavored taste. You can literally taste the chili flakes and garlic on the surface of the chip. 
  • What this flavor tries to represent is the ethnic taste that Indians abides by and we all love that addition on the snacks we eat as well. 
  • This is a great add on when you are having your evening tea since it the sweetness will numb the spice down. 
  • The reviews clearly prove that customers love this flavor since it is super accessible and the most sought after in India. 

Flavor – Magic Masala alone seems to have an addictive flavour that you just can’t get enough off. The Masala is basically a mild anchoor which is essentially a dried Mango powder and it contributes to both the spice and the tang.

Pros Cons 
An amazing blend of the Indian spices for those who love flavor. Might not be suitable for little children as it can be a little too spicy. 

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Sour and Cream Lays flavour 

cream and onion flavour lays

Like we mentioned before, the Sour and Cream flavor is the favorite for many. 

  • Onion and Cream is a very popular combination even in the west. The subtle hit of the two prominent flavors is a true treat. 
  • The best part about this flavor is that its not too spicy and has a tinge of the sourness which is altogether an exotic taste. 
  • One downside that we founf in this flavor is that eating this a lot can make your tongue feel weird in a sense. The overall flavor is great but the aftertaste can be a little overwhelming. 

Flavor – The Sour and Cream combination is absolutely divine. The cheesy-sour combintaion with the sllight onion aroma is perfect. It makes for a great snack on it’s own. However, we recommed you eat it as a side. After all, the mild herby flavour is a perfect accompainant to a burger.

Pros Cons 
Great flavor. Aftertaste is not very pleasant. 

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Hot n Sweet Lays flavor 

hot n sweet

The Hot n Sweet flavor of Lays is one of the most exotic and unusual flavors out there among the other flavors Lays offers. 

  • The combination of the chili flakes and the jaggery is something that we totally approve of. 
  • This works well for those who cannot make up their mind on whether you want something spicy or sweet. 
  • The best part is that it does not feel too much when you are eating it. The crispiness of the chips compliments this blend of flavors. 
  • This works for kids as well as those who crave for spicy flavors. 
Pros Cons 
Great blend of sweet and spice. None. 

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Spanish Tomato tango Lays 

tomato lays

For a change, the tangy tomato is something that does not include spice but a strong tangy taste. 

  • For those who love the tomato flavor, this flavor that Lays is a win win since it lays of on the spice. 
  • This is part of one of the signature flavors so it has been around for a long time as has gained the love of Indian customers. 
  • The tanginess of the tomato on the chips is a great snack when you are looking for something different from spice. 
  • The only downside is that the tanginess of the tomato can be a little strong when you just want something light. 
Pros Cons 
Great change from the other spicy flavors. Tanginess can be quite overwhelming. 

Classic Salted Lays flavor 

top lays flavors in India

The classic salted flavour is considered the original as it does not have external flavours as part of it. 

  • When we say classic salted, you might think this can be very bland but the crispiness of the chip makes everything better. 
  • If you are someone who craves flavor then you can use a dip as an add on with this flavored chips it can really boost the flavor. Another yummy recipe that you can make to spice this up is cutting tomatoes and onions and sprinkling them on them. 

Flavour: As you can gather, the flavour profile is salty. However, it is well balanced. So, it is quite savoury. Most importantly, you can really experience that crunch. Sometimes, less is more. It is a great side dish, to be honest as it can break the monotony of some dishes like burgers or pizzas.

Pros Cons 
Extremely crispy and crunchy. Not for those who crave flavours. 

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Chile Lemon Lays 

chili lemon lays

Even though this is not one of the signature flavors that sell well in the country, this one is one of our favorites because of the lime in it. 

  • This is a great combination of chili and lime which we love so much because of how well the flavors blend together. 
  • We cannot really tell which aspect overtakes the other because the lemon and chili very subtly embedded in the crispiness of the chips. 
  • Don’t worry thinking about the chili being too overpowering since the lime evens it out and gives you a great snack to have in the evening with your hot beverage. 
  • This is not very accessible like the other flavours that we mentioned since it is fairly new in the market. 
Pros Cons 
The chili and the lime flavor is a great change from the other flavors mentioned. Not easily available. 

Maxx Macho Chilli Lays 

maxx chili flavor lays

This is one of the newest flavor in addition to the entire Lays series.

  • The shape of the chip is entirely different from the regular signature flavours. It has an uneven chiseled structure which looks pretty cool. 
  • This is completely spiced up and does not compromise by sharing a space with other flavors. You can see the chili flavors just embedded on the chip. 
  • Each chip is relatively large which suffices for atleast 3 bites. You can use this for parties as this can be a great side snack. 
  • It is priced at Rs. 20 for 39 gm which is perfect given the size of each chip. 
Pros Cons 
Good quantity. Can be a little too spicy. 

Sizzling Barbeque Lays flavor 

sizzling barbeque

The Barbeque flavor is also a new product in the market and is creating a buzz with how well its performing in the food market. 

  • Like the previous flavor, these chips are large as well so there’s no compromise on the quantity. 
  • The Barbeque flavor actually gives you the feeling of a freshly barbequed chip which can be great with soft drinks. 
  • The smoky taste in the chips is what we love absolutely with the other dash of flavors that is included in the chips. 
  • It is so hard not to notice this product in the supermarket with attractive packaging and considerable size. 
Pros Cons 
The smokey taste is great for a snack with drinks. Can be slightly bland with no external factors. 

Lays Staxx Jalapeno flavor 

stax lays

Here’s a completely different flavor that is not very popular in the country but deserves more attention. 

  • The Pringles tube-shaped package is very unfamiliar among the Indian clientele. The package is very convenient for you to eat some and leave the rest without having it opened. 
  • The Jalapeno and pepper taste is something that we never knew we wanted! It really spices it up and is nothing like anything we have in other chip flavors. 
  • The pepper taste is not too strong and does not overpower the spice that the jalapeno promises. 
  • The only thing that is a con is that it is priced on the higher side costing about Rs. 300. 
Pros Cons 
Great packaging and quantity. Expensive. 

Lays Cheesy flavour

lays cheesy

That’s right!

Lays has finally made that one flavour it was missing all along!

  • The crispy chips are embedded with cheese and tiny flakes of chilli on it.
  • Unlike the other flavors that lays has provided us with for so long, the cheesy flavour comes as a savior for those who are into something mild and not-spicy!
  • What we loved about this flavor is that the cheese does not weigh in on your stomach too much and instead balances the chilli.
Pros Cons
Exquisite flavor. Not easily available.

Lays is an incredible brand with amazing flavors that caters to every taste palette and we hope that these reviews help you get a better insight into each of the flavors. 

We found that the most popular Lays chip flavour is a two-way tie between Magic Masala and Hot & Sweet. That would basically be the Blue pack and the Orange pack. From our research, we found that Indians really enjoyed the tangy balance of the hot and sweet pack and the spicy flavour of the Blue pack.

Both these flavours stand out and don’t need an accompanying meal. However, majority do recommend that they pair amazingly with a bottle of Coke. Additionally, Indians recommend you buy the Rs 20 pack, instead of the 10 as there’s a huge variation in quantity.

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