Top Brands for Organic Products in India 2021

If you’re Indian, you might have heard your grandparents reminiscence about the good old days, when everything was pure, clean and fresh. From the milk we drank to the food we ate to the products we used on our hair and face – all of it was from natural sources, and therefore, better. Turns out they were right. 

Using chemical-based products is not good for your health or beauty in the long run. That’s why so many organic brands have popped up that provide the best food, beverages, hair and skincare products that are completely natural. These do not contain preservatives or harsh chemicals and come straight from trusted farms. Plus, organic food is free of any artificial colourants, hormones or antibiotics as well. 

This new health-conscious wave has led several organic product companies to enter into the Indian market. So which ones of these are actually good for you? Which ones to avoid? There’s so much confusion. To sort this out, we’ve created a list of the top brands for organic products in India. Take a look!

Best Brands Of Organic Products in India

Organic brand stores in IndiaBest known for Link

24 Mantra Organic
Providing sustainable lifestyle for customers
Organic India

Gluten free products
Conscious Food
Locally sourced
Natureland Organics

Internationally certified
Sorich Organics
Weight management products

Zero waste
Sampurn Organic
Toxin free
Wingreens Farms

International flavours
Pristine Organics
Safe products for children
Good Vibes
Great skin and hair care

24 Mantra Organic

organic products in India

One of the most popular brands on this list is 24 Mantra Organic. A player in the Indian organic food industry for the past 10 years, the main “mantra” of 24 Mantra Organic is sustainability. 

  • They are committed to achieving it in three ways. First, they want to use sustainable, eco-friendly practices. Next, they believe in making a sustainable lifestyle for their customers. And lastly, they want to make farmers independent by creating a sustainable source of income for them.
  • 24 Mantra Organic mainly focuses on creating organic food products. It has a wide range, including grains, millets, spices, oils, flours, and pulses.
  • This company follows a seed to kitchen philosophy that makes sure there are no pesticides or chemicals used in the cultivation or processing of the food. Not only does this make the food healthier, but it also keeps the soil and water clean. 
  • There is also a range of ready-to-cook items and jams in the 24 Mantra Organic food line. These items are also preservative-free and have a homemade quality and taste to them.
  • 24 Mantra Organic has the stamp of approval of international bureaus like the USDA and the EU. The brand also has an India Organic certification. 
Pros Cons
Certified OrganicChemical-free food grains Good for your body
Wide range of food grains and pulses

Organic India

organic food products

Organic India is another of the top brands for organic products in India. Based in Lucknow, this company offers food items, ayurvedic products, skincare items and herbal supplements. 

  • They support hundreds of local farmers and source their food items straight from agricultural lands. Which means, these products are free of chemicals, preservatives and pesticides. What we liked best about Organic India is that unlike certain brands, their products are quite reasonably priced.
  • If you have a gluten allergy or suffer from celiac’s disease and cannot eat grains like wheat normally, you should try the gluten-free variants offered by Organic India.
  • As their food items do not use harmful fertilizers and preservatives, they do not harm the environment by leaching into the soil, water, etc. All the farmers that act as their suppliers are also well-versed in biodynamic agricultural practices. 
  • The range of Organic India products ranges from teas, ghee, honey, oils, spices, and other packaged products to herb-based supplements for skin, men’s health, immunity and more. Organic India uses a special processing method to ensure the herbs retain maximum potency. 
  • They also have a body care range that includes face masks, serums, hair oils and pain-relief oils.
Pros Cons
Includes body care and nutritional supplements
Reasonably priced
Do not have an extensive range of grains or pulses. 

Conscious Food

Conscious Food isn’t just among the top brands for organic products in India, but it is also the oldest. They have been in the organic products market locally and internationally since the 1990s. This company produces food items that are locally-sourced, sustainably-grown and pure vegetarian. Conscious Food strives to make all its products 100 percent chemical-free and as unprocessed as possible. 

  • Some of the food products in their line are wild honey, cold-pressed oils like sesame, coconut, olive, and mustard, natural turmeric, Kashmiri red chilli powder, raw sugar and more.
  • They also have a range of healthy snacks like soya, ragi and bajra crackers and peanut-jaggery chikkis. These snacks are gluten-free and low on fats and sodium. So, they are safe to consume while on a diet. 
  • All the food grains, snacks, spices, and other items have a high nutritional value as they are completely natural. Conscious Food offers a free delivery service if you are located in Mumbai.
Pros Cons
Healthy, organic foodGuilt-free snacks
High nutritional value

Natureland Organics

natural organic products

Started in 1999, Natureland Organics is another food-based company. It is considered one of the top brands for organic products in India as it has several certifications from Indian and International authorities. It has a USDA certification, India Organic certification from APEDA and a stamp of approval from the EU as well. All products from Natureland Organics are also FSSAI-approved. 

  • They’ve got a huge range of food products including millets, grains, rice, pulses, spices, oils and salt. All of which are sourced from local farmers, giving them a chance to increase their livelihood. 
  • Like all organic products, these do not contain any chemicals and were cultivated without using harmful fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Natureland Organics also has a range of beverages like the amla drink and triphala drink. There’s also a line of jams, teas and breakfast cereals.
  • If you’re looking for immunity boosting options, there is also the wheatgrass and amla powders that are natural supplements. 
Pros Cons
Wide range of food options and beverages
Internationally certified

Sorich Organics

best organic products india

If you’re looking to lose weight or are sticking to certain diets in order to stay healthy, then you should check out the products offered by Sorich. Like other organic food items, they’re grown without chemical intervention and sourced locally to benefit the farmers.

