Where to buy PS5 in India? | July 2021 Update

Hello there, fellow gamer! Now that I have your attention, let me tell you a little secret. Well, the PS5 will be available in India soon. Yes, you heard that right. So, Where to buy PS5 in India? Read on for all the details.

I know a lot of you have been trying to get your cousin or your colleagues abroad to get you the PS5 as I did. But if that didn’t work out and you have been saving up like me, we are in for some good news. Yes, finally! 

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I have been doing my research online since the launch to find out when it’ll be available in India after the flash sales which sold out in minutes or should I say seconds. All that hard work did pay off and here I have listed websites where you can buy the PS5 in India. I can’t wait to get my hands on it, and you?

After having reviewed all the information from our credible sources, we found that that:

The PS5 which will launch in India on May 17th 2021, will be available on various platforms including Amazon.in and Flipkart. Of course, if you’re looking to get it from the manufacturers directly instead of a third-party seller, then Sony Center would be your best bet. Additionally, if your after deals, then Prepaid Gamer Card and Games the Shop might have something in store.

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Where to buy PS5 in India?

The pandemic has left us wondering,  when will this ever be over, right? If only you and I could get the PS5 before the lockdown, I think the whole narrative would’ve been so different. 

The production in the Sony facility has been hit because of the pandemic and this has affected the dealers who have been unable to stock up. Overall, it has been a terrible year and a half for us gamers across the globe.

I hope the information I have curated will help you pre-order a PS5 in India at the earliest. Don’t miss this opportunity. 

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Sony Center

Image courtesy – Sony Center

As per the Sony Center website banner, the PS5 pre-orders in India are set to go live on May 17th at 12 PM They have the standard PS5 on the banner with a price tag of INR 49,990/- They have no information on when the shipping will begin too.

I did a little bit of digging through their site but failed to find any listing of the digital edition. I shall update you on that as soon I hear about it.  

You should also make note that Sony Center is a third-party reseller and an official statement from the brand is awaited regarding this. But we can keep our fingers crossed and hope the pre-booking does take place on the 17th of May. 

Another important announcement came from Sony, which stated PS5 will be in short supply and approximately 14.8 million units are scheduled to be sold in the year 2021. 

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Prepaid Gamer Card

Another popular retailer of games and consoles, prepaidgamercard.com has listed pre-orders of PS5 on its website from 12 PM on May 17th too. 

I did click on the know more button next to the banner which took me to a page selling PS games. That’s a smart play by the company to redirect people looking for the PS5 console to the games page.

There are a lot of rumors going on about Sony not shipping to India due to the current situation. But we all know the lockdown hasn’t affected deliveries of non-essentials as such and hopefully Sony can ship PS5s too.

We did see the new Returnal and Resident Evil Village being shipped in all major cities of India. Another worry is that Sony had announced about shipping the stock in March and April but that never happened. Though we cannot be sure of how much stock each reseller may have, we can only hope they have enough for all of us. I am hopeful, how about you?


The leading e-commerce retailer in India has not yet published anything on their exclusive page meant for Sony. Amazon always does things in style and I hope they have an exclusive sale of the PS5 too. 

They do stock in huge numbers and it is only natural that they will eventually have huge stocks of the elusive gaming console from Sony. 

I will keep a tab on the latest news and announcements. If you are looking at where to buy PS5 in India, you are at the right place and at the right time. Stay tuned for more news on this. If you miss it, It’ll be your loss as you know how fast gadgets sell on Amazon.


Flipkart, another retail giant in India, has not made any official announcement about the launch of the PS5 console on its portal yet. They have been at the forefront of selling the latest gadgets over the years and this will be another cracker of a sale for them. 

I did search for the console on their portal and was delighted to see the bold “Coming Soon” text. Now, all we need to do is wait for them to stock up and go live with the sale. 

They have priced the console at 49,990 with a one-year domestic warranty for the SONY PlayStation 5 (CFI-1008A01R) 825 GB with Astro’s Playroom  (White) variant.

I also noticed a lot of cashback and low cost EMI offers from banks. Some banks are offering cashbacks upto 10%. I also came across exclusive offers for partners too. You might as well keep a lookout on Flipkart for more news on the launch date.

Games The Shop

I was excited to see the PS5 banner on the Gamestheshop.com homepage. But my happiness was short-lived as it was the same as the Sony Center and pregamercard.com websites. They also claim to have pre-orders on 17 May at 12 PM. Only time will tell if it’s a fact or not.

They are a popular gaming company in India that sells the latest gaming products. You would have heard about this company if you have been gaming for a few years. I personally love some of the deals on their website and I visit them frequently. 

Knowing how fast products sell on this site, I would advise you and your friends to be as alert as possible on the day of the pre-order. I certainly will give it my best to get the console I have waited for so long. 

Another reseller of Sony, Jai Ganesh Games recently created a flutter in the gaming circles when they announced the sale of the PS5 on their instagram handle. The story was however pulled down and the company issued a statement quoting a technical error for the wrong story posted. The company also mentioned that it awaits confirmation and necessary information from Sony.

So much for riding on the buzz for the PS5.

Takeaway – Where to buy PS5 in India?

What we must try and understand is, it is not just India that is facing the shortage of this nex-gen console. This a global phenomenon and gamers across the world are waiting to show off their own PS5. The craze this console has created is too good to be true.

I am betting on Sony as it has never disappointed its fans. If I have to give an example, last year around the same time, the company released the PS4 game, The Last of US Part 2. I hope you enjoyed the action-adventure game made by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X by Microsoft are making their presence felt in the absence of PS5. The Series X is a powerful console targeted at pro-gamers, while the Series X is for families and beginners. 

The Xbox has powerful hardware but when it comes to gaming, hardware doesn’t decide everything. The Xbox may be closest to a PC gaming experience but it is the games that sell a console. 

In my opinion they cannot match the PS5 which is available with the digital and the standard disc versions. I agree both companies lack exclusive game titles and depend on third party games. But Sony has promised a first-party title which will make the PS5 more desirable eventually. 

There has always been an ongoing debate about which is the best gaming console in the market but hands down, I don’t think Xbox can compete with Sony’s PlayStation. 

As PlayStation’s tagline goes, PLAY HAS NO LIMITS. It is evident in 90 percent market share that Sony commands in the gaming console space.  I guess you will echo my sentiment too. 

I have checked with all my sources before I published this draft. I regret to inform you all that I don’t have any update from the big retailers about the pre-order or the sale of PS5 from any of them. 

The legendary PS5 has not been listed on Reliance Digital, Croma, Amazon and Flipkart domains yet.

But don’t be disheartened, Sony cannot deny the joy of owning its best console for gamers like us in India. They will have to start shipping soon and let’s keep a tab on the above-mentioned websites. The date is not too far. The magic numbers are 17 May 2021 12 PM

Where can I buy PS5 in India?

In India you can buy the PS5 form the Sony center, in addition, to the popular E-commerce sites: Amazon and Flipkart. Of course, there are gaming websites such as Games The Shop and Prepaid Gamer Card that offer various deals on the PS5.

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