Top Sneaker Brands in India 2021

I love sneakers, no matter what the occasion is. I would even wear sneakers to a red carpet party if possible. They are just so comfortable, they come in so many unique colours and designs and let’s face it – you can run, walk or hop in them without any discomfort. India has so many sneaker brands that it is difficult to narrow down the best to just one. So here I have compiled the top sneaker brands in India for you:

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Top Sneaker Brands in India 2020


sneakers in India

Skechers made a late entry into India and took some time to establish itself, but now that that is done, there are huge skechers fans everywhere, yours truly included. What I love about Skechers is how light the sneakers are! 

The first time I wore a pair of Skechers, I gasped at how delicate it felt around my feet, like I was walking on air. 

Off late, the memory foam soled sneakers are quite popular for how soft they are especially for those prone to foot aches, but I personally prefer the Goga mat collection, reason being, the Goga mat feels a little more durable and long lasting than the memory foam collection.

 But, at the end of the day, the preference is yours! I could continue singing praises about Skechers but I’m going to resist and move on to the next brand on my list.

Pros Cons 
Great for sensitive feet. Available in different colours. Some of the large sizes might be hard to acquire. 


Converse shoes are one of a kind and an all time favourite of mine for the design. Just wearing a pair of Converse sneakers makes me feel so proud. 

The unique high top sneakers were first introduced by Converse, and is now being copied by many brands across the world. The sneakers made of high quality fabric with the “star” symboled logo last forever, literally. 

You can wear them everyday, wash them with soap and water when they get dirty, and somehow, with more and more use, they only get more comfortable.

 Converse now has many more patterns than the ones that were first introduced, giving me many more options to choose from. 

Pros Cons 
An icon of style and trend aimed at youngsters. Can be quite expensive. 


Fila is a brand loved by most people in India, thanks to the affordable pricing. When you don’t want to bust too much of your money, but want quality and a pair of good looking shoes, this should be the brand to consider. 

With a range of sneakers that have a very sporty appearance to ones that have a more classy leather finish, Fila sneakers have something for everyone and for every occasion. The high top lace up sneakers are my favourite and i especially love the strip of colour that breaks the monotony. 

The sneakers are quite comfortable with good cushioning, but may not be suitable if you are going to be doing a lot of running or hiking in them. 

Pros Cons 
Comfortable. Different styles. Fewer style related models 


best sneakers in India 2020

Asics entered the Indian market to give a tough and brutal competition to the well established brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas and Reebok, and has succeeded as well. Asics shoes don’t come cheap but they are one of a kind. 

While the sports and running shoes are clearly more popular, the sneakers are definitely worth trying out too. 

They come with clean designs with the traditional ASICS logo. I like the sole of the shoes as they are designed for durability and excellent grip. 

The shoes look great, which goes without saying, and there are plenty of options to choose from. 

Standardised models. Attractive designed. Expensive


nnike sneakers

You knew you were going to have Nike as part of my list. The brand that makes athletic shoes, does know a thing or two about making sneakers that are quite appealing. 

Nike does not come cheap, but the sneakers are worth what I spend when I consider how light in weight they are and how they hug my feet snugly without causing any burn or discomfort. 

Most shoes come with a mesh layering to allow the feet to breathe, a blessing during the hotter months.

 Since it’s an athletic brand, Nike has more options of shoes that look sporty than the casual wear ones. 

Pros Cons 
Great quality. Expensive. 


adidas in India

There are a few major athletic sneaker brands in India and Adidas of course, tops the list. Mainly designed for sports, running and athletics, Adidas sneakers swear by comfort and safety. 

The soles are well padded and the newer designs are designed to support the ankle as well. The outer layering is usually made of mesh fabric for easy breathability and air circulation. 

There are some really nice designs that can be paired with track pants or jeans with tank tops and tee shirts.

 Like Nike, even the casual sneakers designed by Adidas do have a sporty appearance.

Pros Cons 
Extremely good sporty shoes. Expensive. 


If Converse is known for its high top sneakers, Puma is known for its Low top sneakers. And I am known for wearing both, depending on my mood. 