  • Sorich Organics contains a line of special weight management products that help you shed those extra pounds without compromising your health. These include nutritionally-packed chia seeds, green coffee bean powder and spirulina powder. There are also keto capsules for those following the keto diet.
  • They also have a superfoods line consisting of vitamin and mineral-rich items like pumpkin, flax and Halim seeds. You can also find exotic grains like quinoa and herbs like milk thistle. To complete your daily nutritional requirements, Sorich Organics also offers dried fruits and herbal teas.
  • The downside of having these high-quality, exotic items is that some of them can be a bit expensive. 
Pros Cons
Good for weight loss
Nutritious and diet-friendly
Some items are expensive 


organic products 2020

This brand comes from the company Rattan Organics Pvt. Ltd. which is based in Rajasthan. What we liked most about Nutriorg is its commitment to a sustainable planet and women’s empowerment. More than 80 percent of their workforce in the farms are women. 

  • Nutriorg also supports about 10000 farming families. They also use solar-powered panels, zero-waste manufacturing units and eco-friendly packaging materials. 
  • No chemicals or pesticides are used during farming or processing, so neither the food nor the environment is contaminated. They commit to high levels of hygiene too. 
  • Nutriorg’s range of products includes breakfast cereals, immunity-boosting supplements and beverages, detox juices, cooking oils, and natural sweeteners. They have also expanded to hygiene products like hand sanitizers. 
  • If you’re looking to gift someone, Nutriorg also has several combos and gift packs containing breakfast items, healthcare products like chyawanprash and wheatgrass powder and more. 
Pros Cons
Empowers local communities

Sampurn Organic

organic food products india

Another big name in the Indian organic food market is Sampurn Organic. Their focus is mainly on food grains and pulses. 

  • Sampurn Organic is among the brands with international certifications. It’s got a USDA certification, India Organic certification and an EcoCert.
  • The product line consists of grains, pulses, beans, flours, spices and cooking oils. Arhar dal, chana, basmati rice, rajma, wheat jaggery powder and barley are some popular foods. They also have organic oils ranging from sesame and groundnut to sunflower and coconut oil. 
  • This company too follows the farm to kitchen philosophy. All the food is cultivated without the use of harmful fertilizers and insecticides. The processing techniques also ensure that the food is toxin-free, and there’s no contamination between organic and non-organic products. 
  • With over 5000 farmers supplying the food from the Bharatpur, Agra and Mathura regions, Sampurn Organic strives to give back to the community and create a sustainable livelihood for them. 
Pros Cons

International certification
Careful processing techniques
Limited range of products

Wingreens Farms

top organic food in India 2020

While most organic food companies focus on raw, uncooked products like grains, sugars, spices, flours, etc., Wingreens Farms specializes in packaged, ready-to-eat items. These include breakfast cereals, dips, snacks, and more. Run by a mostly-women network, Wingreens speciality lies in bringing international flavours to Indian consumers. It doesn’t hurt that all these products are healthy too.

  • Most of the snacks offered by Wingreens are baked. So they do not affect your diet plans. These food items are also free of chemicals, artificial preservatives and additives. Yet, Wingreens offers high-quality, fresh products only. 
  • The Wingreens food range includes whole wheat pasta, low-calorie mayo, Chipotle and cheese sauces and seasonings like thyme, basil and rosemary. You can also find special green tea packs enriched with chamomile, lemongrass and rose extracts. 
  • For those who like trying out international cuisines, Wingreens has also come up with easy, ready-to-mix pancake batter, pizza dough, white sauce pasta flavouring and more. 
Pros Cons
Healthy snacks
International taste

Pristine Organics


What we liked best about Pristine Organics is the sheer variety of products available. You can find ready-to-eat foods, coffee, tea and breakfast items, pulses, grains, flours, cooking oils and more. There are also nutritional supplements developed for children. And to top it off, there’s baby food available too.

  • Pristine Organics was started in 1992 with an objective to promote conscious eating and well-being in India. They use eco-friendly and holistic farming and processing methods. Their mission is to apply innovative technological methods to promote nutrition.
  • This company creates something for everyone. There are quick meals of veg pulao, puliogare, rajma chawal and khichdi for the busy bees. Nutritional supplements in the form of powders for kids and the elderly. Millet-based cereal for the babies and so much more. 
  • You can also get rice, wheat flour, cold-pressed sunflower and groundnut oil, etc. for everyday cooking as well.
Pros Cons
A large variety of productsNone

 Good Vibes

good vibes organic food

Most of the brands discussed in this list are a part of the food and beverage industry. But it’s not enough to eat and drink organic products. You need to be careful about what you’re using on your hair and skin as well. This is where Good Vibes steps in. The company produces high-quality, 100 percent natural skincare and haircare products. 

  • Some of the ingredients used in their lines include tea tree, ylang-ylang, lemon and other essential oils, activated charcoal, aloe vera, turmeric, shea butter and more. 
  • Their skincare line includes moisturisers, sunscreens, toners, serums and face masks. For haircare, they’ve got shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and oils. You can also find handmade soaps, body mists and hair removal creams on their product list. 
Pros Cons
Organic and natural skincare and haircare productsNone

With consumers becoming more educated about what should and shouldn’t be in their food, cosmetics and toiletries, companies have scrambled to keep up with the demand for organic products. Mostly Indians already had the mindset of natural being better. There is also the need to go back to our herbal and ayurvedic roots. An increased concern for the well-being of the environment and social consciousness that seeks to help farming communities is also behind this fascination for organic products. 

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