9 Most Selling Noodle Brands in India 2021

Looking for a tasty pack of Instant noodles to satiate your hunger? Check out our list of the Most Selling Noodle Brands in India.

Noodles are one solution for every hungry soul! If you are looking for something to fill you up and does not take much time preparing you immediately turn to make noodles.

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With the myriad of options available in India, it has become a staple food for youngsters with limited kitchen appliances suited for them. We have researched on the various brands available and have curated the most selling noodle brands in India.

After having reviewed the most selling noodle brands in India based on official company reports and other credible sources; my team and I found that:

Based on a recent census on consumption of Noodle brands in India, Maggi and Yippie are the best selling brands. Both brands have various other flavours that come under the parent brand. The Chicken flavour is the best selling under Maggi which costs Rs. 60. Yippie’s classic masala is another top favorites among the Indian clientele.

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Best selling noodle brands in India 2021


maggi in india

We don’t need to give you a brief introduction about one of the best selling noodle brands in India. The ban of Maggi for a brief amount of time proved that the brand had encompassed its audience and become a major food product. It’s one of the Most Selling Noodle Brands in India.

  • We love how Maggi has a strong yet subtle taste included in the masala. It works really well with the Indian taste buds!
  • Another major pro of this noodle brand is that the subtleness of the masala allows you to experience with other ingredients and make your own dish. 
  • It comes in different quantities ranging from 100g, 70g, 420g, 520g and 50g. 
  • This is considered the original flavour of the brand. 
Pros Cons 
Easily available. Not for those who crave different flavours. 

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best noodle brands in India

Yippie stole the limelight when Maggi was banned and has been shining ever since.

  • Catering to the Indian audience just like Maggi did, Yippie was another instant noodles brand in India which exuded Indian flavours. 
  • They come in various flavours including Magic masala, classic masala, tricolour pasta Chinese masala which have all become popular over time. 
  • We love that it has a tangy tomato flavour which just blends in with the noodles. 
  • Like Maggi this is also very easily available and can be found anywhere near you. 
Has a tangy flavour. Not available in non veg flavours. 

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Ching’s secret instant noodles 

top selling noodle brands in India

Besides the fact that the handsome Ranveer Singh is the face of the brand, Ching’s has a unique blend of flavours that caters to those who love something different! 

  • The main reason Ching’s is flourishing in India is that it is available in a wide range of flavours including Schezwan instant noodles, hot garlic noodles, egg Hakka noodles, Singapore curry instant noodles and Veg Hakka noodles. 
  • Like Yippie and Maggi this too is instant and is cooked in a matter of minutes. 
  • Our favourite is the Schezwan noodles which is a perfect blend of spices and has a soothing underlying sour flavour. 
Pros Cons 
Comes in a wide range of flavours. None. 

Knorr soupy noodles 

best noodle brands in India

Knorr is another popular noodle brand in India which is another cost-effective brand.

  • The soupy noodles from Knorr is a style that has become very popular in India which has brought a different side to noodles. 
  • The flavours include Mast masala, Knorr Chinese, Schezwan and so on which will cater to people with different taste preferences. 
  • The small packets of this brand cost only Rs. 15 which applies to everybody. 
Pros Cons 
Cost-effective. Might not have spice in it. 

Patanjali Atta noodles 

healthy noodles brand

Patanjali is one of the most trusted brands for skincare, hair products and healthy products. The Atta noodles is a testimony to that. 

  • Besides the fact that it is tasty with the goodness of some of the best spices, it is also nutritious and works into keeping you strong and healthy. 
  • The reason why Patanjali’s atta noodles come into play for a lot of Indians is that there is a constant fear of getting harmfully affected by noodles. The atta goodness comes as the perfect choice for those people. 
  • Patanjali is 100% vegetarian and is not a good choice for non-vegetarian lovers. 
Pros Cons 
Very healthy. Not for those who crave flavours. 

Horlicks foodles 

foodles in India

Foodles is like Patanjali which aims at catering to those health-conscious people by providing only nutrients in their noodles. 

  • We know what you’re thinking! Horlicks was this one brand which gave us a reason to gulp down milk quickly but now it has noodles as well? That’s right and it is as yummy as the milk powder. 
  • Foodles comes in a very healthy package with only the best ingredients aimed at giving you a great breakfast or snack. 
  • Unlike the other noodles brands in India, instead of the tastemaker sachet, Foodles comes with a health maker sachet which gives you all the more reason to love this. 
Pros Cons 
Very healthy and tasty. Not easily available. 

Top Ramen 

best noodles in india

A hot bowl of ramen is a universal language for comfort and bliss! This brand is popular around the world and has had some improvisation in India with flavours. 

  • The curry flavour of Top Ramen is great for those who want a taste of Indian in every dish they eat. 
  • The flavours are merged together to give you a nice bowl of goodness so this is according to us the perfect choice. 
  • This comparatively takes a longer time to be prepared but once cooked, it tastes blissful with a range of flavours blended together. 
  • They have flat noodles as well which tastes completely different from the regular ones you get here so if you’re looking for a change, you know what to get! 
Pros Cons 
Comes in a wide range of flavours. A bit expensive than the rest on the list. 

