11 Top Car Stereos To Buy Online In India 2021

Those long drives are no fun without some music. And music is no good without a fantastic stereo that hits the highs and lows the way it should. A couple of decades ago we had very few options but today the Indian market is flooded with different brands of car stereos, in all budgets. We have done in-depth research into the best brands, the best stereos, and the price points. Read on for the reviews of the top car stereos to buy online in India:

Best Car Stereo To Buy Online in India 2021

#1- Sony DSX-A110U Car Stereo

car stereo online india

There are plenty of car stereo brands out there in the Indian market, old and new, but the traditional Sony is unbeatable. Be it for your home or our car, when it comes to music, you know Sony is the best. 

  • The DSX-A110U Car Stereo is a single din model that comes with excellent bass notes. 
  • It plays anything from MP3 to USB and also FM Radio. 
  • It comes with a 10 band equaliser with karaoke. 
  • This is a good one to choose for your car as it has anti-shock protection, extending the lifespan of this stereo. 
  • Sony is a premium product and does not come cheap, but if you want good quality and a durable system, go for this.
Detachable face panel.No bluetooth connectivity.

#2- iBELL DXP700 140W Car Stereo 

stereos to buy online

A cheaper option than Sony, but with excellent specs is the new brand, iBell. There are plenty of car stereo brands in India but very few are easily available online. Slowly setting foot in the online market and establishing themselves, iBell is a brand to look out for. 

  • The DXP700 car stereo is an MP3 music system that has provision to connect a USB as well as has bluetooth functionality. 
  • It also allows you to use an SD card or an aux cable. 
  • This is a single din player that comes with 18 preset radio stations. 
  • It comes with a remote for easy operation no matter where you are seated in the car. 
  • The LCD display is visible in the dark as well with the illumination. 
  • iBell gives you a standard 6 month long warranty with the option of extending it to another 6 months when you register.  
Wide playback support.None.

#3- Sound Boss car stereo 

car stereos

With all the expensive options out there, Sound Boss presents itself as a breath of fresh air with a price that’s cheap and affordable. 

  • This car stereo is equipped with all the features of a premium car stereo system like FM with 18 preset radio stations. 
  • You can choose to play music through a USB port, or an SD slot and an aux cable provision. 
  • It also has Bluetooth connectivity for when you have to receive calls. 
  • It comes with remote control and you are offered a 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects. 
  • The quality of sound is quite good, with decent highs and lows, for the price you pay. 
Affordable.Poor build quality.

#4- Alpine CDE-W265BT car stereo 

top car stereos online in India

Good quality does not come cheap. The car stereo systems by Alpine might cost you a bit but they deliver. 

  • The CDE-W265BT is a double din system that comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, the need of the hour. 
  • Talk without taking your hands away from your steering wheel and go back to listening to music once you are done. 
  • It supports Apple devices as well. 
  • The sound quality is excellent with all the perfect highs and lows. 
  • It comes with a radio tuner but the downside is that it sometimes fails to pick up all the stations especially when you are driving cross country. 
  • Installation is more of a plug and play system, saving you time and hassle. 
Supports iPod Costly.

#5- Blaupunkt San Marino car stereo 

best car stereos india

The San Marino by Blaupunkt is another premium, highly advanced model of car stereos. It features a huge 6.2 inch screen that is touch sensitive.

  •  It displays all your options and the details of the song that’s playing, right from the artist to the album to the track. 
  • It gives you the choices of connecting your music through an aux cable, an MP3, a MicroSD or a USB. Use the Bluetooth for your hands-free calling and keep yourself safe while driving. 
  • This 2 din stereo system comes with a 10 band equalizer, a front a/v input, a rearview camera input, a video output and a steering wheel control input. 
  • Needless to say, the sound quality is excellent. 
Pros Cons
Easy usage. Expensive. 

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#6- Sony WX-800UI car stereo 

car stereos in India

Here we have another Sony, as it is indeed one of the best car stereos you can buy online. In a beautiful black with a shiny premium finish, the Sony WX-800UI is a double din car stereo system. 

  • Being a double din, the face is bigger with a better and clearer display, apt for your modern large car. 
  • You can also change the colour of the illumination to suit the shades in your car. As with most Sony players, you get deep bass with perfect sound. You can use the 10 band equaliser to vary the sound.
  •  There is a provision to use your USB to play music from your iOS device. 
  • The terminal is also compatible with Android Open Accessory, so you can connect your android device through the app to play music on the system. 
  • As with all Sonys, this one does not come cheap. You pay quite a bit for this, but as you can see, it’s a high end device and you get what you pay for.  
Affordable. Sound quality is questionable.

