Top Bicycle Brands in India 2021

With everything that’s happening around the world, including the pandemic, global warming, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and of course, excess population everywhere, I think bicycling is a great idea.

Not only is it a cheap and long term option, but also a fantastic investment in your health as well as in safeguarding the environment. To me, that’s a win-win situation. India has a lot of bicycle brands and if you’re in the market for one, read on for the reviews of the top bicycle brands in India:

Best Bicycle brands in India


top bicycle brands in India

A part of the Murugappa group, Hercules bicycles come with a lot of research and backing, and that’s what makes them unique in quality, durability, style and comfort. True to the name, Hercules cycles are made for all terrains with a sturdy frame.

The recent “night vision” range come fitted with a flash light for riding in the dark. Perfect companion for your long ride exploring rocky terrains, the Roadeo range comes with bigger tires and a heavier frame.

The lighter bikes like the roadster are ideal for your day to day commute to work or for school kids and college teens to explore their immediate neighbourhood. There is also an MTB range for younger children to ride along with their parents when they go exploring the mountains.

Hercules cycles are specifically designed for boys and men and come in a wide range of colours. 

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BSA Ladybird

top bicycle brands 2020

While a lot of brands did have options for girls and women, BSA decided to think out of the box and make these options more attractive. Well known for its “Ladybird” range, these colourful bicycles are a favourite for school and college girls in India.

These have a lighter frame compared to the ones made for boys, but one that is sturdy and safe.

The ladybird range is built for well-maintained city roads where you don’t have to navigate through muddy or rocky terrains. Since they are so light in weight and have thin tires, you can literally fly through the roads and reach your destination in no time, making these perfect for your daily commute.

Maintenance of these bikes are also easy, with no complicated gears or fittings, so all you need to do is check the air in the tires and wipe it down clean.


avon cycle

This 70 year old bicycle manufacture has a huge line of bicycles, almost 200 different varieties, and I’m sure there is one suitable for each one of us. Though the brand does have bicycles for your daily city commute, I find that their options for rougher terrains are much better.

The Mountain Bike range comes with a sturdy frame that has been built with high quality material combined with years of research and high technology. These are bikes that can handle riding through mud roads, rocks and rougher terrains with stability as well as comfort.

These bikes also come with options for younger children and for two riders. Avon has a set of geared bikes for seasoned riders, offering them ease of riding and higher speed.

The handle bars are set in a position that does not strain your back and knees, allowing you to ride for hours together without fatigue.

Also check out Avon’s lightweight Roadster bicycles for the smoother roads, and the ladies’s range for attractive colours and designs. 

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Hero for Children

cycles in India

It’s definitely a great idea getting your kids to ride with you. A perfect time for bonding while you explore nature around you. What can attract your child to ride with you is a bike that appeals to them, in colour, size as well as comfort. And of course, one that offers stability and safety.

Hero bicycles made for children come with all of these and more. The “Fairy” range for little girls comes in attractive bright as well as pastel colours with a seat that is fitted with a back rest.

The range for boys comes in fiery colours that are sure to appeal to young boys who are fans of super heroes, and want to be one themselves.

Almost all of these cycles are fitted with side trainer wheels for helping children learn to balance, which are removable once they are more confident.

They also come with a little basket in the front to put their backpack or water bottle in, and a carrier at the back to give their friends a ride! 

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Hero Mountain Bike

hero cycle in India

Hero is our own Desi brand that has made us proud time and again with the sturdy bikes for every terrain. This brand exports to about 70 countries across the world and that is something truly notable.

The mountain bike series is a combination of robustness and sleekness, perfect for those 100 km rides you wish to venture on, on your weekends off. With strong, grooved tires and frames that are made out of steel or alloy, these bikes are long lasting.

The mountain bike series comes with gears and you can choose between an 18 speed, 21 speed or a 24 speed gear.

Though these bikes are strong and stable, they are not very heavy, hence they are good to travel with. They come with standard mud guards to avoid the dirt from splashing, and reflectors for evenings and night rides.

The mountain bike series also has a few options for teenagers and children. These bikes are designed for men, but women can try riding them as they are not very heavy.  

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cycle brands in India

Based out of Uttar Pradesh, this 70 year old company is a name that is familiar and manufactures cycles that your parents and grandparents have probably used. The everyday Atlas cycle made for smoother city roads weighs just around 10 kgs.

This light weight bicycle comes with anti-akid, heavy duty tires that are just right for no matter what the weather is. The frame is durable and sturdy, so you can be sure this will be your partner for many years to come.

These are also very affordable and fit every pocket, and this is probably what makes this a popular option in our country. Though the company started with what’s now called the “Roadsters” range, there are so many options to choose from depending on your need.

Apart from the Mountain Bike range, the specially designed attractive and light weight range for women and kids, Atlas also has Aquafire and Roar, two new ranges of cycles.

The former is another version of the mountain bike, meant for much rougher mountainous terrains and Roar is a super sweet range designed for children. 


affordable cycle brands in India

Adults have so many varieties of bicycles to choose from, in various colours, designs and price points. Children should also have that option of riding something they absolutely love, and Torado is one of those brands that offer that. The range of “Muscular” and “Dove” bikes for boys and girls below the age of 6, who have a mind of their own and know what they want

. These bikes comes in attractive colours, with even the seat patterned to make it more appealing.

The height is adjustable to suit the height of the child riding it. The frame is made of steel and is quite sturdy and the handlebars are aligned in a way that makes it comfortable for the rider.

The Dove range comes with a back rest and a basket in the front. One downside is the poor customer service offered by the company after sales.

Mach City

top quality bicycles in India

Mach City is a top bicycle brand for adults in India that makes bikes that are just right for riding down the city roads, whether you are trying to get to work or just getting some exercise.

Made for smoother terrains and for quick and easy commute, these come with light weight frames and strong tires.

Most of the Mach City bikes are single speed bikes, but there are some options with other speed levels as well. What makes this brand unique is that they come in stylish designs and colours.

These bikes are low maintenance, requiring just a hosing or wipe down after a slushy ride in the rain.

The seats are comfortable and the handle bars have a good grip. The pedals are wide enough for comfortable pedaling for long hours. 

Speed Bird

best cycle brands in India

Getting your kids into the habit of riding their bikes from the time they are young is a great idea. It helps them exercise their muscles, become stronger and more flexible, and also helps them become more independent.

But, getting a bike that is safe for them to ride is of utmost importance. Speed Bird brand of bicycles are ones that you must check out for children below the age of four.

These have cute frames that will tempt your child into riding it. “Cute” does not mean these are flimsy. In fact, these bikes are just the opposite with a sturdy frame and comfortable seats.

They also come with trainer wheels that can be removed once your child learns to balance.

The bikes come with cushioned carriers behind to carry their friends, and a small basket in front to place their water bottle. 

Which cycle is best for adults in India?

Viva Ryde Single speed cycle
Hero fashion single speed cycle
Hero Kyoto cycle
ORBIS cycle
Hero Ranger cycle

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