While Puma is also an athletic brand, it sets itself apart with its light weight shoes that have more of a casual design than the heavy, sporty patterns. 

Puma sneakers come in several colour combinations and are great to be paired with jeans and a sweatshirt for a day spent in college, or for a fun movie night out with your classmates. 

Pros Cons 
Great quality of shoes for men and women. Not many casual footwear


reebok store in India

Reebok disappeared from the market for a while but came back with a bang to give its competitors, well, competition. 

The lace up sneakers by Reebok are my Go-to shoes when I want something light and stylish which can be paired with my clothes for a casual evening out. The sneakers are durable and last for rough and rugged use, from my experience. 

Again, being a sports apparel brand, Reebok’s sneakers border more on the sporty side of designing than the casual.

 Reebok sneakers are more affordable when compared to the other sneaker brands in the Indian market. 

Pros Cons 
Comparatively cheaper than Adidas and Nike. None

United colors of Benetton

sneakers in india 2020

United Colors of Benetton or UCB, for short, is more known for its high quality apparel than its sneakers. But I suggest you take a look at UCB’s sneakers and try on a pair of two to get hooked to this brand. 

There are several people like me who love UCB sneakers for their clean and neat designs in colours that can be paired with all your casual outfits. Like all UCB apparel, the sneakers are also uber comfortable and are made in fabric that is light in weight, yet, sturdy. 

My favourites are the high top lace up sneakers with the classic UCB logo on the sole, which makes these unique. 

Pros Cons
Minimalistic designs available Hard to find extravagant sneakers with different designs. 

Jack & Jones

stylish sneakers in India

Jack & Jones moves away from the casual sneakers patterns and brings us some leather sneakers that pair well for an evening out or an all important date night. 

These classy looking shoes come with the Jack & Jones logo on the sole, giving these a distinct appeal. Just because they are made from leather, these are not heavy or uncomfortable. Infact, they are quite the opposite. 

However, these sneakers may not be suitable for hot summer nights as the outer fabric is not breathable. Maintaining these sneakers is also a bit of work. 

They do make a good choice for cooler autumn or winter evenings. 

Pros Cons 
Made of great quality including leather. Not easily available. 


best sneakers in india

A counterpart of Converse, this age old brand is in a league of its own. Vans’ designs are recognisable, just the way traditional Converse designs are. 

VANS was once used only by skaters and then by kids, but now its a brand of sneakers that can be paired with jeans, trousers and even skirts and dresses, thanks to the classy designs and colour options. 

The sneakers are super comfy, like I can live in them for days together. They are easy to maintain, in fact, they are low maintenance, which is what I love about them. 

They also don’t break the bank as one pair can last a real long time, but hey, who can stop at one pair?

Pros Cons 
Great and really creative designs. Harder to find formal footwear. 


bata sneakers in india

If you are Indian, and you grew up in the 80’s or 90’s, you cannot overlook good old Bata. The classic white or black sneakers, called “canvas shoes” was probably part of your school uniform.

 There are huge chances that you wore other types of Bata sneakers on your days off as well. Bata had and still has a reputation for making sneakers that are designed to be safe for children’s feet, to prevent damage to the bones and growth. 

Over the years, I am proud of the way Bata has evolved to bring us fashionable and stylish designs, keeping up with the times. 

What’s more is that, these are still comfortable and very affordable. 

Pros Cons 
Very comfortable. Not many creative designs. 

Lee Cooper

leather sneakers in India 2020

Lee Cooper manufactures some unique looking sneakers with a worn out finish, making these the perfect pair if you are going in for a vintage or biker look. 

There is a pretty decent range of sneakers to choose from, in both high top as well as low top patterns. 

These sneakers have well cushioned soles and sides that hug the feet and keep away aches and pains. 

The sneakers are durable and last quite a while. In fact, with every use, they get better and better. 

Lee Cooper sneakers are priced competitively in the Indian market.

Pros Cons 
Even though they are priced on the higher side, they are durable. Fewer casual styles.

These are the latest collection of sneakers that are flourishing among youngsters and adults equally. We hope you are able to take your pick from this and give comfort to your feet.

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