Top Raincoats to buy in India

It’s raining, It’s pouring! As much fun as that is, we can’t afford to get wet all the time. Unfortunately, some of us have responsibilities like having to go to work or college, where we can’t land up wet. But, not to worry, you have at your fingertips the review of the top-selling raincoats in India. 

Best Raincoats to buy in India 2020

#1- Duckback DB-DPMT raincoats

raincoats in India

Duckback is the name you would have heard your parents, your grandparents and everybody else mention when it comes to superior quality raincoats, and they weren’t wrong. One of the most popular raincoats of the past few decades, this brand still manages to hold a place in the top raincoats you should buy in India, despite many newer and younger, flashier brands entering the market. 

  • A totally waterproof jacket, this material is flexible and smooth, so the wearer feels comfortable. 
  • The lightness of the fabric adds to the comfort and the double taping inside to reinforce the waterproof quality of this raincoat, assures us of its durability. 
  • As you might have expected this is priced mid-range and is great value for money. 
  • You get the option of four colours- Black, grey, blue and brown. 
ComfortableThin fabric

#2- Columbia raincoats in India

raincoats india 2020

Columbia is a premium brand preferred by many living in very wet and cold countries. Columbia jackets and raincoats are designed with various layers to protect you from the rain with their Omni-tech technology. 

  • Though the three layered material is completely waterproof to keep you dry no matter how heavy the shower is, the material is breathable and you won’t feel warm or sweaty inside the jacket. 
  • With rain comes the heavy wind but this rain jacket protects you from the wind as well with the wind resistant fabric. 
  • You have drawcords to adjust how close you want it around you. 
  • This jacket is also hugely functional with the multiple zippered pockets it carries. 
  • Whether you want to store your mobile phone safely from the rain or you want to warm your hands a bit, the pockets are super useful. Also, one more thing that seems like a huge bonus is that the fabric is stain resistant as well. So if you are trekking or hiking in the rain, you don’t have to worry about messy puddles cos one wash and this jacket is going to go back to looking brand new! Without a doubt this is a very expensive brand, costing you at least 3 times that of what other premium brands charge. 
  • However, these jackets are very durable and last you forever. Not to mention, these also look really good! 
  • The only downside we see is that this is only the jacket which means you will have to get waterproof trousers separately to keep you completely dry. 
Breathable fabricExpensive

#3- FabSeasons Reversible Waterproof Raincoat 

Reversible raincoats are so much fun! You get to choose what colour you want, what design you want, depending on your mood for the day. Fabseasons waterproof raincoats are one of the top selling raincoats in India for plenty of reasons. 

  • First of all, the cost is super affordable. Even though they are priced on par with the raincoats by Duckback, most of the time you get these for a good discount online. 
  • Secondly, the quality, though not as strong as a product by Duckback or Columbia, is quite good for the price you pay. 
  • Finally, these raincoats come with a lot of useful features including, of course, the reversible aspect. 
  • You get the top and the bottom neatly folded in a storage bag that is small and compact, light and easy to pack away and carry in your bag. 
  • There is a reflector sticker on the back of the jacket for visibility during monsoon nights. 
  • Fabseasons is also popular because they are one of the few brands that cater to all sizes, up to 4XL. 
  • You can choose between four colour options, Blue, brown, grey and black. 
Variety of colours to choose from. Questionable quality. 

#4- THE CLOWNFISH Sky One Prime

Best raincoats in India

One of the best options for raincoats in a price that is easy on the pocket is the Clownfish Sky One Prime. 

  • Made out of a two layer fabric, this raincoat is quite durable and gives you amazing protection from the rain. 
  • The hood fits closely with a drawcord and the chin closure is high to prevent water from seeping through and drenching you. 
  • The sleeves can be pulled close to keep you dry. 
  • The trousers are also made from the same fabric and are fitted with elastic for ease of wear and to fit you comfortably. 
  • There is a reflector strip at the back of the jacket for good visibility in the night. 
  • The jacket comes with an inner pocket so that you can keep your mobile phone or other valuables close to your body and dry. 
  • The main zipper is shielded by a flap to keep it dry. 
  • The whole set comes in a neat little storage bag which makes it easy to put this away when not in use. 
  • These jackets are available in three colours, a prime blue, a regular blue and a prime black, so you can choose the one that appeals to you best. 
Storage bag comes with the raincoatOnly large sizes are available

#5- Daelyn Heavy Duty Waterproof Windproof Raincoat

waterproof raincoats in India

A decent quality raincoat for a price that will make your eyes pop is the Daelyn Heavy Duty Waterproof Windproof Raincoat. Enjoy the downpour this season in three shades – a military green, a chocolate brown and a navy blue. 