#7- Pioneer MVH-S219BT

cheap car stereos

Another brand that is reliable for car stereos and that’s easily available online is Pioneer. 

  • The Pioneer MVH-S219BT comes with Bluetooth that connects quickly and has a pretty good range.
  •  Use the connection to not only play your favourite music but to also answer phone calls without taking your hands off the wheel when you are driving. 
  • The quality of the sound is excellent and this player is easy to install. The in-built mic adds to this convenience. 
  • The display is neat and there is illumination to read it in the dark.
  •  It also has a dimmer if you don’t like it too bright and a clock to read the time.
  • Pioneer gives you a warranty of 1 year on this car stereo. 
Pros Cons 
Affordable. Only one year warranty. 

#8- JVC KW-M740BT car stereo to buy online 

best car stereos

The JVC KW-M740BT is priced on the higher end but you can score great discounts when you shop for it online. 

  • This car stereo is compatible with both iOS as well as Android. 
  • The voice command feature works well with this stereo making driving a seamless and smooth affair. 
  • With a 6.8 inch clear touch sensitive display, this system adds a certain class to your car. 
  • You can view the playlist, next song to be played, album and artist on it while you use the MP3 or aux cable to play your favourites. 
Pros Cons 
Great touch display. Expensive. 

#9- Blaupunkt Tokyo 110 car stereo 

stereos in India

The Blaupunkt Tokyo 110 is a sleek and stylish looking car stereo that you can purchase online. 

  • This is a cheaper and lower end version when compared to the San Marino. 
  • It has all you need with a radio AM/FM function, and audio playback using an MP3 player, a USB port, and SD slot or an aux cable. 
  • There are equaliser sound presets for rock, pop and classic notes. 
  • This stereo comes equipped with a remote you can use to control this with ease. Blaupunkt makes it very easy to install with labelled wires and 2 separate connections for power supply and the speakers.
  •  One disadvantage is the quality of the bass. It is not as strong as a bass lover would expect, but if you are the kind who doesn’t care much for it, this stereo is for you. 
Pros Cons 
Equaliser Quality of the bass can be better. 

#10- Woodman Neo 2 car stereo online 

top brands of car stereos

Woodman Neo 2 is a premium, high-end car stereo system, priced on par with the Sonys.

  • This highly advanced double din system features the OS Android 8.1 with internal memory storage of 16 GB. 
  • The strong Gorilla glass makes this scratch resistant, giving it the glossy new look for as long as you use it. 
  • It has an IPS display, giving you the best clarity from any angle in your car. 
  • The bluetooth makes it convenient for answering your calls while you’re driving and the online and offline maps are handy for navigation.
  •  It comes with a 5 band equaliser and can connect to all your favourite streaming networks and music apps. 
  • You can connect car parking sensors to make it easier for you. 
  • The sound output is clear, bold and strong. Connect this to good quality speakers to get the best music for your car. 
Pros Cons 
Car parking sensors are of great help. Sound quality can be better

#11- Kenwood KMM-103 car stereo 

car stereos online india

Kenwood was one of the first, high end car stereos to have made a mark in the Indian market for car accessories. 

  • The car stereos from this brand are reputed to have excellent sound quality, fantastic amplification and a pretty long life span. 
  • The KMM-103 has a 3 step bass boost and gives us a 3 band equaliser.
  •  As it comes with a radio, it also features an RDS-Multi-pass Noise Cancelling function for better radio reception. 
  • The LCD display displays large letters that make it convenient to read as the songs keep changing. 
  • Easy to mount and install, this stereo is compatible with most brands of speakers. 
  • Kenwood is premium and is priced accordingly but you can look online for good deals and discounts. 
Pros Cons 
LCD displays are of great quality. Expensive. 

What to keep in mind while purchasing a car stereo online

  • Buying online is a serious task especially when you are looking for automobile equipment and gadgets. So we suggest you go to big brands that have excelled in the same category.
  • Connections that your stereo can accommodate is very important to consider while purchasing a car stereo. For example, while aux can be the choice for many, there are others who are particular about USB connections. So checking all these boxes is pretty important.
  • Wireless options are flourishing in the car stereo world simply because it makes life easier with just a click you are connected to Bluetooth. Sure this can be slightly more expensive but trust us when we say it’s going to make your life much easier.

With these top car stereos in India that are great in quality and can be used by all music lovers.

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