10 Top Projector Screens in India | The Latest 2021 Update

Looking to elevate your movie experience? Check out our list of the Top Projector Screens in India.

So, you did a lot of research and got yourself a good projector. The next step is to buy a good projector screen. A lot of people skimp on the projector screen but it’s the screen that adds to the whole experience.

With so many manufacturers and sellers in India, selling projector screens of various qualities, price points and types, which one is the best for you?

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We have answered that question for you by reviewing the best projector screens in India based on the gain, aspect ratio and type of screen. Delve in for the top projector screens in India.

Features Best brands Link 
150 inch projector screen in IndiaInlight imported motorised projector screens Link
120 inch projector screen in IndiaELCOR screen projector Link
Best projector for home cinemaInlight Wall Autolock/Instalock Projector Screen
Best projector screen for home theatreInlight imported motorised projector screens Link
Best 4k projector screen  Egate EYE64 Projector ScreenLink 

After having reviewed all the best type-c cables in India based on various factors like design, material, performance, longevity, features, price and much more; my team and I zeroed in on 12 that really stood out. These 12 were put through a series of tests to determine the best. We found that:

The Top Projector Screen in India is Inlight Map Type Projector Screen. Not only is this screen easy on the eyes and neck but it’s also made from materials that are in sync with the latest 4K and HD videos. So, it elevates the experience with its crystal clear video. Most importantly, the maintenance is low and is easy to install.

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Best projector screens in India 

Inlight Map Type Projector Screen

best projectors in India

The beauty of watching a movie on a big projector screen is the experience of a movie theatre. Of course, this experience is ruined if there is too much strain on your eyes and neck. It’s one of the Top Projector Screens in India.

This is one of the first things you need to keep in mind when you choose a projector screen. Inlight is one of the leading brands selling all kinds of high-quality projector screens in India. 

  • The Map Type Projector Screen by Inlight tops our list for the technology it is equipped with. 
  • This screen is in sync with 3D as well as 4K technology and has a resolution of 1080P. 
  • It has an HD display that gives you crystal clear clarity. 
  • It also comes with an anti UV coating to reduce the strain on your eyes as we all know, projector screens translate to long viewing hours with loads of popcorn! This gives you a viewing angle of 180 degrees. 
  • This 6X4 feet screen has an aspect ratio of 4:3 and is easy to install. 
  • Maintenance is low as the fabric behind is easy to clean. 
  • Weighing about 3 kgs, you can put this up with a few nails and hooks and you’re good to go. 
  • This is a portable one, so if you need something for an office space where you keep moving your presentations from room to room, this is a good option. 
Washable.4:3 aspect ratio.

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Inlight Wall Autolock/Instalock Projector Screen

motorised projector screens u

With a huge market presence, you will find that everywhere you look for projector screens, Inlight is one of the brands that is constantly going to pop up. 

  • The Wall Autolock projector screen is suitable when you want a standard fixed projector that does not need to be moved around. 
  • Great for office spaces where you have an AV room or for your home living room where you watch a lot of movies and shows. 
  • It can be installed on your ceiling or the wall with the sleek metal trim it is fitted with. 
  • This comes with all the specifications of the portable Inlight we reviewed previously, with a 4:3 aspect ratio. 
  • The size is 6X4 feet, perfect for a medium sized living room. 
  • You can lock the screen at any size. 
  • The fabric is black coated behind to give you the best anti-glare images. 
  • The screen itself is coated with an anti-UV coating to eliminate eye strain. 
  • Equipped with 4 K technology, this screen is compatible with all projectors. 
  • It is low maintenance and easy to clean. 
  • This is more expensive than the portable Inlight map type projector screen as this is more of a permanent screen solution. 
Adjustable screen size.Not portable.

ELCOR lite Series Map

projector screens in India

One reason to love projector screens is how easy they are to install. With no stress like the one that comes with a large TV, projector screens are light in weight, all they need are a couple of nails in the wall and you’re good to go!