  • With double stitching at the seams and made out of a material that has a softer inner lining, you are not only assured that this raincoat will keep you dry, but it is also comfortable when you wear it. 
  • This two piece raincoat set comes with an elastic band for the pants so you can put it only very quickly and easily. 
  • You have a hood to keep your head dry. There is a storage bag that accompanies this set so you don’t have to worry about packing this and putting it away neatly when you don’t require it. The one downside to this raincoat is that it is only sold in a universal free size. While this might fit people up to the size L or XL, it might not be suitable for those who require bigger sizes.  
Soft material. Might not go well with size S and M. 

#6- Newera rain Coat

raincoat brands

What you really need when it’s pouring out there, it a light weight raincoat. There are many raincoats in the market that offer protection but are often too heavy and cumbersome to carry around. The Newera Galaxy raincoat caters to this need with a good quality raincoat, lined with PVC to give you 100% waterproof protection, that is light and easy to pop into your bag while you drive around town. 

  • The sleeves have elastic bands that hold your wrists snugly so that water doesn’t seep in when you are driving a two wheeler in the rain. 
  • The hood fits well and it has a drawcord to help you pull it close around your neck. 
  • The zipper for the jacket is smooth and has a flap panel that hides it from the water. 
  • The design on the jacket, in a black with thin orange piping is neat and classy. 
  • The trousers have an elastic band as well for comfort of wearing. 
  • The raincoat is designed keeping men in mind, with a neat fit, unlike some raincoats that look too shapeless or like a poncho. 
  • Overall, this is a good choice at the price it is offered at. 
Durable materialMight not secure you completely from water flow. 

#7- Wildcraft Hypadry raincoats

Best raincoat for bike riding

You don’t need an introduction or explanation of how good the quality is when you know the brand is Wildcraft. One of the leading brands across the world for trekking and hiking gear, this is one of the most reliable companies you can turn to when you want to buy yourself a raincoat. 

  • Designed out of 100% pure waterproof nylon, the unisex Hypadry raincoat gives you complete protection with its two piece garment. 
  • With high chin closure and a hood with adjustable drawcords to protect your head, the jacket also has reflective logo print for better visibility in the darkness.
  •  You can close the bottom of your jacket using the velcro stickers to keep the residual water from entering inside and drenching your clothes.
  •  Even the pockets are taken care of by the double flaps so that the zippers don’t get wet. 
  • The bottom is super comfortable with an elastic and it is double seamed to ensure it is waterproof. 
  • You get an additional storage bag to stash away the top and trousers when you don’t need them. 
  • This is lightweight and also convenient to pop into your luggage or bag when you travel. 
  • One of the best buys in raincoats, the Wildcraft Hypadry is priced on par with Duckback. 
Pros Cons
Affordable. Pants can be quite big. 

#8 – Hallucinations raincoats 

stylish raincoats in India

Hallucinations has the best kinds of raincoats and has the ability to stay soft and dry for a couple of hours. 

  • The material includes PVC which means that the water droplets just bounce off the coats and keeps the skin and the person dry without soaking it. 
  • The style it comes in is semi-transparent so you do have a slight chance to flaunt your outfit in spite of wearing the raincoat and protecting yourself from the rain. 
  • As we mentioned before, this can be worn for long hours without having to worry that you or your outfits will get wet. 
  • It comes with a hood which reaches up to your forehead which means full and armed protection. 
Pros Cons 
Stays dry for a long time. Can be subjected to wear and tear under the sun. 

#9 – Zacharias raincoats 

raincoats for women

Confining within the realms of comfort and price, this one works the best for everyone. 

  • This raincoat is also made up of PVC which means it can resist water droplets and not have it affect you or your outfits. But on the other hand it is quite harmful when brought under the exposure of the sun. 
  • The material is very elastic and gives the wearer the freedom to move around their hands and legs without tension. 
  • Another important aspect of this raincoat is that it does not weigh too much on you.
Pros Cons 
Material is soft and works well for a comfortable wear. Reviewers have stated that the zip is of poor quality. 

#10 – TARKAN men’s double layer raincoat 

raincoat for men

Here is another great pick for men with top quality polyester quality to keep them afloat during the rainy season! 

  • The best part about owning one of this is that you will be sure not to be wet or have any contact with water since the material is thick and keeps you protected at all costs. 
  • The protection this raincoat ensures is double fold so there is no room for doubt when you are out in the rain. 
  • The raincoat is easy to clean and does not require any kind of harsh cleaning or washing. 
  • On the downside, this raincoat might have some flimsy stitches which might tug on from time to time. 
Pros Cons 
Double protection from the rain droplets. Weak stitches. 

With the monsoons right around the corner (don’t worry, the searing heat will cool down very soon and you will be splashing in the rain soon), your best to enjoy it when you’re outdoors is a good raincoat. Umbrellas can be inconvenient and don’t really protect you enough whereas a raincoat can help keep your hands free and cover you up from head to toe. So, choose one of the best raincoats to buy in India from our list above and enjoy the smell of the rain without worrying about getting drenched!

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