Wai Wai Noodles 

noodle brands in India 2020

This is our favourite from the list as it can a unique taste when compared to the others on the list. 

  • The packet comes with onion oil, a special tastemaker and chilli flakes which makes up for a unique taste. 
  • The best part about wai wai is that it is edible raw and has a chip-like taste. 
  • All you need to do if you want to consume it like noodles is leave it in hot water for about 10 minutes and you’re dish is done. 
  • This instant noodle has created quite a storm in the Indian market being the favourites of noodles lovers. 
  • It comes in a vegetarian and a chicken flavour both of which are around Rs. 15. 
Pros Cons 
Has a unique taste. Not easily available. 

Joymee instant noodles 

instant noodles in India

Joymee is an instant noodles brand in India which cannot be seen as often as the rest on our list since it is new. 

  • It comes with a crispy onion topping which is the part we love the most about this brand. 
  • It comes in a unique blend of masalas and other flavours which makes up for a tasty bowl of noodles. 
  • We urge you to try out this exciting brand of noodles and see how different they are from the rest if you like change. 
  • The only downside to this noodle brand is that it does not have as much flavours as one would expect so there aren’t many choices. 
Pros Cons 
Healthy and tasty flavour. Not many options for flavours. 

How to Choose Instant Noodles in India 2021 – Buying Guide

With instant noodles being so varied, there are high chances of you stumbling on crappy noodles. So, please do refer to the buying guide below for all the details.


  • There are primarily two types of Instant noodles in India: Cup Type Instant Noodles and Packet Type Instant Noodles. Both come in various sizes and they both have their pros and cons. For example:
  • Cup-type noodles: This type of Instant noodles are perfect when you’re looking to cook up a quick meal. All you have to do is add some hot water and add the seasoning before it’s ready. It also happens to be extremely convenient as you can eat the noodles right out of the container.
  • This feature alone makes this instant noodle extremely convenient as it offers portability. Meaning you don’t have to be in your home or kitchen to eat this dish. Most importantly, they also come with a fork. So, you don’t need to carry any utensils. You only need hot water.
  • Packet type noodles: Packet type of Instant noodles, on the other hand, are not be as convenient as cup noodles. Not only does it not come with plastic cutlery, you also need a utensil to cook it. However, it does have it’s pros. For example, you can expect more quantity with a packet type noodles. Most importantly, it can be much more substantial meal.

Ingredients and Flavours

  • Back in the day, instant noodles had only one flavour. Of course, it tasted exceptional. However, it also happened to be an extremely unhealthy snack. However, with constant R&D, the manufacturers have introduced healthier alternatives.
  • So, you can now choose from a massive range of noodles that’s made from oats, atta, and corn. The nutritional benefits of these new flavours are much better. Check out our list of the Most Selling Noodle Brands in India.


  • As you can tell, majority of the popular instant noodles in India come from other countries. For example, Samyang Ramyun, a Korean-based instant noodles, is currently trending in India due to it’s amazing flavour. Even Nissin cup noodles are Japanese in origin.
  • Exploring noddles of different origin can definitely be worthwhile as the flavour, style and even texture of the noodles can differ drastically. Most importantly, Instant noodles from different countries also feature the local spices and ingredients that make eating them a really terrific culinary experience.
  • Diffferent countries also tend to have different types of noodles. For example, Japanese instant noodles tend to be soupy. However, Korean noodles are on the dry side. And Thai noodles tend to have to most complex flavour: a mixture of sweet, salty and sour.

Preparation Time

  • Prep time is definitely an important factor. The whole point of instant noodles is easy, convenient and fast preparation. So, if it ends up taking 30 minutes, you might as well cook a home-made meal instead.
  • This is why you should ideally look for instant noodles with a prep time of 5 minutes or less. And maybe up to 10-15 for exotic variants. Cup noodles, for example, are the fastest and easier to prepare with most taking around 5 minutes.
  • It’s the packet noodles that take the most amount of time with an average of 10 minutes. Of course, there are some brands like Maggi that can be prepared in 2 minutes. However, it can increase based on the extra toppings.

Tips for Making your Instant Noodles More Delicious

Adding extra toppings can always help elevate the taste of Instant noodles. Especially, since these noodles tend to be lacking in this department. It’s usually just the boring noodles and mix or sauce. Of course, the more exotic brands do offer some toppings, but it’s never substantial.

So, adding toppings can make your instant noodles whole and even delicious. Here are some tips that can drastically improve your instant noodles:

Meat and Veggies

  • Adding meat or vegetables can elevate instant noodles to being a substantial dish. By combining it with the right seasoning and toppings, you can make it more interesting. Not to mention, making it more flavourful.


  • Have you ever noticed how different Maggi can taste with just an addition of a few more cups of water? I personally love soupy noddles. Which made me experiment with different types of liquids. By cooking the nood;es in a soup or a vegetable broth, your instant noodles can change completely.


Which Indian noodles are healthy? 

According to what we have researched with the ingredients used in each of them we have noticed the Patanjali Atta noodles is the safest to use as it steers clear from using chemicals or artificial flavours in their tastemakers. This is suitable for all age groups because it works well with the intestine. 

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