The ELCOR lite Series Map is the next one featured on our list of the best projector screens in India, owing to its clarity versus the price. Costing less than the Inlight map type projector, the Elcor gives you nearly equal performance. 

  • It is compatible with 4K technology and has a 160 degrees angle, slightly lesser than the one you get with Inlight. 
  • It is made of a fabric that can be wiped clean easily and is anti-static. 
  • It has a gain of 1.2 and an aspect ratio of 16:09. 
  • This translates to clear images in a dark space, preferably indoors. 
  • It may not be very effective outdoors when there is too much light. 
  • However, this is a good option as the price is pocket friendly, it is light in weight (hardly 3 kgs) and is easy to install. 
Suitable for movie experience.Not suitable for outdoors.

Egate EYE64 Projector Screen

affordable projector screens in India

You don’t have to necessarily bust your wallet paying for an expensive projector. It also happens to be one of the Top Projector Screens in India.

  • The Egate EYE64 Projector Screen is a great budget option that delivers just what you need for a small living room or a medium sized office room. 
  • Measuring 6ft x 4 ft, and weighing only around 1.2 kgs, this is a light weight projector screen that you can move around easily. 
  • It can even be folded and put away when not in use, helping you save space. 
  • It comes with an aspect ratio of 4:3 and supports active 3D as well as 4K technology. 
  • It has a resolution of 1080P. 
  • It has a matte finish and the back is coated with black to reduce the glare and improve the viewing clarity. 
  • One thing you will be compromising here is the viewing angle. 
  • While many top projector screens in the market have the capacity of close to 180 degrees viewing angles, this one gives us about 75 degrees. 
  • However, this is still a good deal price-wise if the number of people viewing your movie or presentation is about 10-15. 
  • This is low maintenance and comes with a warranty of 3 years.  
Light weight.Low viewing angle.

Elite Screens Sable Frame B2 projector screens 

4k projector screens

Elite is an international brand makes some real solid projector screens that are super durable. The Sable Frame B2 measures 100 inches diagonally and comes with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Check out our entire list of Top Projector Screens in India for all the details.

  • This is hands-down one of the best screens you can install in your home or office for superior movie watching experience. 
  • This is a fixed frame for your AV room that cannot be moved around easily. 
  • You get a viewing angle of 180 degrees with this screen. 
  • The specifications include active 3D support along with 4K and 8K ultra HD. 
  • It also supports HDR. 
  • While many projector screens in the market have a sturdy fabric trim, this comes with an aluminium frame enveloped in velvet to give it enough support as well as improve the lifespan. 
  • The black velvet absorbs the offshoot of the projector giving you better clarity and reducing the strain on the eyes. 
  • It goes without saying that this also makes the projector look very elegant and the finish is very premium. 
  • The screen weighs about 12 kgs when assembled. 
  • The black backing eliminates glare and improves the viewing experience. 
  • Elite makes it worth your money by giving you a 2 year warranty on this projector. 
Supports 8K and HDR.Expensive.

Punnkk E7 Motorized Projector Screen 

best quality projector screens in India

Ranking highly among the motorised projector screens is the Punnkk E7. 

  • One of the best options for office spaces, classrooms and even your home, this screen comes with all the best specifications. 
  • Measuring 7ft x 5ft, this is larger than the Inlights reviewed here. 
  • With an aspect ratio of 4:3, this motorised projector screen supports 4k technology as well as 3D. 
  • You can install it easily in your ceiling or your wall using the strong white trim. 
  • It has a viewing angle of 150 degrees which seems to be a bit lower than what the other brands offer. 
  • The remote works well and the motor is quite silent, with just a low hum when it is rolling down or back up. 
  • The fabric of the screen is of good quality and is very easy to clean. 
  • This low maintenance projector screen weighs about 10 kgs. 
  • It may cost more than other brands or types of projector screens but this one looks classy and the performance makes it great value for money. 
Motorized projector screen with remote control.Not portable.

Inlight Cineview Series Tripod Type Projector Screen

motorised projectors in India

Inlight has plenty of projector screen options and we had to sift through to find you the three best that is apt for today’s times. The Cineview Series Tripod Type Projector Screen is another portable option great for classrooms, small office spaces or if you are someone who goes to different offices to present your seminars. As the name suggests, this is fitted with a tripod which makes it hassle free as you don’t have to figure out where to hang the screen. 

  • The screen itself comes with all the specifications of other Inlight projector screens. 
  • This supports 4K as well as 3D technology and the image clarity is in high definition. 
  • The size of the screen is 6X4 feet and the screen has an anti UV coating for removing the strain on the eyes. 
  • The back of the fabric is coated with jet black to give you the best anti-glare images. 
  • The screen itself is low maintenance and the trims are easy to be cleaned. 
  • Because of the tripod, it gets a bit heavy, to about 12 kgs. 
  • Most Inlight projectors are effective outdoors as well owing to their high resolution and quality. 
  • Inlight also has the reputation of offering superior customer service after sales, so that’s another bonus to consider. 
Pros Cons 
Good features. Heavy. 

Elacor tripod mount 84 inch projector screen 

projector screens in India 2020

The list from Elcor is not stopping just yet because of the top notch projector screens they provide us with. 

  • The main aspect of this projector screen is that there is a tripod that supports the projector screen and allows ot to be steady without falling off. 
  • There is a black coating on the sides of the projector screens which protects it from damage on the edges as well as gives it a classy look. 
  • The base of the projector screen is pretty hard which protects it and gives it a hard look. 
  • The tripod does take up quite a bit of space with its legs spreading out in 3 different directions but this is just to ensure the safety of your projector screen. 
Pros Cons 
Has a sturdy and hard exterior which prevents damage. Tripod takes up quite a bit of space. 

Inlight 120 inch wall projector 

wall projector in India

This may be the most affordable projector on our list with some of the prime features. 

  • This particular projector from Inlight is capable of playing 3D images in 4K which is pretty great for the price it comes in. 
  • The aspect ratio of this projector is 4:3 which is pretty definitive and clear for presentation. 
  • This can be hung on the wall and pulled down when you have a presentation to make. 
  • This is safe to view from a distance since the screen has a safe resolution. 
Pros Cons 
Affordable. Might be hard to handle when hung on the 

ELCOR motorized 102-inch projector screen 

electric motorised projector screen

ELCOR has some really amazing projector screens like we did mention, there’s more from this brand. 

  • You can hang this up on the wall or attach it to the ceiling according to your needs since it makes it possible to cater to your needs. 
  • This is extremely safe for the eyes as it has an anti UV coating which works really well and safe. 
  • The projector screen runs for a long time and does not make any noise while its operating. 
Pros Cons 
Runs for a long time. Available only in one size. 

With these top projector screens, we hope you are able to create a theatre-like mood in your homes and have the best movie experience.

What Is A Projector Screen?

A projection screen is basically a screen that is used to display the video from a projector. It is of much better quality than any other surface like a wall and you don’t have to be worried about inconsistencies. Most importantly, its surface reflects the light which ends up elevating the visual experience.

It usually comes with the support of some sort of a hook and a surface that is made from a unique light. The common surface colours are white and grey. However, the shape will depend on the price. You can find various shapes and even curved screens.

How Does A Projector Screen Work?

A projector screen can work in two different ways depending on its material make-up. It can either function as a front projection screen or a rear projection screen.

A front projection screen uses light reflection, specifically, it functions by diffusing the reflection when a ray of light hits it. So, the moment the light from the projector falls on the surface of the screen it scatters the ray in various directions and this results in an image.

When these scattered images are perceived by the human eyes, it seems like the images are alive and this is also why it is possible to see the projector clearly from all angles.

The rear Projection screen, on the other hand, functions similarly to a front projection. However, in this case, the projector will be behind the screen and the material of the screen will spread the light from the images in various directions, making them come alive.

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